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So heres the basics. I need a full tummy tuck with...

So heres the basics. I need a full tummy tuck with a bbl. I'm 30 and I want my body to BANG before my 31st bday in March. I've become obsessed with this site and which I'm sure you all know how that happens so easily. I've been studying reviews, doctors, lists, butts, titts, complaints, and raves for over 2 years. I'm so ready! I have 3 kids, two of which are twins . You would think the twins f*cked up my world, but nope it was my first single birth. I hate the stretch marks on my stomach. I'm 5ft 2 1/2 inches (yes the 1/2 does matter to us shorties.) I weight about 150 pounds give or take. I run about 4 times a week and I work 12 hr shifts. So I'm very active. My problem is sweets! I don't plan on losing or gaining any weight before my surgery. I want to lose maybe 5-10 pounds after. Let's just see how this surgery leaves me. I have a small thyroid problem. I take .5mg levothyroxine. It mostly just makes me sleepy with a little weight gain. But I could also blame that on not having a regular sleep schedule and all those sweets. I've never smoked and I only have time to drink about once every two months. I'm a workaholic. Everyone at work knows how much I crave this surgery and are so supportive. They've agreed to help me when I get back. My mom says be careful but she says she wishes she could do it also. I honestly don't care what anyone thinks. I've always done things my way and this is no different. Either your for me or against me. No in between with me. So if anyone has anything negative to say I listen to their concerns but they know it affects me in no way at all. I have contacted Baez because like everyone else I like what I've heard about her bed side care. However, I'm concerned she wont give me the butt I've dreamed of. She's given big butts in the past but it's not always consistent. This wagon I'm draggin is not cutting it. Have yall heard the song Only? Well anyways, Drake has a line that says he likes girls with butts so big when she walks in a room it makes everyone feel uncomfortable. And I want a heart/ bubble butt. I don't like shelves. And I don't want my butt to start above my hips. I'm starting to go with my first gut and that b*tch says go with DURAN. Ugh the pressure of choosing is so annoying. I don't like Duran works at Cipla. I wish she could work somewhere else. But since I'm not building her a new office and I'm sure she doesn't care what I think I have to compromise. And the compromise is Baez and maybe getting the dunk I want. Or go with Duran and have to deal with Ciplas history. I love everything about Duran's work. I'm going to try to email her but if she doesn't reply back soon I'm going to pay for my quote. Which sucks but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Baez was very easy to contact and replied back to my various emails the same day. She quoted me 3800 and told me that price would expire in February. I've said a mouth full.

Friends are making me so jealous!

So my hair stylist and a couple of people I know have been going to get their work done in Mexico. I'm so scared of Mexico. I live in AZ so the doctor they are using is only 4 hours away. Literally they get their surgery and walk back over the border the same day. THE SAME DAY! Two of my hairstylist did that. They said they had to work and just took it easier at work. One of their mother in laws went this weekend. She came back the same day. She got a full body sculpt for only 5000. Their tummy tucks look so good. I just don't feel like the doctors in Mexico want to give you a big booty Judy. From all the other reviews they kind of do what they feel would look best on you. And with me that's a no no. If I'm paying for something give me what I want as long as it's not illegal or going to kill me. Just like I'm scared of Mexico they are all scared of going to the DR.

Greedy Lil heffas at Bella Vita

So I decided to contact Bella Vita for a quote for Duran. It looks like their prices have went up. I thought everyone had said it was 150.00 for a quote from them. It looks like it has went up to 200.00. That's crazy. You shouldn't have to finance to get a quote from them. Who the heck finances $200 to $350? It's not that serious. That's not worth having the inquiry on your credit report. I'm going to include the email they sent me.

