Fit&Foxy@40 with an BBL&TT. Dominican Republic, DO

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Procedure cost and Procedure date are Wish items...

procedure cost and Procedure date are Wish items because I just asked Almonte for a quote.

Hi RS family! After stalking this site for a short while since 8/8/15, I'm ready to take the plunge and do! Well about me I'm 5'7" 205 lbs :(. I'm an apple shape: Big belly and NOT AZZ AT ALL. ( I mean none) All my life! It's genetic/family history. I am a 4th generation NO AZZ family member ( Great granny, granny, my mom, my sister and me - NO A$$). I'm the only one doing something about it.

I have a 10 year son! (He has plenty of booty, he took after his Dad!) Back to me:

Well, I have contacted emailed Dr. Almonte asking for a consultation but I didn't send her any pictures of me :( I didn't think to do it..... I sent it to her from her website. I mentioned RS and I hope that still gets me a free consultation. ( I think industry wide, consultations should be free, just MHO).

One thing to mention I am a T2 diabetic (as if the NO A$$ family history wasn't enough, I get to have the family history of diabetes too). Well, right now my A1c is 7.5 and I want to lose 30 lbs to get it even lower. ADA suggests diabetes is well controlled under 7%. I'm going to get there with determination and motivation.

I chose Almonte because her work is GREAT! And in one of her photos she has performed sx on a T2 diabetic. I chose DR because of affordability of procedures. I hope to take my mom with me she is a board certified Physician's Assistant (PA) with surgical and wound care experience. They probably have to have security to keep her out of the operating room! I can see her now sneaking in there asking "Oooh, can I stitch her up?" LOL!

I really want both procedures: BBL & TT done at the same time. HELL, if I could I'd asked for a BL with BA too but I'll wait on that in R2. ( which in my mind is scheduled for Mar 2020). And to go all out I would add a vaginoplasty too! Ok, just throwing out all my wish list.

My support team:
My mom of course. As soon as I told her what I wanted she was like "Hell yeah GO for it" (LOVE her!). She said "Just don't go to the one I went to!". She had hers done in the US, board certified doctor, well known in the area, huge office but he had a TERRIBLE bedside manner and her TT did not turn out as expected with a $10K price tag. He was suppose to do a full TT (he only did lower TT) and suppose to do Lipo on upper belly (his nurse let it slip he did not lipo her upper stomach at all). So, comparing DR & US it's no guarantees no where! (Just MHO)

Wishy-washy support: My husband! When I first talked with him about it, he said "I need you to have all that...." OK, I don't remember anything else after because he was quickly put in his place in my Southern dialect: "IT AIN'T ABOUT YOU OR WHAT YOU WANT. ITS ABOUT ME AND WHAT I WANT..." Yeah, he is a wise man because he didn't say anything else. And actually, a couple of days later he said Well go ahead and do it because you're going to do it if I say differently or not. See wise man!

Well, I think I've held you're ear long enough! I will update as my adventure unfolds!


Need motivation to lose 25lbs

I've been dragging my a$$ this past month knowing I want to lose this weight but can't seem to get it in gear! I think when finally put down deposit it'll be real and my drive will kick in.

Pretty surgery pics - Be Warn it's NOT pretty!

This is my before pictures. Hoping Dr Almonte can work her magic to give me a flat tummy & a fat bootee!

good things!

Good thing 1: I told my endocrinologist that I'm having a tt and I wanted to get my A1c down to 6 or less and he was agreeable to help. I thought I would get some kind of lecture but he didn't give one.
Good thing 2: My doctor put me on insulin to help get my A1c down. It's not as scary as I thought! But I got to keep my eyes open because I read that Lantus makes you gain weight. I hope a good diet and exercise will keep it under control!

Good thing 3: I lost 5 lbs.

Starting weight (SW) 205
Current weight (CW) 199
goal weight (GW) 175

Well that's all I have to share for now!

DR here I come...

