Summertime fine I'm a Baez doll!!! (Part 2) Getting ready for a come back!!! Round 2 Baez Doll in the making....

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Hello to all of my past, present and future BBL...

Hello to all of my past, present and future BBL sisters. :) ive stalked this website for about 6 months now. i was hesitant on joining the site because there can be some negativity-crazed people that will attack your profile. I guess that comes with the public domain territory. because I've open myself up to that by being public with my journey ive opened myself up to criticism and judgement. I only have time for the positive and will give it out generously. I will be honest with you all the way.
First off I want to say thank you to all of you that have shared your stories and pictures. I have enjoyed following your journeys. They have allowed me to further research and rethink to make more informed choices about my anticipated surgery. With that said moving on.

So I have decided to have a Brazilian butt lift! Yeah! I want to do it like yesterday. jk. I'm shooting for early October 2013 only because I'm a smoker and I know you have to quit smoking in order to get surgery and I don't want to smoke while I'm during the healing process so why not quit now and go in months into smoking soberity. Plus i already know that whatever PS that I choose is going to tell me to gain some weight. Decisions, decisions. Choosing a MD, booking hotel, nurse, travel; I figure 2 months will be plenty of time for me to get everything in order.

I WANT AN ASS LIKE A HORSE!!!! Big, Round, with loooottttsssss of projection. I like K. Michelle's butt I wouldn't mind having her shapely rear. Maybe one like Tahari from love and hip hop. Both of these women have some DONKS that even a gay man would look twice lol. Its clear that both have had work done i dont know if its implants or fat transfer but something.

A little about me, Im 32yrs old with no children. I've always been top heavy C-D cup with a small behind. Literally small and xsmall underwear from Victoria's Secret. Very slim athletic build naturally with broad shoulders. I fluctuate in weight from 135-150 currently i weigh I'm 140. Every since i can remember Ive been constanstly working out doing everything from squats, zumba, stepsteppers, etc to get hips and thighs and booty like a track star and even when i gain weight it never goes where id like nothing is giving me the results i want.
My measurements:
Left arm 12"
Right arm 11"
Under bust 34 1/2"
Natural waist 29"
Hips (around fullest part of buttocks) 38 1/2"
Thighs 22 1/2"

My body is my living and its a competitive market out there and I need ass to compete or get benched. I only got a little bit of prime game time left so i need to do whatever i can do to help me move on to the next level. This surgery is an investment for me so Therefore i need the best results for my budget. I already know that I'd liked to travel to the Dominican Republic to have my surgery I love the results that I have seen from some of the ladies that have surgery there from various MD's there and I like the style of body they create. Plus spending $10k or more plus aftercare expenses here in the states is not an option for me. I have decided on Yily or Duran. I'm going to send pics to both and try to get a quote. So if anybody has already confirmed for October 2013 or is planning and looking for a buddy let me know by pm'ing me. Also if anyone has any tips for contacting either yily or Duran please lmk. Thank you again ;)

Here are a couple before and wish pics.

My stats..

I totally forgot to add my height to the list of my stats. Here it is again:
Age: 32
Height: 5'7 1/2"
Left arm 12"
Right arm 11"
Under bust 34 1/2"
Natural waist 29"
Hips (around fullest part of buttocks) 38 1/2"
Thighs 22 1/2"

I also emailed both Duran and Yily today. Hopefully I don't have to wait to long for a response. Here are the emails that I used:
Agustina Hilario Duran, MD:
Yily De Los Santos, MD:

I also contacted Yily via the contact page on her website :

Yily and Duran dolls is there any other contact info I'm missing?

Got my quote from Duran today!!!! One step closer....

I emailed both Yily and Duran pictures and a little information about myself yesterday afternoon. (I only had one of Yily's email addresses so i emailed the other one today) By the time I got home from the club that night I already had a response from Duran. Yeah! (Dancing around in my bedroom) One quote down one more to go! I'm so happy that she responded so fast. It has me wondering though, Is it because she has good customer service -Ive read a lot of reviews, all that i could come across about the two MD's im researching for my procedure here on real self and mmh websites and the waiting game for a response to correspondences seemed to be one of the top complaints. Or did i get a fast response because she is not busy and if thats the case why isn't she? Nonetheless I appreciated the speedy response.
My email to was simple, I explained what i wanted, a BBL with lipo of my entire back, entire stomach and flanks. I sent 4 pics w/ no wish pics incld. I did not include my age, weight or height.
Duran's email response was short and contained a generic list of what's provided with surgery, things you need, how to make the deposit and recommends a list of Recovery Houses. The list is probably standard and sent to everyone that inquires. It said if i was healthy with good hemoglobin levels she could do the work. She also said to contact the office if for a date and if I had any questions. I was given $3500 for my quote. Im not getting lipo done to my arms or legs and I'm not getting a BA or lift so why so much?
I'm going to email Duran again just to make sure the quote was correct and wait for a response from both duran and from Yily before I go any further with the decision making portion of this journey. What I will do in the meantime is prepare my lists. one for the questions i have for them before i book anything and the 2nd list of my supplies. Guess I'm off to start my online shopping spree.

Question: Is it the norm for the surgeon not to know your age, height, weight before providing a quote?

Important info for ladies traveling to the D.R. for procedures...

Doing some research today about the safety conditions at CIPLA I found these articles about the recent deaths that have happened there. Below are two links that I found. I also included the translated articles.

Article 1

3 Women who underwent plastic surgery at clinic CIPLA die
3 Women who underwent plastic surgery at clinic CIPLA die

"There is no properly enabled intensive care room so where is present a medical emergency back surgery, face the situation there"

17 JULY 2013
Courtesy of the report with Alicia Ortega

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.-three women were killed in less than a month after undergoing plastic surgery at the International Center of advanced plastic surgery (CIPLA), with Jesus and Wilfredo Rodríguez Peña Franklin surgeons.

A history of the program the report with Alicia Ortega revealed that the deaths of Aide Frías, Aida Peña and Altagracia Mejia took place between May 27 and June 14 of this year, and that each death took place few days when these women come to the country to undergo operations.

Relatives of Aide Frías, operated by the doctor Jesus, they attributed the death of your family member to medical malpractice and demanded that justice be done so other women don't lose life in the same way.

"That shattered me, broke my soul, because my daughter got eleven may very happy, excited to be in the hands of that doctor. However, my daughter was suffering from asthma and hypertension. They were two bombs that she had,"said the broken voice Severiano Frías, father of Aide.

"There is no properly enabled intensive care room so where is present a medical emergency back surgery, face the situation there"
In the case of Aida Peña, who also lived in the United States, the family ensures that you came to the country on June 8 to get a implant, but the doctor convinced her of Jesus that also do a tummy tuck.

"It was a healthy, healthy girl, not suffering from the heart, I didn't do what he wanted to say, falsemia. We hope the response of the autopsy to see what he can do, because that can not remain unpunished,"said Liona penalty, her mother-in-law, in the report with Alicia Ortega.

