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Hello Beauties in seach of booties .....

Hello Beauties in seach of booties,

Let me give a quick intro on this sparking dymond ..For the past 16 yrs it seems the beautiful cuvry shape I once had has slowly dissolved in to a mass of flesh that simply hides the real women I am .....So I had come to apoint where the joy of shopping became a task & nightmare,,,( i once was a fashion whore due to my body morphing after 3 beautiful kids, I lost all umph for fashion because of my insecurities of not feeling comfortable in my skin . I often look in the mirror at a beauty hidden behind th beast of tummy & ass that hs dissappered into thin air . with that said had to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OFTHE B.S!..Its tim to Grab My Life ..So I began my journey to seek a marvelous surgeon to work their blessed and god given talent to assist me n finding the real me

With the information and years of research on TT,LIPO,BBL,BA, ETC .....I have went thru the whole PS" Tag Game' from kild surgeons n MX like Campos, Cardena and Pantoja but after gathering information like alil squirrel harvesting nuts( lol ) I tripped up on a surgeon who made me make a detour to the Dominican Republic to the AMAZNG Dr.Hector Cabral Guerrero aka The king of Barbies.

Im scheduled To fly out on Oct 11 with surgery on the 12 god willing ! to have a ETT,LIPO,BL AND FAT GRAPH.

Ladies i started this review on request of a lil birdy reguarding my choice in surgeon in order to assist others in their research stage. Remember ladies its YOUR body and YOUR choice for YOUR personal reasons why you choose who and what you choose ;)


Til next post beauties Toodles ;)

Hey Lovelies,, Here are some Recovery House...

Hey Lovelies,,

Here are some Recovery House Options for you ........

1. Cabrals RH =$100 per night all inclusive ( meals, nurse, laundry, t.v, a/c , I believe he has no wifi there or rather itspassword protecte, but you can call into the states .You will have access to the MD & medical staff.

2.Wilson's RH = Juana is the owner /Wilson is her brother an the driver, Contact # 1809 610-1042, they have Wifi and includes all of the above for your stay . She charges $85 per night, you can get a discount if your having surgery with a buddy of $65 per night....To reserve a room wilson's you should call 2 weeks prior to surgery date and give your information( flight& time& time of arrival ) this recovr house includes transport to and fom RH ,Clinic and post opappts but not the airport ...

3.Angela's Rh = 1809-595-3109 CALL 1 WEEK IN ADVANCE,,,She speaks english well and includes all of the above amenities for your stay ,prices are $ 55per night, she will take you to and from airport and follow up appointments with the surgeon .

4.Here is Ana Maria's RH,,,$75 PER NIGHT 1809-565-9429...I truly havent contact this one as yet ,,,but its a FYI

Here is a Taxi Driver in DR who can available for transport also ,,, His name is Maximo 829-761-2643 speaks english you can email him your info such as Flight etc to MAXITAXI13@HOTMAIL.COM

Hope this info is of any help in your jouney Beauties..:)

TTYL ....Toodles dolls

Hi my beutiful BBL SISTERS.... Let me update you...

Hi my beutiful BBL SISTERS....
Let me update you on my change thust far....Well as you see my title has changed due to my changes...first i was so hyped and ready to go to DR to see Carbral but my instinct kept saying wait donf buy your ticket yet just wait and that the sweet heavenly father i did cause during my daily check in with MMH a couple of his recent post ladies have posted their experience life and results qhich endes in severe 2nd degree burns, full stomach necrosis...etc I mean like seriously! As a medical professional didnt he take an oath to his patients..One lady's story in particular brought me to tears ......well long story short I changed back to my original PS Dra.Cardenas .. of tijuana Mx.....When i told my mom of the change she praised the heavenly father saying "thank you lord" lol...well im scheduled for March,.2013 ...I m very excited but only wish i could of gone sooner. But as they say "Stand silent and listen and he will quide you properly on the path you must take....

Toodles til next update;)
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