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Hello dolls, I am so excited to be having this...

Hello dolls, I am so excited to be having this opportunity. I have juds and an amazing husband who is so supportive. I have been talking about this for years and finally it is becoming a reality . My husband and I decided on Manon. His work is consistent, and he responds quickly. I almost did not like his asst, but once understanding the process all is well. Ladues these drs get tons of messages of inquiries, some ppl will never book, unfortunately they speak with the more serious ppl first. The ones that leave deposit . I left my deposit and booked my date. Aug 17. TT,BBL,Lipo.
I have started getting supplies as well. I am staying at New Life recovery house. It is 900 . The surgery is 4000. My next step will be going to my primary to start working on hemo,and any other medications I may need.
I also already applied for passport. I am not a last minute person and always plan for the worst just in case...
Will update my whole journey ftom this point.

How I chose my DR

So I have to admit, when I began looking for doctors I was all over the place. They're so many to choose from. I looked at all the pictures and the names. I then narrowed my search by who saw he most appointments and who was strict about Hemo test. I work in medical field and I can tell you that guidelines are put their for a reason. Yes, many ppl will not need to have a perfect hemoglobin, but I do not want a doctor that is willing to gamble my life for a few dollars. With that being said I decided to go with Manon. His works speaks for his self and he makes time to answer my questions. I can honestly say his asst is very informative and I barely need to ask him anything. I am going to see my doctor on Friday.... My PMD I am excited to find out my numbers for my Hemoglobin. I want to have every test known to man to man to ensure I am ready . Once I speak to my doctor to me this will be the start of my new figure. I have decided to keep this a secret from many as U do not want any negative vibes creeping in. I am confident in my decision and I truly believe that a positive mind goes a long way. I will post picture after my PMD appt.

Flight booked

So excited, booked my flight. I booked with Delta a total of 630 round trip with no stops and 1st class on way back. I am trying to get everything Done early so I can concentrate on me and not money at the end. I have started buying my supplies. I have included the list my RH gave me. They are great. I hope this helps someone

Can't get pic uploaded

Im trying to get this pic up uugghhh

Tomorrow I reveal my plan to Pmd

Tomorrow I will reveal my surgery to my primary care doctor. I can not wait to get it off my chest. I am hoping she is understanding and supportive. Wish me luck!!!!

So ladies be honest with ur pmd

So ladies,be honest with ur pmd. I dpoke to mine today and did bloodwork,waiting on results. She was awesome. She gave me tips and was very supportive. I gave her my Dr Manon name, she googled him and told me he has her approval. I must say it felt good telling her. I was all prepared to defend my decision and did not have to. I also got my passport today.... I did paperwork April 20 and literally 2 weeks and 2 days later. I had it in my hand. I did not pay extra.Woohoo

12 5

Yayyy. My hemoglobin is 12 5.
My goals is to get it to 14. I have been doing well. I have been researching my doctor and asking direct questions. Ladies I want to know everything. I even want to know the amount of time after Surgery, before they bring the next one in . Any one out there who going to see Manon or has seen him? Please let me know. Also anyone who had TT and BBL , I would like to know how you slept? How you got massages. So I have attached some pics of myself. I have had 3 kids and my last one I gained over 109 lbs. I lost the weight but my saggy skin looked horrible. I have tried diets and gym and nothing seems to truly work. I am not doing this to look good, I want to feel good about me.

Fb group

Looking for Manon Facebook group

Stressing over nothing

So as my date approaches, i find myself stressed over everything . Supplies, money,post op, money, massages,money. Lol did I mention money. I know that is just ny nerves. I am on this site day and night looking for something or someone to make me either confirm my doctor or change him. The truth is, I am happy and confident in ny choice. I guess the waiting will drive you to do some of things you know is not in your best interest. I know me having a healthy mindset will be beneficial to my recovery.

Taking my vitamins

Taking my vitamins daily. My last hemo was 12.5. I take one Iron and one blood builder daily. I also drink ecowater,which is filled with 100 percent of your vitamin needs. I did not so 2 or 3 iron oills a day because you can get very sick if your Iron intake is too high. My goal is to be at least a 14 .5 before I leave. My next appointment is the 9th with my primary care. I am now making sure my funds are available . I have been saving all my money,but its so hard because birthdays,weddings and bills. I have been buying my supplies, but I have been researching every item to ensure I am not buying things I do not need. I need my pennies. There are so many girls who leave so much behind because they over packed . I am getting nervous but it is so worth it. It is exciting but it has not hit me yet. Well, I will keep you posted.

