Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer , Butt Implants and Lipo Chin

So here i go , i'm nineteen years old girl and i...

So here i go , i'm nineteen years old girl and i have been wanting to have a hourglassed body since 2 or 3 years back , i want to have a curvy body and a big butt as i have got a flat butt and people usually tell me "oh! Dont do it, just hit the gym for 3 or 4 months u dont need this ,u r very young ", all this is true but my ass and my hips will not grow going to the gym im pretty sure of this ,it would be just a little more lifted . So i decided to save money and do it , i was thinking about to go with alexander aslani as he works here in Spain and i think he is the best in Spain but in the end i chose Dr Julio Molina i saw his instagram and molina dolls pictures and he seems to be a good doctor plus he always answeres me on whatsapp . I'm a little bit scared as i have to go all the way from Spain to Dominican Republic and do this on my own but i think in Santodomingo , plastic surgeons are more skilled with brazilian butt lift and butt augmentation.
I will do it the 14th of november of 2016 but all it will depend on this wednesday when i get an analysis done and see if my level of blood will let me do this . So i will keep u all informed. Im also trying to gain some weight but it seems like it doesnt work , thats why i also decided to get butt implants with the fat transfer cuz if i do this surgery without the implants im sure the fat will dissapear in some months , im right now 57kilos , around 125,6 pounds and im 160cm/ 5'3"

changed date to 28th of november

Hey dolls , i had to change my surgery date to 28th of this month as i got invitated to a family event , i have alreasy got the results of blood test , my doctor here in spain didnt tell me anything about the results but i noticed the Lymphocytes are lower than normal . Anyway im waiting for the answer of the surgeon .

I made it

Yesterday i did my surgery and i have to tell that im glad with results but it hurts and it feels uncomfortable due that i got butt implants and fat grafting at same time. The surgeon told me that i had enough fat like 6L they took but i wanted butt implants as well ,cuz im afraid that the fat get absorbed in the future , i cant sit in 3 weeks but i will try to be as much as comfortable i can cuz this is what i wanted since very long ago.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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