The third victim was Altagracia Mejia, who resided in Switzerland and underwent two plastic surgery with Dr. Wilfredo Rodríguez Peña June 14, also survived.

"She had asthma and the doctor when I came with it told me to sign and I told him that it would not sign because I wasn't going to sign the death of my daughter," said Unilfa Peguero, mother of the young man.

In a telephone interview, De Jesus was defended by saying that all surgery has a large risk and that there are factors that are beyond their control.


Cosas del Amor, Aida Pena family put the case in the hands of lawyer Juan González, who also represents France Filpo, a dominico-estadounidense who underwent surgery in 2010 with Franklin of Jesus and that, as a result of the operation, suffering slurred speech and a partial paralysis that forced it to move with Walker.

"Now, this country is being practice in terms of aesthetic medicine, where there is a high percentage of physicians, not to say all, that have that as a vulgar business as a butcher shop." I.e. you enter looking for beauty, you go looking to improve your physical appearance and finish as they have finished these two people... ", analyzed the lawyer.

The International Center of advanced plastic surgery (CIPLA) was closed on 16 June by the Ministry of public health, attributed the closing to a violation of the General Health Act, the 42-01.

In a report of the General direction of qualification and accreditation of public health outlined the causes of the closure: the sterilization area was placed on the first floor, close to the kitchen area and the parking lot of the establishment, the surgical block did not have laundry area and sterilization of equipment, there were leaks in the operating theatres and they did not have Biosafety Protocol or procedures.

However, ten days after the site was re-opened after an agreement between public health and the director and owner of the Center, Héctor Cabral Guerrero.

In the document they granted the CIPLA a provisional six-month license, because they had allegedly made substantial changes in the operating rooms and sterilization.

Without care

Three of the families of the women killed after the aesthetic surgeries lament the CIPLA not have an intensive care unit for a rapid medical response when unforeseen happen during surgical operations.

Roberto Peña, father of Aida revealed to Alicia Ortega, the negligence principle manifested in that "the doctor ushered it from a time that made him the operation" because, in his opinion, "he was not prepared for that because he had neither a quarter of intensive care"

"We had to oxygenate the blood, put a fan and that there was no clinic", recalled Carlos de Jesús, the uncle of Francia Filpo, the patient who was with engine problems and speech in 2010.

Mary Laudy Jiménez, sister of Aide, said his relative suffered two breathing stoppages and that doctors took out it of the CIPLA and sent to intensive care from another medical center, where they lasted ten days and then died.

"There is no properly enabled intensive care room so where is present a medical emergency back surgery, deal with the situation there. In all cases they have had to move patients to other medical centers,"said lawyer Juan González.

The penalty are waiting for the results of the autopsy which performed forensic pathology to the corpse of Aida to pursue the lawsuit against of Jesus and the CIPLA. Equally, France Filpo, who won a lawsuit against the anaesthetist, now filed again against the same doctor and the Center.

Jesus it is defended with the following explanations

Filpo France case:

"Oxygen saturation dropped to 30 and who had to have control of that was the anaesthetist. When I came to realize, I I am a surgeon and I don't have to be the control of oxygen, call the anaesthetist. When we came to realize, the patient had a deficit of oxygen causing a hypoxic encephalopathy.

Aida Pena's case:

"This patient not had one-person, because he had falsemia. The clinical history was asked, if he had algen disorder, including falsemia and hemophilia and she maybe denied this due to ignorance.

Case Aide Frias:
It was an asthmatic, hypertensive patient and did all the studies of place. The pulmonologist saw that her breathing capacity should be increased. At the end he freed it and lasted several days to be operated. In fear of the procedure having made a liposuction, the patient upside down, made a cardiorespiratory arrest

Article 2

Posted: 06-22-2013 4:51 PM

The Ministry of Public Health reported Monday that four health centers closed for violating the requirements and standards set by the General Health Law and Regulations 42-01 Enabling 1138-1103.
The establishments are closed International Advanced Plastic Surgery, located in the La Esperilla, in the National District, the Medical and X-Ray Clinic Doctor Mojica, located in Las Gaviotas No. 278 in the district Americans, and in the Duarte Avenue were closed San Carlos Dental Clinic Dental Center Eddy yy.
The Director of Accreditation and Qualification, Ramon Lopez, reported that these centers do not meet minimum standards for operation.
As for the beauty center, said that serious errors introduced biosafety and defaulted on the agreement made in November 2011, to regularize their situation, so they will remain suspended administrative services center to both catch up with requirements required.
He said the Health Ministry inspectors conducted the closing after verifying and reporting on different visits revision to this aesthetic health center and find that the property does not meet conditions to deliver quality health services.
He said the Ministry of Health, through the address directs, continue the interim and final closure of health facilities that violates General health law and regulations 42-01 Enabling Health Facilities and Services, with the In order to ensure the quality of home health care.
SOURCE as-serious-than-bio /

Finally got all the quotes I needed.

In my previous post I included two articles that i found when I was doing research on the CIPLA. I wanted to know what was going on at the place where i may be having surgery besides what we hear right here on Real Self. I wanted to share that info with you to help anyone that is reading this To make an informed decision regarding their health and life. I admit that what Ive read has me worried but no more worried if i was having my procedures stateside & the incidents did not happen with the Dr's that i had in mind. I wouldn't want anything like that to happen to me. God forbid that I pass away while trying to get my ass done. I could only imagine hat the headlines would read. I am going to pray on it and trust that ill be lead in the right direction.
I'm definitely going to continue my research until i make my final decision. All I know is when I do travel to DR I make sure to check out the center on my own to form my own conclusions and to do my research, research, research. I know if things don't seem right to me i wont go thru with it and to get the f:#^ out of there. Real talk.

After all of that being said Since my last update, I have sent and received emails back from all of my prospective surgeons Yily, Duran, Baez. The procedures that i requested were liposuction of my arms, entire back, flanks, stomach, inner & outer thighs with BBL. Whereas it took Dra. Duran only about a day to respond to my email It took Yily about 9 days to get back to me. I was not given a quote from her at this time instead I was told to send pics, which I already did in the initial email I sent to her, then she will be able to evaluate my case. Oh well I guess I'll send them again. Dra. Baez responded to my email in about 4 days. She quoted me $3000. Her email was very detailed. It explained that 1 fajate garment was included(an additional one can be purchased for $150) all follow ups your 10 aftercare stay, post surgery medications. Massages are not included but you can buy 10 for $300. I'm going to write her back with a list of questions of my concerns about the procedure. (I still haven't received a response to my questions from Dra. Duran. I completely understand that she has a busy schedule so ill send out the same email again.) Ladies when I receive answers ill post them.
I'm so happy to have more info to get me one step closer to the body I want. #dollmania

En espanol.....

Hey dolls, so I sent out a round of emails in spanish to all of my hopeful surgeons. I hope this makes he responses faster. I really want to receive my confirmation of my dates so I can get my travel arrangements in order.

Here are the questions I sent to yily, Duran, and Baez:
1.what are the complications associated with this procedure?

2. I heard that there have been recent deaths at the CIPLA resulting from complications of bbl procedures, what has been done to correct what happen and to ensure the safety of patients?

