17 Days Post-Op - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey ladies! I've been on this site lurking for a...

Hey ladies! I've been on this site lurking for a while and posting comments, but I'm finally ready to create my profile! I'm having surgery with Dr. Baez on Feb. 14th, 2014. I actually have quotes from Yily, Duran and Cortez, but I decided on Baez because of the open communication and price. A little about me...I'm 32 y.o, 5'3, 190lbs, and a single parent to two beautiful daughters 9 and 1. After the pure HELL I've been through in the last year, I'm finally ready to do something for me. I've been working on the inside and now its time to take care of the outside. I'm getting breast implants, tt, and bbl. I had "tickle lipo" last January, spent $3,800 and for what? to end up right where I was almost a year ago! If I had known about realself in January of this year- I would of put that money to better use in the DR! Anyway, I'm a size 12 now and really want a flat tummy, smaller arms, and a big A$$!!! I'm still looking for a RH, have checked out a few so far- so if anyone has recommendations please let me know. I'm also looking for a surgery buddy as well. I'm traveling from Wisconsin and its looking like I will be leaving on the 13th. Anywho...I guess this is it for now, I look forward to updating a lot more as my date gets closer.

A few wish pics

FDA Approved Breast Implants

Just a heads up- the ONLY approved breast implants in the US are Mentor and Allergan. Most of the surgeons in the DR offer four brands, of which Mentor is the only one they offer that is approved here ladies. Make sure you ask for the Mentor brand so if God forbid you need assistance with your implants, the surgeons here can work on you!


Ok, I've been set on Baez for about two months now. Have surgery booked and everything. Though I had previously gotten quotes from Cortez, Salama, Yily and Duran. Now...I don't think I'm going to Baez anymore. I have my reasons. At this point I'm waiting for my quote from Pantoja in Mexico. I think it will be between Pantoja or my original choice- Yily (she's the whole reason I know about realself). I emailed both tonight for my preferred date of 2/14. I'll update as soon as I hear something.


Ok, so I've been on realself every freakin' day and have yet to update my review!!! Anywho.... I have a surgery date with Baez and Yily. Yet, I've been emailing Contreras (spelling?) back and forth! The thing is...I'm not going to Baez. No hate, I've just made up my mind on that. To all those dolls that are going to her, I know she'll do well. Anyway... I plan on getting a lot of work done (since I only plan on going to the DR once I might as well get it in right?) and I need to go with the surgeon that can really hook me up. I'm just torn between Contreras and Yilly!!! I've run the numbers and pros and cons and I'm still torn. Meanwhile, I've been collecting what I need for the trip and will continue to do so. Its just these surgery lists everyone is listing are so damn long- it seems like there is so much to purchase. Anywho...If I go with Contreras, I'll be having a 2/17 date. Meanwhile, I'm currently scheduled for 2/14 with Yilly. The only thing that may push either of my dates back is if I have to go in for acceptance interviews (I've applied for 3 PhD programs and all but one require interviews in order for acceptance and the interview dates are 2/21 for all of the damn colleges!) So...if I have to travel for interviews, my surgery date will most likely change to 2/24. Ok, that's all the rambling for now. TTYL dolls!!!

Weight Loss & other stuff

So dolls....
Ok, don't think I said this before but when I first started this blog I was 5'3 and 195lbs. Every since having my second child last September, I just cant shake this weight! Anywho...my plan was to lose 15-20lbs (175 goal) before surgery in February. So far, I'm down to 188! two months & 13lbs to go! To those trying to get that extra weight off before surgery like me...I got ya back mami's!!

New doc, PCOS, healthy lifestyle, etc...

I hope all you dolls had a wonderful Xmas! Now that the holidays are almost over, back to the reality of my surgery date getting near. Thank God for Xmas! I racked up $800 in cash from parents and family so that definitely helps with paying for the RH and supplies I still need to get!!! My weight has actually gone up 1lb. over the holiday but thats not too bad. I'm still shooting for 175 before surgery, but I'll take whatever I can get! At this time, I have decided to go with Cabral and I'm really considering Yasmin's RH. However, I checked out Upscale RH and considering going there instead. I'll make final decision when I get a month out. I hope everyone's new year's goes well. I am looking into juicing starting next year. I have PCOS and it can be a struggle losing weight and keeping my hormones at bay so I'm looking at healthier menus and lifestyles. 2014 is going to be a great year...new body, new skin, healthier lifestyle, increased self esteem, learning how to be the best mom to two girls on my own and possibly moving to a new state. We'll see where the year takes us! Talk to you later dolls:)

HAPPY 2014 DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am wishing all of those that had their surgeries in 2013 & those of us who are having ours in 2014 a Happy New Year!!! And may all of your goals and plans come to fruition this year! Don't let anyone stop you from getting what you want this year. New year, new attitude and...new bodies!!!!!!

