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Hey so I'm 20 years old and have always wanted to...

Hey so I'm 20 years old and have always wanted to have my dream body. I am new to RS as a reviewer but have been reading reviews for weeks. I'm looking to go to the DR for lipo and a bbl. I may do a tt too just because I feel I should get one for the flattest stomach. I'm going to attach pictures from my freshman year until now (junior year) I have lost weight but still do not feel comfortable with my body. I made lifestyle changes that I think will help me with keeping my health good but I want my surgery just to achieve the look that I want. I'm going to attach photos of my body with just bra and underwear later to show my real "before" But I need help choosing which doctor to go too I have been looking at reviews for Duran and she looks as if she does AMAZING work. I am in love with the way she makes that waist SNATCHED lol. But I have also saw that Yily did surgery on Rah Ali from Love and Hip Hop NY and I'm in love with her body so I'm torn. Help me please !!!!!!!


Okay RS sisters ! So I'm going to need your support in my journey to becoming who I truly want to be. I've spoken to a few people in my life about this that are supportive but many don't understand it. I don't care what anyone else thinks truthfully I want this so bad and I am doing it for myself. I feel as though if I change my mind now because some people don't agree then that would have meant that I wasn't doing if for myself in the first place. So I'm asking if you guys can give me the support. Help me with suggestions on RH and supplies to bring. First I need help just getting in contact with these surgeons !!!! I want my surgery in December and I know they are busy but damn I'm eager to send my deposit and get it started !! Please help ????

Wish Pics *****

Laura is great !!!

So I was so confused on how I get in contact with Dr. Duran and finally I went into her website and saw her surgery coordinator Laura's phone number and gave her a call. She is so polite and sweet. She emailed me immediately with the info that I needed and asked that I send her the pictures of myself. I'm sure that by next week Wednesday I will be able to send in my deposit and get my date booked. My mood right now is ecstatic !!! Laura is super helpful.

Quotes Quotes Quotes!!!

Hey guys so I have just now been getting a bunch of quotes from a number of surgeons. I've gotten Duran, Almonte, Yily and Baez. When it comes to the quotes I like the fact that they include the stay at the RH. I am strongly leaning towards Dr. Yily. Oh and I've decided to have liposuction, TT, and a BBL. I just want to assure that I have a flat stomach and small waist so that's why I've decided to also go with the TT. The list of medications that I will be on is ridiculous. Luckily my very close friend is going to come with me so that I'm not alone and have a familiar face. All of the quotes aren't bad. I just have to draw them each out individually to see what is the best offer. I have until the end of May to pay my deposit and will be doing so with my next paycheck. I am excited and cannot wait to get my date locked in. I'll update you guys on anything else ...

The choice has been made !!!

So I made the choice to go with Dr. Almonte as my surgeon. I sent her my information and photos and she recommends that I get a Tummy Tuck, Liposculpture, full back abdomen flanks and waist liposuction and BBL. All of which is costing $5,200 which includes procedures, clinical stay, RH, transportation, post op medications. That is an AMAZING price !!!!! I'm so excited to get my new body I am seriously going to be a new person. Her assistant is really good at getting back to you and answering your questions which I love. I was given the date choices for December. I chose December 19th. I'm going to be sending my deposit in two weeks and I'm going to buy my passport at the beginning of June. I'm so excited. I have made a very good list of what I'm going to buy supply wise to bring. I think I'm going to start with the vitamin c , b12, calcium and iron pills within the next two months. I set up an appointment with my PCP for the second week of June so that she can monitor hemo levels. I know it's 7 months away but I'm so excited !!!!! See ya later ????

Before surgery photos

I'm going to share my pictures of how I look now. It's horrible guys :( Once I get my surgery I'm going to look amazing !!!!!

Switchhhh !!!