3. How many bbl procedures have you performed?

4. How many plastic surgeries have you performed? you have more pictures besides your website of bbl procedures you have done?

6. Are you willing to email pictures of past procedures or show them at your office?

7. Does anyone other than you perform the surgery?

8. Will I receive step by step instructions about what happens during the surgery?

9. Will I be offered a tour of the medical facilities?

10. Will I meet your surgical team before the surgery?

11. How long have you been practicing medicine?

12. I am looking for the largest buttocks as possible with the largest amount of cc's of fat transfer as possible, what is you experience with this?
Am I missing anything? I hope that has me covered for now.

Well ladies I'm out to hit the mall. It's my birthday tomorrow so I gotta get fresh and fly. Maybe ill receive a reply while I'm out. Ttyl ;)

Got my date HYFR!!!!!!

As I mentioned in my last post that I was sending out my request for consultations in Spanish to my prospective MD's and it worked (well sort of). I still haven't received a email back from Baez yet but ill probably get one next week. August 16th was a holiday in D.R. So I wasn't able to confirm if Dra. Duran had received my deposit or not but ill call back on Monday. Ladies if you know someone that speaks Spanish, have them call for you I promise it'll make the whole scheduling your appointment and confirming you deposit a lot easier and I was able to get most of my questions answered this way as well.
But anyways this is my email that I received from Dra. Duran regarding the questions I previously sent her:

"Not every thing that people say is true, of course there are complication in surgery like all in the life but that you hear a little % is true but the other not, I would like have enough time for speak about with every body but I cannot.
I'm surgeon from 2004. An important thing i would let clear I take the case that I can do myself, anybody can do my surgery, i have assistant not someone who work for me. I dont like when people think that it is possible with my personality.
If you want call to my office and ask that you need or for confirm if you want this date for you.
Have a good night "

I called right after I received her email and got my date. October 2nd, 2013. I am so elated. Finally I can get my flight, hotel, mess, etc. i didn't want to start buying a bunch of stuff and start my vitamin routine before I knew when I could have my BBL. I only have a little over a month to quit smoking and get my hemoglobin up. I better get this ball to rolling.

Holy vitamins!

I did a little supply shopping the other day. I made a stop at The Vitamin Shoppe. I have to admit that I had this giddy feeling while I was pushing the cart around the store. Knowing that in a month or so I'm going to be bootylicious. Now it's time to get this body ready for show time!!!!!
Well I started my vitamin my pre-op regimen today. A total of 6 pills, 2 tbsp liquid calcium(I didn't want to take a big horse pill or multiple doses) and 1 oz whey protein mix to mix with my smoothies. Holy vitamins, I know right. This doesn't include the 5 additional pills that i have to take post-op. whew, I'm so like can you overdose on vitamins? JK. I hope I can get thru taking all this stuff every day for the upcoming weeks. But if that's what I need to be healthy enough for surgery so be it.
I want to thank some of the girls(so many to name but you know who you are) profiles I've read that suggested making your own vitamin packs. I looked at how much the Vitamedica Make Me Heal cost on average $60-100 and you only get enough for 45 days(15 preop/30post) and for the same price I was able to get all of my vitamins for the next 4 months pre/post.
What I did was look at ingredient list on the MMH vitamins and saw what they contained outside of what is in a multivitamin and the vitamins that Dra. Duran listed in her email. I then purchased the vitamins that were exclusive to the MMH vitamins separately.

My vitamin list:
Women's multi-vitamin plus iron
Vitamin C tablets
Vitamin D tablets
Super B vitamin complex
Comfort Iron
Folic Acid
Liquid Calcium w/ Vit. D & magnesium
Probiotic Acidophilus w/pectin
Whey protein

Add to vitamin routine POSTOP:
Arnica Montana tablets
Quercetin w/ bromelin
I posted pics of what I picked up.

Pic of vitamins

Random tid-bits & supplies list cont.....

This post is just going to be random tid-bits of things that have been going on since my last post.
First off before I start to rambling on. At first i thought it was just me until silkymocha pointed it out, but did it seem like Duran had an attitude in the last email response I posted from her?(I don't know it could've been that google translate had a attitude ijs) but anyway I didnt appreciate that at all. I was just trying get the info that I needed and to clarify the rumors that I have heard about other doctors. I emailed her some more questions after but have yet to get a response. I hope she ain't in her feelings. Now that I got that out.....

I mentioned before that I'm taking 6 vitamins a day, I take that back. I actually take 8 vitamins plus liquid calcium for pre-op preparations. I forgot to add my comfort iron and vitamin c tablets when I took the pics. I take them separately later in the day when I have dinner. I find that the iron gives me this kind of heavy in my stomach during the day. It's been about a week since I started my regimen and I have finally gotten over that sick to the stomach feeling that people tend to get when starting high potency vitamins. I've been eating oatmeal every morning since I've started taking them and it seems to be helping.
Shout out to Lolajae I took a page from her "Smoothie diary" and began to make my own. I don't have any 'special' recipes, I just go by whatever tastes good to me. Im quite sure if you google smoothie recipes you'll find a ton. I have been making two different kinds one savory, one sweet. I got this savory smoothie recipe out of the manual that came with my Jack LaLane juicer.
Salad smoothie:
1 tomatoe
1/2 avocado
1 carrot
1/2 tsp. balsamic vinegar
1 cup spinach
3 tbsp cilantro
1 scoop protein powder
3 tsp soluble fiber powder
Salt/pepper to taste
1 cup ice
Makes two servings
The sweet smoothies I've been making I start all of them off with:
1 container of yoplait yogurt (any flavor)
1 scoop of protein powder
3 tsp soluble fiber power
1 banana
1 cup spinach or kale
Add 1 cup Whatever fruit you like (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, etc. be creative)
I'm not telling you to make or eat this its just what I like and it's helping me detox and add extra healthy calories to my weight gain agenda. I also wanted to add vitamins and minerals in natural form, not just pills.

I decided to get my workout on. And downloaded The Biggest Loser $29.99 for xbox kinect. I worked out for a hour today and computerized Bob Green really kicked my a#! Ladies if you or your kids have a xbox kinect check it out. they even have a free demo you can try to see if you like it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I'm already on the thin side and should be trying to covet every fat molecule I have but I want to get my lung capacity up and strengthen my cardiovascular system. Im not trying to lose weight, i just want to maintain the muscle tone i have now. I would like to be in the best shape possible before i go in for my BBL so i can have a speedy recovery time. All the vitamins in the world aren't gonna help if your physical body ain't up to par. Feel me.
I've been gaining weight steadily. I've already gained 10lbs(yeeeeaaahhhhhh!) since I've joined realself. I haven't done anything different with my diet except and those smoothies everyday and I stop by my moms house a couple off times a week because she be throwing down. Collard greens, mac and cheese, fried chicken, smothered pork chops, pinto beans. You know moms is always gonna send you home with a plate or two. I also make sure I eat a salad, piled high with toppings, every day (for regularity) and I drink a smoothie right before I go to sleep.
Current weight:150