Baez, Yily & Contreras February surgery date up for grabs!

Hi ladies! I'm scheduled with several surgeons for 2/14 and 2/17 but I will be going to Cabral instead. I just sent Baez an email letting her know I can no longer make it, So...if any of you need a 2/14 date it is now open. Also,,,I have the same date available with Contreras and Yily but again...I'm going to Cabral so hit me up if you are looking for a 2/14 date with Yily, Baez, or 2/17 with Contreras.

Adding Some more wish pics!!!

Shout out to Mariel2013 for being one of my wish pics! Body looks great!

Surgery Buddies??

Well, I'm down to 182 and 10 days to go! Had to change my sx date to 2/21, flights been booked and everything's a go. Since my date got changed, I'm looking for a sx buddy. I arrive in the DR on 2/20 so if you are scheduled around the same date, please hit me up! It's so close I can taste it!!!

Sh** Just got real!!

Well, ladies... its 12:47am and I am 5 hours away from heading to the DR! Gotta love this Wisconsin weather- a damn ice storm is scheduled to start rollin in around 3-4am so I'm heading to the airport about 2am so I can avoid sliding into some sh**! I'm all packed. Final measurements pre-op: 41, 36.5, 41. I'm ready and surprisingly calm right now. Cleaned house, sent the little ladies off with their dads and took care of random odds and ends. If I missed something- ah well!!! Can't wait to get there, get snatched, and start this recovery process. I head back to work on March 6th so I have to make the most of it. Saying prayers for all of those who are in route to sx soon. Miracles and Blessings ladies:)

6 days PO

Hey ladies!!!
Sorry I'm just now updating and with no pics:( They're in my phone and I just got in last night and have not transferred to icloud. Well, I am actually gonna be short for now. Had surgery with Yily. I should of just brought American $$ to pay for surgery because paying in pesos made me lose money on the conversion (even though I did it ahead of time from my bank) and I didnt get all I needed. I was told I was $500 short on funds for my surgery when I know what the hell I got from my bank in pesos- but whatever. We stayed at Upscale RH, which honestly is beautiful and has very caring girls that are attentive. However, a recovery house (just like a hospital, etc) should check on you every hour at the minimum throughout the night. There were times we had to yell "Help" to get the ladies to our room. Especially, if you have a tummy tuck and you need assistance getting in and out of bed everyday. The driver Angel was cool and we had his personal cell ph#. When we couldnt get any ladies to come assist us, we would call him and he would call downstairs and tell them to come upstairs and help us- again, we shouldn't have to do all of that. But, it is what it is. Yily did not give me the big ass that I asked for- no where close. She did however give other girls the ass they asked for- what the hell is up with that? I am super swollen right now so I know I am far away from the final results, but the way I feel, I don't want to post pics until I start to become satisfied with what Yily did, Right now, I don't feel I got what I paid for, but we will see. Meanwhile, if anyone can give me any info on the powder used for post-op BA's? Also, what do you guys clean your new belly button with and are there any creams that can help with healing? Last, the masseuse took my prescription cream that is used to rub over my bruises, is there a better version of that cream I can get in the states? Any info would be helpful, as you can see- aftercare sucks in the DR- I should have had the answers to these questions BEFORE I left!


Here are a few pics took today 8 days po. Everything is hard as hell. Waiting for new faja to come so what you see are pics of me for the last 8 days without wearing faja and just a binder. As you can see, no fuckin ass at all. I guess I should just change my sx on my profile to mommy makeover. Clearly, I will be doin a round fuckin 2. Excuse my language, I'm sad and depressed thinking of all I went through for this. Ttyl.

