Future Medina Doll, Feb 2017 (Implants + Lipo/BBL)

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After searching through sooooo many RS reviews,...

After searching through sooooo many RS reviews, Instagram profiles and google searches, I have decided to go with Dra. Medina in the Dominican Republic. My primary concern was SAFETY!! I want to look good and snatched, but not at the cost of my life. So I was so delighted to see that Dra Medina has been certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon (international member). Her office's consultation and payment process was pretty straightforward. After answering a few medical questions on her website, I received an email about a day later, requesting pictures and more medical history information.
After replying to that email, the office sent me a quote back about a day later. I requested a quote for a replacement of my current breast implants and a full BBL. I of course gave it some more thought and decided to make the decision in moving forward. I had to make a $500 deposit into a Bank of America account (I believe it was her husband's bank account ) to secure my date of February 2017

This price included a 10 day stay at her recovery house. Along with the quote, her office sent me all of the pertinent information about the items that were not included within the quote. Things like medications, additional testing, and the recommended lymphatic massages. She in her office were very very thorough!

Nervous and excited… I will keep posting updates.

Deposit made,confirmation received, flight booked

2/23/2017 it is!

Pre-Op to 1 day POST OP

I actually did it! I have to admit that I was scared coming down to a foreign country, to to receive plastic surgery, by myself ????. Though my family and friends begged to come with me, I 1) hate putting people "out" 2) wanted to embark on this surgery journey without judgement and hesitation based upon their fears about this whole process in a foreign (non-English speaking) country. However, from start to finish, my fears and hesitations lessened as the days and hours to my surgery date approached.

On several occasions prior to my surgery date, Dra Medina's office contacted me to confirm my date, to answer my numerous questions and to coordinate my driver and ensure I had a recovery house. Additionally, the recovery house is chose (Visage of Grace) was also in contact with me. The owner has been very helpful in coordinating my stay in the DR. Literally anything I asked, she answered, including what to bring, tips on getting my hemo levels up and things to do once I'm strong enough to venture out for a little me time.

Once I arrived, the language barrier is really the only "issue" I faced. But I'd taken a few years of Spanish in school, made sure to download the Google translator app, and made sure use common sense and context clues. Upon my arrival, I was transported to Dra Medina's office for lab testing, a quick mental evaluation, and to make my payment. Then I had a day of rest before my surgery. On the day of the surgery, I had to arrive super early (6am), and was made to fill out more paperwork, receive another mental exam, and to actually talk to Dra Medina about my expectations vs hers. Dra Medina was VERY realistic in her expectations of my outcome. Since I had surgery not too long ago, she couldn't find much fat to pull from (this is my round 2). She advised me that she would try to pull fat from my thighs and abdominal area and would try to fill my hip indentions (the bane of my existence) . She couldn't find much in my back and arms either; explaining that what I thought was fat was actually just extra skin and muscle. So I was kind of bummed about that. And since I was there, we discussed swapping out my Saline implants for Gummy/silicone implants; going from under the muscle natural to over the muscle high profile. Tho I was a little surprised by her expectations, I trust her judgement. From there, she marked me up and I waited for my turn in line.

So far, so good. I spent a full day at Medina's surgery center recovering and now I'm back at the recovery house. I have some pain and discomfort. Swelling has kicked in, but the lymphatic massages (I will get 1 daily) should help. The staff has been great in helping me get thru my first day. And I know, as the days pass, it will get a little easier as the swelling and pain subside.

Pics so far

My Recovery House -Visage of Grace

For those of you that haven't decided on a RH, PLEASE READ...

I began my search for a RH shortly after making my decision to travel to the DR for my BBL and BL w/implants with Dra Medina. Because I knew I'd be traveling solo, I wanted a facility that 1) had bilingual staff 2) had numerous pictures and videos of the facility 3) was secure and clean 4) had A/C and hot water.

After following the journeys of a few other women that had also traveled alone, I stumbled across Visage of Grace Recovery Home. I started following their IG page and immediately fell in love. It passed all of my requirements; it had beautiful decor, had a clear and easy website with pricing and booking available, had pictures of their mouth watering/healthy dishes, and overall gave me the impression of a high class RH. I followed the pages of other popular RHs in the area, however, most of them came across as a bit "cheapy" and didn't offer single room suites. And knowing myself, I didn't mind paying $10-$20 extra per night for the convenience of a bit of privacy while I recovered.

As you can imagine, I had TONS of questions. But Maiya (the owner) was prompt in returning my DMs, post comments, and emails, lol. And from the time I put my deposit down until the time I landed in the DR, she was available to answer any other lingering questions I had. Anything from getting my hemo levels up to the supplies I need to bring and arranging my airport pickup and drop off, she was available.

And once I arrived to the time I got back to Atlanta, the level of customer service was impeccable. The staff literally waited on me hand and foot. From the cook, to the nurses and cleaning staff, you don't have to lift a finger, because THEY WON'T LET YOU, lol. And because of my independent nature, it was hard to allow others to help. But post surgery, you NEED a facility like this to help with just about everything.
Finding this RH made my experience that much easier, so I hope this helps those that are still on the fence.

5 weeks post op pics

Still tender to touch and swollen, but overall I'm happy with my lipo and bbl. My BA with implants is a SLOW process. My scars have just healed and I still have swelling. The drs asst said it was normal :-(

More pics

Back in the gym and loving my results

7 months post op...

Now that I am 100% sure that all of the fat that was grafted to my hips and butt is here to stay, I am starting my journey of slimming out just a little bit on the rest of my body. I've probably gained about 10lbs since I've stopped doing cardio :-(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. Very responsive.

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