Thank you for inquiring about our services at Bella Vita!
We look forward to helping you in any way that we can throughout your journey.
We can help you with an array of different services which include acting as a liaison between you and the surgeon, providing consultation during the process, obtaining your quote, confirming and securing your date as well as coordination services which include: reserving your hotel and/or other stay accommodations, arranging for your car service, nurse service, cook (if needed), massages (if needed) and anything else you may want or need during your stay in the Dominican Republic - including tourist activities, if you would love to see the beaches or experience the town. Our services are universal to all surgeons in the Dominican Republic.
Please refer to the client agreement for any information needed regarding our services and how they may benefit you during this process.

To best accommodate you we accept all methods of payment and offer our clients financing through MedLoan Finance, these services are exclusive to Bella Vita clients only. Bella Vita is not affiliated with the finance company other than being an approved provider, please redirect questions regarding how financing works directly to MedLoan Finance. As an approved provider through MedLoan Finance, if a client is approved the funds would be disbursed to the provider (Bella Vita) to distribute appropriately. It does not matter who you select as a surgeon, the funds can be paid directly to the surgeon or to you if the surgeon declines to receive advance payment. If you would like to apply for financing, you may do so at:

If you are interested in moving forward, please complete and return the questionnaire and client registration and agreement forms along with providing photos of yourself. Once we receive the completed forms, we will forward you an invoice via Paypal.
After the initial steps have been completed, we will begin building your client profile and working on your case.

We offer two options to potential clients, which is to become a Standard Client or a Premier Client. Premier clients have immediate access to earlier dates that become available where standard clients are waitlisted and will be accommodated based on their place in line. As a Premier client we have to accommodate you before others typically because of the imminent need for an earlier date, which requires us to work harder due to short notice which interrupts our standard process of how each phase is pushed through the pipeline. The Premier client fee is $350 whereas the Standard client fee is $200.

Please make sure you indicate which option you would be interested in so I know how to accommodate you.


So I am confirmed for March 10th with Baez! I sent my deposit and I'm so super excited. I'm praying for a great outcome and will stay confident in my choice. whoot! whoot! Oh yeah I'm looking at Armonia for my recovery house. I need a roommate. I'm so not looking to room with any crazy divas.....but it's only for 10 days so I think I'll live.

Switching Doctors

Well ladies tonight I'll be emailing Baez letting her know I no longer want to do the bbl and tt with her. Since she has my deposit maybe one day I'll get boobs or any revisions done with her. She is a great doctor, no doubt. However, her butts just don't stay enough for my tastes. I have chosen a new doctor. Which I will do a full review on after my surgery. I will be going to the DR for my surgery at the beginning of May 2015. God bless you all. I'm so sad to hear about the recent deaths with Robles. Ladies please take care of your health and if you feel rushed during consultation time DON'T DO IT. Obviously that doctor is in a rush that day. Go with your gut feelings.

