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The more pics of Durans work the more I become...

The more pics of Durans work the more I become obsessed with getting sum junk in the trunk. Ive read so many reviews. only two days ago i never knew this site existed. Now i'm trying to nab a quote and a date. I've been on this site for hours.Imagining the afters.Writing down useful info.I look forward to any support from you rs gals.

I heard back from jazmine

Ok I was super stoked when I got that inbox from bellavita consultants. I know it was automated but boy what a start. The bad news is Duran is booked out till after August. Anything can happen in that time. What if i get knocked up lol. I am married with no children (yikes) Would they be able to extend my date out? I just don't want anything to go wrong.Anywho i'm pretty sick of the bad reviews people are trying to keep out there. If you are afraid of the surgery or DR. Just please go away nobody got time for that. All i'm doing is imagining what my body will look like. Like right now I should be studying for a midterm. I am a nurse major so i need to study. But somehow i ended up RS lol. I love this site it was by Gods grace that I found it. I so can't wait to be a Duran Doll. ??????

Wish pics

The Baby gods beat out the Booty Gods

Ok RS first let me give some back info. I'm 28 and just celebrated my 1st year anniversary with my husband. We have been trying to conceive for 2 Years. I have this condition called PCOS. Basically means it's hard to conceive if at all due to cysts on ovaries, blood sugar, testosterone, etc. you basically have to be on a permanent no carb diet but anywho I said all that to say. If you read my last review you know I posed a question. If one would become pregnant would they extend my sx date out. And one of the dolls suggested I tell hubby to wrap it up. Welllll dolls not 3 days later do I find out I'm expecting my first child. WAIT... WHAT? Yes! I'm like when does this happen. I was planning to be Duran doll and getting things together and when I finally gave up on this idea of babies #boom. It's sad to say of all my praying for a baby and wanting kids for so long. I had a quick lol puppy dog face like you mean no more DURAN DOLL..! (Lol) like who thinks of that in a time like this. I ran it by my BFF who knows all about the sx. I said is it wrong that I'm on realself lol still looking at bootays ????(shrugs shoulders) she said no and she's happy I'll get my kid and my sx. However I will still book surgery bc I know how duran books fast. And 4 months post delivery. I'll be in DR for my BBl, TT,and liposculpturing. I'm elated bc Atleast I didn't have to change plans now and lose out in flights.I can have accurate date now. Ok I'll still keep you dolls posted.

Wish pics

Back on

Everything's ago.... I'm back on track for my bbl. baby is beautiful but now it's mommy time. After mulling over things. I definitely don't want a tummy tuck. Definitely NOT. I don't want the scar + I want another child in the future. So BBL, flanks, back, underarms . Duran has the body I'm looking for so can't wait for her to sculpt what God has already blessed. I don't have a date yet. This is bc I haven't stopped Breastfeeding yet. However I have started gathering my supplies. Ummmm I'm probably going in September as I'd like to heal through the cooler months. Plus I need to drop some weight before I request a quote myBMI was obese 5'7 195 pounds. Seems like the smaller you are the Better the results. I'm gonna rock it out??

Playing the email game

Well I've sent my Duran am email. I haven't heard anything back yet but now we wait...,,,,,,,....... I'm goin to try hitting her up on various networks on Sunday after 3pm. Because I heard thru realself that's when she's available. I hope my quote is not a lot. Because that's kind of the point of going out of the country. I know she's super famous now. When I first started stalking real self people were paying 3100 now it looks like base is around 3400-3500. Welp what can I do. She's the best so I have to put up and shut up. .............in other news I started to gather SUPPLIES- so far I have.
Hibiclens,chlorexidine gluconate wipes(presurg and post surg) need to kill all the buggies. Alcohol wipes,various sizes of gauze,2x2's,no slip socks,paper tape,29gauge syringes for lovenox,tegaderm, gloves,maxi dresses. Anyways
I hope she has room for me in October. I gonna call her like crazy. I need this new body. It's all I think about day and night.

