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I'm looking to take a trip to DR in October for...

I'm looking to take a trip to DR in October for Lipo/BBL. Initially I wanted to be a Duran Doll but two things happened 1) it's been over 3 weeks and I've called and emailed several times no response and 2) I came across Dra Robles page and she seems to do more work on "thicker girls" with before stomachs that are similar to mine so I reached out to Robles and I plan to be a Robles Doll in just over two months!

Dr Robles offices responded with in 48 hours. My main concern a TT it was suggested I receive one for better results. I've had two c sections and that pain was ridiculous I'm nervous about intentionally putting myself through that pain again. In additional TT has a higher chance of infection.

I'm aiming to lose 25 lbs before I get to DR to get my BMI down and maybe I can just get lipo and no TT however I'm mentally preparing myself for the TT given my stomach currently looks like a few of the pics on Robles IG page that's ALL got TT.

I did get a quote from Dr Fisher in Miami but I'm not comfortable going to Vanity it seems to get a lot of bad press and thicker girls results aren't as fabulous as the dolls that go to DR.

I plan to pay my deposit before the end of the month I am still very much nervous about a TT. I can't even stomach to watch a TT video on you tube.

Deposit has been PAID!

Hello Fellow Dolls -
I decided just to pay my deposit! I need to do this for me I do a lot for the kids and others and now it's time for me to invest in my own fabulosity! I'm hoping to move my date up from Oct 18 to the 11th because I have the work trip in the end of November that I need to be functional for.

I've short listed my RH search down to Serenity II and High Class. They both are very similar accommodations but Serenity has Amazon cable box so I will have additional tv options. I read reviews from other RH having all Spanish channels: that wouldn't work for me I don't speak Spanish. My checklist for a RH was own bathroom, AC in bedroom, cable, cleanliness and security and of course all the post op care etc.

Stay tuned!!!

Recovery House - Deposit Paid

Happy Friday Dolls

I have been on a roller coaster this week! I'm trying to lose weight and book a RH... I was really planning to stay at Serenity II and here I thinking I'm early and they are completely booked! They were so kind to provide alternatives but none were as lovely as their pictures, similar but not what I wanted. So I had to start my search over from scratch which was a blessing in disguise as I landed a single room with a double bed at Essence! I'm a planner so this week of uncertainty was bothersome but it ended well. I plane to purchase my plane ticket next week, after that I can spend the next few months focusing on weight loss I need to lose 4% to get my BMI to 35%. I will post before pictures over the weekend. Since my surgery date has been confirmed I've been exercising and eating right. I feel motivated like now is the time to do something for me. The weekend is approaching I will try my best not to fall off the wagon :)

Ive spoken with a few RH via What's App I highly recommend this method of contact especially since a few of my emails were never answered. Through what's app I received quick replies and detailed responses.

Excited and nervous but the results will be worth the pain I will have to endure!

Plane Ticket ??

Dolls! I have a plane ticket, I even treated myself to a first class ticket on my return flight to ensure I'm as comfortable as one can be on the way back home.

I also decided to extend my stay in DR, I'm going to stay at the RH for exactly two weeks post op. I will miss my kids butI will be useless if I rush back home.

I hoping all my drains are out before I leave DR!

In total I will be off of work for 3 weeks I'm going to use 2 weeks vacation and possibly 1 week sick leave but I'm trying not to tell anyone about my mission to DR so not sure exactly what my sick leave will be for :)

Happy Monday All!

Two Weeks

I can hardly believe that in two weeks I will be in DR!
I just got my blood work done this morning I should have the results on Wednesday. Hopefully everything is normal or better!
I did order a faja from Amazon. Shockingly it fits considering all the reviews of how they run tiny. I got an XL, I'm a size 12 right now.
I'm not sure how I'm getting this faja on post op as it was ridiculously hard to pull up and close and I'm not in any pain. I will be getting a second faja from Robles after sx.

I also purchased the faja board (forgot the correct name) I hear it really helps with swelling. See pic attached.

I'm so ready to be in recovery mode, I'm starting to get anxious again.

Surgery Delayed

Hey All

After much consideration I've decided to move my surgery to the end of January. I really needed to lose 25lbs before the sx to get my BMI down. I lost 10 but I'm still far from goal weight and I wanted the surgery to be the finale to my weight loss Journey. I don't want to have a small waist and chubby face and legs!

I actually feel relieved after I changed the date bc it was so much pressure on myself to drop 15lbs with only two weeks left. I'm still very much excited about my TT/BBL my weight needs to come down. I went to the dr today my blood work came back favorable with the exception of sugar she said my level was a little high but if I drop weight it will naturally come down. I've never had high sugar so it was an eye opener of how important it is to take care of my body.

I never thought I would weigh this much. I just haven't been able to bounce back post pregnancy.

I'm dedicated to getting down to 170 for my sx in January!!!

Stay tuned.

DR Bound in 1 week!

Hello Ladies Happy Saturday
Next week this time I will be in route to DR. In December my emotions were on a roller coaster after I discovered an IG page that was posting a lot of recent deaths in DR. I wanted to cancel my sx after reading it especially because Dra Robles was named a few times! However I've been praying about it and I have faith I will survive and be here to post my fantastic post op pics! I've been in frequent contact with recent Robles Dolls and that has brought much comfort to me!

My BBL pillow arrived! I heard this is essential for the plane ride back.

I need to book my wheel chair service for return flight but otherwise I'm almost ready I will pack this weekend.

Stay tuned!

Sx Denied

I wasn't able to lose enough weight to qualify for surgery. My BMI is currently 36.5% and Robles will not operate until it's 35 or below.

Luckily I was talking to a recent Robles doll who told me she's not flexible when it comes to BMI and when she was there a few weeks ago she saw Robles send girls home. On Thursday I contacted Robles assistant and they said they would not proceed until I'm below 35. I got the message when I was at work, I cried! I worked so hard to lose weight, I was packed and mentally ready for this journey.

However I understand safety is first and I was praying all week that if this isn't for me at this time please don't allow me to get on the plane. I believe in signs so I truly believe this news is for the best even though I was extremely disappointed. I felt like I failed.

I'm going to reschedule not sure when. I'm 7lbs away from being at a BMI of 35%. I don't want to rush and try and go next month and still not meet my goal weight.

I'm going to aim for end of March if not Sept I can't get time off between April and July and I don't want to be in a faja during the summer months.

....at least I've experienced Robles is about safety bc DR doctors get a bad rep on several IG pages of being rouge doctors but after this I'm convinced she's not just in it for the $.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Surgery coordinator has been responsive. Based on other RS reviews my quote seems to be standard template as other Robles to be dolls have the same price and the email is worded the same way... So I'm not sure if that's s standard reply or if the Dra took a lot of time to analyze my pictures individually.

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