A long over due update before I hit the DR May 26th

So I decided to do an update before my surgery. Ladies I have been all over the place with this journey, so much has happened. I will try to break this review down in sections. I apologize before hand but I'm a person who gets of subject fast. Ok here goes. As you know I started with Doctor Baez. I would like to say that if you want a more natural look, only need a tt and or boobs, or you already start with junk in your trunk, she's the safe way to go. Baez is a wonderful doctor and I've seen the beautiful bodies she makes on IG and FB. She's just not the booty queen. And that's fine because not everyone wantsa stripper booty. After reading review after review I noticed a trend I didn't like. Her butts just didn't stick enough for me. I then forfeited my deposit with her and offered up my date on here. Doing this I "met" two very funny, real, cool a$$, dolls to be. Both have since had surgery this past week. One with with Baez and the other Diaz. The new London Baez beauty is struggling with her results. Even though she's fighting swell hell and doesn't think her butt is as big as she wanted it be she looks beautiful. Her tummy tuck is flawless! Baez did wonderful with the lipo.The other doll went with Diaz. And from the looks of it, she got the exact results she wanted! I didn't get permission from them to show you their pictures or give their names so I wont. Please don't ask. It's funny that both the Baez and Diaz doll said that all the Diaz dolls they have encountered at the two separate recovery houses have come out great. And I'm so happy for this because Diaz is the doctor that I have finally chosen!
So after I decided Baez wasn't the one for me (Oh and ladies she's pregnant! And even more beautiful than the pictures on here show.) I then moved on to Contreras. I have so many mixed feelings about Contreras and his ride or dies, his past, present, and his results. First let me say I never went to Contreras. So as far as his bedside manner and who he is as a man, I can't speak on this. He has a reputation for working on video vixens with a sketchy past. I will say that I believe most of his best results come from round 2. Contreras does great face work, great boobs, low tummy tucks, aggressive lipo, and his post op dolls come out very curvy. He works good with all size women. Yes he works with a team. As every plastic surgeon does. I noticed a lot of arguments about him not working on his dolls himself. And that is not an argument I want to continue on this page. So now that I've said the good about him let me tell you why I switched up from him. He had a recent death. I'm not here to say whose fault it was. I wasn't there, I'm not doing the investigation, and I'm not her family. I want to show respect for her by not blaming anyone. But I will say Contreras and his team seem like risk takers more so than others. Ladies if you have asthma....Please don't go to the DR for surgery. Just don't. Pay the extra money and stay in the states. RS doesn't have a lot of great photos of his post op dolls but every review says "trust me, he gives great bodies". And yes It's true Contreras does great work. And there are so many women who come out as their wish pics. But what about the women who never make it home? Contreras is in a lot of trouble right now and I don't want to be associated with that. I need a stable doctor, not one dealing with legal issues. So I was happy that I had already turned from him before that young women's death. One major reason I had already switched from Contreras was his groupies. I never would have thought I would be the type of person to get caught up in the hype. Or that was even a factor on how I chose a doctor. But ladies let me tell you I have never wanted to keyboard slap a whole group of women in my life! Deep breath....Along this journey I was added to two secret Facebook surgery pages. Wait...let me back up. First of all I didn't even know these groups really existed. Yes ladies they do and in my opinion are mostly TERRIBLE. They fight, discourage, are ignorant, brag, act catty, spread gossip, are closed minded, thirsty, and are childish to the max! The sad part is most of these women are well over 22. And no they are not above acting 12. As you can tell I'm not for these groups. And yes I'm very well aware that some know I'm on RS, FB, and IG. Delete me if you feel some type of way of what I'm saying. If you are looking for more information on doctors and results. Please don't start with FB. It may take awhile for you to get into the IG groups but once you do you will see real results. In real time. No shade to RS because without this site I wouldn't know most of what I do. But I think people get tired of RS with all the editing these reviews and leave us hanging. But they continue on IG. Yes there is drama on IG. People steal your photos, share them, make fun of's bad. However on IG you can delete these offenders. If your apart of FB unless your the admin you can't do sh!t about it. Lol especially if it's the admin. For that reason I deleted myself from all FB groups except one. I don't get on often, I don't contribute to the conversation, and at this very moment I'm thinking of deleting myself from the group. Now everyone on the FB pages aren't terrible. Of course not. The young lady who added me was a doll and another member who added me on my personal page has been very nice and informative. It just didn't sit well with me that even the Cabral dolls don't act like Contreras dolls. And Cabral is the man! Yes he's scary lol but it's true he is the King of Barbies.The last bad thing I wanted to say about Contreras is his post op care. If you do continue on with him I would stay somewhere else after surgery. Do your research ladies. I would say if your having surgery in a foreign country I would try to know how to take care of yourself as much as possible. Know what seromas, know what infection looks like, know when to call 911. If your having a tummy tuck, know how to take care of the drain, the site, how to apply after care. Be prepared to have to take the drain out yourself if you have to go home with it. Know how to sanitize, bandage, and doctor your own wounds. Look on YouTube how to drain yourself. Know that yes you will need lots of post op care and that the easiest part of surgery will actually be getting the surgery itself. Google is around for a reason. Contact nursing friends. Be realistic. Please do research on each surgery your having so that you know what's normal and when you need to head to the ER. You get what you pay for in life. Not one doctor from the DR to the US has had everything down pat. Weight your pros and cons when picking your doctor. Research.
