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I'm so excited! She replies promptly! I think by...

I'm so excited! She replies promptly! I think by April-May I will be on my way to get my surgery! I live in North Carolina USA so I'm super nervous about going to Dominican Republic but I want to be a Medina Doll! I want my booty

March-April2016 here I come!

Omgosh! I was suppose to go this year but due to issues I couldn't go! But I've made up my mind that by March 2016 my ass will go under the knife! I've been wanting this for years! I need this! I deserve this! I'm super excited even if it's months away but time goes by super fast & Im ready to go & make one of my goals a reality! I'm sick of putting excuses & listening to people always talking me out of what I really want! F*** that! I'm super stoked & ready for this big change & journey! Time to hustle, make that paper & get my funds A1 so I can accomplish my dream of being a Medina Doll! I stay watching her Snapchat videos & love her work! I kinda feel like I know her lol! She's madd sweet & so caring!

Wish pic

She's fucking gorgeous!

Some pics of me!


Made my deposit

This motivates me to get more paper & get prepared in 6 months!
I'm super excited! Can't wait!

Ordered my Passport & booking my flight

4-6 weeks ill probably receive my passport! Yay! Tonight I'm searching for plane tickets for March 13,2016. & I schedule my surgery on the 14th & come home the 25th, I'm ready to book it so I can get that out the way. I'm flying from Greensboro NC. Is anyone else going to Medina on that date? I would love to have a Surgery buddy since I'm going alone :( oh well!

Who knows of good cheap flight ticket sites?

Booked the flight

Super anxious. I finally booked my flight to DR! Knowing I have the flight ticket paid for is such a relief. I also bought a $35 insurance (just in case I have to cancel ) HOPE NOT! I'm so ready! ????????????

Hey RS dolls

Time is getting closer & I'm finally feeling that my surgery is right around the corner (March 14th 2016) Today I checked my hemoglobin & its up to 13.4! Need to get to 14 so I'm taking more iron tablets! I wasn't feeling comfortable knowing I'ma be at a Recovery house w/ random girls, sharing a room, so my husband is coming w/ me. We just booked a Hotel named "RIG Hotel Boutique Puerto Melecon" its about 10-15 minutes away from Dra Tania Medina's Clinic & right by the beach. Its not too luxurious but its okay (according to the pics & reviews) I really don't care I just want my hubby taking care of me! ???? I just hope everything goes well! I'm totally excited!

Changed Hotel

I changed my booking to Acuarium suite resort. I liked it better because they're like Apartments /hotel & looks really nice. Dra Medina Said its 15 minutes away from CECILIP (Clinic). Anyways I'm just literally desperate for March 13th to come! Ugghhhhh why can't it be tomorrow lol :) #tooexcited

Hello barbies

Well my surgery is right around the corner, everything is ready, I'm just ready for the day to fly to DR w/ my hubby! 7 weeks & we're off to get this yucky pooch off my tummy! Hopefully I get great results. I gained 8 lbs (I'm 5'3 150lbs) yay! Hopefully more fat for my butt! I hope & pray that she will do the mommy makeover I want all at once! Boobs, TT, BBL! I'm currently at 13.8 w/ the hemoglobin! I'm ready for the pain even if its nerve recking! I used to be 203lbs at one point & lost alot of weight so I deserve this for me. I hope everything goes smoothly & time hurry up! I'm so excited & ready for this transformation! I know I'm not gona end up perfect but a huge enhancement is what I want! Thank you lord for finally letting me do something I've always wanted! Tania I love you deadass you're so kind & patient. I know you'll do wonders w/ me!

March HURRY UP lol

Wow 26days left, you guys! Today I went to buy the rest of the medical supplies I needed to start packing! I hope I didn't over pack because that luggage is full lol but hey I prefer having everything I need than to not have enough! I think its the boppy pillow that took the most space. I packed Baby wipes, feminine pads, pain pills, cold medicine, allergy pills, anti itch cream, arnica cream, vitamin C & iron pills, toothpaste/brushes, razors, shampoo, lotion, Dial anti-bacterial soap, tank tops, etc.... I'm planning to take my maxi dresses/clothes & personal belongings w/ me in a little luggage to go onboard w/me on the plane! OMG the day is almost here but I wish it was tomorrow ugh! I'll keep y'all updated! :)

Promise to Keep...

Y'all updated w/my journey! I'll post pics of everything I can. I know I keep looking for photos & great reviews so I can get an idea where I'm going but I don't see too many. So I'll be honest & try to keep y'all posted w/ how my post op will be, doctor, nurses, clinic rooms, etc... If I can inform others on what to expect, I'll be happy to help out. I have exactly 3 Sundays left to go on my sx journey! :)

Some pics of DR

Photos of Results

Oh my goodness where do I start! Well I loved my results but how sick I am is what has me traumatized! Everything went great til I started having headaches, nausea & dizzyness! The surgery itself doesn't really hurt too much it's just the bruising that is uncomfortable! I turned out getting a TT, BBL &Lipo (including my arms)! I'm still here now! I had canceled the hotel & got a recovery home its call OASIS! Nice staff, clean & caring. Dra. Medina is a sweet lady! She was cool af w/ me & is helping me w/ my little complications w/ the hemo & headaches! Hopefully I get the drain out soon because I'm so ready to go home Friday! It's been more of an emotional rollercoaster for me but ill be okay!
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