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I'm 34 years old with no kids and I dont plan to...

I'm 34 years old with no kids and I dont plan to have any. I think its time to 'purchase' the body I've been dreaming of. Now to be perfectly honest, I havent always wanted to have a fuller butt. Where I greay up, all the girls valued being skinny with a flat stomach and a tinny perky booty. Then I married an American man,m moved to NYC and everything changed for me. I love curves along with muscles on women. And I also love the unrealistic curves that the BBL can give you. (lets be honest...unless you're born with these proportions, the gym cannot give you look....ever!)

So its time to transform my body into something new. I'm hitting the gym to build my muscle and tine, and I'm 100% sold on the BBL. What an exciting journey this is going to be. I'm so glad my Hubby is on bord with me. But of course he's on board lol. He and I have looked at the before and afters of so many of you amazing real self ladies and we're astounded by the transformations.

Right now I'm deciding between Dr. Duran and Dr. Hasan. If you ladies have any advice for me I would REALLY appreciate it!

I finally booked my bbl with Dr. Hasan!!!

Soooooooo I'm in shock that I actually did it...I'm going to undergo cosmetic surgery...im excited and freeked out at the same time.

I was originally going to go with Dr. Duran in the DR because her work is beautuful. I finally decided against it because too many of her patients have to have blood transfusions which I am totally against. At least in the USA there are so many hospitals that practice bloodless medicine alternatives (such as Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami ) just in case my hemo drops too low. This is a way safer and affective treatment so I'm at peace with my decision to stay local.

Now begins the planning....I don't have a lot if time to prepare so any help or tips you ladies have is very much appreciated. You ladies have been so helpful so far!

Looking for a SX Buddy feb 19th

Is anyone traveling to miami and needs a buddy? I think I'm planning to stay with Elite Nursing Concierge because I've heard really great things.

I was quoted $200 a night all inclusive with 2 free massages. I think we can get a deal if we have a buddy so let me know if anyone is interested!

So how long does it take to receive a wire transfe

So ladies help me out here...I sent my deposit by wire transfer to vanity on January 31st around 1:30 pm...as of today they said they have not received it. Does that make sense? My bank told me that If a wire transfer gets sent before 5pm they should receive it the same day. Should I be worried?

Ugghhhhhhhh so flat...so square. ...so sad:(

Is it vanity or is it me???

So I FINALLY received my invoice yesterday for my $1000 deposit which is great. Funny thing is the receipt date showed Jan 2nd so they must have received it and couldn't find it.

I then receive a call telling me my balance is $4000 which is news to me because I was quoted $4500 and Never $5000. Anyways we went back and forth I showed my emails and at the end I lost that battle.

Then she proceeds to tell me that my date for February 19th is unavailable. How exactly is that possible when I sent them 1000 to secure my date.?????

They seemed pretty apologetic and gave me a new 'Tentative' date of Feb 17th. She said she was pretty sure of that date and that i should go ahead and make my arrangements.

So now in taking time off work, booking flights and planning my surgery around a tentative date lol. I could get a firm date for the end of March but I can't wait that long because I'm the maid if honor in my friends wedding and 2 weeks is not enough time to recover and find a dress to fit my new body.

On a positive note they gave me a free garment and 2 free massages to make up for the inconvenience.

Has any of you dolls experienced this? Should I be worried?

I booked my recovery house!!

So I paid my deposit to Mary at elite nursing concierge. I really like her already. Shes super sweet and takes her job seriously. It's Going To Be About $1000 For 6 Nights And includes 2 FREE massage, 3 meals, snacks, transportation, round the clock care with RNs, private room, WIFI, AC, TV, pool In the backyard , and a lot if the supplieds you néed like gauze, pads etc.

I also get a free garment and 2 free massages with vanity so hopefully I'll be set for massages until I go home.

Now I wait and try not to go crazy.

Question to you Vanity Vets....do I absolutely HAVE to pay my full balance EXACTLY 2 weeks before surgery? Can I pay 1 week in advance or will they use that as an excuse to cancel my sugery??? I'm wondering how strict they are because I would prefer to pay as close to the surgery date as possible. Let me know what you ladies think! Thank you!

Surgery is no longer 'tentative'

So today I received an email from Roxana, dr Hasan assistant, that my surgery is now confirmed. Thank goodness because that tentative title was giving me anxiety.

This past week vanity has sent me my pre op and day of surgery instructions along with my blood work prescription. They say to get my blood work within 69 days or it will expire. I'll probably get it done next friday. I'm so curious if my hemo levels are good.

I went ahead and booked my flight for $206 return. Pretty good right???!!!

Please dr. Hasan do not cancel on me. I just heard that dr. Hasan cancelled all his surgeries for next week (or the week after I can't remember exactly ) because of a family emergency. I do have sympathy for the doctor because tings do happen and family is important. It still sucks nonetheless.

