FUTURE CABRAL DOLL! 22 Years Old from the UK, 201LBS 5"4 Wanting Bbl, Full Back Lipo, Tummy Lipo, and Fat into the Hips. - DR

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Hello!! So I am finally serious about getting a...

So I am finally serious about getting a BBL, after years of thinking about it but never thinking I would get it done. Lately, I have had the mindset of being young and looking the best I can be, I mean why wait until over 30/40 to be doing procedures? YOLO really lol

So after a week of waiting for a reply to the message I sent Dr Cabral on WhatsApp, I got a response! He has quoted me $4,000 but the message stating "lipo,bbl, and fat transfer hips", so I'm not sure if that includes back lipo? I have asked but still waiting for a reply!

I have fully decided on Cabral , just due to the fact his work is consistent and amazing always! I also decided Dominic Republic, as I definitely want to be pleased with my results and want my investment to be worth it! It is far from the UK ,but I haven't seen work from doctors in Spain and Turkey ect, that will leave me satisfied with the money being spent (this is certainly not cheap!)

About me: I'm from England, 22 yo currently (will be 23 when sx is completed), weighing 14 stone,4 (about 201 lbs)last time I got weighed! I am really heavy at the moment I know! (packed on at least 30lbs the past year)!! I am about to finish university so late night eating from studying and eating out has caught up on me! I plan to lose about 30lbs hopefully (2 stone) by September, where I hope I could get surgery. I haven't spoken about dates yet with Cabral, as I want to clarify if my wish pics are realistic lol.

I hope to hear from more UK dollies or anyone who is planning on having surgery SEPTEMBER 2016 with Cabral or other DR doctors!

I am at the very beginning with this journey. Therefore, I have basic knowledge on supplies, Recovery houses and all that jazz!

Wish pics

Some banging bodies I admire. I don't have many wish pics at all just due to fact I want to know what's realistic.
I love ayshia Diaz body!
Dr Hector Cabral

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