I stopped at The Dollar Tree and grabbed so supplies:
3 boxes latex gloves (8 count each)
2 boxes 2x2 gauze (10 count each)
4 boxes 4x4 gauze (10 count each)
4 boxes rolled gauze
2 rolls waterproof tape
4 pack dog training pads (2 count each)
6 packs maxi pads
Triple antibiotic ointment
Alcohol pads (50 count)
Antibacterial soap
Disinfectant spray
Disinfectant wipes
2 boxes hot/cold wraps
Hand sanitizer
Face masks
Box waterproof assorted bandages
4 boxes waterproof dressing bandages (6 count each)
3 waterproof bed covers (king, queen, twin)

The last things I need I have to get from Walgreens( like hibicleanse, benadyl spray, ect) Ill update y'all when I grab those. Ok ladies The Game is on so gotta go. Catch you all later. :)

Research, research, research

Here are some links that I found useful in researching when traveling abroad for medical tourism. Ladies (and gents) you have to get informed about the decision of having plastic surgery know the risks. You just cant rely on just what you read here on Real Self thru blogs, forums, groups whatever.
I found these sites thru googling prospective physicians in the DR. If you know more that i can research let me know These sites helped me in making the decision that I have made, I hope they help you too.

Latin versions of ASPS

Medical database

Latin American physician database

Board certified plastic surgery database

Center for disease control travelers info

State department travel information. This link is specific for the Dominican Republic, but the site has links for every other country you may be visiting.

Research, research, research. Make an informed choice. Don't just believe the hype.


Planning this whole thing has been so frustrating. 1st off I can't decide who I would like to perform my procedure. I have a lil over 3 weeks before I have my procedure and I've already made my deposit but I keep going back and forth between doctors. Cost, what they are willing to do for my shape, response time and availability have been major concerns of mine. What if I pick the wrong doctor and they don't give me the projection that I want? I'd hate to spend all of that money and come back stateside with the same body I left with, I want a completely noticeable change. I keep looking at the reviews of Dra. Duran and Dra. Baez over and over again. It seems like a lot of the "Durandolls" are taking down their pictures and a lot of Baez's patients don't have any. (I wonder why?) I noticed that if you join these groups Duran posts more pictures of past patients and answers questions but I'm not down with joining the Facebook or twitter groups, it's not my thing. I don't even have a twitter account and my facebook mainly has bars and nightclubs that I like. As I have been reading profiles it seems like when you join them, that's when the drama begins. I like Real Self because i can maintain a certain amount of anonymity. Also I like the communication between Dra. Baez and myself it usually only takes her a day to respond to correspondences and my questions have been answered in detail. I have even whatsapp'd her and talked. Whereas Dra. Duran can take up to a week or more to respond and it's hard to get someone on the phone when you call the office. I have never had any plastic surgery done and I have a lot of questions. What has me feeling uneasy is the disregard to my questions when asked. I don't know it could just be me.
Secondly, explaining what I'm about to do to my family is making me a nervous wreck. How do I tell my fiancé that I'm getting this procedure? I haven't said a single word that I'm getting it done. I had a homegirl of mine that got silicone injections down in ATL and i went with her when she got round 2 but the person that was doing them found out about a sting and moved to a different state. I took it as a sign, I wasn't going to go chase it so I came home. My home girl went on to where that person moved to. I told him about my search for illegal injections and he freaked out and stayed with his mom for a couple of days. It was understandable regarding the subject matter. I was about to do some back alley ish with God knows who and with God knows what. So I forgive him for that. I think he won't mind me getting the surgery it's the going to a 3rd world country to do it that will be the hitch. I haven't told my mother yet either. She is not in good health and i don't want her worried and stressed about me to the point she gets ill, so I don't think I'm going to tell her until after I get out of surgery and wake up on the other side. I also told my best friend about what I was planning to do and she is not supporting me at all and doesn't want to acknowledge what I'm about to do which has me a little pissed, but she has the right to feel however she wants. So I'm in this on my own. Please lord give me the strength of two oxen to get through this.
Excuse me for rambling on but I just had to vent a little.

Mini update

This is going to be really short. Just a mini update on my weight gain. I added a couple of things to my daily nutritional routine. Taking the iron pills have not caused be to get constipated as of yet and I've been taking them for 2weeks now, but they have been making me irregular. So I added flax seed (extra fiber and omega-3 for heart health) and I bought a generic soluble fiber mix (similar to benifiber) to add to my morning smoothies. Both have no taste so they are easier to mix in with your favorite foods. This has seemed to help me a lot.

I also have been having a hard time gaining weight so I bought the Naturade weight gainer powder from the vitamin shoppe. It costed around $20 for a 24oz container. You add 4 scoops of powder to sixteen ounces of whole milk (I add chocolate or strawberry syrup to make it more palatable) and you drink 2 of these shakes a day, one before noon and your workout and one right at bedtime. It adds 1500 calories to your daily intake. You are suppose to continue to eat how you normally would. I liked this particular powder because it doesn't have a lot of extra vitamins, steroids and hormones in it like other products. I'm going to give it a try hopefully it helps me gain the last 10 pounds I need to gain. I only have 3 weeks to do it.

New realistic wish pics

So while watching highlights from the U.S. Open, I noticed that I share a similar build as Serena Williams. She has broad shoulders, narrow hips and is naturally muscular. I love the shape of her butt. Its tight and its sits up high real nicely. I think this shape is more realistic for my body type. I don't want to set myself up for any disappointments post surgery wishing for a k. Michelle azz. I'm taller with a larger frame than both of the women I chose for my original wish pics and there is no amount of surgery that i can do to turn my body into those wishes. So I'm aiming for Serena's projection but with hips added to make my shape no so boxy.

New measurements and my buddy situation

New Measurements:
Height: 5’6” (I found out when I went to see PCP for blood work)
Weight: 151 lbs.
Left arm: 12 in.
Right arm: 12 ½ in.
Under bust: 35 in.
Natural Waist: 33 ½ in.
Hips (around fullest part of buttocks): 39 ½ in.
Thighs: L/R 23 ½ in.

It has been a while since I updated my review I kind of went into lurker mode I was so focused on planning my trip that I really didn’t have the desire to update. Honestly I was feeling a bit burnt out about the whole surgery. First off I want to say I changed my date of surgery to October 7th, 2013. If you are asking why just read on. Everything is working out for the best but if I could’ve avoided a couple of the headaches for example, losing all of your buddies :( Plus right in the middle of my planning for my new booty, I started a new job. I am excited I’ve been waiting a long time for this position but how do I tell them I am leaving for surgery 2 weeks after I start. This could have not come at a worse time. On top of everything I just can’t seem to gain this last 10 pounds. Ugh, I’m soooo frustrated. I will do my best to backtrack and fill you in on what has been going on.

