Future Dr.Edgar Contreras Doll..2/24/15 - Dominican Republic

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I decided to bite the bullet and go with Dr...

I decided to bite the bullet and go with Dr.Contreras after much debating between Yily and Contreras. I am aware of the history of both Drs but noticed a difference when it comes to sculpting breasts and butts. My choice is Contreras because he sculpts plus sized girls wonderfully and the price is right. So, I rewrote my review to reflect my choice. Good luck to all the ladies out there no matter who your choice is. This is a journey and we are here to support one another so please no negative feedback.. only positive energy!

Hemoglobin tester......

OK..so I bought a hemoglobin tester that arrived from eBay ..latest hemoglobin 22. I've been on iron regimen for 3 months so now I will concentrate on B complex only..I also invested in 2 things..a wheelchair eggcrate seat for the plane ride home if u sit it under your thighs..it takes the pressure off your bottom. I bought a portable beach chair and a directors chair for recovery. I will cut the seat out of the beach chair for my homemade "recovery" seat. The directors chair already has an opening in the butt area so its ready to go. Also ladies if you have a Dollar Tree in your area they sell Vitamin C, and B complex vitamins for one dollar. Iron pills should be taken with Vitamin C for maximum absorption.

Decided to get mommy makeover,bbl,and lipo

I emailed Dr. Contreras office today because I have been debating whether or not to get a breast revision. I had my breasts done in 2001 and I can feel the implant on my left breast so after one thousand and one e-mails back and forth my care plan is this...Tt,bbl,breast revision, and lipo. My hemp right now is 22,so I have been taking BComplex, VitC, and B12. I probably won't take iron again until my monthly visitor comes and then I will monitor it daily. I am 5 ft 4, 190 pounds so he has plenty to work with. I am the mother of 5 so my tummy is gross. I am happily married and hubby is giving me this gift so he will be home being Mr.Mom while I impart on this journey. I am kind of glad in a way cause he couldn't stand to see the post op pain.I rather go it alone and let him help once the pain is tolerable. Oh, DOLLHOUSE RECOVERY called today to confirm my room and I will be having a assistant post op. The only bad thing is Plastica Contreras can't confirm a time so I told the owner I will call once out of surgery, which I know will be in the evening cause my plane doesn't land until 2:15 pm. I was told I'm going straight to the cardiologist and then back to the clinic for consult, blood work, and surgery. I was assured hr would try to get everything the first time but if not he will break it up to two surgeries..bbl and lipo first and breast revision three days later. Well, time will tell.. I'm so excited!!!

Loving me some Edgar Contreras!

Well ladies, I found out that I have a small hernia from pushing during childbirth. My first thought was now I am not going to be able to afford this surgery because it needs to be repaired. I know Yily charges 500.00 extra so I was kind of in despair.I'm already paying 5,500 and that is a grip as it is! So I emailed him and explained my situation and guess what? He said he would fix it for free. YES! GAME ON! I know y'all want a pics but my tummy is too ugly! I promise before and after pics once have the surgery. I went on Contreras Facebook and looked at pics of friends and these girls are BAD.. I mean tits and butt done nicely! I can't wait for my turn!

3 weeks and counting.........

Alright...we are getting close! Today two things happened. My hubby admitted to me that he is afraid of the attention that I will get after surgery. I had to explain to him that my loyalty is forever. I am still the same woman he married. Most men don't understand that no matter how much you say I'm sexy or I'm fine it's not going to project unless I feel it. When my husband looks in the mirror I can honestly say, he is fine. Muscles and tattoos, definition..no fat anywhere. When I look in the mirror I see a pretty face, hips, thick thighs, and this nasty a@@ belly. I explained that I have to do this for me. I a previous gastric bypass patient and I've lost over 80 lbs, but it has left skin hanging and it gives me a complex. I think he finally understands, but I know it's gonna be hard for both of us once I get on that plane. I know it will all work out. Oh, today I got a email from Dr. Cabral and for a minute I pondered the thought of changing doctors because honestly Cabral is a beast when it comes to shaping but after thinking and mostly going with my gut, I decided no. So,I am going to let Contreras know I gave up Yily,and Cabral for you so you better work your magic! I am confident I made the right decision. Well, ladies 3 weeks and counting till I get snatched! I am so ready to get this done!

Surgery confirmation email.....

Ok..so today I got an email from Contreras office confirming my surgery,so it's official! I am working up until the 20th of February,so I am pretty much just preparing mentally for what is about to come. I started taking my Iron pills again just to be on the safe side. So now it's a waiting game.

When it rains it pours.........