17 days and getting better

Hey ladies! Well, a lot has changed since I last updated. I am now 17 days post-op and I must say, I am enjoying what I see:) I want to thank all you wonderful ladies who gave words of encouragement when I first got out of surgery because honestly, my body looked NOTHING like how it does now and each day it is taking its true form. I guess when you study realself for a year and watch so many beautiful ladies go through this surgery and come out with banging bodies, you assume your surgery will be the same. Well, I have learned that each of us is different and some of our bodies (especially bigger girls- I was 182lbs going in) take a little longer to form. Anywho... I forgot to tell you guys that I lost so much blood during surgery that I had to have a blood transfusion the day after surgery. I had 2 bags of blood. My Hemo had dropped from 13.6 to 6.0! When I left the DR my hemo had only went up to 7.1 and that was after the damn transfusion. Needless to say, when I got back home, I made an appointment with my reg doc to run tests since I had the blood transfusion out of the country. Everything came back ok but my hemo was still at a 7.0 and now I am damn anemic! He put me on iron pills that I take twice per day and hopefully my hemo will go back up. Other than that, my hips are getting curvier, my implants are finally starting to soften and drop, and my booty is starting to slowly poke out:) I cut out holes for my ass in my faja that Yily gave me but I cut too much and now the back of my garment rolls up too tight on my lower back. Luckily, I ordered another faja that comes with the ass already cut out and in comes tomorrow. I actually ordered from the same place Yily gets her faja from. I love how the faja feels and holds and I've ordered from other places and they all suck. I totally recommend going to the website that is printed on the back of the faja you get from Yily and ordering another stage 1 or stage 2 garment from them- its worth it. Anywho...sorry this is so long, haven't been able to get on here as much, I've just been recovering. Oh! Since my hemo was so low, my doctor didnt want me going back to work this week so, I got an extra week off! Happy I get longer to recover, sad I'm missing out on $$$! So far, I've been off work for 13 days and have 4 more to go. To those having this surgery, I totally recommend as many days off as you can afford, your body needs it. I had a lot done- breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and bbl. Yily couldn't lipo my arms or thighs because I had so much done and thats why I lost so much blood and had to have a transfusion. I'm 17 days post-op and just yesterday it finally stopped hurting when I sit up from laying down for too long. Especially for those of you who get a lot done or end up needing a transfusion like me- please make sure you take enough time off to heal. I am a high school teacher and going through the hallways with so many students and up and down stairs all day would have been too much for me so soon. I also want to shout out to my mom. I didn't tell her I was going to the DR for fear she would talk me out of it. But when I got back, I had no choice but to tell her because I came home with my drain still in. She was super cool about it! She took all last week off work, brought groceries, brought flowers and spent the night at my house just to take care of me! I love that woman. Had I known she would've been that cool about it, I would've told her about the DR before I left and that way she would've kept my daughter longer and I could have stayed in the DR a few days longer- oh well! Alright, I'm going to shut this long ass blog down for now. I'm on my laptop so I cant upload new pics 'cause they're all on my phone and I didn't transfer. I'll add them in a bit. Ok, ladies, take care:)

Updated pics

Here are some quick snaps I got this morning right out the shower. I'm 18 days post-op, I still have about 7lbs of liquid from sx in me, and I still can't feel it if anyone touches my stomach and lower back- I'm super swollen in those areas...

More pics

Sorry for the messy room and shit but hell, you know what I'm recovering from!

8 Weeks PO w/ pics!!

Hey Ladies!!!
It's been a minute and I've been MIA- my bad!!!! Recovery is going well and I just hit 8 weeks on Friday!! I'm in the home stretch, the last 4 weeks:) as you can see from the pics, my tummy has gotten flatter, breast have dropped and my butt is looking nice and fat:) I have come a lonnnnng way as you all know. The little "shocks" have gotten fewer and fewer and I finally started feeling my back muscles again about a week ago. I wear my garment everyday, all day. I use the foam as well. I will say that due to $$$ I havent brought a smaller garment. I've just been stuffing more foam pieces. I actually brought 2 other garments early on but they fit horrible and they were a waste of money. I did however, just order my waist cinher today and will be putting that on top of my garment for the last 4 weeks of this journey. My breast are healing well but I just noticed one is slightly bigger than the other and now I'm irritated:) but its not really noticeable that much so I will deal with it until round 2. As for round 2- yes, I will be getting one probably in January or February. My shape is great but I think one last bbl and breast adjustment will do the final trick. Anywho...I just wanted to update you guys on my progress. I will be signing up for an exotic fitness and pole dancing class this week. I'll be going to class 2x a week until I'm done working for the school year and then 4x a week when school gets out- cant wait!! TTYL dolls:)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Went with Yily. Yes, she is nice but, she gives each girl what SHE wants, not what YOU want. I wish I could have spent more time with her during follow-up to answer questions, 10 minutes was all that would have been needed. She's back to doing 5+ patients per day.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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