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This is my first post but darn sure far from my...

This is my first post but darn sure far from my first time on RealSelf. I've been lurking here almost 2 years, looking at everybody's transformations and stories and damnit it's my turn! I started out on this website looking for information about the ever so elusive Dr. Jimerson lol. After concluding that his prices ($10,000+) were wayyyy outside of my struggling college student budget i started digging deeper. It started out with my obsession with Yily, then Duran, Carbral, Contreras and Cortes. Now i just need to make a decision. Oops,where are my manners....a little background about myself....

Im 25 years young, no kids, no husband, just working and making my way through school. Im 5'7, 235 pounds( ugggh, i know) and im tired of feeling like the Pillsbury fluff inside of a twinkie. Im looking to have BBL, with lip to full abdomen,back, flanks, inner thighs, arm and chin. Also wanting to know if you ladies know of a good rhinoplasty doc as well. I put a few pre-op pics up.....i know, i know, dont look too hard, its not a pretty sight lol. Looking to have surgery done in May of 2015.
If any of the veteran ladies want to take me under their wing and provide their vast booty knowledge pleeeeeassse do not hesitate. Im going at this alone and would like the support of other fellow BBL sisters from the DR. Also, does anybody know how to get in contact with Yily, Duran,Cortes, and Carbral? I want to get quoted ASAP because i need to start saving major $$$ right away. What info do i include when i contact them for a quote? I feel like a little round helpless lamb in this big booty jungle! lmao i just want to make it to the other side.

Until later!!!!

Quote email questions

Recently I've been trying to narrow down my doctor selections based on reviews and before and after pics. In super impressed with Contreras and his new facility. He also has good rhinoplasty results which I'm also interested in. In just stumped on what info to include in a quote email. I plan on using the pics I uploaded here as well. Crazy thing though, ever since I started planning my surgery my own little flat back looks like it's trying to poke lol. Could be the slight weight loss or the fact that I'm walking more but I like it. Hopefully it won't be hard to sculpt it with a few improvements? Anybody else notice their butt sprouting out of nowhere?

quote requests sent... now just playing the waiting game

As expected the holidays did a good job of plumping me up, but good old influenza is making me shed weight like nobody's business. Lost 3 lbs between home and the doctors office yesterday.
Anyways, I've sent quote emails to yily and Contreras, I also sent messages via WhatsApp to Cabral, Duran, Almonte, Robles and Baez. So far WhatsApp says that everyone except Duran has seen and read the messages with pics but nobody has responded. Sup with that?? Lol anybody else have the same experience with getting quotes via WhatsApp or should I just stick to email?

Quotes on Deck

So shortly after my rant, lol, my phone began blowing up with quotes. I got responses from pretty much everybody except duran. Yily responded within 24 hours which i was shocked by considering how much work she does on a daily basis. Yily's quote was 4700 with pretty much everything all inclusive except the plane ticket and spending cash and massages. Almonte was 4500 all inclusive with 10 days RH included, without the plane and spending cash of course. I was kind of turned off by baez though. Even though i've made some headway in my weight loss she refused to give me even a chance at a quote until i lost 20 pounds. WTF? i cant even compare? So that sucked. Cabral quoted me 3800 for BBL and lipo, which isnt bad, but considering that everything else would need to be taken care of separately, i wasnt in a rush to jump on his offer. I looooove Cabral's work, im just nervous about his past. I got a quote from Robles, but her assitant pretty much told me if i wasnt getting a tummy tuck then no quote. I understand im a bigger girl, but i lose most of my weight in my stomach first and i have great skin elasticity.
It seems like some doctors are more worried about their before and after pics than actually listening and reponding to what we, as patients, want. I dont want to be forced into a tummy tuck, loose skin or not. I watched videos of every procedure i wanted done being performed so i knew exactly what to expect. The breast lift made me squint, but the tummy tuck i just couldnt bare. And plus.....its just something about the man made belly button that i dont think would look good on me....and that scar? Im not willing to compromise on that at all....... continued in next post

Pt 2...Contreras Dolls, Where ya'll at???!!