I have had a really jacked up week..First my radiator went out on my car.That set me back $1000.00 then I found out the Department of Education took my tax refund. I have been so depressed.That set me back big time,so now I'm out here grinding. I didn't come this far to go down like that. Y'all pray for me! For the next two weeks, I am on a mission,and I know I'm going to be so tired. Luckily, I'm a Hospice Nurse so the money is there to be made but I wasn't expecting this. Boy, mom always told me to put a dollar aside from for a rainy day. Now, I see why.

No worries!

Well,my surgery has been paid for as an anniversary present.Today is 3 years! I am so happy but hubby made me promise to wait to get breasts done.Think I'm gonna turn that down ? Hell no! Loving life right now! :-)

Finally got everything packed.ready to go! :-)

Alright ladies, is it me or is this packing thing the pits? I finally got everything into one carrying and one check-in bags. I bought hospital gowns,robe,Monistat, anti itch spray and creme for back, all the meds on list and my pain meds,2 Faja xl, which is small as he'll lol..it took me. 10 minutes to get it it! Slippers,pads,cloth and paper chux for bed ,drink packets,splendor,chocolate,2 dresses, 1 sweater,2 pull on pants. That's it. Seems little but gosh, I have added and taken away things, packed and unpacked. Locks are on suitcases, bags are packed.Ladies, don't waste time exchanging money if you will be at recovery house. American money is widely accepted. I will be staying at Plastica Contreras.Surgery Feb 25th. Arriving Feb.24th..If you recognize me, make yourself known! Traveling alone so looking forward to meeting others on this journey, and staying at the recovery house as well!

6 days to go!

Ok..here is my before pics..I must warn you it's not pretty.lol. Anyway, I am 5ft 4 and 190. I am plus sized and have Dunlap syndrome.My stomach done lapped over my Damn puss@! :-) Anyway,I think I mentioned I'm the mother of 5. I am also a previous gastric bypass patient..thus the scars on my tummy. As you can see, I have an ass already, but I am greedy.lol. I want more ads, and I'm sure he will deliver.I am also getting my hernia repaired( small raised area to left). Tt.bbl,ba,liposuction. I wasn't going to get my breasts done but it's time to get them changed out. I had breast augmentation and lift in 2004.

Looking for my surgery sisters..Plastica Contreras

I am looking for the ladies that left me messages that they will be at Plastica Contreras around my surgery date which is 2/25/15. I will be arriving on 2/24/15 and would like to get either your email or phone number so I can contact you once there. Please inbox it to me..not post it publicly. We have to be an advocate for each other cause we all know surgery is a breeze and recovery is hell. I may need someone to come tell me get off my a@@, and let's get these massages! :-) SOOOOO inbox me and we will look out for each other and tell each other how fat our asses are! :-).Please don't post your information for public view..inbox it to me and I will inbox you will my information. I'm so excited!

At the airport..It's about to go down! :-)

I am at the airport now..check in was hell! I was one of the ones that randomly got her bags searched. Lucky me. I had to throw away my hand sanitizer,cold cream, alcohol, and laundry detergent. Oh well, such is life..Right now, I'm on such a high I could care less! :-)

Ain't this bout a bit@@!

Well, I was supposed to be in Santo Domingo at 2:25pm. My flight was delayed 2 hours because of the weather so now I have to fly from Florida to ATL,then to NY then to Santo Domingo. WTF? I am praying that there aren't any more delays..Now I won't arrive until 9pm tonight. I am trying to stay positive but I am so aggravated!

I finally made it...

Well, I'm here at Plastica Contreras..I arrived at 1am this morning..there was a driver waiting with a sign that drove me me straight here. Awaiting was a a man that lifted the gate and took my bags up the elevator to the clinic. Awaiting was this woman in uniform that greeted me with the biggest smile. Everyone is very nice soo far and they are speaking to me in Spanish so I just smile and whip out my app..oh I forgot to tell you my bags got left in New York so I won't be able to do much of anything until I get my luggage. Tomorrow I see the cardiologist...well I'm sleepy. Will update later.

Day 2..Plastica Contreras

Ok..so this morning I was woke up to get ready to go.to cardiologist..the staff gave me a gift bag with toiletries and a pair of slippers which I needed desperately being that I don't have my luggage. The staff even went to store and purchased deodorant for me. I paid in American dollars and it wasn't a problem. Now ladies the people here drive like bats out of hell. I put on my imaginary brakes the whole ride here..lol. Also, the men here..yummy! :-) If.I wasn't married I'd put a couple in my pocket..lol. Well, I'm at the cardiologist now..so I will update later.

