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Hi ladies, I'm new *waving* ..although I have...

Hi ladies,

I'm new *waving* ..although I have been lurking for some time! While lurking I've come to realise I was either going with Duran or Yily but as I don't want a TT and I'm fairly small framed I've opted for Yily as I feel she can give me the look I want! Being realistic for my body shape I believe Yaris Sanchez's shape would fit me! I want a teeny tiny waist and huge booty!

I'm from the UK as you can tell from my title so I just wanted to say hi and see if there are any other Yily UK dolls that have been that can give some advice here with travelling from UK etc or if there are any going or are contemplating it that can chit chat here with me about it!

I've sent Yily my email with my pics requesting a quote! Praying its reasonable as I need to save for this!

I was going to upload my pics here but I thought there's no point just yet until I'm nearer my date!

I intend on staying at the Jaqueline spa my friend who is not having any surgery ..well she wants to come to help me and visit DR is that ok within the Jaqueline spa that she stay with me there??

In my email to Yily I requested a brazilian butt lift, lipo to full back, armpits, arms etc and chin! The shape I need is a very very small waist and very big butt and smooth nice shaped hips! Like Yaris' I am 30 years old, I have 1 child, I weigh 154lbs, I am 5.3" tall. I don't know my measurements (thinking about it I've never ever known them)

So I guess I'm a Yily doll in waiting!

Hi again ladies xx

Yily got back to me today for everything I want...

Yily got back to me today for everything I want Lipo to full back, flanks, arms, chin, abdomen and BBL will be $3800 I need to decide on a date and pay my deposit also book a flight! I'm thinking about the first week in December giving me a realistic time to save for this procedure!
I've added my before pics from now although I'm not going for procedure so soon! But I thought I'd add them as a reminder of my end goal and what I'm saving for!

So I'm still waiting for Yily to reply about how...

So I'm still waiting for Yily to reply about how to pay my deposit from UK as I'm having a hard time!
And as for flights...ugh! I want a direct one to Santo Domingo from UK but can't find one so far so I shall keep looking! Punta Cana is the best option I think! Anyone know how much 'roughly' a flight from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo is??
I plan to stay at JMSpa so I need to get in contact with them!
...And I finally measured my self with the aid of a YouTube how to video and well it was rather depressing lolI'm 38-30-42 I need that waist measurement to come right down to 25 or 24 pleeeeease Yily make my waist teeny tiny! i
It's taken my nearly 3 years to put on this extra 2 stone in weight I wished it went to the right places instead of my stomach! I plan to loose about 10lbs before surgery as my face is looking round lol and I think I'm going to cancel my chin and arm Lipo as I don't think ill need them after a 10lb weight loss but we'll see! ( I still want my armpits Lipo'd though as hate that roll while wearing a bra)
Anyone know the latest price break down for Yily BBL, chin Lipo, arm Lipo etc? as I've been told and have read different amounts on here!

So here I am today wondering if i should switch to...

So here I am today wondering if i should switch to Duran as i'm not sure if Yily can give me that side profile projection I want! I need some fat transferred to the bottom of my butt cheeks as well.. Not just the top and sides! but then there are not many pics of Durans BBL work most are of her TT work! I need side profile pics of her BBL work! Anyone??

I've seen a couple of her pics where the hips look sort of squared/boxy shaped front the front and back view I really can't be doing with that!
I was so set on Yily I think the time its taking for me to get this deposit to her has left room for doubt now! uh oh! I don't know what to do! ugggh! I need to do more research I guess!

Is it best to get a consultation to Duran through Facebook? as i've seen a lot of comments that she is slow in replying! ..but then again i'm still waiting for a reply to some question from Yily!

Square/boxy pics ive seen were of Durans* but...

Square/boxy pics ive seen were of Durans* but thats just my opinion of some that ive seen!

Chosen to remove my pics until I'm closer to my date!

Chosen to remove my pics until I'm closer to my date!

Yily, Duran or Cabral hmmm....

Yily messaged back with new quote of $3300 (without arm and chin lipo) thats pretty good! but she says she doesn't do group discounts 0_o ...i'm sure I read that she does on several posts!

Duran still hasn't replied

Im also looking into Cabral his work is amazing but his past not so great! I need to see if he has improved/ re-trained etc he gives the tiny waist and big booty he's like Yily and Duran rolled into one!

She replied!

Duran has quoted me $3800 (would include the $500 non refundable deposit) for Lipo of full back, armpits, abdomen and BBL
Now waiting for quote from Cabral.