So, I definitely know I want to get my surgery done in DR. Originally it was because of the affordability but now it's more because of the aftercare I want to receive. I LOVE my husband and Mom and know they would be bumping into each other trying to help me if I get it done in the US but I'm one of those hardheads that don't know how to be taken care of because I'm always the caregiver! I know while recovering I'd spend more time trying not to be a bother than I would healing. It's just who I am. I feel like if I go to a really good RH than I can relax and let others take care of me. Lord I pray I pick a good one!

sx date: Plan A & Plan B

So Plan A, all my money fall the way I want in Jan /Feb and I'll have the surgery in early March with a sx buddy I found.

Plan B, money gets delayed until late March and have to have sx in mid April.

So many things up in the air right now. Just have to remember this one thing is about me. I've put a lot of people's wants and desires above my own for a long time and if I don't do this now and keep to it, something is going to come up and I'll set this aside as always.

Just got to face it: I'm not going to be able to please everyone and it's time I stop trying!

I think I found my resolution for 2016. lol!

need to stop looking at pictures I'm NEVER going to look like.LOL!

Ok...I lived in fantasy land for a little bit now boarding the plane for the real world! I was looking at some girls results that are obviously 20years younger, no pregnancies and a size I've never been even coming out the womb! ????

But it's all good though I'm happy for them because I know who I am and I know I will look great when my time comes!

consultations and realizations

I went to a US doctor with my mom that wanted to come with me. I said great because she could ask questions I forgot. She liked I liked his demeanor and mannerisms but I didn't get to see any before and after pictures. His coordinator said they recently had a virus so pictures were all over the place. That was a concern for me. How else am I going to make a decision? So even though I felt comfortable with him, if I couldn't see any pictures. I'm not going to him. Plus the $11k bill puts a hold on it all too. I've budgeted and can get my hands on $8k which would take care of everything I need for DR (sx costs, extra money, plane ticket, passport) so that's where I'll be! Just have to convince hubby!

OK trying to find a new obsession..

Other than RS. Lol! I'm up here too much and the days aren't moving any faster.
I'm thinking I'm finally getting the motivation to lose 20 lbs. Sign up for free weight loss coach at work, reactivated my account with myfitnesspal and have started logging my food. If I spent half as much time there that I do here I'll be at my goal in no time! I'll be honest.... consistentecy is my biggest problem! But as my coach advised I'll start slow logging my meals 3 days a week and move from there. I can do that for a start.

Next is increasing my exercise....I walk 30 min per day 5x a week. I have to do more.

I'm working out with some friends tonight with a personal trainer. Free during a trial run. Last time I was sore for 3 days. Can't believe I'm going back for more. LOl!
My new mantra: find 1 hour in the day and dedicate it to me. Whether it's exercise or painting my fingernails that hour is for me!

Time to take care of my health first!

I've recently made the decision to postpone my tt & BBl because I'm going to get sleeved. I'll turn 40 this year and I'm a type 2 diabetic. A poorly controlled one too. I started insulin 3 months ago and my glucose is the same as it was before I started. I know at this rate a tt would be impossible let alone recovery. So I'm putting it on the shelf and decided to get my health together before it becomes a bigger problem than what it is.

Goodbye fat! I'm coming for you diabetes!

I want you gone from my life! You've taken too much of my time, my money for meds and my fertility!

On March 22nd I will have gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Altamirano in Tijuana, MX. I've spoken with him 1x but I feel comfortable with him and the sx I'm about to have.

I'm about to turn 40 yr this year and I've been diagnosed with diabetes in Jan 2016. It's not going away so I need to put it in remission and the gastric sleeve is one of the best ways to do it.

I have a low bmi but I'm not going to wait until it's within my insurance guidelines before they'll do it.

So here's my stats:
H: 5' 7"
W: 205
BMI: 32

W: 155

I hope to journal my journey so if anyone in a similar situation can see what I went through and it may help them with their journey.

Good Health to everyone!


Diagnosed with diabetes in Jan 2012

52 more days to go! And making changes!

Mar is going to be here before I know it! So hoping my passport gets here in time. Post office said be here by end of Feb at the latest. Fingers crossed!