Okay guys so in reading all of the reviews I've read on RS I see how many people switch there surgeons as they research more and more and I PROMISED myself that I wasn't going to do that lmao. BUT !!!! I have switched. I know y'all saw that I was going with Dr. Almonte for the TT, Liposculpture and BBL for $5,200 BUT I changed my mind. I'm going with Dr. Yily. The reason that I made the switch has nothing to do with Dr. Almonte so please don't think I'm switching because she's a bad surgeon. Her work looks good and I like it. I chose to switch to Dr. Yily because the way that she snatches a waist is amazing. I'm not sure how many of you watch love and hip hop New York but Dr. Yily is the woman who did surgery on Rah Ali and I love her body so much. It's to die for. She also performed Mimi Faust's breast augmentation. Looking at her work I am really happy with the way that she does her TT and Liposculpture. So that's my update for now. Oh I forgot. The quote for Dr. Yily is also $5,200! The only difference between dr. Yily and Dr. Almontes quotes is that Dr. Yilys quote doesn't include post op medication. But I'm going to get it in the USA anyway so my insurance can pay for it ?? I'm gonna keep you updated ??

Indecisive as ever !

So it's been a little while since I've updated my RS review. The last update was about my choice to go to Dr. Yily instead of Dr. Almonte. But and let me first just thank you all on RS because I read the reviews everyday. And in my research I just was seeing way to many negative reviews about Dr. Yily. I think the only reason that I wanted to go to her was because of the work that she did in Rah Ali from love and hip hop. However, when I read the reviews and even took a second look at her Instagram I see that she gets a lot of comments even on her page from unhappy people. So I just thought I'd stay with Dr. Almonte. Because I'm not going until December though I still have time to hear from other surgeons. I plan to pay my deposit by the end of June anyway regardless of who I choose. Right now I'm in correspondence with Dr. Duran. Her prices aren't bad however they do not include the RH and that is what I'm really looking for. Her quote for the surgery is $5,200. The quote was only for the surgery. Where as Dr. Almonte have me a quote of $5,200 which includes the 10 day stay at the recovery house and my post op meds.

Just an update ...

I've been getting more and more quotes from damn near every doctor in DR. I know I said I'd go with Almonte. Then I changed to Yily. Now I'm strongly town between Baez and Almonte. Just going off of you dolls and your reviews I feel like I want Baez because she seems to have great reviews all over. Almonte has good reviews to but it's something about the way Baez does her Liposculpture that I love. Her Liposculpture is what gives that hour glass shape. It looks amazing. Plus her patients seem to recovery pretty fast. I 100% changed my mind about Yily. I saw way to many negative reviews and unhappy patients. I'm not a person who will be getting round twos and threes this is a one time thing that I'm doing for many reasons. 1 ) it's a lot of money that I'm positive I won't be looking to spend again anytime soon 2 ) the pain of recovery is something I've prepared myself to experience one time.
I just got a new job making great money WEEKLY plus thousands in commission monthly. So the money saving will be a breeze. I plan to pay my deposit to Baez Zby the end of June. I'm going to begin taking my folic acid , iron and vitamin c in July and will go to my pcp for a hemoglobin check and other pre-op tests. I'm excited as ever !!! Just can't wait to pay the deposit and pick my date already !!!!

Set Set Set

I know it's been FOREVER since I've updated my journey. BUT !!!!! I've finally scheduled my surgery date and Doctor. So I'm going to get my TT, lipo& bbl with Dr. Cabral. I've decided that I want him for many reasons. One of my friends throughout this journey went to him and I spoke with her during her entire process. She loves her results and honestly. So do I. Also Cabral has great reviews. Grant it he had three deaths within the last 2-3 years. But in the grand scheme of things he's operated on so many woman and to only have three isn't horrible. Complications arise with any surgery no matter if it's in the DR or in the US. I am set for December 20th. And I'm so excited. Next step is ordering my passport and getting my vitamins. I have an appointment with my doctor to check my iron and hemo levels next week actually. I'm going to make sure all is well before I go over there.

I'm going to keep you all posted once I've done those things :)
Bye dolls ????

Cabrals Magic Hands

I love his work !!!!!!!!!! ??????????
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