Which brings me to my next doctor of choice. Hasan. I started feeling like maybe I should stay in the us for my bbl and later get a tt and ba. Omg after looking at all these youthful bodies, you start adding on to what you want for your perfect body. It gets very easy to get greedy. Lol I'm already planning my round 2. Hasan works at Vanity. You can ready plenty of reviews to know that is the drive through for butt. They have great specials and produce great results. However they are messy, they lie about quotes, have bad attitudes, unprofessional, post op care sucks, and are just plain shiesty. But everyone raves about the doctors themselves. If Vanity would get rid of their staff I'm sure they would get a huge increase in business. Just like I don't understand why DR doctors don't get English speaking assistants to take care of the foreign dolls, I don't understand how Vanity keeps ratchet uncaring staff on hand. Especially when everyone says the doctors have total opposite personalities. If anyone doesn't like what I'm saying. Stop reading. I'm here to tell my truth.
Now when I first started RS there were two doctors I was obsessed with. Salama and Duran! I got a quote from Salama. And after seeing Princesscashe's review....well yall tell me what you think of that juicy booty he gave her lol. Salama has a great track record. Yes he was fuck!n up for a second and was burning dolls. But he corrected that fast. And with his correction his prices increased considerably. Salama suggested I first come in for a tt with lipo. Then he said come back in about 4 months and he would do more lipo with my bbl. After his quote WITH HIS DISCOUNT I was sooo off him. He wanted 5500 for the tt and 7999 for the bbl. Yall you can have two surgeries out country for those prices. If I only needed a butt Salama has always been my number one choice. Now Duran....I hate even saying anything bad about the Queen of Barbies. But it looks like she's gotten too famous and she's had a couple of botches, deaths, bad post op, and she's another doctor you have to stalk to get ahold of. Last year was not her year. This year looks encouraging. If you can't get a quote out of her and want to chance it, just go see her. From the reviews it looks like if you plan a couple of days onto your trip Duran will fit you in without an appointment. Just prepared to wait your turn. I never got a quote from her because I don't believe begging a doctor to take this hard earned money. No shade to anyone going with her. I still have nothing but love for Duran. She's just not for me anymore.
Everywhere I turn I seen bad a$$ Cabral dolls. He's great at communication. He gives the exact body I want. And he is killing the lipo game on those arms ladies. Leaving no bat wing behind. His ladies will always encourage you to go to him because no lie he will get any size right. But I'm scared of him. And I just don't think you should be scared of someone who is going to have your life in their hands except God. I struggle with my want for Cabral on a daily basis. I'm drawn to him like a dope boy is to the block. I need it and want it but there's more than one way to get it. So I leave the King behind.
I shortly considered Alamonte. She has a great reputation, great bodies, nice tt and butts. Her price and packages are also good. A lot is included in her quote. But like someone said before she seems like she works best with bigger dolls. I then moved on to doctor Medina. Once again she seemed to be just as good as Alamonte with another great personality but I wasn't so sure of the type of butts she produced. Everyone that goes to either one of them, love both of their work. I got great quotes from both but my heart wasn't with them. I moved on. I never considered Robles. I don't know why but after her deaths I was happy I wasn't on her team. However I hear she's been bouncing back and as my bestfriend says her bodies look Robles has something to prove.
So then I came across Diaz. And I never gave him any mind at all. Especially after one really bad review. But my new "friend" was all for him after I couldn't give her my Baez appointment. So I researched him. I was intrigued, emailed for a quote, and got a great quote back. I added him on Whatsapp and he was easy to get in contact with. His team speaks English. They called me to confirm an answer I was asking about. He does a wonderful tt, his butts have projection, his hips stay, his price is right with good packages, and I hear he smells good lmao.
Now even after feeling great about Diaz something more worse than not knowing which DR doctor to chose happened..... I DISCOVERED COLOMBIA! The struggle to stay with the DR has been very real. Traumatizing to my soul I would say. I have tried to switch my plane tickets around every way I can trying to get to Colombia. But it's so last minute and my best friend is upset that I would be spending double the money on switching plane tickets. Plus I would need more vacation time as they want you stay longer for recovery. I will definitely be having my second round in Colombia. They are up to date, safer, have better equipment, the doctors are way better at boobs and tummy tucks, they are cheaper, they do dental, they do spa work, they do EVERYTHING! There's so much to discover about Colombia....and I think they are about to give the DR a run for their money. Ok I'm about to get off work....nice chatting with you all. Sorry in advance for misspellings, run on sentences, rambling, and for being away so long. I will update after my surgery. XOXOXO