I decided to find a buddy to share expenses with for this trip. In my search I spoke to some really nice girls that have gone on since to have their procedures or will be soon. Just some common since things to keep in mind when you are searching for a buddy, I learned some of this the hard way.
1. Play it smart - Keep in mind there are people on this site soliciting for business, trolling for the locations where people will be staying and possibly where you reside back home. What would be worse then coming home from surgery and your house is broken into, or you getting to you apartment or hotel and getting robbed or worse yet physically injured? IJS. Look out for yourself and be smart don’t reveal too much information to people unless you have confirmed everything about who they say they are.
2. Communicate – Keep in contact with your buddy(s) whether by phone, whatsapp, face time, email. Compare personalities. You don’t want to wind up somewhere and have a crappy recovery because you and your roomie are butting heads or the whole buddying situation isn’t straightened out beforehand. Be on the same page with everyone before you leave stateside.
3. Be Healthy - Make sure you and your buddy(s) are both healthy enough for the surgery BEFORE flights are booked and rooms are reserved.
Like I said earlier some things I learned this the hard way. I booked my flight reserved accommodations from and the young woman I planned to buddy with couldn’t go because a preexisting medical condition. If I had known about this I would have waited to reserve everything. I lost money because I had rearranged my flight and also lose half of the money I paid for the room.
4. Have a PLAN B - Have other living situations on stand by. You don’t want to get all the way to a foreign country and find yourself homeless. Flights can be delayed, accidents can happen that may prevent your buddy from arriving be prepared to be able to foot the bill alone.
I have since found another buddy and it seems everything is going ok so far with this new buddy but if it doesn’t pan out I’m prepared. This is just the start I'll finish with my update later. I gotta get back to work right now.

Here in DR waiting patiently

Hey everyone I haven't been ignoring the fact that I need to catch you all up on everything that has been going on with my journey. I have not forgotten you. I'm here in santo Domingo awaiting my procedure with Baez in the morning. I'm utterly exhausted from my travels and I need to get as much rest as possible. After I return from surgery I'll play catch up on my review. Thanks for hanging in there with me. See you on the other side.

Successful surgery!

Hey everyone I made it to the other side. Thank you for all of the prayers that you a sent up to heaven for me. I'm back at the recovery house I'm in a lot of pain. I can say that Baez snatched my waist and gave my butt which had some dents and abnormalities a more round appearance. I Will post more when I'm feeling better.

Nausea, nausea, nausea

I have been affected bad by the anesthesia very sick, can't sleep, headache and I keep throwing up everything ever since I left cecip. The doctor sent over shots of anti-nausea meds, they have helped a little and allowed me to get a couple of hours of rest. But I still can only tolerate the tiniest sips of water. Gonna try to get some more rest before morning and I start to get sick again.

2 days post op pics

Here is a sample of my work.

The switch

I want to start off with why I chose to switch my doctor. At first I had selected Dra. Duran to perform my BBL. I loved her work and really admired the results that's she gave her patients. I had two problems. Number 1 was the lack of communication that she had with me. I was considering having a major surgery and it bothered me that I couldn't reach my doctor by phone when I wanted to or having to wait days sometimes weeks between email correspondences. I concluded that if you are too busy to talk to me then you are too busy to perform surgery on me. Before some of y'all get on my case about Duran being a busy doctor and is swamped with girls inquires etc. I'd like to say if I paid a deposit show some respect and communicate. Point blank. The 2nd issue was after hearing about the filth, the incidents with the nursing situations and deaths that we're occurring at CIPLA. Ain't no way I was going to put myself thru that. It may be ok for some but not for me. I wasn't trying to catch MRSA or worse yet die. So that's why I switched doctors.
(I also decided to forfeit my $250 deposit. I didn't ask for it back, I figured it'd was a small price to pay for my safety)
I chose Dra. Baez. Even though I hadn't seen a lot of her work I liked the fact that whenever I whatsapped or emailed her she would respond. I appreciated the fact that even though she does not speak good english I could still call her and talk to her via her husband, who translates for her. She cares for the health of her patients and not just their money. Baez is not swamped with 4 or more surgeries a day and she is also a teacher at the local university. All in all my gut said go with Baez and after I prayed on it God reassured me that, that was the way to go.

Off to see the doctor, yeah!

I arrived in Santo Domingo on Oct. 8th my flight went pretty smoothly from the states. Once I got to Sdq going thru customs was a breeze. I filed out my customs forms and and used the tourist card machine(exact change only) to get my visa. The line was long and I didn't want to wait. The security must have thought that I was Dominican because they kept trying to get me to go thru the resident side of the lines. They realized I wasn't when I didn't speak Spanish lol. Total time in customs about 25mins. Baez includes airport transportation to her office with her quote. She sent Jose Brito(809-293-1879 whatsapp) to pick me up. He was there on time waiting with a smile and a board with my name on it. He introduced himself took my bags and off we went. The ride to Baez's office took about 25 mins. Traffic was crazy we almost got into about 5 collisions on the way there. I just kept praying please don't let me get hurt before surgery. I came to far for that.
Once I got to CECIP I was greeted by Dra. Baez she was beaming with a smile and gave me a big hug. She asked me how my trip was. We had some small chit chat and then we got to business. The doctor already had the regular pictures and my wish pics that I sent her for my initial consultation in view on her laptop. Then she took me into her small exam room that is connected to her office and told me to undress. She stepped out while I undressed, when she returned she washed her hands and did my examination. Baez's husband translated our entire conversation. She told me that the K. Michelle wish pic I gave her was out to my reach but the Serena Williams booty would be more feasible plus it matched my natural body type. We also went over where she would lipo and how much she would be able to transfer. I almost started crying when she said that she would only be able to get about 1200cc's total looking at me. Then she reassured me that she could possibly get more once she gets in there. I thanked her then it was time to go get my labs done. Dr. Rodriguez (Baez's husband) went with me to each location to pay the fees and to translate for me. Everything was in the CECIP building except for the X-ray portion we had to walk around the corner to have that done.
I had no problems with any of the facilities where I had my labs done except for there was tissue or paper towels in the bathroom of the phlebotomy clinic, but when I asked for it the staff brought some right away. Also I was given a used cup for my UA. I knew I was used because it was adhesive on it from the previous patients sticker (gross). I asked for another cup and Dr. Rodriguez got one for me. Yes ladies they all wore gloves and the technician made sure that I saw that she took my syringe out of a brand new packet.
After my labs were completed I went back to Dra. Baez's office to wait for my results. I think it took about an hour and a half for my blood work to come back. My hemo was good so I got the all clear. Yay!!! I knew I would because I had bloodwork done before I left the states. Once I got the okay I paid for my surgery. I was given a receipt and then Dra. Baez went over the consent forms while Dr. Rodriguez translated once more. I was asked if I had any questions and I pulled out my list that I had compiled before I left home. Baez went over them and answered every single one. We said our goodbyes she gave me a big hug and told me to report to the clinic the following morning at 6:30am.

