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Soo after skimming this site for well over a year...

Soo after skimming this site for well over a year I'm finally ready to make this journey to the DR in February of 2014! Let me tell you all a little about my self! I'm 24 with two kids ages 1 and 3! This has been something I have been thinking about since I gave birth too my first child! Now that I'm finish with giving life lol........ Im ready!

I want a bbl and lipos sculpting to my waist as well as back arms, flanks and inner thighs! I would love to look like my profile picture and my wish pictures! I'm still undecided on a tummy tuck.... I don't have to much extra skin I think I would be fine with out how ever I would love to get rid of my stretch marks! But I hate that recreated belly button look :/

Soo I have been doing my research and know some one personally who went to Yily But Im still undecided on the doctor I will choose Im stuck between Yily (who has had a lot of bad reviews lately and I heard she pregnant now) Duran and Baez!!! With 3 1/2 Months left I really need to make a decision because its crunch time!!! I have gotten a quote from yily of 39oo$ and Duran 4000$ Im still waiting on Baez... Im leaning toward beaz because a lot more in included than with yily and duran. How ever I love the way yily does her waist line and im loving durans butt fullness and projection!

I really like Yaris Sanchez shes my girl crush..... all my wish pictures lol ;)

Looking for a SX Buddy Going to the DR mid Feb. 2014

Hey in need of a buddy who's going mid February?? Will be going the week of the 10th or the17th! Will be booking my flight by December...... Looking into recovery houses its a bit cheaper to share a room. Really interested in Real Recovery Armonia.

Some Pre Op Pictures!

Soo I was going to wait..... but why not now! Here are my Pre op pictures! I don't think I need to loose any weight cause ill need all my fat for my new Boootay! I do want to start toning my arms and legs Im getting my arms and legs lipo'd as well but for some reason I'm scared they still wont match post op....
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