Heard back from Queen Duran

Totally Awsomeness things are moving rather quick this time. I heard back from Duran. It only took her 2 days to respond. She quoted me 4k lipo sculpture and fat transfer to the booty. Idk if it's because she's going up. Or it's because I need that much work. At any rate hopefully when I get to cipla and she sees me in person there will be some wiggle room on the price. I love her work so if I have to pay it to look fabulous then. Then it's water under the bride. I am so frickin excited my husband is kinda ok about it. I think he's worried I'm going to get so much attention. And he's probably right. I just want my 2008 body back where I had no fat trim and slim. However I always wanted a bigger bum. So I guess it worked out better this way. I am about 30 pounds shy of my goal wait. So today I started clean eating. And will begin a workout regimen this week. I'll have to get up super early because it is super hot in Atlanta. I'm sitting here reading reviews some over and over. It does not get old. I hate that Duran dolls don't post after surgery. I solemnly swear I will keep you guys posted when I make it to the flat side. It is only right. Thank God for the vets. That did post reviews and follow ups. It's crazy that I have to read yilly doll pages bc Duran Dolls not putting us on. Well I can't say all of them but a lot of them just disappeared when it got to the good part. Are y'all ok? Sheesh what happen? Any who I got y'all #futureDurandoll o yea my BFF bought me Rosetta Stone so you know it's going down. I will be practically fluent. Jk but I will get buy. Trust and believe boo's. Ok well I gotta make this money y'all holding me up. Some body gotta pay help pay for this dunk.
Smooches lata

Need buddy for september october 2015?

it's feeling touchable. So close I can smell it. or shall i say feel it(cups butt) lol.. anyways Tomorrow i am paying my deposit to my boo Duran. My hubby is giving me the 4k for the surg this weekend. i'm trying to stay under 6k for this whole thing. Currently i'm at the plantation(work) looking for flights .If ican snag a deal wouldnt mind upping the date to September.however i said october becuase i wanted to drop a lil weight :)

New quote hopefully no wait

Ok it's feb 3. I sent for a new quote because I lost 30 pounds since last 7 months ago. My original was 4K I want it to be at max 3500. Hopefully no long wait because she got right back first time. I'm thinking I will call Elizabeth in morning anyway. So anyways I have the full amount for surgery anybody going end of March around 23. Link me. I am super excited and have waited forever ????????????

So done with calling Duran

Ok I'm extremely pissed I don't the entire day calling trying to reach Duran. I got quoted right away 3900 for LIPO and bbl. Duran ask me to call office. I call over 50 times. I even called with a translator. It is ridiculous it makes no sense that I'm contemplating doing a consulting company after I already obtain quote and done all research. I feel like it's cheating. However I'm trying to be in next month but it looks like I'm screwed bc may not be avail until June. Now that's what I heard but u never know. Hopefully God will step in and look out for the kid. But surrrrioussssssly I'm so done with cipla they transformed me a thousand times 212 they kept saying as if I press wrong extension. U would think they get it together over there. No disrespect to Duran of course she just needs a lil help. Don't kill me but possibly thinking about Cabral if I can't reach Duran. I want surgery asap. If u can't reach her I may hit up the king of barbies and just do it. Now I know what u thinking all the negatives believe I've heard but he is actually owner of cipla and has whole 5th floor. And actually taught yully and Duran. If I can't reach her the whole week coming. Me and the king will have a date. It just snowed here do that effed my plans up. I need passport stat! Does anybody know if I should just send deposit now blind with out date. I really wanna get the show on the road. I'm going nothing will stop me. I have th money everything Else is easy. Just space and opp. Wish me luck

