Robles Doll coming soon 7/30/14

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I already had lipo and fg earlier this year...

I already had lipo and fg earlier this year w/DrPantoja and Im satisfied with my results however i want to feel eXcellent about my results.
This time around I want BA/BL TT/MR Lipo to my outer thighs to contour my legs since i have saddle bags. Lipo to upper back n arms. Fg to hips and butt. WHEEWW that sounds like alot and crazy yet im hoping possible that I can get all this done in one procedure. Yily advised that its possible as long as my hemogoblin levels allow her to.

******If anyone reading have had all these procedures done in 1 plz share the good and the bad. I know in Mx its possible.***********

ALSO so far im going alone but hopefully that will change since my sx is bout a year away. What im hoping for is to meet girls that are #TEAM-YILY so we can share experiences, pics, news etc about her as well as find me a*** travel buddy***. Ive seen a couple pics of actual patients and the pics she have on her website and have to admit that im extremly happy w/what I saw and hopeful. I asked for more pics of what i specifically want and the look im going for and basically she couldnt do that for me : /. Other than that Im content with my decision.


3 procedures in 1 surgery in D R any1 else

Hy all!!
Its been a while since I've posted due to life changes however Im baaaack and ready for my R2.
I'm getting TT, BL/BA Lipo w/FG scheduled June 16. Any one else get all 3 procedures in one? If so how was your experience? If anyone else is going around this time let me know maybe we can link up.
Wishing everyone a complication free surgery.

Travel Buddy Wanted!

Hy ladies
My date is coming soon and I would like buddy to travel with. Im leaving 5/18 sx on 19 to Duran. If there is someone who is dead serious about having sx, deposit paid, money saved, and have arrangements at home for their kids like I do let me know. Im very reliable and def not changing my mind and looking for the same... I see that there are not many going around this time but this time is perfect for me cus I'll be on Summer break then. Hopefully I have some luck finding a buddy if not im going regardless...

A death! either Yily or Duran! oh to much drama anyone want my date of 5/19 w/Duran hit me up

Hy Ladies,
Due to the recent death and drama surrounding the death of Treena Jackson I will not have surgery in DR. There is to much drama and misled info surrounding the death of who was her Doc and how she honestly died which imo means that someone is covering up the truth in order to keep the $$$ coming from girls they want to not be concerned of their health and safety..
I'm disappointed in myself because I was never one to jump on the bandwagon of the most popular doc in their midst of 15min of fame. I asked God to show me a sign and have received it unfortunatelyit took Treena Jacksons life to show me this sign ( may God rest her soul and comfort her family) on this note I will give my date w/Duran 5/19 away for my $250 deposit that I have down.

If anyone is interested in having this date of May 19 w/Duran let me know.

Robles Barbie 7/30/14!! TT lipo FG

Hy ladies.. As I sit here at home my only thoughts is my surgery. My anxiety is at an all time high and all I want to do is have a sip or should I say a cup or two of wine to calm me down. Honestly I had some earlier and promised myself no more until weeks if not months after sx. I'm not nervous just anxious. I'm content in my decision. I will admit that my fiance doesn't agree and thinks I'm going back to MX. Yes ladies I leave next week and have yet to tell him I'm going to DR instead. However I posted on the fridge all the information on the RH and Doctor I'm having Sx with and evening my flight details. This man apparently hasn't glanced at any of this as much as he goes into the fridge. So far I've been taking the iron and vitamin b complex along w/a prenatal vitamin.
Bags are packed. Still need to get a few more item's, especially compression socks which I will wear on my going and returning flight . I choose Virginia RH based on reviews. If anyone is going around the same time as I please let me know. . I also ask that you all keep me in your prayers TTYS


Here are a few preop pics. Also as stated I had lipo and fg 2012 in Mx. Since then I've had two kids as recent as 2013. Lipo played a major role in my stomach now.

Stomach laying on side : /

If you want a Bigger Butt w/your Tummy Tuck Robles isn't the doc to go to

As of today I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op and I'm highly disappointed and upset with my results. I'm in tears as I type. I keep looking in the mirror hoping what I'm seeing would magically change. I was to have a tummy tuck w/FG to butt. I asked that she take my shelf down some so my butt wouldn't look like its on my back. As mentioned in the beginning i had lipo and fat transfer of 1300cc 3rd ago. Made a huge difference in the size of my butt. Ifelt like no matter Robles skill level she ccouldn't mess up my butt adding all my back fat to my butt. Well unfortunately for me I honestly don't believe she added any fat to my butt just shaped it which meant her taking away from my butt by lowering my shelf. I asked her to fill in my bottom butt to the max giving me that upside heart shape. In frustration and determined to prove myself wrong I've been trying on old clothes especially those that hv made my butt look bigger than it is and it looks smaller than before going to Robles. People who have seen me; Co workers my Sis and Mom although they don't know I got fat graph not one mentioned a change in the size if my butt. And to think I was go have to explain the increase in my butt size due to butt workouts...
If having a nice size butt along with your Tummy tuck is very important as it was to me going to Robles is a bigger miss then hit. Now I'm planning a R3 to fix hersorry excuse of a fat transfer to butt. As far as my tummy tuck iI'm still swollen. I love how I look from the front; my waist is noticeably smaller however from the side I look about 6 months pregnant.
As much as I know of Cabral past; I feel he is the only one skilled and aggressive enough to give me the butt of my dreams and shape me like no other. I'm also considering Duran and Yily who I should have went with in the first place.

Until next time ladies. I'll keep this post updated
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Robles Doll 7/30/14 will rate her post op

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