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Ok so I have been stalking this site for a...

Ok so I have been stalking this site for a veryyyyyyyyy long time. So finally about a month ago I decided to go ahead and create an account so that I can ask questions/ make comments. Well I'm hereeeeee.!!!!! & I have finally decided to go ahead with the procedure. I am aiming for the 2nd week of December as soon as my exams are over. Now that my date is set, the only thing i having a problem with is trying to decide who to go with, Duran or Baez? The problem is that both of them do not have many pictures. Duran has a lot more than Baez. Does any one know someone on RS that has had a bbl with Baez. I went on her site and seen some of her work. I have been emailing her and she responds within 24 hrs. which is a good thing. I emailed Duran a week ago and she responded today wanting to see pictures b4 she quotes me. Baez quoted me $3800 for bbl, lipo to back, flanks, and abdomen, also a tt. When I specifically asked for a quote for bbl, liposculpture, and lipo to inner thighs. I specifically stated I was against the TT. & she still quoted me for TT. I hope she isn't real pushy pushy like yily is about the TT. So all I'm doing now is waiting on a new quote from Baez and a quote from Duran.!!!!

Leaning towards Duran

Ok so I'm starting to lean towards Duran..because I emailed Baez and specifically said u don't want a tt and to send me a quote with out tt...and her response was "i think you need tt to get the best results because when u lose weight its going to be a little saggy on your stomach" Wtf? I am not slow.! I know that it is a chance that I can have saggy skin! But I have seen many many people lose weight and not have saggy skin! I don't have kids yet so I do NOT want a tt! I hate the tt scar! I just recently seen a girl on RS with a similar stomach like mine who went to Duran and got Lipo and bbl...and her tummy is NOT saggy! If there is any one else on here that went to Duran and didn't get a tt just Lipo and had a big stomach then pm me so I can c pics! Thanks :) I just think Baez can't do aggressive Lipo if she is trying to make u get a tt! But I will NOT get one I dont care how cheap her prices are.! So I guess I will wait to hear from Duran!

Baez Baez Baez

Ok so one thing i can say positive about baez is that she responds QUICKLY!!!! I like that in her....but one thing i do dislike is her being so pushy.! Damn i know I have a stomach but its not HUGE..so dont try to be pushy pushy with me about getting a tt... I'm NOT getting it.!!!!!! So I emailed her and asked for a quote without tt (as stated in a previous review) and she emailed me back not giving me a quote but stating " i think you should get a tt, so your quote is $4100" whatttttttttttt the first time u emailed me you said it was going to be $3800 with a tt...now im emailing you constantly telling you that i do not want a tt and not only are you saying "get a tt, get a tt" but you also went up $300 on my quote!!!!! smh...No ma'am!!!!

Get Your Skills Up

Ok so Baez is officially out.! She has reallyyyyyy pissed me off! Not only is she saying tt tt tt tt but she is ignoring my question about a quote without tt! She said "you have curves but if u just get Lipo ur going to look good, but skin is going to sag...so get tt" uh maam when December gets here my stomach will b A LOT smaller! So I emailed her back and said no thanks I no longer need a quote! Smh I don't like her asses 2 much anyway! & if I was childish when I get my Lipo in December by someone else, I would send her a pic of my results without my saggy skin.! With the caption "get ya skills up" but I'm not! So back to my plan A, n I need a new plan B because she is scratched off my plan B list! PSA this is not a Baez diss!

Wish pics

I uploaded a couple wish pics....I want my front to look like Cat & my booty to look like the other chicks.... Go big or go home.! Lol

Decisions Decisions

So I have completely X'd Baez out UNTIL I can see more pics of her liposculpture and bbls.! I was talking to a friend who is doing a round 2 with yily the same time I'm going and I decided to email yily...she.is as busy as Duran and she managed to respond within a week...& I still haven't heard from Duran..smh...but anyway yily quoted me $3600 for full body Lipo and bbl..she recomended a tt but said its up to me... I informed her I'm not coming no time soon for surgery so its not like Imma have loose skin unless I get surgery done now...which is why im booking in December so I will have enough time to lose weight and tone up...so as of right now yily it is until I hear from Duran..but I was told Duran has been the pick and choose type lately...sooo we will c.!

Smh..yily is out

So I still haven't heard from Duran...my friend had been emailing her for months and no response..so she decided to email her and say nevermind she will take her money elsewhere and Duran responded back n less than 2 minutes saying ok...like Wtf? If ur picking and choosing who u want to work with then just let someone know! So I am going to c if I get a quote from her... Just as I was deciding on who I was going to I'm back to square one... Yily is OUT!!! She isn't working after the 3rd week in November..she is pregnant (confirmed, I called the office) she will not be back until 2014... Ughhh so Durans prices will increase! So I decided to email Baez again..I know I know but she is the only one I'm willing to go to in DR other than Duran and Yily... I basically told her either u b $3k + richer or short a client... So make a long story short she gave me a quote without tt.! So I'm excited about that..so hopefully I c more of her work b4 December...I just want a big ass.! Ugh


Soooo I still haven't heard from Duran yet, so I have officially kicked her off my list.! It's ridiculous that people will receive a quote from her withing days and I still hadn't heard anything. So I wrote her on whatsapp and said what I had to say...n guess what? She responded instantly ..hahahaha GIRL BYE! I uploaded a screen shot of our convo... She had the nerve to say "girl please" haha... ANYWAY I am BOOKED for November 18th with Yily... I am EXCITED! I hate I even waisted my time looking at other doctors when it was Yily's work that I saw first and made me want a bbl.! So no Baez for me or DurASSHOLE.! Soon to be a Yily Doll.!!!
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