Filled out passport

Ok passport filled out will turn in on next day off which is Wednesday. Duran keeps emailing me these short emails. Basically where to send deposit.'I noticed that the money dosnt include as much as it used to. I'm gonna email her back and see if labs will be included. Because that's an extra 25o on top of it all. Plus I still can't reach assistant/ to schedule a date. I'm not sending her a deposit and they can't get me in until summer I'm ready now. I will try to reach her if not I know I can reach Cabral but Durans my first choice. I'm not trying to waste money I know on top of deposits surgery meds insurance transfusion? Fajas flights supplies RH, tips passport.... It start adding up. I wanna make one deposit

Fuckin pissed

Finally got through to Duran office on first try and guess what nobody speak fuckin English. She says call back in 10 for Betsie. I do no answer like the fuck u don't have bilagual people working for u. You have big American following. Done.fuckincom

Have surgery date with Cabral

After my earlier post I reached out to Cabral and omg he has bilagual person answer. And guess what I have surgery date April 20th. And you know he's not first choice but I know that ass going to be on Jam. So you know what headache over. I will still attempt to reach Duran hopefully she will come thru and give me those natural curves. I'll have to tell Cabral no hips extra ass roundness on bottom I don't want to look like cartoon or overly fake. Just a nice phat ass. Ok I'm a little excited. Cabral you go boy. I know nothings included with him but hey oh well. " ret ta go" now it's time I start obsessing over Cabral barbies and pick a body lol. Anyway my frame is good. I had a nice body before. Natural hour glass so I know he will deliver the goods like he shoulds lol. Bootay on the way bootay on the way

Passport should arrive in 3 weeks

Went to my local post office paid for the expedited didn't want to take any chances. Especially since I had to report they ass when they lost my new Louboutins in the fuckin mail. Excuse my language need to stop with this potty mouth. But hunty I plays 0 games with my shiiiit. There I go again lol. Anywho very excited feel like things coming together still no word on if Angies silhouette recovery house still exists I'll probably end up staying at kindness or Maria's for two reasons a sale fr Maria and kindness they only ones who responded to my email. I have most supplies from before when I planned surgery and got knocked up lol. So no worries there. Someone said they went to good will and got all they gowns and such makes sense since I will throwing most of that shit away in the DR. I need to order those make me heal vitamins I guess. Or maybe not. May make my own set bc I'm frugal like that lol...ummm anyone ever seen blacchyna on Instagram I love her Frame she's petite but her booty shaped right. I can't wait to meet Cabral imma be like bruh you Betta work dis ass lol. I came a mighty long ways to go back womped lol. But yesssssss I be dreaming of hopping out of my new car in a white body hugging body suit or something. Some sexy sh.... Hurry up April I need u

100 deposit sent to Maria's what a deal

Ok so just made deposit with Maria's staying 10 days from 4/19/16 to 29th. Everything falling into place so that's passport on the way, RH booked and deposit sent. Confirmed with Cabral he said no deposit required. So no qualms there. I'm in a good space right now. Happy working on my inner peace, and my inner beauty. As well as great health to match this million dollar cough 4K dollar body. Well when u factor in everything it's a lot more. I'm so excited I can't believe one of my life dreams is about to come true. God is so good. I've been very blessed in life. And God just keep showing up doing grea things yesssss. Today I went to NYC and got this IV that's suppose to lighten my skin. It's 150 every week for this. I'll let u know how it goes. Before I recommend do not want you ladies mad at me. For wasting y'all hard earned dollas. But yes skin care it was of my peeves. Growing up I had fairer skin but after neglecting it and never using sun screen I have some hyper pigmentation on various parts of body. This will even out my skin. Thus I will be flawless head to toe. My teeth I will do this time next year with dr Carlos morales look him up he's the best on Instagram. Don't want to go too drastic looking obvi. As if the booty will camoflouge lol. I haven't told family only work friends close friends and u guys. Can't catch that negative vibe only good waves over here. Plus I'll be damned if I let a hating no check getting ass female tell me what to do with my money. OK.not my fam I'm talking bout nosy freeking Rosie's . Anybody in NY today wasn't it freezing out omg it's 1 degree hunty imma need jack snow, jack Nicholson, hungry jack ,jack and the bean stock, jack and Jill, jackolantern ,jack the Mack, and jumping jack to have several ,several seats. Because it's unnecessary how cold it is. I mean really? I will try to post pic of msg to Maria's .gn rs