The day of my surgery

I arrived back at CECIP around 7am the next morning. I was a little late due to the dr ver not knowing exactly where the facility was. The clinic was closed so I had to get buzzed in. I then reported to the urgent care portion (the same place where I had my EKG done) where the doctor on duty asked me questions about my health and checked me in for surgery. He then took me upstairs where the head Nurse Ana showed me my room. Even though she didn't speak english we were able to communicate and she comforted me by saying Dra. Baez was "muy bueno". She showed me that there was english speaking channels on the cable, where the bathroom was and how to operate the air conditioner then she left. I got comfortable and unpacked the things that I brought with me.
Bottle water
Juice boxes
Protein bar
T shirt
Maxi pads
Compression socks
Heating pad
Robe with zipper in front
About 30 mins later Dra. Baez arrives all smiles and kisses. I asked her could I see where I would be having my surgery and she said yes. We took a short walk down the hall and she showed me the operating room. I couldn't go in because it was a sterile environment but I looked on thru the window. I kinda reminded me of what the OR looked like on that 80's show St. Elsewhere. From what I saw it was very clean. I could also smell the scent of disinfectant in the air. We went back to my room and she marked me up. She asked how big I wanted my butt and I told her make my waist tiny and my butt as big as she possibly can. She laughed and told me that I had very little fat, even though I gained almost 20lbs for surgery, she would see what she could. I met the anesthesiologist I don't remember his name he had a list of questions for me. After his interview he decided that I'd have an epidural for part of the surgery and general anesthesia for the other part. He then told me he had to go scrub in and left. Dra. Baez asked was I ok and if I wanted to go hru with the procedure I told her yes then she gave me the famous "blue pill" she explained that it was to help me relax and that I may suffer some memory loss. I took it then she !
About a hour after awaking the nurse came in and took my vitals and gave me pain medicine. I feel back asleep, when I awoke next Dra. Baez and her husband was there. She asked how I was feeling, I was in severe pain and began to cry! My body began to convulse from the cold, Dr. Rodriguez saw that I had a heating pad and they plugged it in and placed it on my feet. They ordered a heavier dose of pain meds for me. The nurse gave me the shot. I immediately felt drowsy, but before I drifted off I asked how many cc's and Baez told me 1500 in each cheek and I asked was it ok for me to sleep on my stomach and she said it was ok. I rolled over I started smiling and fell back asleep. The next time I woke up it was one of the nurses telling me I had to eat and drink. They served me chicken broth, pear nectar and jello. I asked her to get my water from the refrigerator and drank some water and some of the soup and went back to sleep. Later that night I had woke up vomiting but one of the nurses had already put a pan beside the bed and I took full advantage of it. From this point on everything I try to eat or drink would stay down for a little bit then come back up.
I didn't get released from CECIP until around 3pm the next day. Dra. Baez had rounds at a local hospital that day and couldn't come the see me til later. I was ok with that because I was really dehydrated and the doctor on duty wanted to give me one more bottle of saline. I was served breakfast and lunch. While I was eating lunch. Dra. Baez came in and checked my incisions and took pictures( I posted those earlier in my review) gave me my prescriptions, they were included in my quote. She then called Jose Brito to pick me up because the driver at my recovery house was busy. She waited with me until the taxi came. I said my good byes to the nursing staff and was told to report to Baez's office on Monday for a follow up.
I didn't have any problems with my room or nurses. My room was clean, except for some mold around the seal on the refrigerator door. I didn't use it anymore after I saw this. There was clean sheets and the bathroom was clean. My nurses were very nice and came to check on me regularly. When I telephoned the front desk because I needed a new container to vomit in they responded promptly. All in all I'd have surgery there again.

Pre-Surgery check up (backtracking)

I'm gonna interrupt my updates and back track a moment because I've been getting a lot of PM's comments about this so ill answer them now.
Prior to heading to the DR I went to my PCP and got a check up. I had set of blood work done that included: PTT, CMP, CBC, HIV1 & 2, syphillis and hepatitis screenings. I also received a flu shot, malaria and meningitis vaccines. Got all of my vaccines 1month before I traveled and I got my lab work done 2 weeks before a traveled. My PCP also prescribed me amoxicillin-culvanate(a broad spectrum antibiotic), diculvanac(pain killer/anti-inflammatory), vicodine and diflucan(In case I developed a yeast infection from taking the antibiotics) My PCP didn't have a problem giving me any of the needs I requested after I told her I'd be leaving the country for surgery.
I did not use the antibiotics that I got here in the states. I decided to use what Dra. Baez prescribed me which is Keflax which is stronger. Baez also prescribed dicuvanac, omeprazol, praxcicillin, heparin shots(4 of them), dramidom(anti nausea), iron pills and lipotin gel(for massages) all the medicines were included with my quote from Dra. Baez except for for the heparin shots, the lipotin gel, and the dramidom shots. (I had to get these shots because I suffered from extreme bouts of nausea and vomiting as a result of the anesthesia and I couldn't keep any food down for a week)
I also did not book my travel until after I got the results of my lab work. I would suggest you do the same, to avoid change flight fees and to know if you are healthy enough to travel.
Ok back to my regularly scheduled updates. Lols.

The recovery house-Healing Haven

Initially I was suppose to stay with a buddy at a hotel and we were going to hire a nurse and masseuse to see us daily. My buddy went to DR prior to my arrival. She told me that the hotel that she reserved was not fit for us to stay there and recover. So I contacted Healing Haven recovery house ( and spoke to Jules007 per her bio on the website, she was a previous tummy tuck/bbl patient that decided to open up a recovery home in the DR after seeing the treatment of girls at other RH's and she decided we needed better. I suggested that my buddy go there after her surgery and that I would also go there as well. I made the decision to go there strictly based on the need of a place to stay on short notice and the reasonable pricing.
When it was time for me to book my stay because she offers all inclusive pricing, there was a lot of back and forth about pricing. Typically food, massages, transportation to and from airport and your clinic visits are included but I didn't need meals because I was bringing my own and I didn't need to get picked up from the airport because Baez provides this. I agreed to pay for my massages up front because I didn't know how many I'd receive. So my package included transportation to the airport and clinic visits and the room that's it. There was a lot of back and forth between myself and Jules about my quote but we were finally able to come to an agreement on the pricing and at that time I placed my non-refundable deposit via paypal. I was to pay to balance in cash upon arrival. I chose not to do this I paid the balance via paypal when I got there in case I encountered any problems. I happy I went this route.
When I arrived at Healing Haven the house looked exactly like the pictures on the website. There was a total of 4 bedrooms 3 of which all share the same bathroom the other bedroom has its own restroom. So if the house is full there will be a total of 6 people using the same facilities because there are 2 beds in each room. Luckily there was only one other person sharing the bathroom so this was not a problem for me. The house was clean and well put together and when I arrived the cook was making dinner. She asked if I wanted to eat and I declined because I brought southern food with me that my mom cooked for me and I also brought along other food like soups, TV dinners, water, juices, milk, canned fruits and breakfast items and snacks. The only meal that is free is breakfast all other meals are $7 per meal.
I was showed to my room where I met my buddy for the first time and I began to unpack. My buddy told me that the staff was very nice and had been helping her a lot but she had a problem with one of the staff members not giving her change back for a store run and not receiving a refund for massages not given. I told her to contact Jules the owner and get it taken care. We chit chatted a bit and I had dinner and I got ready for bed. I had surgery the next morning.
I was awaken in the middle of the night by my roommates screams of pain. Her drain was clogged and fluid was backing up in her stomach. They called for the nurse which is off site and when she came it took several hours but they were able to unclog it. I took a sleeping pill and went off to sleep.
When I returned from surgery my buddy was gone. She did not tell me she was leaving. She just left. I was suppose to have an increase in my room and board because now I'm single occupancy not double but Jules didn't charge me the extra fee. I received 4 massages there from the in house masseuse named Carmen for $35 a piece. I paid this directly to Healing Haven via pay pal. I originally had reserved Brunhilda thru a package with Baez, to come to my massages but was told that I would be charged an extra $10 per service for each time outside individuals came into the RH. My money was tight so I just used the in house lady. She was very good and very caring.
My problems with Healing Haven:
1. I paid $30 cash for a $5 dollar shot of dramidom and never received my change.
2. I paid $30 cash for transportation that was included in my quote and was not refunded my money. (I settled this with Jules by calling it even after receiving 1 $14 shot of heparin)
3. The nurse Lucy broke my drain and I was told I had to pay for it, but after raising helland high water it was replaced at no charge to me.
4. There was a gecko in my room, I don't know how it got there but they caught it and removed it. (But hey we were in the tropics so this could happen)
5. I was late for my surgery date and for my follow up appointment
6. I didn't have nurse services 2 out of the last 3 days I was there. Had to clean myself and dress my own wounds.
What I liked about Healing Haven:
1. The facilities were very clean. Betty kept the place immaculate.
2. Exactly how the pictures on the website looked.
3. Jules the owner was available whenever I called and tried her best to correct some but not all of my problems.
4. Staff was on point whenever I needed them no matter what time.
5. There was someone there at all times.
6. On site driver Cecil was a cool cat. Very down to earth. Spoke fluent english
7. On the days that I was seen Lucy the nurse took very good care of me
8.Virginia was like a second mom.