Soooo I went to DR....and came back with no ass

Ladies now I know how it feels to start slacking on RS and just leave it behind. I'm now an IG junkie and it's just as addicting as RS. Ok so as you all know I was having a hard time finding the perfect doctor for me. Then all of a sudden a new doctor came into play a couple of days before I was to leave. A couple of IG girls had just come from him and all praises. His work looked great and because his prices were dirt cheap. His name is Israel Manon. He told me to come to his office before I seen Diaz. Yall I have no loyalty. I don't know how many times I have to say that. If there's one thing I've learned about this journey is that just because a doctor did a wonderful job on one girl it doesn't mean you are going to have excellent results with them also. This has made me always look for the next best thing. Yes doctors are know for signature looks but that doesn't mean you are going to get it. Especially in the DR. Diaz said that he could do the invisible tummy tuck line for me. But I wasn't sure. I had never seen any DR doctor do this. I also had Cabral on whatsapp and he said he could do it also. No extra charge. I personally didn't want to be anyone's experiment. So yes I was willing to see Manon even though I was scheduled with Diaz. 24 hours before it was time for me to go something told me it wasn't my time. This ladies is called Intuition. I told my bestfriend. I was willing to pay for the change in our tickets and not go to DR at all until I was settled in my soul. She said no, let's just go anyway. We both work so much and we needed a vacation. In the back of my mind I was still thinking am I going to really go all the way to the DR and not get bodied? But I try my best to listen to God's signs. And I was at peace with my decision. Oh a few tips 1. Bring a pen on the plane to fill out tourist information. 2. You can also pay for your tourist card online and have it before you get there. When the plane landed I looked out the window and said to myself I was no longer in Kansas Dorthy lol. I was nervous. I brought only one carry on which is something I also suggest. A couple of dolls have had luggage lost or redirected to other places (happened to me on the way home) so if you really need it...don't put it under the plane! I traveled with my bestfriend. She's about 5,4 and weights about 215 pounds. She's not sloppy fat but well put together. But this nut decided to wear a Tshirt dress she won on IG! This is when the fun in our trip really begins. I wore leggings, tshirt, and tennis shoes. I had put Marley twists in my hair for easy maintenance. Immediately I noticed the stares. The women were looking at my bestfriend and were rolling their eyes. And no I don't think these women were hating...they like most Dominican's were beautiful and slender. The looks on their faces were of disgust. I told my bff I think maybe her outfit was a little too sexy for DR. She said she didn't give a shit and if they didn't like it they didn't have to look. I closed my mouth lol. Before we left the house I had told her maybe her outfit was pushing the limit. But we live in AZ it was 101 degrees outside. You guys my bff is from Chicago and if anyone has met anyone from the south side then yall know how their mouths are. I stood taller and tried to just smile through the first part of the airport. The DR airport is set up a little differently than American airports. The first part youll see is with lines for kind of like a checkpoint and for paperwork and then once you get through that part you walk through these doors and that's where all the people are waiting for family. I had to switch drivers so I had contacted Jose Brito a couple of days before I got there. You guys I completely recommend Jose. He's tried and true guys. I felt safe with him and he has a minivan with wifi that you can use. He's also up to date on everything with us surgery girls. I told him I was originally set up with Frank Mejia but Frank had been acting up. Immediately Jose knew what I was talking about. The first thing he said was "Frank going on with the girls? I told Frank these girls are different. You have to be nice if you want to work with them." Jose said Frank replied," I don't give a shit about them." Ok so let me back up a little. Frank is a taxi driver in the DR who recently got real popular on IG. He had deals on Fajas and had the cheapest prices. After adding everything up no he didn't. He was also going to charge me extra for my friend in his car. Jose said she rides for free if she's not having surgery. Anyways another doll reposted on IG what another doll was dealing with Frank. It said that Frank had already been paid upfront and her package came with drop offs to places in town for tourism. Frank told her to get another taxi because where he dropped her off at it was by Haitians and it was too dangerous. She told him why should she pay for another taxi when she already paid