Given up sodas, coffee and caffeine! I wasn't much of a coffee drinker but cherry coke zero and cherry limeade Walmart water was what I lived for. But I know they won't fit in my new life so out they go. I've talked my husband and son into giving up sodas and juice for a month and it's going good. We don't have any sodas or juice in the house and it's going good. No one has asked for it. Lots of G2 and water.

Next up cutting back on snacks and upping the veggies /fruit. My plan is to keep fruits and veggies on hand through the week and only have snacks on weekends. We'll see how that goes. LOL!


I was sleeved in TJ, MX. I'm 3 days post-op & feel great!

1st night after sx gas pain was bad! I had to wait a bit until the anastesia wore off a bit until I could walk. And that didn't help at all. No relief until I got some pain meds. Then naseau hit. Threw up 3x times. Doctor explained that it was due to a little blood left in my pouch irratating my sleeve and once it came up no problems since.

3/23. 1 day po. just chilled at hospital. No gas pain. Layed in hospital watching tv in & out of sleep.

3/24. 2 day po. left hospital. My sister, brother & I went with valet to recovery house. Best decision ever! The recovery house was a home away from home. In the 2 bedroom condo I had room to myself and bed was comfy. Just I couldn't get comfortable at night to get a deep sleep, just had sx so couldn't expect the world. Although, its always been hard from me to sleep in a new place. I would advise a sleep aide if dr says ok. During the day we walked to restaurant that served an AMAZING shrimp broth. Couldn't finish it of course. Also had a non alcohol pina coloda. Mostly for show, I just ate ice milk at top of it. Then went back to condo.

3/25 3rd day po. went souvenir shopping in place called revolution. Its a strip in TJ known for souvenir shopping. Had the best time , spent too much money. LOL. Could've haggled better.

Go home tomorrow 3/26 4 days post op.

Going to come back to TJ, MX next year for a food tour. Lol, Everything my brother and sister ate looked delicious.

All the crap that is said about TJ unsafe and blah blah blah. All you have to do is use common sense!

But if you're still looking for the best time to go. Easter week is best because the whole city is out of town for vacation and the weather is nice. We spent the day just walking being tourists it was nice.

Ask me questions and I'll give you my perspective.

Sleeve was the Best decision

Oh my where do I begin! It been a great experience for me!

5'8 , BMI @ sx 31 or 32
HW: 215
SW: 204
CW: 173
GW: 165 or 160 (Its only been 4 mon so I'll see where it goes)

No one knows I've done the sx because I only took 2 weeks off from work. And because the weight is coming off slowly everyone believes Ive just been execising & dieting when they see me. Just today I had someone say to me you don't need to lose anymore weight. Only thing about that is my body determines how much weight I lose not me. I'm okay with that either way.

I have been loving all the cute dresses and clothes that I can wear it since I've been able to get this weight off I am so much happier!

If you trying to decide to do this....don't look any further...just pick a dr and do it. believe me it'll be the best decision you have ever done!

Now, I can't wait until I can head down to DR and get my TT& BBL & BL.

I'm going to try to post a picture. I'm a photogenic person I just really rely on how I feel and how I look in the mirror at the moment and don't concentrate too much on anything else so I don't really take a lot of pictures but I will take a picture to compare to the one I have on my profile.

Is it time to talk Plastics????

Of course it's time. I'm only 5 months out. Lol! I feel like my weight has stabilized at 173 haven't lost anymore since Jul 15th and only weigh myself 1x per week. I love that I fit a size M and a size 10 comfortably. I could go down 160 but I'm afraid if I do then I won't have enough fat for a BBL my fear is if I go down too low the only thing left will be loose skin. So I'm hanging on to my back fat for a little while longer but it's days are numbered!

I'm hoping contact a couple of Drs in Dom Rep this weekend. I want to shoot for Nov 2017. I'm hoping for 1 round: TT, BBL, BL with BA. I don't want anything outrageous just nicely proportioned.

I have 2 doctors in mind Dr. Jose Leon & Dr. Manon, both seem willing to do all the procedures I want. I would like to get my hemo up more. My last hemo score was 12.3 in Jul so I'm going to work to get it to 14 by next year. Good thing I love beets and spinach!

Pray for me as this journey continues!
Name not provided

Hopefully Dr. Almonte

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