Newlife Recovery house

Dolls,not sure if I mentioned I will be staying at Newlife Recovery in D R.
The prices are fair. I am not looking for cheap. Most problems occur during post op and I wanted a recovery house that targeted my recovery, not my budget. They have hospital beds and a call bell. They have real nurses and a doctor. They have around tbe click care. The lady if the house Maisel is knowledgeable and awesome at getting back to all 1000 of my questions.

Waiting game

With the date approaching, I have been spending my time researching my recovery house and the girls who have been there. I met an awesome sx buddy. I am going to get hemo checked thus week. I am all over the place with my thoughts. I am ready.

Sx buddy

So I am excited to report that while on a fb group I found a sx buddy. Dolls I am so happy. Many of you know you meet so many dolls who are not on the same phase of this process as you. This can be frustrating because you are constantly getting your hopes up. My sx buddy and I have same flight, rh,doctor and sx date.
I did not have blood drawn because my menses came on. I did not want to risk anything messing up my hemo. I hope these posts are helping someone.


Still happy with the decision I made to see Manon and stay in new Life rh

I'm mad

My hemoglobin dropped from 12 5 to 12.1
I am so mad. I was taking my vitamins. I guess I will double up. Any suggestions please let me know.


I forgot to mention I have decided to pay through PayPal for my sx. It seems easier and the stress of carrying so much money is removed. I get receipts with what I pd and balance. I also luke that I have 180 days to dispute money.

New life recovery house review

This is one of many

30 days

Hello, I am preparing to undergo this surgery. I have been taking my vitamins but I am planning on a Iron infusion just in case. I have one more app with my primary. I am so excited yet so calm. I am giving up all alcohol, and drinking more water. This I read will assist me in draining. I will keep you posted. I have to say I changed my quote with Manon,because I had no idea he had a package. It was cheaper to do the package. It only cost me an extra 100.
You know I am about my deals.

Re check

Ok, checked hemo today... waiting for results. Manon assistant contacted me regarding sx. She was really nice and was giving me some advice on my preop. 3 weeks left. Bags are packed

12 .4

Well my hemo is now 12.4, it was 12 .1
I have 3 weeks to get it up. I am trying to be as healthy as possible. I have started eating spinach daily taking 3 iron pills daily and a blood builder . I told myself i will prepare to have an infusion. I can nit stress over this.

Tourist card

I did ny tourist card yesterday. It was really easy. I googled tourist card answered a few easy questions paid 10. Then printed card. You need the card to access the country. You can get it while you there but I wanted to skip standing on the line. I read it is a long one.


Hello,so I registered with the step program. Getting real. This is important. It is a free service that ensures while you are abroad the U S can contact you. This is good if god forbid something like a terrorist attack happens or something happens to someone home. Either way its free and its here for your protection. It took me 20 minutes to give mt family a piece of mind. I have included the website. There scams out there that charge 20.00 dollars dnt be fooled


Iron train

Okay so I am back on the Iron train lol. I am still not stressing but I am going to try harder. I just want everything to go as planned. Ladies please get your passpirts right away. It took mine 2 weeks to come back,but I did it in April fir August. My sx buddy did hers in late June and still do not have it. I think ppl travel more during this time. Either way the stress could actually cost you your sx. When u stress it throws so much off. So plan to plan,ask questions ...plenty of them.

Social media

This is such an interesting journey that we are all on. I just want to caution you on social media. Ppl are sharing ppl photos and giving out sx names. I find it very petty and humiliating . I have a stalker ig just so i can see my doctors and others work. I never like anything . This is such a stressful journey wht add extra stress. I follow manon,bella barbie,new life and jmassage. Thats it. Once my journey is over,so will ig. I am active in my sx group but that is it. Just be careful what you share and with whom. I like realself because it's not at a touch of a button .the reviews are genuine and the person that wrote them had to log in and do so. That is my opinion. I just saw so many girls get caught up. Now Bella barbies is a great person to follow.

Paid in full

Paid in full ladies...and I aint talking about the movie.

So excited. I paid my balance today. The trip is happening. I am now just enjoying my summer with my family. I don't want to stress over it . I even put myself on a schedule regarding the research. Only after 9.
I want to be in the best place ,and most importantly I want to make sure my family and I have a good time. I don't want to be over there missing them, but while I was home,they was missing me.

Count down

Okay so I am down for the count.
I have been buying a few odds and ends. I already was packed but now I will re pack. I don't want to have to much but I am not a vet so I would rather be safe than sorry. I am bringing a few snacks. If I don't need them, I will give it away. Well let the count down began. Leaving on the 16th. Sx on the 17.

