I'm Finally Getting my Dream Body - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been researching this for over two years...

I have been researching this for over two years now and I'm ready I can't wait for my waist to be snatched. I chose Dr Jose leon I've seen other reviews if females that chose him and I am loving the patient doctor communication and that's way I'm looking for .....a caring doctor. I've already sent my results and booked my ticket for the 12th of july

Bootyville here I come!

The count down is onnnnnnn!

Some of my supplies

Can u guys tell me if I'm missing anything please!

Small waist and big butt

It's about to get real guys I just would like for everyone to keep me in your prayers as I go through this journey

It about to get real

Only ten days away gals

Change of doctors????

I am making a change from leon to mallol. Mallol did past awesome jobs and I am impressed. What stood out to me that this female is a bit shorter than me but weighs very close to what I weigh and she results are awesome .so I'm sorry to those that were looking forward to leons results

the time is near ....OMG

i am all packed and ready to go in two days. ok ladies like i said i switch doctors. i was originally booked with jose leon but its now two days before i leave and he hasnt reached out me about nothing yet. on tbe other hand dr mallol responded very quick and he told evrything i need and things i need to know moving forward. he is really professional .i sent my deposit to leon ffom last year october and he has not sent a confirmatiom saying he received it. but mallol sent mine with in minutes along with other documents to sign. i felt really good . i am happy me and my bestfriend made this choice ........im so ready for my small waist and big butt .

I made it dolls

Im in do much pain but it's worth I didn't get to stay at armonia I don't know why but be recovery house treat me like a queen

I dont think that I like my bootty

Can someone tell me if it's going to get better or is going to form better after the swelling is gone

ok dolls what do u think

I am four days post op and these are before and after pics of my bbl and liposuction .

my butt

I hope my butt fluffs. Can some one tell me how long it takes to fluff

5 days shy of month

Ok I'm 5 days shy of a month and I wish my butt would grow bigger. Lol any way I'm liking my stomach I've never seen a flat stonach from I was likr 10 years old that's like 24 years ago and I am happy that I have a flat stomach I'm still swollen in my back and stomach so I'm giving my self another month for their swelling to go away

1 month post op

I love my results

Almost one month post-op

Here are some pics of almost one month post op im lobing mt results now that the swelling is reducing. Loving my results. I didn't even have to get a tummy tuck I am so happy for that dr. Did an awesome job. I just might be going for round 2.

More new pics

Flat stomach

My dinner date

I have never went anywhere with out a bra and a g string . Mallol made that posibble I kno that my results will get a bit better as time roll by cause I'm still swollen .but I'm happy . I am glad that I can wear my clothes with out putting on a faja under it to sick the fat in or a shape wear to hide the bulges

6 weeks post

In the gym starting to tone up now the swelling is almost gone but still a little swollen

Almost two months post op

Most is my swelling is gone bit I may be needing round two. I didn't see it before but now that the swelling in down my back fat it starting to come back and my gut

Almost three months post op

All I can say is that mallol did an awsome job from wat I was before to where I am now. And I will be definitely be going to him life last next year June gods will he is a great doctor

Update dolls!!!!!

I'm loving the skin I'm in and it couldn't have been possible with out god and Dr mallol. Ladies if u wNt a flat stoma h with out getting a tummy tuck dr mallol is your doctor. I luv way he had done for me

More pics dolls!!!

Just some pics. NY swelling is gone and I'm now seeing that I need a round two . My rolls and love handles are back and I'm not liking how it looks . So god soares me next year I'm going for round two


Just some more pics
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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