him! He also called her out of her name and then later said it was a joke. Then other dolls who had just used his services started reporting that his car was breaking down while they were there. He had to put water in it and from there I canceled with him. Frank's attitude was exactly how I found Dominican's to view us the rest of the trip. He didn't care he was losing money because us dolls are stupid. We continue to give DR business and our money even when the customer service is bad there. Jose was well spoken and polite. He was one of probably 6 nice Dominican's I met on my 12 day trip. He took us get food, water, and to exchange money. The whole time we were getting the stares. I finally said to Jose that maybe my best friends dress was a little too short? Women don't dress like that here? He tried to church it up lol He said that no women do when they go out. But not women her size. OMG! My bestfriend was like and what's wrong with my outfit? He looked a little embarrassed and was saying nothing was wrong with it but the reason people were staring was because women her size usually cover up. Now I have to admit yes her dress was short. But she has small, toned, legs. She's shaped like a pear so she carries all her weight in her middle. But I know she had on some spanx or something like that under so she didn't look bad. Obviously that was in our eyes only lol. The women at the money exchange were open and rude with their disapproval. This is not like the states where you must treat all customer's with respect or lose your job. People here don't care. Before setting us up at our hotel Jose looked nervous. We were staying at Hotel Plaza del Sol (I had did research and it had great reviews from other dolls who chose not to go to a RH.) Jose asked us to be very care and to call him if we changed our mind and we could go to a RH. He said Santo Domingo could be dangerous and he made us promise to not leave after dark. We are both from cities so we knew that already. But it was nice to know he actually cared about us. Santo Domingo didn't look dangerous. Just foreign because duh we were out of country. Our room was sufficient for recovery. It had a stove, microwave, two full beds, wifi, tv, and shower room. And bars on the windows lol. My bestfriend pointed out that she didn't see any fire extinguishers in the halls and there wasn't one in our room. We got on our devices (TIP: Bring an extension cord) and started looking up resorts. Yes the room was good enough for recovery. I wanted my recovery to be boring. But not for a vacation. The next morning we tried to Spanglish talk with the girl at the front desk about leaving. She couldn't refund my money for the two day stay we paid for but if we left and didn't like it we could come back and still have one day paid for. We then asked her teach us about the money. Poor girl. I think we were even confusing her with all of our questions. (TIP: She said never pay more than $3 to $5 to go anywhere in Santo Domingo) Jose at first said it was going to be awhile before he could come get us and take us to the resort we chose. Which was fine but the front desk girl said she could have her driver take us for $35.00 to Boca Chica. Now just to let you know Boca Chica is right next to the airport and Jose had charged us $50.00. So of course we used her driver. Her driver came over and immediately they started having a convo in Spanish. And then she took my money out of my hand and said this is for the driver. He looked upset. She looked at him and said that's it! Basically she was warning him not to haggle us for more money. My bestfriend and I didn't even discuss it, we both handed her money before we left. She looked confused and was saying no. Not only was she a wealth of information, super nice, she didn't have to give us free lessons, but she just saved us money. Our hour exchange with her got her at least $40.00. We also let the house keeper have a crap load of water we had bought the day before since the resort (we thought) should have water. We made sure our room was clean before leaving. The car ride to Boca was interesting. Everyone talks about the driving in DR. There seems to be rules only they know amongst the confusion. It's not as bad as I was prepared for. (TIP: If you get in a car accident while in DR all parties go to jail until they figure out who is to blame. A local said that even the passengers could go until it's figured out. Scary. An American we met also confirmed this and said she had a lawyer to call just in case of accident because she had rented a car.) Taxis in DR are basically just regular cars the people own. Our taxi had extra non paying passengers. I wanted to take a picture of it but there were two dead roaches in my window seal. lmao no joke. Again I know when to shut my mouth lol The driver also sang all the way to Boca Chica. We paid and tipped him. Part two of my journey will be tomorrow. I'm almost off this night train I call work.

