Future Duran Doll - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey dolls, So I been researching for months now,...

Hey dolls, So I been researching for months now, but I've been always stuck on doctor Duran. I just LOVE her work! So I finally decided to start trying to get a quote from her which I've read is VERY diffficult since she is so hard to get in touch with.
I emailed her on August 13, sent her 4 naked body pics and sent her all the information she wants which is your name, age, gender, phone #, height, weight, # of pregnancies, when was your last pregnancy, any deaseases you may have, any medication/treatments you're on, any surgeries you've had, if you smoke (how frequently) procedures desired and you can add any other info you may wanna tell her about yourself.
So I didn't get any response ofcourse. So my desperate ass sent her another email yesterday (August 25th at midnight) and I also emailed the surgicoordinator to see if they get back at me quicker. Then I decided to DM her. Next morning I wake up (today) and go to snooze my alarm clock and and see the name Dra_duran. :O!!! Now you KNOWW I went from half asleep to WIDE AWAKE lmao She answered my DM and gave me a quote of 4,900 for TT, BBL, and LIPO. OMG I was extatic. She said I need to be healthy and have a hemoglobin of 13, and that I can contact her office to set a date and get details. She answered my DM at 3:46 a.m. Shes on vacation right now so im guessing thats why she answered at that time. Now I have to figure out when the hell im gonna go through with this. I know i deff wanna get it done by around April ( My birthday ). I jut wanna be FORSURE so I can send the deposit and secure my date. I am still thinking if I should get a breast life or not, I really need it but im not sure if it might be too much on me. That decision is PENDING.. Im guna add some before pics.. okay bye dolls I'll keep ya posted.

Wish pics


When your family and friends try to convince you not to get surgery. Ugh!!! so yesterday i was with my family and close friends and I started talking about surgery stuff, for what was that! lectures and negative opinions everywhere. My mother even started tearing up saying how she gets a bad vibe everytime I talk about the surgery. whyyyyyyyy?! -.- Cus they really think I haven't been doing the atmost research and educating myself the best I can. This is not something i just thought of randomly. I have always had it in my mind, and ofcourse it was always just a wish of mine, but now I am working and im actually able to do it! I've ALWAYS been insecure of my body. I am puertorican dominican and salvadorian, but my body type is more from my salvadorianside than anything.. why i say that? because my salvadorian side of my family tend to have a broad upper back and shoulders and a square shaped type of body (not saying they ALL have that type of body) but most do! I've always wished I had them puertorican genes, like my mother! She has that thin upper body with the hour glass shape! which is basically what im going for with DRA. DURAN.
On a positive note, im planning to send a deposit to secure my date by friday. ugh I cant wait! After that I will start preparing .. start taking vitamins nd start building up my hemo. Also need to start looking for a RH.. any recommendations? LMK!
BTW if anyone needs help preparing for their plastic surgery journey I recommend you get PLASTICA, its an e book.. a step by step guide! Go on instagram and look up Bella__barbies, the link is in her bio. That e book is everything, idk what i would do without it!!! It literally tells you anything and everything you need to know, and even things you wouldn't think of! and its only $20! Yassss! lol..
Well my beautiful dolls wishing you guys a good labor day weekened! Talk to you guys soon.. Muaaa :*
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