new year, new booty in Dominican Republic with Cabral

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I forgot to mention that I am 5'0" and weigh 114...

I forgot to mention that I am 5'0" and weigh 114 lbs. I bought Russian Bear to help in my quest to gain weight. I wanna gain about 10-15 pounds before I get surgery. On another note... I filled out my application for my passport. I'll take my pic tomorrow hopefully. I've secured my recovery house with Healing Haven. I'm super excited! I go on feb 6 to do my labs. I know m not scheduled until July but it m almost finished packing my bags!

Sciatica pain

Yesterday I ended up leaving work early because I was in pain after I came back from a short walk. The doctor gave me lidocaine patches n mobic. None of which helped with my pain. Mind you, I havent even had surgery yet!!!! By the time I got home, i couldn't walk. I tried to soak in a really hot bath... It felt great. But three steps out of the tub, I was back at step one in pain. I was in so much pain in My right butt cheek region. I laid down for two hours in the same spot. If I moved my butt even an inch, i was in excruciating pain. My husband ended up carrying me to the car n taking me to the ER. They gave me morphine n percocets. I hope this is all gone by July. Wish me luck dolls!!!!


Back to work with a beat face and hair on fleek!!! No pain this morning (knock on wood) on another note!!! M gaining weight! This Russian bear is the bomb dot com!!!!! Have a lovely day dolls!


Mederma PM
Mederma advanced scar gel
Tea tree oil
Gas relief
Arnica gel
Triple antibiotic ointment
Vitamin E oil
Bio oil
Boost(I drink boost everyday anyway cause it tastes good)
Panty liners
Tylenol 3
Tylenol with codeine
Hairfinity ( I use daily already)
Adult gummy multivitamin (I use daily already)
Prednisone(I use daily anyway for my RA)
Gauze pads
Baby wipes
Overnight always maxi pads
Latex gloves
Poo-pourri ( so no one will smell my stank when I drop a load off in the toilet) it really works
ScarAway silicon sheets
Boot pillow
Maxi dresses
Cetaphil lotion (best lotion I've ever used in my entire life)
Head scarf
Knee high Compression socks
Thigh high compression stockings
Folding chair with the seat cut out
BBL Pillow

I'm pretty sure I left something iff this list. Some of these items are staying home n I'll use them when I get back. And done of these items I'm still waiting for the in the mail. But I have the majority of them items all ready packed up in my luggage.

I must confess

I absolutely love dr cabral's siills... But I'm a bit nervous. I absolutely fell in love with dr. Fishers skills as well. I am so torn between the two, so I decided to go to both. LET ME EXPLAIN! LOL. the king is good at making BBL with or without a tummy tuck. I just rather do my tummy tuck in the states because that's my own preference. Especially considering everything that has happened lately. Yes i will be spending more but money is no issue when it comes down to what a lady wants and more to importantly, what a lady deserves. I have given life to four beautiful children. And I am my husband's personal sex slave, dancer, cook, accountant, etc. and I hold a full time job while being a mother to these fuck trophies I got running around my house. DAMN IT I DESERVE IT. ITS MY BODY AND I WANT IT NOW! Please excuse my rant.... So yes, I'll still be going to Cabral on July 6 getting that waist snatched n that ass packed.... and 6 months later I'll be home in Miami getting a tummy tuck and staying with family while recovering. Thank u ladies did letting me confess! lol

More wish pics

Again I apologize, but I did get these pics from other RS profiles. Most of these pictures I think are attainable. M trying so hard to be realistic and not dillusional. What do yall think?

Passport, labs, weight gain, and a flare up

It's been a while! I got my husbands' passport in last week. Mine should be in this week because I did mine a week after him.

-Today I did labs. They took like 7 or 8 tubes of freakn blood from me. I hate needles so I wasn't keeping an exact count. My insurance paid for the lab work because it's apart of my yearly check up. Now I just need a copy of it when the results come back.

-I've slacked off the weight gainer. I really don't want to gain too much in a short period if time. So as of right now, I am sitting at 117.6. I was 104 in April/2014. I can definitely tell the difference between then and now. I'll put up a pic.

-I did my MRI last week. What me n the doctor thought was sciatica, turned out to be a rheumatoid arthritis flare up. I'm glad it was that and not something new. Thank you dolls for ur well wishes.

-my birthday was two days ago. I turned 33. Thank God for another year!!! But the real celebration is this up coming weekend! "Painting with a twist" here we come! The day before my birthday I was introduced to Bella dot. My sponsor showed me her check for $2,600 because I didn't believed that she made that much money selling jewelry in a month. It turns out that she actually sells pieces that some if the housewives wear on tv. So I signed up to sell it too. I absolutely love love love jewelry. And I thought it would be a great way to stack this money before my procedure. So I ordered $450 worth of jewelry! So if anyone wants to look on my website and buy something, or u want to make some extra cash, let me know.
In 3 days I already have a bunch of orders. So it's definitely worth taking a gander!
Well that's it! Till next time dolls.

Cabral uses silicon fillers?!?

I spoke to a young lady over the weekend who's name shall remain nameless. She stated that one of the girls who either did or does presently work for him stated in a Facebook group that Cabral uses silicone as a filler. I don't know what to think at this point. Isn't that dangerous? Doesn't silicone move through the body?

Labs are back!!!!!

So excited! I spoke to my primary care provider and he said that he would definitely be able to do my pre op work up. This is very important because I was under the impression that my military insurance usually didn't cover anything for elective procedures. He even gave me the name of a place in San antonio that does plastic surgery procedures for the military. He said that those providers have to keep up their numbers to stay certified. but m still going to DR so m good. Well.... My results came back!!! 14.6 hemoglobin baby!!!!! They said that my lab work looked exceptionally well! I even had one of my nurse friends look at it and told she told me that m good for surgery! I work for the VA and she is the head nurse in surgery!!! I'm so excited. Despite the good news, I still bought some b12 n folic acid. I figured I didn't need the iron. I think that's due to my boost that I've been drinking forever. I loved boost! I was drinking that before surgery was ever on my mind. Not to mention, m a meat n potatoes kinda girl! Lol. Well m still waiting on my passport. So till next time dolls!!!

Switched to Dr Molina

My apologies ladies! I know it's been a while! I've switched from Cabral to Molina. I am now getting a breast lift with implants, a TT, and a BBL with transfer to the hips n butt. Dr. Molina will lipo my entire back, n the inside of my thighs. Total.... $6,500. He uses SILIMED implants, which are FDA approved n they last for 20+ years. I made the switch because I didn't like some of the things that Dr. Cabral had done lately.

Well, m getting fat! A year ago I weighed 104lbs. Today, m at 131-132lbs. Now I love to eat!!! My flight leaves in less than 24hrs to get to DR. I will celebrate my anniversary on July 4th in DR. then have surgery in July 7th. I he to switch surgery to a day later when I switched surgeons.

I am completely confident in Dr. Molina and I have no worries at all.

So this is what I look like right now.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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