Finally Decided! BBL & BL Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic, DO

Im 26 , young mom.. ive never had an ass or curves...

Im 26 , young mom.. ive never had an ass or curves...seems like all the weight i gain goes everywhere except my butt ????. Ive bn researching for years on getting a Bbl and so far the best work is in the DR. Ive decided on Dr.Manon and was quoted 4000 for just the BBL and i plan to go in July 2017. Im new to this ,i have bn doing hella research ,but it would be greatly appreciated if dolls that have already bn through the process to comment and let me kno the ends and outs! Im so excited

Is 5300 Too Much ...Dr Manon

Sooo i know its different quotes for different bodies but everybody ive stalked lol have paid under 4800 for a BL & BBL? I Love Manons work..Yily quoted me 4700 i just dont really drool over here work as i do Manon, Duran, Cabral...Is The 5300 too much? Or worth it? Everybody else ive known thats went too Manon paid 4000 -4200 for both and were bigger than i 5'6 205 pds solid

Jus a pic of me

Ok So A Lil Update

So as mentioned I was quoted by Dr. Manon for 5300 for BL And BBL... I didn't know it included garment , driver , & New Life recovery home for 7 days and 1 night clinic am I saving money with this package? Anybody stayed at Newlife?

Thinking About Changing Drs?

It's Between Manon and Ulerio... I Love Both Work...5300 packAge with Manon and 4700 package with Ulerio.. I Love Ulerios BBLs he gives great Lats and hips
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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