Future BBL and TT with Baez - Dominican Republic

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Well....this is gonna start off like most post...

Well....this is gonna start off like most post here..lol. I've been researching, and researching, and researching....for the perfect Dr to perform my BBL. I initially wanted to go with Dr Curves down in ATL, but I'm not sure I like his results. After doing much research and figuring out what I can realistically afford, (I just graduated nursing school!) I decided to go with Baez. Duran was my initial first choice, but it is soooo hard to get in touch with her. I emailed Baez and got a response within 4 hours!!! She seems very helpful and professional. With me also being in the nursing field, professionalism is a vital key in me making my decision. The only thing that I am concerned about is the size of my bum! I've seen some of Baez work and the butts don't seem to be as big as I would like. I want a HUGE booty! Not so much Nicki Minaj, but maybe like maybe like Joseline from LHHATL, I say her because she's taller like me. I think since I'm already on the heavier side Baez can get more cc's per cheek! I already have big boobs (40DDD) so a small waist and big butt would really enhance my body! Im in Illinois and I've priced my round trip ticket which will be $522. I would really like a sx buddy! I'm gonna go alone. If anyone can direct to any reviews of a big badonkadonk done by Baez that would be awesome!!! Oh yea...I'm 5'8 and weigh 210, Baez won't do sx if you're over 200 so I have to lose 10 in 6 months...that not too bad though. Any advice u ladies can give on what supplies I need, where to purchase the cheapest items, and what recovery house is the best would be awesome! TTYL- SMOOCHES

Wish pics and new sx date

Well I sent Dr Baez an email letting her know my concerns about lipo and my bbl. I told her that some of her work that i've seen the girls aren't lipo'd aggressively and their butts aren't as big as I would want mine. I told her I want every cc she can possibly insert to be put into my bottom. I know initially I said I didn't want a Nicki Minaj, but after sending my wish pics of Bria Myles I came to the conclusion if I'm gonna take this chance to get this sx, I might as well get it done to my liking. She assured me that she can give me the big butt I want and that all the fat she lipos can go into my botttom! :-) I'm excited.....I had to change my sx date to January 13th. I'm gonna send my deposit when I get paid! I still would like a sx buddy though :-(

Lose some weight!!!

Well I decided to start my journey to lose a few pounds before my sx date.......I'm also in my BFF's wedding in September so that's something else to shoot for! There is a weight lose clinic up in Joliet that I plan on going to once I get the time to go. They prescribe you Phentermine pills to lose the weight. I've done it before and lost 16lbs but of course since then I've done nothing to keep it off! :-( And that was with no exercise or diet...so I figure if I work out, diet, and take the pills I'll be all set! And I also now have a sx buddy! YAY!!!!
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