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Okay so I've been super obsessed with this site...

Okay so I've been super obsessed with this site for the last few months and today I made a huge decision. I woke up and said Im'a just do it lol Called Dr. Mejias office and after finding out they had a special if you booked and arrived before the first of May I decided to buy a plane ticket and schedule a surgery date for this week!! I'm leaving in 48 hours. I'm super nervous (of course after I made such a bold move) about going to DR for surgery especially since I'll be traveling by myself. But I already have a passport that I've never used so why not? His staff has been super helpful thus far and we have been able to communicate very well in almost perfect English. The round trip flight is paid for and the deposit is also. After 3 kids my booty is just not what it use to be. I will be getting a BBL w LIPO of abdomen, back and flanks. I want my waist to be snatched. Keep me in your prayers dolls!

Leaving soon

So I woke up feeling better today but my nerves still have the best of me because I can't stop going to the bathroom. I'm going to pack today and look up anything I may need when I get home. I also want to run out and get some iron and vitamin pills as they will NOT preform any surgeries on you if your blood work isn't right. I should note that the price above was the VIP package and not only covered the surgery but also the RH which I'm staying a week in and includes all meals and the transportation to and from the clinic the airport and the pharmacy etc. I got my deposit paper today thru email. Everything is set and ready to go. If I get everything done the same day I land I will be having surgery on Fri instead of Saturday which gives me an extra day for recovery before I head home. I will be staying at the Rocio Ortega RH which has all good reviews and has a medical staff present at all times so I feel a bit better about the whole thing. Will be adding pictures soon.

DR Trip

Missed my 2nd flight because I landed late. Not happy about that but made it too Miami and this means I'm only one stop away. The nerves have left and replaced itself with pure excitement. I can't believe I'm doing this solo ???? I hope everything else goes as planned. I'll be arriving late so I'm not sure I'll be able to get surgery tomorrow as planned but we'll see. Should still be able to fit some testing in. Well dolls wish me luck. Next stop DR!!????

Landed....and ready

I know I'm going to miss a few details but I didn't want to leave you girls out of all the fun.. After a long 6 hr lay over in Miami I was finally off to DR. As soon as I got on the plane I was a little overwhelmed as I don't speak fluent Spanish. you have to fill out the customs forms before you land so make sure you have a pen handy. Also when you get off the plane make sure you get that tourist ticket before you do anything else. The process was fairly easy. My driver Jay was late but after talking to him you can't be mad. He was super sweet and spoke pretty good English. We went straight to the doctors office were I finally met Mr Mejias himself. The rumors are true ladies he's super handsome and smells good too lol. Dr. Mejias made me feel very comfortable and was upfront and honest about what he thought I should do. I had a TT in the states before my last baby and Mejias suggested I also get a revision done in order to Acheive the results I so badly want. Sooooo on top of the Bbl and Lipo I will also be getting a mini TT revision which only came out to $500 more. After my consultation I was taken to get some food and then straight over to get X-rays done. It was about 9pm when I was told that my RH had changed. I wasn't too happy about that but the house was actually nice and so far the ppl here are nice too. I met another Mejias doll that got her surgery done on Monday (bbl and Lipo) and she's looking niceeee. We decided to share a room together till she leaves. I have to wake up early to get my blood work done but I was told not to eat or drink anything so as long as everything goes as planned and my numbers are good I will be getting surgery today! (It's 3 am now lol) my next update I will officially be a Mejias Doll????????????


Less than 48 hrs post op

Good morning dolls,
Surgery was a success!! I'm loving my new curves and can't wait till the swelling goes down. Got to the hospital at 9 am for blood work and saw that I would be Dr.mejias 3rd surgery that day. He usually only does two a day but he is going on a business trip next week so I think he's doing one or two more than usual. Got a room at 12 after waitin around. Got marked up for surgery and changed into a gown. Doctor Mejias was so patient with me and made sure I understood everything that would be happening. Nurse put IV in. Decided to take a nap because I didn't sleep the night before (super excited). Woke up at 2:00pm and he was still in surgery. Was a little frustrated because I was not allowed to eat or drink anything and here I was 15 hrs after my last meal and last cup of water. Finally right before 3:00 pm the nurse came in with the magic blue pill. I decided to go back to sleep to fight my hunger pains and guess what....I woke up 13 hours later at 4 in the morning in the same room And bed with my faja and drain on from surgery. Lol I remember nothing. I was very cold and my teeth were shattering. This is where my only complaint comes into play....the night nurses were terrible. They didn't answer the call button at all and didn't speak any English at all. I just wanted someone to hand me my cellphone so that I could let everyone back home know that I was alive in well. When a nurse did come in she looked as if she had been sleeping. I finally found my phone and decided I didn't want to interact with the night staff anymore ever lol. Woke back up to the morning staff coming in and Dr. Mejias bringing me a beautiful rose. Breakfast was oatmeal,pineapples and pomegranate juice. Everyone was nice again. I swear Dr mejias checked up on me more than the nurses. Before discharge I let him know that I had a headache and he made sure I was seen by the anestesiologist who told them to put me on another IV. I was severely dehydrated. Mejias also told the nurses that I would not be discharged until after he was out of his next surgery and he personally made sure I was ok. Talk about attentive. Two thumbs up in this area. I was discharged around 2pm and made it to the RH where they had fresh pineapple juice made for me. Dr Mejias made sure I had all the medication I would need from antibiotics to pain pills. No prescriptions to pick up and no extra money involved. Was a little sore but felt pretty good. Besides the night nurses my surgery experience was incredible. Woke up today and felt good enough to write this review :)