Can make me feel better about switching to Fisher!!!

Hi ladies. ..my dreams were crushed by hasan canceling my surgery. But, I decided to go with Dr. Fisher. I hope I'm making the right decision. Timing is everything to me right now and I wish I could be more patient. But if it doesn't happen now, I'm going to have to wait until the Fall. So here we are.

I was thinking that Since dr. Fisher seems to be a pro at butts and hips, I'm going to spend most of my consultation time begging him to suck the life out of my waist. Im going to ask him to make it look like I've never eaten before. Hopefully he'll take a page from dr. Hasan and get my waist right!!!!

Can you ladies make me feel better about going to Dr. Fisher.

You dolls are really awesome

Recovery house, Flights, supplies


I'm booked with Mayda for 7 nights. I've heard some great things about her and she seems very helpful and easy to reach. I was going to go with Elite Nursing Concierge and the only reason that I didn't go is because I needed to put down a $600 deposit to get a special promotion. I accidentally sent it to the wrong paypal address and by the time I got the money back I needed it for other expenses.

Mayda doesn't require a deposit. She's 130 a night and 250 for the day of the surgery. All meals, transportation included. Elsie is her massage therapist who comes to her apartment and gives 1hr massages for $60. I read on RS that Elsie is really good.

The only issue us that since I had to move my date , Mayda can't accommodate me for my last 2 nights so I'll be staying with Elsie the last 2 nights.

I put in a request to get a refund from Delta airlines for my now unusable flight. It will take about 7 days so I'll let you all know if it was successful.

I bought a new flight yesterday. It was $270 which is slightly more expensive than the last one but not too bad. Both ways direct without stops.

I'LL Post a separate update when I get my act together

Current stats...

Ok...I've been eatin'

I've gained 5 lbs and need to get it together. Back rolls are in full effect lol. I'm going to eat really well for the next few weeks... veggies, protein, fruit and oatmeal. It's probably time to cut our wine and do some cardio.

My measurmen's today are:

Bust- 43
Waist - 33
Hips - 45

By the time of my surgery if I loose 5 lbs I hope to be at a 31 inch waist and after surgery 27.

Some wish pics

I'm ready now

I'm pretty much ready for my procedure now. I got my labs back this morning and I think everything looks good. My hemoglobin is 13.4 which I'm happy about. I also paid my $4000 balance to Vanity and got my invoice right away.

Most of my supplies were delivered through Amazon prime which made it easy. I got everything else at Target.

I wasn't planning on buying any special pillows buy I broke down and purchased the booty buddy which is the most expensive pillow I've ever and will ever purchase. I really hope it works for me.

Please don't judge me but for the last month I've been sitting on my boppy pillow at work lol...I'm trying to get everyone in my nosy little office used to me sitting on strange pillows because of my 'back problems'. I hope the facade works. I plan on hiding my bbl for a few months with big long sweaters. Im hoping ppl don't ask me any questions because I'm a terrible lier and I might just break down and blurt out that I got a bbl. I really don't want anyone to know though so I need to stay strong and silent.


So far this entire surgery is costing me approx $7000 all included. Not too bad but any more than that is going to put me over budget. Here's a list of things I purchased and what I speant. Hopefully it's helpful. Vets can you please let me know if I'm missing anything???

Bbl with 12 lipo areas - $5000 + $50 in wire transfer fees

Flights $470 (lost $200 flight when hasan canceled)

Recovery home for 7 nights - Mayda - $1030

6 x Massages - 2 free with vanity and 4 with Elsie for $60 each ($240)

Labs from walkinlabs.com - $182

Garments - stage 1 and stage 2 - free from Vanity because I complain about everything lol

Supplies -approx $340
5x lipo foams
Ab board
Booty buddy
Boppy pillow
Neck roll pillow
1x Arnica gel
2x Arnica cream - 2 brands
1x Arnica oil
1x gold bond lotion
Large gauze bandages
Body cleansing wipes
Feminine hygiene wipes
Sanitizing hand wipes
XL chucks - bag of 25
Bromelaine pills
Arnica pills
Sss tonic
Iron pills
Tylenol x strength pills
Riccola cough drops
2x hanes sleeping shirts
5 x XL cotton panties
1x long sleaved sporty black cotton maxi dress
2x compression socks
12 inch half foam Roller
Smooth moves organic laxitive tea

I'm here!!!!

I'm sitting here in the vanity waiting room , waiting for my pre op. Flight to Miami was smooth and Olga , maydas assistant was waiting for me when I got out of the airport. Once we're done here well pick up my meds and head to maydas apartment.

Stay tuned for more details...

I made it....

Sorry for the late update girls..this recovery has been extremely difficult. I'm so greatful to my God that I'm alive and healing. I have so much to tell you. I'll post more when I can. I appreciate all the well wishes
..ps....my boot is gigantic lol.

