DR. BAEZ BABE TO-BE????? Brazillian Buttlift, Tummy Tuck ,Liposuction MOMMY MAKEOVER!!!!! - Dominican Republic

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Hello Guys.After years of sniffing around this...

Hello Guys.After years of sniffing around this sight I have made up my mind this is going to happen. I have sat and done tons of research and at this point I am going with Dr. Duran. I luv her heart shaped bubble butts and The straight seem of her Tummy tucks and think I have found my match. I am ready to get acquainted and make some friends with some of you who can understand why I Have got to do this 1 thing for myself. Any tips or advice is welcome as I still have so much to learn. I have my Rosetta Stone so I can brush up on this spanish and a whole lot of determination ladies (and the occasional gents). LET'S GET 'ER IN. I have a wish pic on my Profile so no ladies that is not me.....Yet lol. I will ad a few more

DR. Duran's Contact Info That I found from others blogs... (hope it's correct)

Because I got inquiries about her contact info as it is now unlisted.... here's a screens hot of what I have. If this is incorrect please help us out. Thanks in advance.

Ok ladies here's the dreaded before pics OMG SO GROSS (I cannot believe I'm doing this)

I am currently at 240lbs. I was told I have to lose a total of 65 pounds (be under 180 for Duran to consider takin me) from what the other Duran dolls have mentioned in other journeys. So here I go. I started juicing 3 days ago and have been working out with my supportive boyfriend because I owe it to myself and kids to be in tip top shape before surgery. It's hard with a family that has no idea what I am doing and kids I must cook for.

Trying to get a quote from Duran and Baez

Ok so Firstly I want to say that I have messaged them both on Whatsapp and they both seen my messages. Baez seen it right away and Duran seen it the following day.My messages were translated into spanish and I had my before pics and wish pics ( that I will share with you all) age and weight & I have yet yet to speak with Duran.

So that you all know, I have very realistic expectations. As some of you may already know I donot aspire to be skinny. I like being a plus size women and just want to be a shapely 1. I want the appearance of a longer waste and I want aggressive lipo on my entire back and waste and lower back (upper part of my hips where my square ass begins). A Tummy tuck (I may wait and get it another time) and 1700cc in my butt and 500cc in my hips to make them more round and fat injected in my top lip.

Ok back to the docs.... About an hour later Dr. Baez replies and has been back and forth with me almost instantly. I keep asking for 2 quotes (1 with a TT and 1 without) but I cannot get an answer. Not sure why? She did tell me I could have surgery as soon as I was under 200lbs which was surprising, however if you knew me when I was skinny you would understand I had absolutely no butt at all until I gained weight over 170lbs. This was why I felt more sexy as a bigger girl. So I think it will be easier working around the fat I already have and sculpting around it, rather than me getting thin just to refill my butt again. Plus I know when I lose weight I will lose my breasts so at-least this way my breasts wont drop too drastically which will buy me more time to get that inevitable breast-lift.

I have a few wish pics so you may see what my dream figure would be......

Before I do that I want to talk more about research I have done on my chosen few. I noticed that I may be better off going to DR and shopping around in person. There are some great doctors but all have a different specialty. I seen some here in the states that offer lipo and bbl for under 4k which is affordable and its making travelling to the DR to the ever increasing prices of their surgeries even less desirable. Remember most logical people only considered travelling because cost was cut down the middle. That is no-longer the case. So as I wait on my quote I prey it is reasonable. I really like Baez professionalism and I really like Duran's results however she has far too many patients these days. So its kind of scary. Who knows who will be chopping on us. Just a thought.
I ( just out of curiosity tried to ad Dr. Catreras on Instagram and days have passed and no reply. Probably for the best.

And lastly, does anyone know of any doctors good with plus sizes women? Thanks. Pics will come in a moment. Kissez Keep you head to the sky, Stay motivated, Follow your heart and "AIM TO INSPIRE".

In the MEANTIME... does anyone have suggestions on surgeons that are great at mommy makeover or work on plus size women? BBW BRA

And here are more of my wish pics

Finally Dr Baez Gave Me a Quote!!!! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

Ok so guys I got a quote after 3 days of interacting. She was friendly and replied very fast. I asked her if aftercare was included and she said yes. I translated in spanish but what was funny is she replied more quickly when I spoke in plane english. Guys I think I am sending a deposit to lock in my date early even though she is my second pic. What do you guys think? In the meantime I am waiting on Duran..... 8 days no quote.


Hi Real Self. While planning for my surgery and sorting out my options, I made a vow to myself I will not go under the knife unless I earned it. No shortcuts.... No weightless surgery (no offense to anyone that has). I am doing this the hard and long way. I am changing my lifestyle all around, and I am doing this for good.

I have lost 65 pounds in the past using hCG and it worked wonderfully. ( I truly believe in the Doctors program and I truly believe it worked and it was amazing.) My best friend even lost 100 plus pounds aswell. But here's my issue. I was a greedy pig that liked to stuff every fried thing I could find down my throat.... preferably covered with cheese. I mean its true. I never changed my lifestyle or eating habits. And things like hCG would just enable someone like me. I kept it off for some time and then the next thing you know, I had a break up, I got depressed, and I gained.