Decision time

Cabral got back to me with a quote of $3800 which is good that's with Lipo of full back, armpits and abdomen and fat graft for BBL if I add my thighs it will of course increase! I hate the cellulite at the back of them so I may add them.. But then again my thighs are not thaaaat bad like my arms aren't thaaaat bad I don't know as yet! I don't want too much done I think and I don't want a transfusion I know arm Lipo produces more blood loss! Or should I get both done and get it over with! Well I guess I have plenty of time to decide!
Need to focus on getting a bit fitter as I literally do no form of exercise at all, I used to be quite active before I decided to gain this weight! I feel so sluggish now!
...Anywho goodluck to all those ladies with upcoming surgeries and happy healing to those that are post op xx

Where to stay..?!

Well after reading reviews about Yasmin's fiascos and Jacqueline's having hit and miss reviews I think the better option is a hotel and hiring a nurse! Taxi and ordering in food or hiring a cook maybe! I think I'd def need a buddy or travel with family/friend!
Had a look around came across Hodelpa! ..anyone familiar with this hotel? Is it far from Cipla? Is the food good? ...Etc?
Sounds like all this will probably add up to more than the recovery houses but I'd rather recover with as much ease and peace as possible!
No closer to deciding which doc atm, I'm taking my time to mull it over and research as much as possible!

Can't decide...

Well I'm still unsure about which doc to go with! Every day it's a different one! Even considering Dr Shulman as I like the curve he gives to the bottom of the butt cheeks! But he costs a lot more than DR docs!
Out of the DR docs I think Cabral is the top contender for me!
Can Cabral do that curve Shulman does? I need to see pics! Looking around at reviews I'm seeing that the Ann Cherry butt out faja appears to help with this curve too! ;0)
Oh and while I'm on the subject what I write in my review is purely my opinion no offence intended!!
Good luck to all the upcoming BBL etc SX Dolls xx

Narrowed it down..

I've narrowed it down to Cabral or Duran!

Cabral- I haven't seen much of his work but the one that I've seen on here looks real good, his fb are hard to judge as they could have been done by other docs, but I need to see more of his work before I can be sure about choosing him! Also he requires no deposit!

Duran- I've seen lots of her work she gives nice waist and butts but the hip contouring I'm not so sure about as my weird shaped pointy hips are my problem area! She requires $500 deposit!

Dr Baez came to my attention but I can't see much of her work! And also Dr Bello but again I haven't seen much of her work! So for now it's Duran or Cabral!

Cipla on a Sunday...

Is cipla open on a Sunday to do pre-op tests? I wanted my SX for the 2nd Dec which is a Monday I'd arrive Sunday 1st Dec.. but are they open for tests then? If not I'm going to have to rethink my date I guess!

Made up my mind...

Cabral is my doc! :0)

Travel buddy...

Hi ladies, if you are from the UK and going around the same date as me or even if your not from the UK and have your surgery at Cipla around the same date as me and need a buddy please inbox xx

Approximate cost

So in calculating everything my total cost will run approximately as follows...
$3800 BBL
$1100 flights (£700)
$1000 RH/hotel & taxi's
$500 misc (faja/meds)
- $6300 TOTAL (approx)

Which is like £4000 (approx)

Ok i'm probably going to sound really dumb...

Excuse me if I sound dumb or ignorant but I honestly don't know the answer!
Can I ask you ladies.. with aggressive lipo what happens to your stomach if you then go on to get pregnant.. Does the skin stretch more causing sagging and stretch marks more than if you had not had lipo? or does the skin revert the same or better after pregnancy?

A little update

Well nothing much to update other than every other day I'm chopping and changing my mind from Duran to Cabral and back again! Ugh I'm getting on my own nerves with it! Lol
..Well I've started taking the vitamins suggested; B complex, iron and vitamin C I think my body needed them anyway! Ill take folic acid nearer the time!
I've bought a few little bits and bobs like toiletries wipes etc I'm taking my time with buying stuff as my dates a while away and in regards to clothes to take.. I refuse to buy anything new to wear out there I'm taking maxi dresses that I already have! I always over spend and overpack for holidays but this is no pleasure holiday this is business lol
Lots of financial pressure at the moment as I as always seem to bite off more than I can chew 'silly rabbit' hopefully I can work this chaos out pronto and get BBL saving!

Wish pics

Bar humbug

Well I attempted to get dressed to go out tonight and I just looked crap in everything I tried on so I didn't bother going! My butt looked ok its my tummy & back fat! Ugh! Yack!
I am more determined than ever to get this BBL!
..Onwards and upwards ayyyy!