Pictures from Resort

I'm goin' to Miami, Miami, Miami...

So after the DR and failing to update RS life went on. I moved, kids started school, and birthdays took front seat to surgery. I became more obsessed with IG because of convience. About 3 days ago I decided to write Hasan to see about quote and date ect. The girl gave me a quote of 4K which was 500 cheaper than I anticipated. So while we we're emailing I got a notice from Spirit. Spirit Airlines was having a 98% off sale off plane tickets. I screamed how crazy everything was falling into place. A rt was only 80 from Phx to Fl....I upgraded my seat, confirmed my date, and now my best friend and I will be flying in Dec 2nd. Surgery Dec 3rd. I feel so confident in my decision to break my surgeries up. I hope to get back with RS...I feel like I don't have much to say. My next post will probably be from Fl. I have 8 weeks to go, wish me luck yall!

Happy Turkey Day!

This time next week I should be under God and Hasan's care to a better body. Surgery is paid in full, I've booked everything, all labwork done. Just ready to go frfr! I don't update here much. But I will try to at least post as many pictures as possible. Lol people tend to like the pics more anyway.

First Patient Today 530am

Well I'm here at Vanity. Even though I sent my labs by fax 5 times they never recieved them. But I sent them to Ana and Patricia bu email and they got it but never shared that information with the rest of the office. BRING COPIES OF ALL PAPER WORK WITH YOU TO VANITY. They lose stuff. Never recieve paperwork. And the communication in such a small office is terrible. My coordinators changed so much I never got hung up on who I talked to. My best advice would be just read reviews and have your shit ready. Dont take whose working your case too serious. They all back there losing files, switching jobs, and throwing away faxes. Lol You have to be very patient with Vanity or don't come. Relax. Once here the ladies are very nice. Use your Spanish skills, speak up, smile and be nice. Be more prepared and patient than them. The paper work was a breeze because Lia was talkative and even turned every page for me like a kid. At first she was on her cell being quiet and I started talking, she put her cell down and never went back to her phone. Another older lady who spoke llittle English switched needles for me when I asked for the butterfly needle. She was super nice, like a Grandma or older Aunt. I had to get my ptt retaken and it was FREE. The office tried to sell my their items but I brought my own. They arent too pushy as I thought. Oh yeah and the last 2 pics are of the plaza and store you can by lipo foam 2 for 25 and cheap fajas. Ok well gotta go! Say a huge prayer for me!

5 weeks post op

First let me say I love my results!!! Dr. Hasan was straight to the point no type of joking person with me. I wasn't there for his personality I was there for his skills. I wish I knew the anesthesiologist name because shout out to him also for putting me to sleep quickly and waking me back up to enjoy my new body.

3 Months Post Op Hasan Doll!!!

So I rarely come on here anymore. But I do feel I owe Realself for all the information it provided for me. Here are a few pics shared on my IG account.
Anthony Hasan

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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