With this said, I know I will not move forward with surgery until I shape up and fly right. So here's the plan and I am so elated...

1.)Tony Horton's Original Power 90 At- Home 90 day Bootcamp- then P90 in 90 days. This should bring me at my target weight in 6 months.
By the way this videos are on Youtube. So if anyone wants to join me please feel free
For those curious about his great program.... He has
2.) Juicing
(no I am not going to try and kill myself and juice for months with no solid meals. I want to enjoy my journey and I want to feel energized and human. So I juice anything I can get my hands on that are rich in nutrients and reasonable in calories and I eat 1 regular meal for dinner with no Dead Carbs or breads of any type. Enough protein (1 gram for every pound you are through lean poultry or fish) to ensure I build muscle while I workout.
3.) Get Healthier than I have ever been my entire life!!!!!

So there it is ladies and Gents. I may make a vlog but not sure. So if anyone has any tips and or questions about my journey feel free to ask.


OK guys so I know this is random... but I took the dive and married my love just 4 days ago. OMG.

We planned to wait but could not resist and just went for it. So now (because of my surgery) I will not be having a traditional ceremony until next year on our anniversary.

I have lost


I have lost a ton of weight and now I am ready to get this over with. I cannot wait.
Think I'm going with Baez more out of safety and the fact that I cannot get in contact with Duran. But I honestly feel really comfortable with Baez. She's very attentive. It's refreshing. Well until we meet again lady.

Also I pushed it to Sept. Just so I don't have to rush this weightloss and can do things as healthy as possible. KizzeZ Dollz and future Dollz.

Baez Duran Almonte

Ok so here's the deal. I got a quote for $4000 for Baez bUT I have honestly not seen enough of her work to feel comfortable with going to her. Duran by far has the best all around results (quoted me $5300) but I have heard some scary stories of burns and men doing her surgeries ect.... And doing too many at a time which bothers me.... And Fatima Almonte (quoted 4900 with 10 days aftercare and meals included)
strictly does only a few a day and has great tummy tuck results but the BBL are not as big as I want.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I want a quote from Yily but I donot know how to go about it.

I'm a bigger girl amd donot want to be skinny. I want to be a big girl with all her curves in all the right places. But it seems only Almonte with give TT on big girls but her results are awesome.

OKay I am back and Ready To Do This and Right.

So guys as you saw from my journey I got married,sick with a tubal pregnancy and nearly died and then had several deaths in the family and Kids and drama that made my surgery the last thing in my mind. However it's 2016 and I refuse to let another year pass without me being snatched. I am set to have surgery in July from Baez sofar but I am still trying to get quotes from Almonte and Cabral.

I like Almontes a professionalism and the fact she finds good after are doctors and masseuses in your city. She also includes your stay with your surgery which Makes me feel more comfortable. However I hear she's is light handed with the lipo and she doesn't give big BBL. now I have seen 1 girl have a tummy tuck that was amazing.... I will post her before and after. However she did not have BBL. and I have noticed her TT scar runs straight across which I do t care for. I like the curved line that runs across your natural pantyline. But I had a girl send a pic and her scar is invisible. So I donot know. What I do know I'd with your help I am getting this done for sure. Here's some pics of this amazing surgery Almonte did on this BBW that looked amazing and made me consider her. Thanks to her for sharing her story. Also I added other pics from other docs just as I researched them all.

Ok so date is set and Baez here I come July 13th. I lost the weight required to have the surgery

Hi guys. I know it's been a long time but I didn't want you to think I forgot about how important RealSelf journeys are. So now that I fly out in 9 days I figured I would share the lates. I have been doing research and met amazing dolls all over the web and they helped so much. Baez licked my date in and I need to find out how to change my doc or I will just do a seperate review.

So I lost wieght. I will tell all of you how I did it and you can message me for more details because I'm not endorsing any brand I just found something and worked it out. But I lost nearly 40pounds.
I'm getting dental work done unless the lord himself says that's not going to happen which is why I fly in on the 10th, but my surgery is on the 13th. So pray for me. Here's some before and after fat ass pics lol

For those who waited patiently I apologize. Here's the Good the bad the ugly.

Sorry ladies (especially those that may have had sx w my doctor & had any complications. I take responsibility because research means squat if there's no one there to tell the full story with all the gory details. I will update my review in the order that it happened in as much detail so you all you questions are answered. These are all 100% true & I had no pre-existing illnesses... I never smoked and followed everything recommended by all doctors involved post-op. Just want to be clear for anyone that may come w negativity. Fact is While recording my experience I never dreamed it would have went badly. Get popcorn... strap on your seatbelt.... & maybe tissue. It gets kind of crazy. ????

Here are night before sx pics


Baez Clinic & neighboring office for blood work

There are a few things you may be interested in seeing. She works at a Clinic.... its not considered a real hospital. This is something I was unaware of. My first impression was it looked how I imagined it to look. I wasnt foolish to think it would be fancy. I had very realist expectations. It was decent.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Sent messages on whatsapp and emails to no avail. Still no reply. BAEZ however is communicating and quoted me 3900 for BBL and Aggressive lip and TT. I really like her

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