Contreras has me absolutely in love. I wanted a rhinoplasty first, but after looking at my budget and finances i figured that only the necessary should be done first and after that if i have some $$ left over to spare in the DR why not get my nose tweeked and maybe a few veneers? But booty and waistless-ness is first priority. Contreras quoted me 2500 for lip and bbl. Meds,faja and exam for 500, massages are 240 for 10, which ill probably only use 6 or 7. The plastica contreras guest house is 60 a night for a double room and 80 nightly for a single room; airport transportation is 75 round trip. With his quote i could get everything done,get all my supplies, plus ticket and spending cash for $4250. Thats cheaper than Yily and Almonte. One thing i will comment on is his communication, it's wonderful. He answers all my questions quickly, no matter how much i bug him lol. He's been so helpful, didnt even try to force me into a tummy tuck. And lately his INSTAGRAM???!!! Oh he's been showing off. If i did decide to get my nose done he would be the ONLY one touching it. I have heard of his past, as well as a few not so stellar reviews but i i also remember hearing wayyyyyy worse about Yily, her staff, and her communication. At the end of the day everybody's experience is different. I must admit though....after reading a few recent reviews i sent a email to Diaz about an hour ago. As of right now first place is Contreras and second place is Yily. Depending on what Diaz says he might knock them both down in the running.
So far i've stock pilled on iron,vitamin b complex, vit c and multivitamins in preparation for pre and post op. I refuse to be the girl that over spends and over packs. I've set a tentative date for May 11th 2015 which i have a spot on Yily and Contreras's calendar already. Yily actually sent a message like "hey,what u wanna do? you on the books so let me know whats up" well....not those words but you get it. I just want to be positive. My heart and confidence is in contreras at the moment. Im dreaming about this transformation every day!!

Made In Contreras....

So as you can tell by the title....i've chosen Contreras. I did get a quote from diaz, but i wasnt feeling it too much. 5500 for everything which isnt bad, but it's still more than Yily. At this point im comfortable with my decision. Most of the reviews i've read all say the same thing, he's attentive, has good communication, and if they could do it all over again they would choose him....sounds to me. I sent him over my flight information and just awaiting confirmation for my date of May 11th. Between now and then my diet will be kicked into overdrive. Gotta get the passport before the end of February, and i am also planning to try body wraps to get rid of some of this extra flab on the tummy and arms. I put up some wish pics for you ladies!!! until next update...... kisses!

Just a quick RH or Not to RH, that is the question.

Hey ladies and dolls,

Nothing going on much now except the waiting game. I have a little under 3 months before i head to the DR and get everything right. I have my confirmation of dare from Contreras, as well as my approved time off from work! Everything seems to be going right on target as far as budget wise. I have been hesitant about buying my plane ticket now though. Based on the experience of you guys, is it better to buy the ticket now, or wait to see if prices drop?
Ive also been thinking about Recovery Houses. I am all set up to go the the Contreras Guest house, but im wondering if going to a recovery house might be better as far as support wise. I've read that a few ladies get a little extra benefit by staying with locals that already have experience with these sort of things. Ive read alot about recovery armonia, silhoutte, and yasmins, but i know there are plenty more out there...any suggestions ladies? i want something that comes as close to the contreras quote as possible, 60 to 80 dollars nightly, 75 for transportation, and 240 for 10 massages. Thanks in advance guys!

Flight is booked! Anyboday wanna BUDDY?! May 11th 2015.... RH help!

After stalking google flights about as much as i stalk RealSelf lol, i noticed a trend in ticket prices and got my ticket cheap! When i started looking at tickets the were upwards of 650 round trip with no frills. I got my ticket last night for 487! Seriously!! I'm cheap so i love a good discount. Waiting until late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning you get the best price on tickets. I noticed every week like clockwork around Wednesday afternoon the prices shot back up, so when time came around this week i didn't hesitate!
Im trying to get into the hang of this vitamin thing. Also trying to get a more rigorous workout schedule with the last 2 months winding down. For those who dont know, ill be going to Contreras on May 11th for bbl and lipo to pretty much everywhere lol. As of now im scheduled to stay at the guest house there but im really interested in looking into a real RH. Ladies pleaaaassseee give me some advice. Trying to search on here and look at them is like looking at a forest. Seems like everyday there is a new RH popping up in the DR. Also is anybody going to be there around that time? Really looking to buddy up with someone and share this experience, might even be cheaper to share with somebody who isnt about the drama and just wants and snatched waist and phat ass like you do lmao!