Posy op pics

Ok dolls...here are some post op pics taken yesterday and today...I'm still pretty swollen. Hopefully my waist will go down and my but will change shape.

Another pic

My story...day of surgery

Sorry dolls, I've made you all wait long enough. It's 4 days post op and I feel much better. I'm walking around, going to the bathroom by myself and taking my own pills. That's was not the case for the first 3 days

Day if surgery

So I arrived at vanity at 6am and started my pre op. I got super nervous because they weighed me and I was 211lbs on their scale. Yikes! That brought me to about 28 bmi.

So the doctor comes In and he's nice at first. He's going over the procedure and what to expect. When we get to the part about blood loss I take the opportunity to let him know that I will not take blood for my religious beliefs. His entire demeanor changed and he was kind of mad. Now mind you I was completely upfront about my no blood stance from the beginning with his staff and kept reminding each person every step of the way. But the doctor was saying things like your going to die. ..I just want you to be aware of that....you could be that 0020% that does not make it. I don't agree with this. You're 2011 lbs so your not a skinny girl...so on and so on

I completely appreciate his opinion but I could tell he was not well versed on all the amazing research that doctors have done on no blood alternatives which are safer and very affective. So I stayed calm and told him about my arrangements with Jackson hospital 10 min away and that they have an entire department and staff dedicated to bloodless medicine.

He eventually calmed down and we were able to talk and laugh a little. He even admitted that he doesn't know why he was being such a beast. Also once he saw me naked he realized that I'm not super large in my tummy area and that he would be able to remove most of my fat.
I was supposed to be first but I had to wait because they made me sign a special form and the would not have access to it until 9am. So my surgery started at about 11am. The anesthesiologist was very nice but i almost punched him when he put this super hot painful sirum in my hand. It hurt so so so bad.... I was asking him how long till it stops burning!!!! Then I was out.

So like all the dolls I woke up shaking and freezing with this delicious hot air blowing on me. Once I stop shaking my wonderful care giver, Olga,  (she will get a separate review) came in to get me. They wheel me out and lie me in the car. Then I took my 1st dose of percocet.

This is where it got bad...when we got back to maydas apartment I could not stand up. I was so dizzy and lightheaded that there was no way I could even sit up. They found a wheel chair and once I sat down upright I lost all the color in my face, lips. .my eyes rolled back and I everything went black. I started to seizure. That's never happened to me. When I came to the paremetics were there checking my pressure and blood sugar. They said that I may have had a reaction to the percocet because of the trauma my body had undergone and not eating for almost 24hrs.

They fed me soup and I felt soooooooo much better. I felt bad because I really scared Mayda and Olga

Maydas recovery home

I need to start by saying that I Love Love LOVE my recovery home so far. Mayda and Olga made me feel at home from the moment I arrived. They are very knowledgeable about these procedures and keep you posted about what to expect along the way.

Mayda makes the meals and they are so good. If you like cuban food you would love it here. So far I've had chicken soup, chicken Stew with rice and salad, beef with black beans and rice and spaghetti and meat sauce and veggies. Home made pancakes and snacks. I'm obsessed with my morning coffee and she makes the best Caffè con Leche for us every morning. She's so sweet because there are 3 of us here right now and she makes 3 differect breakfasts for us. Super nice And She Doesn't HAVE To Do that.

They are taking such good care of us here. It's so clean, and they change our beds all the time, wash us, our faja and all of our clothes every day. Olga keeps track of our medicine and makes sure that we are hydrated and walking.

I must say that I've been at my worst for this surgery. I had to wear a DIAPER and pee in it for the first few days. Olga changed my diaper and never made me feel bad or ashamed. I'm so grateful for her care. It's like having too spicy latin mommas taking care of you. I love them and appreciate everything they've done for me so far.

Aaaaannndddd my two roomies are AMAZING. I'm blessed to be staying here with two awesome girls form NJ. Both had tummy tucks. They've been like sisters to me. Always checking on me making sure that I'm walking and ok. They are so funny and positive. It's made this whole ordeal feel like a girls vacation.

I 100% recommend this place if you want to be comfortable and happy. I made the right choice. If you need to know any anything else please ask.

Elsie is the BEST massage therapist

My massage today was 2 hours and it felt so amazing. So far I've had 2 x1hr massages and 1x2hrs massage. 1 started getting them 2 days post op.

Not only has she seriously drained the majority of my fluid but she has also worked out my neck and lower back. Sleeping on my stomach has been very painful so I welcome the relief.

Elsie is firm with her massages but does it in a way that you can power through. She's very kind and even helps you shower and put your garment back on. I would recommend her to everyone.

HI ladies!!!! It's been too long

I feel terrible that I haven't updated you dolls. I don't know what happened me...I think I needed to step away from everything and heal. Here I am 7 months later.
Dr. Hilario Duran

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