Hemo 12.8

So got hemp I checked surprised it's this high. It used to be low like a 9. So I will make sure I get it up to 14 taking geritol eating liver and what ever I gotta do. To be healthy. I'm so ready for this. That is all for now still at work


I've ordered this product called Shakeology that' has everything I need to lose weight and get the nutrients I'm after. From 70 different vitamins and minerals all in one cup. And I supplement that one meal a day. I'll let u know how it goes when it gets here. Anywho I have about 6k. Surg is 3,900.00 +580 for all cabrals fees the total is 4,800 in surgery fees. This is what he emailed me : lIPO INCLUDED IS STOMACH, FLANKS, BACK AND BBL.

The quote includes:
Professional fees , overnight in the clinic , surgical expenses, drainage and healing.

The consultation, blood and cardiologist cost $ 190

You must include money to buy :
Faja U.S $ 120
Sox anti - thrombosis U.S $ 30
Drugs or medicines U.S $ 240

Bra U.S $ 60
Weapons Girgle U.S $ 60
Girgle face. U.S $ 50

Cipla HOTEL:

You can stay here in Cipla clinic at a cost of US $ 100 a night and has furnished the room with wifi, bathroom, laundry and meals. If you stay for 5 days The night has a cost of $ 85 ..if you come with an additional partner that we must pay $ 30.

Dr. Hector Cabral
Plastic Surgeon
809-331-5050 Ext 501 & 809-565-6173
Ok, aside for that I have my RH at 600 really 500 if deduct my deposit plus 8 massages at 120 that brings me to a total of. 5420 plus the 190 passport like 5610 and I haven't factored flight or tips yet. Becoming a bit pricey it's almost like might as well stay in the states. Only the results is wack instate. Hence all of us out or the country. Welp that's all for now

Passports in

Got my passport I took 2 weeks to get in. Paid 190 for the expedited shipping. I didn't want to chance it. I also got a few supplies I I'll make a full list when I have everything. Promise I won't miss a step. Life is so good I'm thankful and blessed.

Cheap supplies

Scarlett88 told me where to get cheap supplies and gave me a coupon code. So I ordered a few things.

39 days feeling panicky

Sitting here staring at ass all night knowing I have work in Manana. But like I'm sitting here nervous. This is the first time I've been nervous this entire time on my journey . This weekend I will get the rest of supplies. I already started packing my supplies suitcase. And starting next week I'll anti up on iron building I didn't want to do it so soon because I don't wanna level off or overdose on iron. I will consume natural iron building foods. And taking vitamins. I don't know if I will by that vitamedica kit. Because quite frankly seems a rip off. Soo that's that. I am really excited but nervous it's my first time out the country. I'm thinking about the after pain. Ugghhh.... I just want to make it out safe. And look great and come home and be a great mom. And wife. Any surgery is risky. God got me and all of us future dolls. Good night dolls

26 days until lift off......

Still getting things together I have just 26 days left. I have almost everything just need to order LIPO foam ab board. Get a few things here and there. Mostly I'm trying to get my mind right and understand what exactly I'm about to do to my body. I love my job they have given me the time off. 2 weeks however, if I'm not healed or too swollen or in pain. Or just not ready. I will quit. I will not sacrifice my results for this job. I'm licensed and can work anywhere in the nation. With that said I still need a body. I'm staying at Maria's from the 19-29 of April 2016. Although I will be recovering I can still help you with all medical needs. Just saying...... (Drugs shoulders) anywho I'm already setting up post op care. I can't tell u how many surgeries go bad because of after care. U must get those massages and remove that fluid build up. Other wise you will end up with seromas and hard spots. Uneven stomach. All that money we all are spending we need to take care of it. Some of us use income tax money, law suits, saved for years, took out loans, borrowed, had someone pay it. Some just have it like that. But it's still an investment. Take care of it. Drink plenty of water pineapple juice, eliminate.... I don't know about you. But I've wanted an Ass ever since Beyoncé steeped in the scene solo. I was in HS. Before that skinny and pretty was in. Now all u need is ass. And I'm married this booty is for me. And no one else. I hit up dr Carlos morales to get a quote on my teeth and he quoted 5k for Hollywood teeth plus a retainer. I can afford it but I'll wait on for next year. I want to still stack for a rainy day. Besides my d