On board

Hello ladies
So I promise you I did not do all I wanted but I did what I needed. I ate everything under the sun. Listen please arrive 2 hours early for ur flight. Its international so you have to check in 1 hr before. My sx buddy was left at the airport because she did check in 1 hr before. Also the spanish speaking starts at the airport before u leave. I am flying out of JFK. I feel like I am the only one eho speak English. Welll will keep u posted


Up this morning waiting to go meet Dr. Manon. I have to be there at 6. I am staying at Newlife Recovery House. The food and girls are awesome. There is ac in each room. The nurses are so nice and helpful.

3 days post

Well,i made it to the flat side.
Idk what my results look like . U kniw my tummy is snatched. My bbl not sure because Manon said i did nit gave mych fat on my body. So t
I did not get the blue pill. Just anesthesia . I slept through the whole thing. Woke uo in recovery shaking, but happy. The pain is very uncomfortable, not pain per say. The over night staff does not speak spanish. That is frustrating. I could nit wait to get back to recovery house. I git my first massage in hospital same day of sx. The hospital runs like in other hospital. They dnt use disposable items. Everything is sterile. There is only one English Channel . I git no sleep, so when I git back to rh, i was knocked out. They really are a life saver here . I am glad i chose this house. The pain is manageable. I am not taking any real pain meds. Very tired, but can walk around by myself. Getting iut the bed us a killer. In the hospital i thought my back was stuck.nope just stiff ftom the lipo


I forgot to mention my hemo was 12.9
They still did everything.

Flat side

Coming along

So today has been a good day. The massages are painful, but they are so worth it. I am draining pretty good. I have to drink tons of water. The back pain from the lipo is the devil. My body is sore. So far I am happy with my results. I was nervous about my butt size but now I am happy with it.


5 days post op and all is welll. I am not in pain. I am able to walk a little straighter than before. I am still stiff when I first get up in the morning . I am also stiff after sitting to long. The pain to me is tolerable. I am able to do many things on my own. I have not used pain meds. I can nor speak on Dr as I will see him tomorrow and update then.

I'm home

I am home guys. This journey has been real. I am very excited to say I love my Dr. The drain came out while I was there

Cut short

The drain came out while I was there. It id a quick uncomfortable feeling. My body is fine my back is stiff .the dr and diana were great. They were very attentive to my every need. My stay at Newlife was awesome. The girls were nice and kept it clean . I am tired. Sorry for short post


Hello, it has been a while. There is so much to share . To began water and ur ur faja will be ur best friend. My rh house was great. I would not change them for the world. I got my drain out over in there. I did not use the wheelchair on the way home because it was taking them too long. The walk in the D. R airport was not bad , but when I landed in JFK, that walk killed me. I wore my stage 2 faja home. It was very uncomfortable. When I got home, I took my faja off. I had it off for one day. I swelled terribly. I went back to work right away. Honestly I should have waited a week. I ended up having a seroma and having to be drained. The best feeling in the world. After I was drained, I felt better. I began wearing my faja every secondof the day. I started drinking water and really eating healthy .girl, I was motivated. At 2 weeks i was moving around better. By 4 weeks I was doing everything from showering cooking,cleaning everything on my own. I started seeing my shape as well. I also forgot to mention I popped a stitch. No worries i used mauka honey and it healed right up. I think i am on the right track and can not wait to be free if the faja,but right now i feel comfortable in it it. Feel free to adk questions. I just wanted to share it had been so long.

1 month

So, this has been interesting . Each day I feel more and more normal. The pain was never a issue. It was more a comfort thing. I wear my faja every day. I take ut off to shower ans wash it. I open it up after work sometimes. I use oil for my scar. I use rose oil and bio oil. I can see my results and I am pleased . My back still gets stiff and I still swell, but not like it was. I am back having sex,of course I am being careful. I have not drunk any alcohol still. I dnt know if u guys know but when u go to D.R they give u green juice to help u heal. It's nasty. But it helps. I go to tropical smoothie and get a island green. Its so good and it gives you a ton of iron. So if you guys are pre op and need iron try this. If you go before 10 ut is half price. I am going to post pics. I have been busy .my butt looks nice and natural. I could not get a fatty because I did not have enough fat. I still like it because it is nore than I had and gives me a curve in my clothes.


It has been a while but I had to get my life. I finally am starting to feel like myself again. The best thing I could have done was bought a new faja. It made a world of difference. My scars are healing nicely. I use natural oils on my skin to speed up the process. I also have taken a massage course so I can do caviation and drainage post op massages. So excited. So if you onow any long island dolls who need massages let me know. I still wear faja all day and night. I jave not wore jeans yet. I have not had alcohol either. I wanted to wait to be 2 months. I now sleep through the night again. I eat healthy to protect my investment. There has been so many changes in ny body and it has been awesome to watch me morph into my new body. Looking forward to seeing my final results.
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