I Have Changed my Doctor to Osaka - Miami, FL

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So this is my first post Ive been trying to get in...

So this is my first post Ive been trying to get in contact with dr Duran and I've had no success at all. But I have got in contact with yily and she gave me a quote and everything else above the sun. I've always been uncomfortable with my body I'm 23 no children I'm 5'5 187lbs I know it sounds big but my body is pretty solid most people think I'm about 145 but the devil is a liar. I want my surgery by the beginning of 2015 I just need to know how to get in contact with this lady. If anyone can help me I would love it.

I Have Changed my Doctor to Mel Ortega

I have 76 days left til the big day I'm so nervous it's ridiculous I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into with the bbl. I have seen his work and it's great my date is May 27 2015 I wanted idone when I the summer started I haven't wore a bikini in years and I would just love to enjoy this summer with a new body and attitude. I know this time is going to fly I will update anyone who's wants to know on this crazy journey of mine. I was three months when I lost my baby and my stomach got so big I already eat more then what I'm suppose to do my baby made it worse and after I lost the pregnancy I couldn't lose the weight so I have a butt my now I also have a stomach back and sides to make everything. I been waiting for the for a long time and now it's around the corner

The deposit is PAID

I can't believe that this is actually happening I'm so nervous I don't know what to do. My boyfriend is coming with me so he can be able to take care of me. I can't wait to finally be comfortable with my body I been wanting this for years and it's finally here.

So Nervous

I'm so nervous and feel like I don't know what I'm suppose to be doing right now like honestly. They should have a list of things you should be doing and what you should have. I have 7 weeks to go it might seem long but these days are flying. I'm working my ass off so everything can be perfect my friend is making me more nervous but I just want Ortega to know don't be afraid to put that fat in there I don't have time to play I don't need anything left over lbs. I just want tone happy with my results and I just hope I picked the right doctor for the job u fly in the day of my sx so I hope mine isn't too early but my bf is coming so he can get everything I need while I'm in surgery. I ordered loose dresses and got my bobby pillow but I hope I know what I'm getting myself into.

Another Doctor. Dr. Osaka is my Final Choice

I changed doctors because I didn't see the upside down heart or peach that I was looking until I saw Osaka work and I feel in love it out an extra 10 days on my original date but I'm okay with that because I know I'm going to love my results. I'm scared I'm still not sure who is going to come with me because I don't want my boyfriend to see my like that but he's getting real jealous too because he didn't think this was recalling going to happen

I'm so nervous I thought this day was never going...

I'm so nervous I thought this day was never going to come and now it's here. I leave for Miami in the morning with my boyfriend. My emotions are so crazy I don't know what to do. I meet a doll on here named Simone and I'm so thankful for her she has helped me out with a lot of things that I had no idea I had to do. And her body looks awesome I just love it. She did scare me a lil bit though with the pain levels she was talking about but I have so much shit I should be okay. Miami here I come baby!

6 days post op

Wow what a journey I have been through well I was scheduled for surgery at 8 and I think I went back at Noon and was on my way home by 3:30 well to the hotel... I would honestly say the first 2-3 hours after surgery were hell for me omg I was crying and everything granted I am dramatic but that shit really hurt.. I've been pretty good after that just drink a gallon a water a day and eat pineapples. Dr. O is a great doctor too I really do like him he jokes around with you makes you comfortable easy going man.

Day 12 Post Op

Things are starting to normalize some I just want to work out I feel like I'm eating and getting a big stomach again because I'm not working out but I still can't sit and my drain is still in I have two more days for my drain. I've been having my sister boyfriend and mother massage me it makes my body feel more relax and baths I just sit on my legs
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