Ok my last post is all kinds of auto corrected lol

(Shrugs shoulders) not drugs shoulders lol. Anywho before my post uploaded by itself I was trying to say besides my booty is the most important thing of the year anyway. I will limit myself with upgrades here and there. Does any vets know the best way to change diet. Basically we are doing resets on our body. But our minds still will be the same we must portion control. I will go back to being vegetarian. I only started eating meat to make my hemo higher for the surgery. Drinking shakes and working out. Speaking of working out. How soon can one work out after surgery. I don't want to lose any inches off this derrière so I will wait as long as it takes. You know how everybody is annoyed at the girls who get worked done them start fitness pages. Yea that's gonna be me lolololol. Just kidding I just wanna be healthy and wealthy amen. God bless all the dolls and barbies GN xoxo

Good news flight is paid

Flight is paid JetBlue round trip for 386... But also have bad news hemo is a 12.6 went down. Tf I spent so much money on vitamins and it went down wtf. I'm gonna buy more iron support. This is cray!!!!!! Now my Monday is really depressing. Signing off not enough hemo.... :(

B12 injections

I had my first b12 injection I will do these every other day. Until I leave. They help with the production of hemoglobin. So coupled with that and doubling my iron and folic acid and multi vitamin I should be good. I feel tons of energy and feel happy.could just be in my head though. In other news I called jet blue and added wheel chair service!!! EPIC SCORE!!!!! A bitch will not be walking.... Can I get an Amen clap clap. They will also carry my bags to and from plane. Row the planne row the plaaaannne. Sorries lol inside joke. Anyways happy things are rolling on Wednesday I'll be at the good will picking up night gowns. I'm only gonna throw it away. Plus I need drugs and snacks and that's pretty much it

A lil packing

Got gauze, paper tape, gloves, syringes, surgical tape, alcohol, boppi pillow, disposable wash cloths, disposable panties,benedryl,gloves, chucks, perineal bottle, couple zipper and snap gowns,I got from the good will. I just need about 10 more things and I'm packed.


I should have in two days my abdominal board PEZ, back board and 3 foam boards that I ordered from. Jennlynn14durandoll on Instagram. All that was 60.00 it's a sale going on now. Because you know that stuff starts to add up. And yes u do need that to have maximum results. We don't want to develop a pocket of fluids known as seromas above our news butt, that's y u need a back board. Same for ab board. Please take care of your investment. Can't stress enough.

Corny alert

Somebody posted this on fb today. My thoughts?..... Bitch who wanna be Solid???!!!!

List I got from a doll

This is courtesy of MissBigBuns:

Here's a list of what u need, leave that other mess at home!
1. Baby Wipes- a lot and non scented. U will be tired of the smell by like day 3
2. T-shirts- go inside faja, about the size u wear now
3. Underwear- to wear outside your faja because u vagina will be out at the bottom and u can walk around in your faja and panties or if your faja is getting washed u can wear a t-shirt and panties.
4. Thick Pads- to go inside your faja. U need at least 50 pads. Them thins I brought were a joke.
5. Neosporin- cuts and burns
6. Ensure- I didn't drink mines because they were nasty but u are suppose too.
7. Water- the bottled water there is nasty.
8. Post op meds- have your PCP prescribe them because DR will try and rip u off. Try to charge a person $500 and the person left and went to another pharmacy and got them for $150.
9. 2 or 3 sundresses
10. House shoes
11. Fanny pack
12. Chux- maybe 25 if that.
13. Arnica gel and tablets
14. Bromelain
15. Hibiclens- sponge baths
16. Water pills
17. Laxatives- didn't need but a few girls did.
18- gauze and medical tape to cover drain whole once removed.
19. Toiletries
20. PEZ
21. Gloves- for nurses and massages if they don't have any.
22. Disinfectant wipes- clean toilet and sink behind yourself especially when sharing a room.
23. Phone charger
24. Alcohol pads- not many
25. Sleep aids- sleeping will be hard.
26. Itch cream and Benadryl!!!
27. Flip flops
28. Robe
29. Blanket
30. PASSPORT!!!! Bring it everywhere!!!

