Miami vs. Domican Republic?

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To start off, I am 21 years old, 5'1, and about...

To start off, I am 21 years old, 5'1, and about 135-140 lbs, not exactly sure because I don't weigh myself.
I've been looking at all these BBL reviews for the longest time and finally decided that I want to get one in the near future.As of right now, i'm deciding between Dra. Duran and Dr. Blinksi! I've opted out of Vanity because there are WAY to much complaints about that place that i'd rather not. I was set on Dr. Sej for the longest time but he is asking for a fortune! He also doesn't have much reviews on Realself and seems to post the same pictures of his work.

Not set in stone but like the title says, my top choices are Duran and Blinksi. Here's a bit of the pros and cons that I have found so far. If you have any input, it would be MUCH appreciated!

I am OBSESSED with her work. Talk about slim thick!
- SNATCHED waist. Have you seen her patients waists?! Jeeezus.
-THE BOOTY. The heart shaped, bubble butt booty. Perfectioooon.
- She is out of the country and in DR. I'm a bit hesitant to go under the knife out there. I've heard that some people have needed blood transfusions... like what? Yikes.
- She doesn't speak English well which will make communicating difficult and if I'm trusting her with my life, being able to understand each other clearly would be nice.
-I heard it was almost impossible to get a hold of her.

-He's in the US.
-He knows how to shape a butt and his waists are snatched.

- All his pictures on his website/IG are majority pictures right after surgery and rarely follow ups. I want to know how they look like when they are up and walking not on the surgery table. Did the fat stay? How do they look like actually standing?
- his work is just not as impressive as Durans.

If only Duran was in the US, it would be a no brainer then.

**Any feedback would be nice! Especially from those who have went through with these doctors of those who are also deciding which doctor to choose**

Should I get it during or after college?

This is the struggle...
I want the BBL now so I can enjoy it now. I have about 2 years left in school. I'm 21 and I want to feel confident about my body n o w.
But... I'm really big on academics. I don't know when I would get the BBL + heal without overlapping with school.
Paying for both school AND the BBL at the same time doesn't sound so hot either.

BUT waiting 2 years?!?! Ugh.

Any advice would be great. Any college students here?


I've been so busy with school , I haven't had the time to even think of this BBL lately! But I definitely still want a BBL.

Ive been thinking that its probably best to wait until after I graduate. Gives me time to save up and decide a doctor. Also, I won't have to worry about missing school.

As for doctors, I've been keeping up with Dr. Miami on snap and was maaaybe.. maybe doing him. Mostly for safety reasons. He does it so many times with no complication. Is it me or does the man always act like he's hyped up off of caffeine (or...) lmao!

Dr Blinksi is still on my list.
I'm not to sure about going to the DR for Duran anymore. but we'll seeeee!

Anyone thinking of these doctors or recommend one?
Suggest any other surgeons I didn't list, please!


Omg.... Just stalked a few Salama dolls and all I have to say is omg.

He knows what he's doing for sure! The only thing that scares me are the burns that some of the girls got from lipo.

Miami vs. D.R

So now.. the main question is: Do I stay in the states and go to Florida or do I go to the DR?

Any advice would be nice!
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