My problem areas

Trying on clothes today ..not a happy bunny! Roll on BBL

Weekly update...

I'm sticking with Cabral he's responded promptly to all my questions & queries from the get go! And his results are amazing!

Excited for (((Jenn85))) her date is this tuesday! She's about to be a Cabral Barbie (So excited for you honey! Prayers, blessings and love at ya!) Xx

Santo Domingo hotels

Can anyone recommend a good and decent priced hotel near cipla that caters for a nurse to come over!

Pre op hotel

I thought I'd amend my hotel post!
I'm staying at real recovery after SX but need a hotel prior to SX
Found my lovely buddy now and were hopefully going abit sooner than original December date! ..In November!
How do I change my doc on here? I'm not going with Yily anymore!

Do you think I need arms Lipo

Honest opinions ladies do my arms need Lipo I'm currently 154lbs I plan to loose maybe 5-9lbs for SX my arms are a lil tight in jackets now!

More pics


Yay admin managed to change my doc...

My doc is now changed to hector Cabral for my review I'm happy now I can give a fair review of my experience on here!
I'm excited and looking forward to my turn! I'm saving everything I can to get there in time for November 5th! This Stella is ready to get her groove back lol xx

Saving saving saving

I'm currently in saving mode for this SX here's some more wish pics of mine! I need Papa Cabral to give me laterals like these lovely ladies...

I've been Mia...

Hi Barbies, I've been Mia as I've been saving for holidays and SX! I've taken on more work so I'm uber busy still getting my SX hopefully with Cabral (yes I'm aware of recent events) unsure when I'll get it done now due to holidays and needing recovery time! But I'll keep y'all posted xx

Date change

Hi ladies,
Working 60 hours (self employed) a week now to pay for all my vacations and SX I've had to be realistic and change my date until A) I have all the money together comfortably without breaking the bank and.. B) once my vacations are out the way I can maybe slow it down with the work abit and focus on my body! With all these hours I've not been eating right nor taking my vitamins! I've probably gained weight too but I haven't had time to even step on the scales! But I'm determined to get my body right! Ready for summer here in the UK!

Re considering my doc...again....!

Hi ladies,

Well I'm here still saving! So I have only half of one of my vacations left to pay for and only 1 left to go on before SX to my grandmothers homeland Cuba yayyyy, but I am reconsidering my doc again!
I booked in with Cabral march 31st ..but I'm thinking about Duran again! Decision purely based on the outcome of their work!
I love Cabral waist, hips and booty volume, but I love and need that hangtime line Duran gives! her waists and booty volume is on point too and I already have hips! I've seen a lot more of her work and prefer what I'm seeing of her work right now! I haven't completely decided! But will update if I do make the switch! If I switch to Duran I will prob go around April!

...Any one know the best way to contact her??....

I'm changing docs again!

Hi ladies, uh oh! I changed my mind again! I want to go to Duran!
I'm loving her results more!
If anyone can add me to an informative, drama free Facebook group please do! I want to send her my deposit and book my flight this month! So need all the help I can get! I know I'll need to call her assistant to confirm dates etc as she's so busy!


Duran gives under booty curve but Cabral gets lasting fat and projection! I'll decide when I get to DR!

UK DR Dolls Facebook group

Inbox me for details this group is for UK DR dolls helps with flight info etc all drama free UK DR dolls welcome

2 months to go

Hi ladies, quick update...
I have about 2 months to go until my SX I'm still saving, eating healthy, taking my vitamins and slowly buying the lil bits and bobs that I need to take with me to DR
My hemo is 13.5 at the moment which is good so I just need to maintain it!

2 weeks PO

I don't have a detailed review just yet! I'm just checking in.. But I'm 2 weeks PO I'm happy with results Cabral gave me so fat so good! I stayed at Cipla for my entire stay and it was good!

2 years 2 rounds with Dr Cabral

Hi ladies,

I haven't posted in a while and I WONT be posting pictures, but I do want to give my review on my experience.

I had round 1 in May 2014 I looked great but lacked laterals as much as I wanted.

I had round 2 in December 2015 he gave me everything I wanted and more. I feel I look better than my wish pics now, round 2 I also had chin lipo, arm lipo and fat filled to my top lip (it did not completely last 'thankfully' as it swelled so much) it is better than before. My BF calls me 'a problem' lol

I plan to have another round in a few years after more babies.. (TT, BL and vaginoplasty)

For now I am focuses on getting Rhinoplasty, braces and under eye filler (perhaps fat filled)
Dr. Hector Cabral

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