So I have almost all these things. I'm ready already. Lord keep me in my right mind. And let me get some sleep tonight. I got work in the morning and do not need to read reviews and stare at booties all night. Goodnight ladies hope this help somebody

Got my tourist card in advance

Please please get your tourist card in advance. The last thing you want to do is get to the airport in DR. And have to wait 2 hours for your tourist card. The website is www.dgii.gov.do .........zoom zoom that's how I'm trying to roll in and out. My card which Is really 2 sheets of paper. Is good for 1 year. So just a little something to help you dolls maneuver better. Kisses no more from me tonight.

Had a bad dream

Cabral did my booty and it was lopsided and hanging and sagging. I wanted to cry and the pain hurt so bad. And I was so stiff. I know it had to be a dream bc Cabral don't disappoint

All the way upppp!!!!!

Yessss 1 more day before I'm all the way up. I love me some jet blue. God is good thanking him all the time. I'm so excited for the opportunity. And very grateful. I got everything I need. This has been a journey I tell u. God only knows. But I'm ready!!! I went from curious to set to excited to nervous to fearful and back to excited. Y'all pray for me. Bout to meet the Kang!!!

Post op sorry so late went thru it

Ok so where to begin arrived at airport.wassurprised how hot it was coming in fromNY. I was waiting about 20 minutes for my driver from Marias. Mine you they have some pretty scary men asking to take you wherever. Aka know why we here ready to rob u. Marias husband came with a white shirt in that said Maria recovery thank God bc I was about to get back on the plane and say eff that. He grabs luggage and even tried to help another doll that wasn't with us. So I'm driving sitting in the back seat not sure if it was awkward or not. DR is breath taking then it gets a lil ghetto... Then you get to the city. I arrive at cipla it is beyond beautiful. The facility is emaculate. I went the 5th floor. Cabral has the whole floor.... His Office is beyond. The girls who work behind the desk are pretty. But not very nice. My oppion very nonchalant. They had me to pay 190 for consult then gave me a receipt sent me down to the 3rd floor to take blood test, and then the 4th for an ekg which like everybody says are historic looking lol suction cups and clamps around writs ankles. Whatever the shit worked.Then back up to the 5th where I waited for the king....gonsult went quick and I didn't say any of the things I practiced I would say. He said why are you here. I said I want to be a cabralbarbie with tears filling up. He said I make u beautiful baby. He checks me out he quotes. Me 3800 that's 100 dollars less than he said in email. Epic score!!!!! Anywhere I pay this lady. I'm waiting for blood tests because they were backed up. Somebody Hcg test came back pregnant. Can imagine traveling all that way, packing and dreaming to go home save yourself the trouble ladies. Pregnancy tests are 88 cents at Walmart pick up a few. So they checked me in did a few more tests. And I was scheduled for the Am... Hemo was 14. By the way ow!!!anyway back at Maria's good was decent, fresh, but the bitches she has working for her are angels excuse my Lang. They held me down bc when I tell you post op ain't no joke u can't do shit for yourself. You need that 24 hr nurse. Ok I'm speeding let me back track I bathe thouroughly in Hibi cleanse. I went to cipla they gave me a room, rhey meaning Isa pronounced E Sah locked it up. She's wonderful if you pay her 50,00 a night to sit with you. Any who Cabral comes in marks me up. I tell him huge butt.... He says again you'll be beautiful mami. I take the pill. I should of put on compression socks before. I was stumbling had to sit on the bed I tried to update a post on here but I was out. However I woke up in surgery and this is when sit get real...... Cabral had at least 5 girls in that room because I heard them screaming. I shouted I'm up I can't breathe. I tried to sit my head up. Someone kept turning my head to the side. I felt the wand in my pack no pain