All in all I would recommend staying there. It's great service for the amount of money spent. I would stay there again if I had another round of procedures in the DR. I tipped Betty when I left because she took very good care of me. I didn't need a lot of help but she was there when I needed. It was very clean no bugs, blood, vomit, feces anywhere that I could see. We experienced rolling blackouts but they didn't last for more than a couple of hours and the AC might not have worked but there was always access to a fan. I also experienced the blackouts at the hospital after surgery but they had backup generators to keep the AC going. I ended up being the last of the girls to leave that was staying there when I did so I had the place all to myself for two days. I got the royal treatment lols. I would suggest taking Dominican pesos with you or getting them immediately upon arrival so not to deal with the conversion headache. Also clarify with Jules what you want and know what you are paying for before you arrive at the house. To avoid any confusion. I would not pay for anything in cash, use pay pal if you decide to go this route. If you have a problem pay pal will deal with it for you.

My experience with Jose Brito

I used Jose Brito two times while I was in the Dominican Republic. Once to pick my up from the airport. (Baez paid for it) and the second time was to drop me off after surgery. At the airport he was waiting for me with a smile and a sign with my name. He seemed very nice. I had no problems with home until after my surgery. I felt taken advantage of during while I was in a state of drug induction and pain from my surgery the day before. I gave him $80USD to pick up prescriptions (4 shots of heparin) from the pharmacy for me. He told me he wouldn't charge me because he was going there anyway for someone else. Dra. Baez told me that my scripts would cost approx. $50USD. I specifically told him to not get the other mess on the list because I had them already. I also told him to convert my USD to pesos at the western union to pay for the prescription and that I would like to see the receipt from both places. When he returned with my meds I was not given the receipt from the WU and the receipt from the pharmacy also had someone else's meds on it. He also got all of the medicines even though I told him not to. He demanded that I give him $22 extra or he wouldn't give me my meds, I gave him the extra money. I did not have the strength to fight with him. I felt extorted. This was the last time that I used his services. I know that a lot of girls use his services so maybe this incident was a fluke and it is a one time occasion. I'm not bashing just telling what happen to me.

I suggest that no matter what driver you choose to use, that you have Dominican pesos before going to any store and that you go personally and not send someone else to go for you. When you do this you are opening the door to getting scammed.

Where for art tho buddy?

I had buddied up with another girl prior to arriving in DR. I encountered three problems with her. One is that she switched where we would stay at the last minute because she felt uncomfortable there. Secondly she left early without any notice. Luckily i wasn't upcharged for her leaving me hanging on a room that was contingent on double occupancy. I wasn't depending on her for rooming because if I did I would've been up a creek without a paddle. Thirdly I was dragged into the middle of a bunch of he said she said crap that I had nothing to do with. She won't even answer my calls to find out if she is ok or if she got her situation taken care of. I wish all the best for her and her recovery but Whatever. I wipe my hands of it, people can be soooooo selfish.
Ladies from my experience just book on your own then meet up with your buddy once you arrive. It will save you many headaches.

2 weeks post op pictures

Well ladies I think I'm healing ok. It's been a little over two weeks since I had my bbl surgery. I have lost about 1 and 1/2 inches off of my newly sculpted derrière. This is normal considering you are very swollen from the procedure. Dra. Baez told me that at 14 days post op switch to my xxs stage 2 faja which I did a couple of days ago. Boy oh boy that m and f'r is tight. I think I need to go up to a size xs because this one is too small for my rib cage. I also bought some bra extenders to help with the tightness. I already ordered another faja from amazon. I'll post pics when it arrives. I'm waiting for my lipo foam and ab boards to also arrive. (They were both on back order) I haven't had any problems with faja burns so far. I keep a smooth tee shirt on underneath, use diaper rash ointment on my tender spots and I'm still using maxi pads as a buffer for the friction.
As for my pain. I'm still taking my vicodine but just at night to sleep because my faja is too tight. I am also experiencing some sharp pains in my buttocks this comes if I sit too long. My back is still tight as hell and I have numbness everywhere that I had lipo, the massages have been helping though. I'll keep you all updated with my progress. Here are some pics of my two week transition, these pictures do not do my new booty justice.

Another 2wk post op pic

I didn't upload with rest of them.

Current measurements 4 weeks post op

New Measurements: (4 weeks post op)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 156lbs.
Left arm: 12 in.
Right arm: 12 ½ in.
Under bust: 34in.
Natural Waist: 26
Hips (around fullest part of buttocks): 42 1/2" (I lost about a inch so far)
Thighs: L/R 21in.

6 week post op photos

Here are some pics of my 6 wks progress. Full update coming soon. Enjoy!