3 days post op

Today was the worse day by far. For the last two days I've had a headache but today....the pain was excruciating and was located where the spine meets the neck. The staff at the recovery house was telling me not to cry while rubbing my back and that made me cry more lol mind you i deal with pain pretty good if you ask me. I decided to wait for my follow up appointment which was suppose to be that afternoon. (This is where they clean your incisions and give you your first bath). I promise you I was sore from surgery yes but in pain from surgery no. The only thing that hurt was my head. I took my pain meds w antibiotics and food in the morning. Went back to sleep because it hurt so bad and was woken up for lunch. I literally had 3 grapes and couldn't stop throwing up. My fluid intake was great btw. I love water. As soon as we got to clinic appointment team mejias took over. It was a long wait again about three hours. But Paola made sure I was in a room so that I could lay down and given an Iv just in case. When the doctors got out of surgery they decided that they needed to transfer blood from point a to point b where the majority of my pain was located. As unthrilling as a needle near my spin sounds I was desperate to feel relief. One hour later and I was being walked into the operating room(mind u I don't remember going my first time) and an hour after that waking up feeling 90% better than when I walked in. Got sent home and ate dinner without a problem. Even sleeping in a regular bed tonight. ???????????????????????? hopefully tomorrow I can reschedule the appointment I missed because this girl is in need of a massage.

Still super swollen but some pics

Finally feeling like myself.

Woke up feeling amazing!!! Swelling starting to go down even though he said it'll be a few months. RH made an amazing huge breakfast and I got my first massage and bath from the clinic. I believe it's cheaper at the RH but In my opinion it was worth it. I don't know if it was the pampering or the sunshine or the fact that I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror or it feels like I'm getting back to me period. Just said my goodbyes to dr. Mejias as he will be leaving today on a business trip and returning after I depart. Told him I would be back to see him again in the future lol

Good bye Drains...1 week post op

Yesterday my drain was taking out. Although I'm happy it's gone I still feel some fluid in my stomach area. My problem is the faja I have is tight on my hips and thighs and booty but loose on my stomach where I need it the most. I swear the girls spent an hour trying to find one that fit me ???? hoping that I find one today at the store. They have a huge one here in DR called fajata that I was told sews certain areas so it better fits your curves. One customized faja to go please :) body is sore but the massages have been making me feel human again. Don't expect to leave here feeling like a model. I feel like I got run over by a box car...twice. Probably won't be back on till I hit the states. 24 hrs before my flight home and I actually can't wait. will be adding pictures as the weeks go by. Thanks for all of the love and support dolls ????

Back home

So the trip home was HELL lol customs in DR told me I was chosen for an inspection of my persons. I was taken to a back room and had to take off my dress and show them my lipo board. I was already expecting the most so this didn't bother me too much. However once I hit customs in the states UGH I was "randomly" chosen for a bag search where they pulled me to the side with the immigrants and I was interviewed extensively on my trip while they searched they my belongings. An hour later I went to catch my connecting flight and of course I had to go thru security again. Surprise surprise I was randomly chosen for a bag check AGAIN. I don't know about you but after three "randoms" I started gaining a bit of an attitude. At this point I was irritated and asked them for a wheelchair. They have me one after asking why I didn't ask for one when I got off. I explained to them that I was fine until I realized it was going to take me two hours to get to my flight with all their extraness. Finally I got to my last plane and guess what......I needed to go to the bathroom. Now this raja situation. Yes I got a better one that fit me but I can barely do a number one out of that little opening and the way I was feeling I knew I had to take the whole faja off. After returning from the bathroom I found out my plane had already boarded and was mins away from take off. Sigh _ long story short I'm home ladies and I'm soooo happy to be here. Looking into different places to continue my massages as I woke up extra sore this morning. I can not even walk straight up. That flight took a lot out of me. My stomach feels really hard. Dr Mejias has a doctor he works with that tracks your recovery process. She texted me this morning with all her contact info so that's another plus in my book.

2 weeks

Ugh I'm still sore and swollen. I was a little worried a few days ago because I was getting headaches but today I felt great. At least head wise. I'm just really excited and waiting for my stomach to go down. I've been keeping up with the massages at home and I think I have fluid in my stomach so I added a waist trainer on top of my faja for more compression. The healing process always seems so slow when you're going through it. Almost time to go back to work so I hope I feel better and fast. Lol

2 weeks post op pic

On the flatter side

3 weeks post tomorrow

3 weeks postop tomorrow

Vacation time

Haven't been on in a while!! It's been about 6 or 7 weeks since surgery. I lost track of time. Just booked my vacation to Miami. Two piece time!! Didn't forget about you ladies! I'm still loving my results. They get better and better everyday. I hands down would recommend Mejias to anyone. I can't wait to go back for round 2. Posting pics because I know that's what you ladies are really wanting. Soreness level from 1-10 is like a 2. Still slightly swollen. It gets worse as the day goes on but that's anticipated. I wear my waist trainer for hours on end. Will def get you dolls more pics later as well.


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