Excited & Anxious. Dominican Republic, DO

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Just started my journey...so far contact with Dr...

Just started my journey...so far contact with Dr.Molina and VRH has been excellent...dep sent for both and my date has been secured.
Im a first timer so im super nervous..anxious..excited!!
Im reading and taking in all the info...I welcome any advise/ suggestions....and look forward to sharing my journey with u!

And the countdown begins!

As the days go by and surgery day gets closer ..my anxiety is starting to kick in.
I've begun to pack and I feel as though I'm forgetting half the things I'll need!
My pre-op and blood work will be done this week..I have started adjusting my eating habbits. Eventhough, I've never really had a weight problem..I've never been a healthy eater and soda is my addiction. So I've cut down on soda..increase my water intake and have started focusing on eating healthy...
Im super nervous and anxious!!!!! Anyone else out there feeling it also??
As the date gets closer I'll post the before pics...and will try to document my journey as this site has been super helpful..

Almost time!!

It's getting close!! I will be boarding the plane on Monday..my bags are packed..I've taking my vitamins...eating healthier..and getting super nervous.
My labs are done..at first my WBC was low. My pcp assured me they were ok nothing to worry about..but once i showed Dr. Molina he suggested the be repeated ...so i took my vitamin c and a few days later had the labs redrawn. Everything looks great now and im one step closer to being my best version!!!

Travel Day is here!

Boarding our plan to DR...anxious..excited ...nervous...but ready to go...Im hoping to snapchat my journey ..follow me @yary0914..

Made it Save!

Ok so I made it to DR!!
The plane ride was exhausting ..and it paid to have the visa tourist card in advance as we landed at noon and the lines were a bit crazy.
Immigration and customes went very smooth.
My hubby and I were picked up promptly by Bladimir the driver for Venus RH..He is amazing!!!
We were brought right over to RH where we were greeted with a delicious lunch!! Im feeling right at home. The staff thus far has been very welcoming and accomodating.
I went over for xray and Ekg...despite me having all of that in the states..you have to get it done here again..I paid $11 for the xray.
The RH is very clean, quiet and like I said the staff is really good.
Tomorrow is lab work and Wed surgery.
Will keep u posted!

3 days post op

So today was a bit rough..just because i was able to open my faja for the first time and let me tell you once it's back on I felt so weak ...i have been emtional but thus far I like what I see..results will not be accurate for awhile and Im ok with that. Im focusing on doing everything right so i can return home.

1 month post op

Today, Im exactally 1 month post op. I would love to say everything has gone great but it hasn't.
My body is shaping nicely and Im loving it...however, i have had some ups and downs..
Couple of weeks after arriving, my incisions under my breast slightly opened...(totally my fault for not following doctor's orders) ..i had them check and was in my way to recovering..when unfortunately I had a car accident this week. The impact of the airbag caused two stiches to pop..so once again ..im back to trying to recover.
The pain on my lower back has intensified but again mainly because of the accident.
On the bright side..i truly love the work Molina has done on me..!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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