Day 3...Plastica Contreras

Well ladies, I went to cardiologist and the M.D. gave me the basic 20 questions age weight..etc.He was then like take your clothes off and hop on table..I'm thinking Damn no dinner or movie first..lol .So he hooked me up to this ancient 1940 machine..left it on me..everything ok.So my driver waited and brought me back to Plastica Contreras. Once back I was instructed to go to Dr.Contreras office. He is so sweet and humble.He basically asked me what look I'm going for and I told him,,little waist and fat. Ass!He laughed at me and said ok. Once again I was asked to strip naked and he went to work with his marker.He then took pics and said Go pay then we will come get you.Well that's not the end, I had to get labs drawn..82.00 ,pay for taxi 75.00, recovery house 400.00, and surgery 3500. I didn't get my breasts done. From there, I went to my room. About a hour later they came in with w/c. I got to the operating room and they.asked me a few questions then started an IV. They turned on this monitor and my picture was there. The Anastasia knocked me out..I woke up during liposuction and I asked them to put me back to sleep..when I woke up I was in my room. Let me.tell you.this.pain is no joke and the swelling OMG.I get my faja and start massages tomorrow. Will update later.

post op pic

Ok I finally have enough strength to take this pic as you can see lots of bruising and swelling but not much pain. Overall,am I happy? Hell yeah! I gotta donk! :-) now.Got my first massage today which was a good hurt, and they removed that awful catheter. For the most part, recovery is coming along well.Will update tomorrow.

update..Plastica Contreras

Well I have 2 more days here at Plastica Contreras before I go home and I am counting the.days. I miss my family. I am tired of looking at these workers and I want be amongst familiar ground. I would not recommend staying here if you have a low pain tolerance. The staff is inattentive once you pass day 3 and they find out you can do for yourself, it's ghost town. I am a nurse so I really changed my own dressings, gave my own shots, went on u tube and learned how to do my own massages. Also, the food.here is awful. Only thing good.is the juice. Oh, I have learned that tt patients don't get faja until day 7. I'm leaving on day 6 so I'm just gonna wait until I get home to buy one. I have not worn one since I have been here. I questioned why...they said the drain. Whatever that means. I am pleased with the surgery but the aftercare sucks.

Made it home safely

Hello dolls!
Well..guess what..My hubby was at the airport in his suit and a ring..he brought me to tears..He got on one knee in front of everyone..told me how much he loved me and that would start today as a new beginning..I balled!lol....So..we are renewing our vows..no date yet..want to concentrate on healing. Ok..now back to my post open..I am still sore for the most part..mostly pain when I reposition from up to down position. I also have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in..yes sleeping is a chore! Good this is swelling and bruising has went down I am now on the second hook on my faja. I still have swelling but everyday is getting better. Well, that's pretty much it for now. Talk to you later! :-)

Shopping Adventure

Well ladies today I ventured out with hubby on a shopping adventure and it was definitely different.I am able to walk although I move a lot slower than usual..hubby states I'm a soldier..in my head I'm like yeah I know! :-) . I have been good and bad as far as post open instructions..they want you to walk hunched over..I'm not always compliant with that..I go to work in four days so I'm slowly pushing myself. I still sleep with my ass in the air which brings me to rule two broken..sex. I have been having more than a little bit..lol.One thing is after surgery skin is sensitive as hell. My back and flanks are very tender..but I prop up with pillows and make it do what it do. My incisions are healing well, still have a little swelling..more prominent when faja is off for long period. I absolutely hate this faja and waist clincher.Well, here is my pic..enjoy!


Didn't upload on previous post

One month post op

This has been one hell of a month..but I made it. I have totally ditched my faja. I switched to corset training and it's been working well. Nerves on skin not as sensitive as they used to be. I have returned to work and am functioning well. I now walk with no problem.Well, I will continue to post...all I can say is I'm happy with my results!

One month post open pic

Here is a pic

One month pic

Here is front pic as requested.For the question of would I chose Cabral or Contreras...I guess if you are looking aggressive surgery than Cabral would be my choice. Contreras is good but not that aggressive. I'm also a plus sized girl so I wasn't looking to be totally flat because I was 190 pounds at time of surgery but I am significantly flatter than I was. I had an overlap over my private area and rolls galore. I no longer have back rolls..no longer hear echoes when moving around from fat..You plus sized ladies know what I mean! I now have a waistline. So, do your research and decide what's important..much love.

Plus sized lady..Made over by ContreraSSSSS!

Just one more testimony for Contreras work..Work it!
Dr.Edgar Contreras

I love the quick response and patience when answering my questions. I like that everything is at one place. I have already booked at DOLLHOUSE RECOVERY but they have a recovery house on site if needed.

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