but I could tell it was moving quick. I was out again they must have given me more of whatever. Wake up post up soaked in blood. Praising God I made it. I asked to be cleaned they said no in the morning. They kept giving me morphine which swoll my face up. Food in cipla is gross. Nurses suck. Speak i English unless you gave Isa. I'm honestly appalled but this wasn't first night. I'm thinking can't wait to go recover st Marias get me the fuck outta Cipla. They clean me put me in garment. Drains pouring.... I go to Marias. And this is where it gets really real. First day smooth second day very winded couldn't breathe. I took my pulse it was 171. My heart was pounding jumping out of chest. My BP was 220/170.... I legit believe I would have died had I not possessed medical knowledge to know the markers. I go to cipla I'm admitted I'm there for 7 days. Dr tells me I have ischemic heart. Meaning no blood flow to the main artery. Next stage is heart attack... They put me on all these heart meds and bp meds. Mind u never had no problems before. They take my blood abs tell me hemo is 8 need to transfuse. Come back he later says mistake hemo 11. I'm looking like death. Face timing family making peace bc I thought I wasn't coming home. And it killed me that I was so vain to go through with this. I gave up. Drs shaking there heads. But I got my strength when a doll told me someone left from ourhouse with septic infection and is in ICU with your symtoms. Well I got the strength I called my cousin I said change my flight I'm going home today. She said none till tomorrow I got that... I convinced my Dr. Forget his name older man studied in Europe. He said he didn't Support but will accompany me to the airport. I paid him all that I had left which was 200.00 to take me to the airport. I came to Dr with 7k... They ripped me off.. They charge 200 a night 1 for the cipla 1 for the Doctor. They charge for every medication every bag of saline...they make up prices... Saying the pharmacy us charging it... I was in there 7days I spent a shit load of money made me appreciate America. And our health care system. That's how I could see how girls with no money die over there. Bc they absolutely won't treat u with out it. Point blank period. I get on plane with wheel chair service... Barely can breathe oxygen sats in the 80s... I ask for oxygen upon lift off they said no we would have to turn plane around I said no I'm ok. I really wasn't I praised God every 30 min I made It alive. Flight was brutal..... Landed cried in moms arms. My baby calling me momma momma. I was so happy. Mom took me straight to hospital I was in there a week.so remember when I told u my hemo dropped to 8 but they said it was a mistake. Well it wasn't I was shutting down because of blood loss needed two blood transfusions. What they thought was ischemic heart was a heart murmur which developed from the serve anemia. It went away once transfused. I'm greatful to be Alive. How ever I would say the most important thing I did was get out while I could. And after all that my results were ruined bc I had to lay on my butt for 2 weeks straight Btwn cipla and the hospital in NY. It has lost I would say 90% of volume. My waist is snatched but my butt was the most important. It took me a month to get out of shock like I has some serious ptsd. Couldn't sleep at all. And now after all that I'm considering a round two in America possibly J curves in the A. I would say mostly I had a good experience Cabral slayed.but I ruined the results when hospitalized. I um would say the nurses damn near killed me mixing up my blood work I could of had transfusion and been done. Anyway thanks for listening I said I wouldn't leave you and I didn't. Just had to get my life literally. You can ask me anything... Ciao for now... XoXo.....

Pre op pics


I'm having booty greed because I feel like my butt is still flat

Because I had to lay on it so much I killed my fat cells. Today it looked like I never had sx.

Tummy swollen

Have a big butt and I can not lie

Still doing good X 1 year and change post op
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