8 week post op update

Ladies I'm going to take it back to week 4 post surgery. Sooooooo here it goes.
After a finished my 10 day course of antibiotics I went into my PCP to have my stiches removed and at that time I was informed that I developed a superficial infection in the incision where my drain was located. I didn't understand how that was possible because I had been meticulous in my aftercare wound treatment and cleaning. I cleaned with hibicleanse, peroxide and alcohol twice a day and changed my bandages and used neosporin as well. So I was a bit dumbfounded. My PCP assured me that the infection wasn't bad and prescribed me another round of antibiotics. Around the same time I ordered a virtual sensuality faja #369 because my Fajate d' prada garment was still a little to tight for me to comfortably sleep at night. During the daytime it was tolerable but I couldn't sleep thru the night. (Trust me you don't want to be around me when I'm lacking sleep lol) what I didn't like about this garment was the butt part I thought it smushed it down and didn't mold it like my other one. I did like it around the waist it keep me tight but not restricting. I also like the feel of it. It was nice and soft against my skin and I didn't need to use a t-shirt underneath. I still wear my #11111 Fajate brand faja more often than the other one. I really like the compression of this one and I also love how it holds my butt up nice and perky when I have it on.

I went back to see my PCP and got the ok that my infection had cleared up and my drain hole was finally healing. Yay!!!!!! I didn't notice much of a change in the shape and size of my butt until week 6 my hip measurements were down to 41" and have been holding steady every since. At this time I needed new fajas because both of mine were too big so instead of buying a new ones. I had mine altered down to a size 3xs. I know a great tailor and he did both of them for $25 it saved me a ton of money. So ladies save yourself some money and have those garment altered. It doesn't make since to spend hundreds of dollars of garment after garment. DONT DO IT. I have not had a professional massage since I've been back to the states. My fiancé and I watched lymphatic drainage massages on YouTube and began practicing them on me. He massaged me twice a day for the first 4 weeks I was home. Now he massages my 3-4 times a week. I think he did a better job than when I was getting massages down in the D.R. because he wasn't on any time restrictions and massaged my until the job was done.

I am now 8 weeks post op. I'm feeling good. The tingling in my butt has finally gone away. I still have tightness in my lower back and sides but I know this is from the super aggressive lipo the Dra. Baez did. ordered a size 1xs virtual sensuality vest. This vest is their version of the "Rebecca" vest by vedette. I like it a lot it's really tight and has boning to keep it from bunching up on the sides and in the back, Currently I'm wearing my altered fajas with my lipo foam, ab and back boards with the vest on top. I have to admit that ish is tight as hell and it can hardly breath but I know in the end it will help snatch this 26" waist down to a 24". I have been anal about keeping my faja on. I haven't cut the butt out nor have I purchase a butt out garment. I believe it's a reason why the PS's suggest the types of garment they want us to wear and how long they want us in them. So I am going to stay in them the entire 3 months before I change my garment routine.

I'm not going to complain or react to my body shape right now (even though I want to) because I know I have 4 more months of healing to do. So I'll save all woulda, shoulda, coulda's until then. The only thing is I wish my butt was bigger with more projection. I can say Dra. Baez did miracles with the teeny tiny amount of fat she was able to harvest. Imma leave that at that.

Lastly I want to thank everyone that has stuck by me during my journey. I appreciate all of the support and advice that you all have given me. You guys have held me down when I didn't have anyone else to talk to about procedure. I will continue to keep you updated on my progress. Happy holidays and happy healing to all. :)

New 8 week post op pics

Here are some pics of me 8 1/2 weeks post op. Please keep in mind i look bulky because I have on a stage 2 faja, with a squeem-type vest on top with lipo foam and ab and back board underneath. I'll post more pics without my faja another time. Until then enjoy!

9 months post op. Loving my body by BAEZ! Pics!

Hey ladies it Ready4mybody, I'm back with a short update. I apologize for being gone so long but I was dealing with some family issues that seat precedence over anything else that was going on in my life. So I cut my social media and blogging down to 0% but I still was lurking about RS taking notes and keeping up with the progress of those ladies that helped me along my journey. So if I communicated with you on a regular prior to my procedure or if I met you during my journey I'd love to hear from you and find out how your recovery has been going.

March was my 6 month mark. By this time I returned to my normal workout routine Working out 5 days a week and continued with my waist training. At this point I decided that my butt wasn't big enough. I had convinced myself that Baez didn't use all of the fat she harvested. Probably totally untrue because I had so little fat to start. She used what she could and I'm VERY happy with what I got now. I think I just developed booty greed. Lols. So I started eating to put on pounds to my new fatty. My measurements have maintained around my hips and butt, except I've noticed weight gain on my back. It seems like my back rolls are almost double like I've never had any liposuction on them at all. I guess I have to work on that in the gym, with diet or round 2.

Now it's 9 months post op. Nothing much has changed with my shape. The fluffing fairies never came. I did notice that my butt was softer and jiggled more but no increase in size. Trust me I know because I measure and continue to measure her once a week in hopes I can gain another 1/2"-1" back there. A girl can only hope right?
There are only a few things that I don't like about my body post surgery. I don't like the scars on my upper back from the lipo. It looks like i was stabbed twice. The marks from the stitches are clearly evident the cuts are about the size of nickels. Seriously the incisions could've been better. Where I would wear clothing with my back out prior to surgery I do not any longer. I tried dermablend but I was tired of getting make up of things and not being able to wear white. It's summer for goodness sakes. I'm considering scar revision but not until I'm at least 1 year post op, after my scars have settled. Another thing I do not care for is one of my butt cheeks is noticeably bigger. You can kinda tell when I'm naked or in some skirts. Yes, I understand as humans we have a little asymmetry naturally but when I walk or dance I can fell the difference in the wiggle. The last thing I have noticed is that my skin is ultra sensitive to the sun now. I am a chocolate beauty that has had multiple reactions to the sun like sunburn and heat rash/poisoning since my procedure, even though I wear 100+ UVA/UVB sunscreens. Be careful out there in the sun after your bbl for at least 1year post op I found this out the hard way.

All and all I love the bbl the Dr. Baez did for me. I didn't come out with some donkey/stallion booty, but I did come out with a much bigger and rounder derrière and hips that fit my shape and looks like I grew it from birth. If i were to do it all again I would not choose another surgeon.
Please don't mind the blurriness of my photo. I will try (not promised) to post more later. I just wanted to get something up for you guys to check out. I will definitely come back at my year mark with more. Good luck every one!

Getting ready for a come back!!! Round 2 Baez Doll in the making....

So I'm Back on this journey to the DR once again woo-hoo! I decided to have a 2nd BBL. I don't know much about traveling overseas for surgery anymore. It's been 4 years since my last surgery. I have a surgery date of September 22, 2017 with Dr. Fragoso-Baez So I have a lot of research to do in a hurry to catch up on everything new.
I'll definitely keep you guys updated with my progress and my journey.

Current Measurements:
Height: 5’7 1/2" (I noticed that my height was wrong in my previous review)
Weight: 170lbs.
Under bust: 34in.
Natural Waist: 32 1/2"
Hips (around fullest part of buttocks): 43"
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Overall Dr. Fragoso-Baez was a good doctor. Her bedside manner was appealing. The facilities were clean but lack luster. When I had my surgery in 2013 she hardly spoke English but did the best she could with a translator. Hopefully by now her speech has gotten better. If she was doing larger sized bbl's I would have surgery with her again.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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