Wish pic straight from contreras' IG!

Pre surgery woes

Damn the time is flying by. Preparing for surgery physically,mentally, and financially has got me all sorts of tired. First issue, one day I stepped on the scale in February and that mutha said 256. I kid you not. With my anxiety in over drive I've been taking advantage of snacks at work and after hours drinks with co workers and my thighs paid the price. However....I've been on a new diet plan for the past 4 days and am already at 244 and I started at 250. With a little over a month left I think I can lose the weight plus more with determination. second issue, I did not know the struggle to get a passport for the first time was so real.I take partial blame because I did procrastinate to the last minute however they should be able to make this process a little bit easier. it took me over a week to get an appointment to turn in my application and then appointment isn't even until April. Wtf? Talk about cutting it close. With the expedited fee and overnight shipping it's costing me 184 at this point. other than those two issues everything seems to be working out fine. The money for surgery is in the bank in my savings and just itching to be spent. Also I'm still looking for a buddy....anybody else start feeling the stress the closer it gets to booty bday?

Over a month....ready for that bump!

Still anxiously awaiting my passport appointment. -_- however, weight loss still going on. It's slow but steady. So far it's 11 lbs give or take a pound since February and this picture is me on the first day of my cycle so I'm bloated and crabby as hell! The stress of making sure all the final details are taken care of isn't helping either but I'm determined to get this gut down for better results. Next week I start doing a body wrap regimen to kick the countdown into overdrive.....

It's finally here.....

So after much stress and a mini heart attack over this passport situation it finally came. Cost me almost $230 of my good old paycheck but it was here in exactly a week! Now all that's left to do is keep shedding weight and get the rest of my supplies. I think I'm saving the supplies for last because I'll know then that there's absolutely no turning back. Contreras here I come....24 days until take off

changes changes....and mo changes

so I made it to the DR on Monday the 11th and had sx with dra. Cynthia Disla on the 12th. Had my first post op appointment today and things are looking . I'm thinking about closing this page down and just using my sx instagram.....not really getting too much feedback on here. But if anybody is interested, just ask me and I'll be glad to share. Peace love and big booty cheeks! ?

now 4 days p.o

These pics were taken 3 days p.o . Before a massage. The faja and proper drainage are a must. I went to sleep without it day 2 and the pain was unbearable. I was screaming out for Jesus, God, Mary, Joseph, and the sweet baby lambs. Recovery is absolutely no joke. And another important note, stool softeners are absolutely a must! Start taking at least 1 to 2 days before sx, I had a tummy tuck and I swear I birthed 2 fetuses out the other end, it took a day and a half but the relief had me dancing down the hall. Full review coming soon, I fly home in 6 dias. Doctor Disla is nice, very sweet and honest. During surgery I lost 10 liters of blood and had to have 2 transfusions and she paid for them herself and didn't ask me for a dime. Really sweet lady. My sx ig page is donebydisla. I'm only accepting other sx pages so if you don't have one let me know in advance to look out for you name so you don't get denied. My ig review will be uncensored, you'd be surprised how many real self spies there are on here just waiting to gossip.....until later

back shot

Lots of bruising due to aggressive arm Lipo and this part hurt the most, yes I was awake for a majority of sx until my hemo dropped and everything from the arms up wasn't numb....I cried.

deleting pics and page

If it you thought the journey was the hardest part, you're wrong. dealing with the bitches you're forced to recover with is much worse. In light of allllllllll the bull shit I went through today I figured it's best I cut as much estrogen from this journey as possible because the gutter rats lurk on here too. Any who,I get my drain out Thursday,leave Friday and I absolutely love my results so far. if you're thinking of going with Disla you should, she's awesome. Check the last post for my ig if you want to keep up with me, if not....?delete delete delete
Edgar Contreras

changed my doctor to dra. Cynthia Disla. She's nice and seems to be very caring. Answers all questions and provides excellent follow up

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