European Baez Doll to Be!! April 2015. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey everybody!! First of all, english is not my...

Hey everybody!!
First of all, english is not my first language, so i'm sorry for all the horrible english errors that will follow but i'll do my best!
I live in Paris, I'm 29 with two kids and i'm planning to go to DR in april to have a BBL.
I did a lot of research, i've been stalking this website for months if not a year. Honestly i'm scared to go there to have my surgery, i'm totally freaked out but BBL is not common at all in France and the only surgeons who do them are very expensive and the results are not even good. I dont wanna die, i have two children that i love so so much i dont want them to lose their mom because of vanity... But i dont feel confortable with my body anymore. Before my kids my body was my best asset, i was fit and always complimented on it. The problem is that i didnt gain weight like most women do. I just lost all my curves!! I had nice full C cup boobs and a round booty but now i barely fill a saggy B cup and my butt just disappeared... all the fat that was in there went straight to the love handles and let me tell you, this Sponge Bob body is not the business!!!
People around me don't understand why i feel so bad because i'm slim, i have no stretchmarks and my tummy is flat. I'm 5'7" and 123,4 lbs (not sure about this because in France we use kilograms and meters/centimeters but that's what google converted for me haha). I don't wanna be slim I WANT CURVES!!! No too much curves tho, that's why i choose Dra Baez because she seems to have nice results on slim girls. I absolutely don't want huge hips like Duran does. I like her butts and waists but the hips are way too much for my liking. Plus i don't like the fact that you can't get in touch with her when you want, waiting weeks just for an email reply is a big no no for me. If you can't take 5minutes of your precious time to answer my email whats is supposed to happen if, God forbid, something goes wrong after my surgery?
I already emailed Baez several times, she always answers the same day and seems very nice. My quote is 2800$ for the BBL but i expect i'll have to pay more as the quote was for 6 months only and i got it in august. She also asked me to gain at least 10 lbs...
My dream body is Leena Sayed i love her tiny waist and her booty is just the perfect size to me. She's slim but still has curves and that's exactly what i want.
I still don't know where i'm going to stay there, it's difficult to trust recovery houses reviews especially when i see good reviews about one RH and the poster only has 2 posts in her profile *SIDE EYE*. Also, some people are going to say one RH is great and someone else is going to say it was a nightmare to stay there. Each story is different which is normal, everybody have his own expectations and own point of view about what is a clean room, what is good food, what is a nice person...
. I'm planning to stay two weeks, first one in a RH for sure and second one i think i'll prefer to rent an apartment, i've already found some nice ones.
I'm going to post some before pics of me later.

Questions about tummy flattening boards

I'm starting to buy my supplies as living in France we don't have everything i need here, i have to order most of the things from the USA and i don't want to take the risk of delivery problems, lost packages etc.... I'm also considering having my surgery in february rather than in april so i have to get my supplies as soon as possible.
Sooooooo, i want to order this tummy flattening board because it's one of the most important things for me to have a flat belly. I started gaining weight for the sx and i now have a little one... I HATE it!!! Omg this is so uncomfortable, my belly and my love handles are spilling over my jeans hughhhh. I have to buy leggings or jeans one size up now because i can't take this anymore.
I see that there are different shapes, what do you think is better?

A "little" update

Well... A lot of things happened since last time i wrote on here!!
I didn't go to DR for my surgery, heard too many horror stories so i gave up.
I went to Tunisia which is not better regarding the reputation but it's closer from home.
I had my boobs done by Sami Mezhoud in december 2015 at the Clinique de l'espoir. I would not recommend anyone to go there. The shape of my breasts is not that bad, they don't look too fake even though i had 400cc silimed round implants. I also had a lift but I didn't want the whole "lollipop" (that's how we call it here, i'm not sure if it's the same everywhere) scar so i choose to get the one only around the nipple. My scar is just ugly. I used all the creams my surgeon prescribed but this is still terrible. I'm considering a laser treatment or even a medical tattoo, i don't know yet what can be done about it. It's still red so i have to wait.
Also the hospital rooms are not very clean and i won't even tell you about the operating room. The food is disgusting, i stayed there for 3 days and didn't eat anything. The nurses are very nice and helpful tho. Some don't speak french, I have quite a mediterranean look so they always thought i was from Maghreb too and always talked to me in arabic first anyway lol After that they send you to a five stars hotel. Well... five tunisian stars lol I'm not even sure it would be a 3 stars hotel by european standards. Food was disgusting there too, the people working there not very nice and the clients were like 99% men. I was alone so it was a really awkward atmosphere like when i was going to the hotel restaurant i could feel they were all looking at me. I didn't feel safe at all.
I paid 2500€ for the BA+ lift and the hotel stay. The flight was about 120€ as it was during winter it's not expensive at all.
I still wanted to have a BBL so i did my research and found on instagram a doctor in Tunisia too who had nice results. I followed the account for months and finally booked 2 months ago. I went to Myron Clinic and had my surgery done by Dr Tahar Jemal. The clinic is brand new and clean, i have not a bad thing to say. After that i went to a RH for 3 days and it was very very nice too, the food was very good, they took good care of us (we were 3), they went with us to have a drink, eating outside in Hammamet... I felt like i was on a family holiday lol
I'm today 1 month post op, i don't have a huge donk as i didn't have much fat to work with so i only had 500cc in each cheek. Since then i don't think i have lost much, i like the result, i have a nice little ass but i think i'm still very swollen, especially in the lower back. I measured myself and i'm actually larger in the stomach area than before and my legs also look bigger. I really wanted a small waist so i don't know if how i look now is the final result because i don't have it :( I'm also still a bit bruised but it's nothing compared to how it was right after the surgery... My whole thighs were black and blue.
Did some of you also felt like being bigger after the surgery? How long before you started to see the real result?
I'm going to post some pictures later.
Is it possible to change the title of my review since i didn't go to Baez?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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