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After having many concerns about Dr. Llorente, I...

After having many concerns about Dr. Llorente, I have decided to go to DR with Medina. She is prompt in responding and I love her professionalism. Her results are great as well. I feel very comfortable with this dr.

I contacted her through whatsapp and she responded immediately (unlike Duran whom I have tried contact in a plethora of ways). I have heard nothing but great things about her and her reviews are amazing!

Need a surgery Buddy - MEDINA 3/7

OK! So,I just got confirmed with Medina for March 7th. She is super duper prompt in her response. I emailed her last night (Feb26th) and got confirmed in less than 24hrs! I super excited...now I need a surgery buddy!!!!

Medina is DA BOMB

You guys....do you realize that I scheduled, booked and paid for my March 7th surgery in less than 24hrs. Thats how fast Medina is....and trust...I was Bug-a-Boo. I reached out to Duran many many many times....and got nothing....even with Surgi-coordinators. This service is awesome! So far, she is living up to the hype (DR's little secret)....and her work is great. She responds by saying "dear, don't worry....we are here to help you"

Great SERVICE so far!

wish pics of abs and ass

So...another reason i chpse Medina is because i already have an athletic body with not much body fat...and im looking to chisel my abs more and get the banging bOoty. Once i have that i can focus on more lifting va. Cardio in the gym for the overall bangIing package!

May Have to Cancel

Well...I am waiting on family to update me on my grandmothers condition. She is not doing well at all and the Dr. says that we may have very little time with her....with this change in circumstance I may have to cancel my surgery and move it to another date. I am just waiting to hear from family on what exactly is going on...there are so many different accounts that I just need to get a clear understanding of the situation so I can know how to proceed. I will keep you posted.

Update - headed to DR

Hey dolls. So I literally in route to my flight to DR which leaves in about 1hr 45 min. My grandmother is doing much better (thank God) and i was able to check on her a couple of times before i left.

The past couple of days, i have have been vehimently trying to get my iron back up. My cycle came on thursday (crap) and i instantly knew my levels were going to drop. Ao, i have been trying to get like iron man over the last couple of days so i can have good labs.

Outside of that all is well. Im excited about things and nervous (mailnly necause i am travelling alone).

Once i get in, i will post photos of my journey and what to expect! Come 3/7 i should be a Medina Doll - God willing.

marias Recovery House

Well folks. Im here in DR. They lostbmy baf at the airport....so i have no items other than my bags. Leo - the driver was extremely helpful. Hebhelped me with my baggage claim and translated for me.

Lord these Dominican men are fine! Upon arriving at marias reciverybhouse we were greeted by Maria....she is very nice...and Yvette began to prepare food for us. So about 15 min into our arrival we were eating BTW Yvette can cook!

FYI Maria owns 3 homes here in DR!

Anyway...i go to medina at 5am tomorrow.

Recovery House Tips

When staying at the recovery house here are a couple of things to be aware of:

Dont pay in full: once you get her into pay for a couple of days (if thry allow you to) and then ask if you ca extend it. Why? Because you very well may choose to leave and go elsewhere. So, aksing for a redund of cash can become a diffilcult thing. So always...keep your options open.

2. Talk to the other girls...ask questions amd keep contacts....but Dont let their experience become yours...and if you get paired up with a negative betty...request to be moved...vibes and energy are everything and you need good ones.

3. The "help" is not the "help" so dont treat them like slaves. Give them respect and bring tipping money (this country is All About The Benjamins Baby)

4. Keep email records and communication for price references

5. Make the most of your experience. If you are feeling better, dont be afraid tonaslnyour driver to take you to the beautiful beaches...you are in DR if your body is healing good and if you have the time...then see this beautiful country!!!!

Thats all right now!

At Ceclip @ 5am

So im here. Leo came to get me at 450am and took me to CECLIP. The decor here is beautiful and upscale. I am the 1st patient and im just sitting on the red couch filling out my admissions forms. Its still dark as they havent turnes on many of the lights yet. Dra Tania is not here yet...im aure i have labs and other things 1st. My only thing is that I have no clothes and that really concerns me a lot. Like...i have nothing and right now I dont want to be in a position where i have to use my just in case money to repurchase things i already have...damn you spirit airlines. Oh well... Im here now!

realtime updates via Realself/IG

So dolls...i am posting updates of my journey both here and on instagram
With short video so you can see whats happening here with my surgery as its happening. I was going to show what to pack....but....i have no bags. Anyway...the rooms at CECLIP are very nice and modern. Pleasently surpised. From what the other girls tell me....CECLIP is top of the line and CIPLA comes in an outdated 2nd or 3rd. Nonetheless....if you have chosen Dra Medina, you will fond out along your journey that you made the wisest and safest choice in dr who will give you the true results without comprimising your health....and you wont feel like you are on an assembly line. Anyway...see my journey on IG dramedina_doll.

Just met with Medina

So...i just met with amedina at 615am. She looked at me and was like "ypu dont have a lot of fat" (which inalready knew). She prepped me for my results and said...your butt will not be big (i didnt want big...just projection and seperation) so i was glad that we saw eye to eye on that matter. She greeted me with a hug and told me not to worry about my bag situation!

After that I saw the cardiologist....he was very nice...an older man who speaks perfect english. Ekg's came back fine. So far so good!

after pics

So here are the after pics...one thing i love about Dra Medina is she shows her work on snap chat and confidms that she is indeed the one operating on you. It Also allows you the opportunity to see your immediate results before the swelling his and skews you judgement. I am brut jalopy with my results. I did not have a lot of fat and since my cycle came my hemoglobin was 11.5. However Medina did because i had brut little fat and did not desire a "big" butt, she would do the surgery and remove 2 liters. ( though she didnt think i even had 2 liters if fat to remove. I am happy!

4 week PO update

Hi Everyone, So my healing is going great! My body is adjusting and swelling ia going down. Dra. Medina is awesome still...she checks on me and responds promptly to my concerns even while in the states. Well...here are some side by sides. I was concernes that my results werent drastic...but when i look at it i am very
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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