Vanity Doll Dr Anthony Hasan Did My body Wonders !

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Hello , iv been trying to contact Duran for almost...

Hello , iv been trying to contact Duran for almost 2 weeks now! she has not gotten back to me iv tryed calling and sending emails to both!! im getting very frustrated because im 100% sure i want to go through with this procedure and iv been waiting foreverrrr to find out any info !! does anyone know a way i can contact her ?!? Trying to go get booked for March 2014!!


other good surgeons in DR??!

Does anybody know of any other good surgeons in the Dominican Republic other than Duran or Yily? Since Im having such a hard time contacting them ?

hmm curently doing some research on Dra Baez

so since i still have not heard anything back from Dra Duran i am doing some research on another doctor in the DR that caught my attention she like Duran and Yily is good at liposculpture and in giving that beautiful curvy small waisted look, im gonna go ahead and send her an email with some questions and current pictures and see how long she takes to reply back to me.

Iv changed my mind ! Dr Salas it is !

So after searching and searching doctors iv finally come across a doctor in Miami who does BBLs with Dominican Republic prices !! I'm so super excited iv seen some of his work and on the website provided it seems he has alot of experience and is highly educated so i sent in an email on Sunday , today I got a reply to send pictures so I can receive my quote ! I sent in my pics and also wish pics I asked a few questions now I'm waiting for my reply & my quote ! Excited finally this is moving along !

Can't wait to become a Salas DOll !! TEAM SALAS;)

So I spoke with Jessica from Vanity and she gave me my total , Salas quoted me 3500$ due to a special for Black Friday !! It would have been 4000$ but anyhow , Im sending in my deposit for 1000$ on Friday in super excited !! Ladies if you are lookig to go with Salas the prices will be going up in january due to tax season ! Salas answered all my questions and was helpful in every way now to start getting supplies ! I'm def Gonna need some help on what I'm going to need to bring with me ! One step closer to my journey girls :D

Here are some current Photos

Ugh gross can't wait to see no fat on around my stomach and to have a better rounded bootay!

Dr Anthony Hasan Vanity Cosmetics

its been a while since i have updated just been very busy with preparing for the holidays . so my sx is booked for march 8th 2014 ! Its official i have sent my deposit in to Vanity Cosmetics last week i sent 1000$ and im going to send another 1000$ after the Christmas break! im super excited yet nervous because its really happening now, Ok so iv been keeping contact with Jessica Garcia who works for Vanity shes actually been really helpful and has replied to every email answering all of my questions . I was originally suppose to go with Dr Salas bus after sending Jessica my wish pics she recommend i go with Dr Hasan because he is best at sculpting and giving that hour glass small waist figure! if anyone has been to Vanity for sx i would like to hear your experiences because as we all know its hard to find any of the doctors from Vanity and their work on RS.

What to bring?! HELP!

trying to make a list of things i should bring with me for my sx.. some help please?

Hotels to stay ?!

so since im bringing my mother along with me to avoid the extra 1500$ RH cost. i need some suggestions on near by hotels to stay at ! help plzzz

Ready for Vanity !!

Sorry haven't updated in awhile anyhow everything is payed as of last Friday ! I'm ready to go my surgery date is For march 17th!! I am very anxious .. So far my experience with Vanity has been good I have not had any problems Jessica from vanity has been awsome ! Answered every question I had to ask . Now it's just the waiting game , counting down the days !! I'm ready for you Dr Hasan

Has anyone stayed at the RH provided by Vanity ???

Please let me know .. Looking for a good RH to stay at

Less than 2 weeks !!!

Hello my RS sistas it's less than two weeks before my surgery !!! I am so excited . So finally I decided to stay at the RH provided by Vanity I payed 2000$ but it includes almost everything il need for my stay . Ticket is booked everything is coming together just need to pack and wait ! I have everything il need its only the waiting game now .. I fly into miami friday the 14th my blood work the Saturday morning .. il be staying at a hotel until monday the 17th and that will be my surgery day I will keep y'all posted xox ! Any questions pls ask

2 days and I will be in Miami !!

So I've been running around getting laSt minute things .. And finishing packing suit case as I type this .. I am super excited not sure if I'm nervous anymore I just want it done and Over with !! My best friend Is still coming along with me and I've been in contact with both Jessica and Pricilla who is the recovery house coordinator and everything is ready and set I will keep you guys posted , xo !


I am finally here ! I had a great flight no problems at all .. Iv contacted Jessica to know I had arrived the recovery house assistant Pricilla will be picking me up from my hotel tomorrow morning at 9am to bring me to the clinic for my blood work ! I am super excited ladies Monday Is right around the corner! As for now me and my best friend are going to do a little touring until Monday : )

Finally !!

So my whole experience Was amazing .. The only problem for now is that they prescribed me Tylenol with codeine only instead of perks I rather the perks because I wouldn't feel as much pain . I am in pain but it's tolerable I am soo happy with my results ladies Hassan is amazing !!

All Shape ! Woooh

I am very swollen tomorrow I will have my first massage and clean my garment so I'll be able to pose better pictures

First massage

Hurt like hell but I do feel a bit better here are some pics , still very swollen !

The false things I read on this site

I came across a girl trying to put out there that Dr Hasan is not board certified LOL . Iv done my research long before deciding to go with Hasan , I know for a fact that he is board certified so ladies please don't let the negative comments get to you , I mean you can't believe everything you read on this site !

Dr hasans certificates

And yes I took pictures of the certificates located on his wall in his extremely classy clean office. :)

2nd massage

Today I went in for my second massage , still a bit painful but defiantly feeling better . The masseuse at vanity is such a sweet heart although she doesn't speak much English she was gentle and made sure I was comfortable during the whole massage .

Still really swollen but loving my shape ;)


More pics for ya

Healing has been tough I didn't expect it to be this rough but I know it's all worth it ! I'm feeling better everyday , back is still numb and I'm still swollen any tips to help swelling ?

I'm obsessed ! Lol

As you can see I'm a pic poster I will be posting pics probably every day


Kiss your sleep goodbye

I wake up every 2 hours it's hard for me to get comfortable .. Can't wait yo be healed this is a tough process . Be prepared ladies

Day 6

Hey girls I am feeling a lot better my back is still a bit numb and at night I'm still waking up every 3 hours but I am getting better my body isn't as sore anymore and swelling is def going down slowly but surly also my incisions are healing Iv been undying a little bit of pollysporin because when wearing the garment they tend to dry up & stick so it can cause scab to rip off ( sorry sounds kinda gross) . I cannot wait to be able to sit / sleep how I want to that's the only annoying part lol I leave Miami tomorrow to go home yay ! I finished all my massages and ladies I recommend you get your massages at vanity !


Also ladies I recommend you get the arnica gel it works wonders and has really helped with swelling !

Pics pics

Day 9

Healing well , everything is going good so far, my garment is starting to fit loosely so I am in the process of ordering a smaller one . My only problem at this point is lower back pain & pain in abdominal after laying down . Anybody know any suggestions to help with lower back pain / numbness ?

13 days

Hey dolls ! I'm feeling a lot better now I still have some discomfort in my lower back but in sure it will go away in due time .. I'm sleeping through the whole night and it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet ! I'm loving my results and my shape .. Just wondering when it's safe to go back to the gym ??
Miami Physician

Dr Anthony Hasan, vanity cosmetics Miami FL

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