Dr. Hasan 2017 bbl and lipo

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Hey RS Sistas, I'm Brittani and I will be sharing...

Hey RS Sistas, I'm Brittani and I will be sharing my SX journey with you. I'm not able to get into my old account so I just made a new one. Ughh... But...

I will be having surgery March 2017 with Dr. Duran in the Dominican Republic!! I just received my quote on Friday September 16th and I am ready to pay my deposit. I'm just waiting on my friend to get her quote so we can book our surgery on the same day. Ladies stay positive on who you want to go to and if your mind is stuck on a surgeon, go with your gut.

Bbl & liposculture = $3900
Surgicoordinator fee= $200 (no way around it)
Total= $4100.00
Deposit is $250 + $200(surgicoordinator fee)=$450.00 to hold SX date

I was so undecided between a few different doctors like Fisher, Yily, Medina, & Duran and I already paid my deposit for Yily :-( but fuck it I'm going to Duran. She is the Queen!! Check out my list of expenses in my pictures. I tried to think of everything so I can know an estimated total.

Until next time ...

Switching to Dr.Hasan in Miami

Ok Sistas, this has been a hell of a journey for me already. As you know I have been in between a few doctors and Its crazy how stressful and important it is to choose the right Doctor for you. I have been so fortunate and lucky to receive quotes from all of my top doctors (especially Duran) but I got a deal that I could not pass up. I got a special for Dr.Hasan in Miami that just completely changed my mind about all other doctors . Dr Hasan is known for sculpting the body and gives you a Coca-Cola bottle shape . As everyone says they have been "Hasanafied" after he sculpts them . Lol. Well I got a special for 12 areas of lipo for $4000.00 !!! Yasss hunty !! And I added arm lipo for $500.00 extra. So $4,500.00!! Y'all I'm so excited!! Even though my top pick was originally Dr.Fisher because one of his clients are a client of mines and her body is the bomb.com, Fisher's prices jumped up so I decided to go to the D.R. But now after getting that special I'm super happy and ready to become Hasanafied .

I paid my deposit yesterday and I secured my date for surgery. I am going in March and I'm so fucking excited!! Now everything is going to be more affordable. I don't have to buy a $300 plane ticket, $145 passport, pay Duran's $200 for medicine, and all other fees. And I'm only 3 hours away from home. :-)

If anyone knows of a good apartment or hotel to stay in near vanity and maybe a nurse or a caregiver please let me know as I am not paying the high ass prices of Miami recovery houses. 

Well ladies it's been real and any question or advice I would love to hear. Until next time ...

Dr. Hasan March 2017!!

So my deposit is PAID for Dr. Hasan and my date is set for March 2017!!!im officially 5 months pre op!!!My friend and I both paid our deposits so we just need to find a place to stay and get our massages situated. We only plan to stay in Miami for 5 days 4 nights because we live 4 hours away and we don't think it's necessary to stay in Miami for a long time. I already found a good masseuse for our lymphatic massages in our area and I hear Marian from massage professionals in Miami is good so that's who we are using.

As far as my experience with vanity, lawwd help me. My coordinator acts like she has no clue of anything so I am about to switch. I heard good things about Leo and Margret but if you know of a good one please let me know ladies. As well if you know of an affordable hotel/apartment/condo that's close to vanity please let me know as well. I'm so ready for this surgery and I hope time flys by.

Oh yea. It's nice that you will receive a portal that will have your surgery countdown as well as your medical assistant for SX . It will have your surgery on the calendar which is good for reassurance that your date is secure !!

Massages Booked!!

So my friend and I just paid the $50 deposit for our lymphatic drainage massages . Surgery on March 10th and massages on March 11th and March 13th. We couldn't go on Sunday March 12th because they are closed. Sighh. But anyways I'm so excited ! We are going to @medicalmassageprofessionals and getting massages done by Marian which everyone talks about on here. She's the bomb.com and I only want the best results. Deposit was $50 and for two massages is $140 so we still owe $90 at the time of the first appointment. She does not travel so we would have to go to their office . To contact her you have to email her at miamimedicalmassage@gmail.com but it's best to just pay your deposit first then email to set your date. Hope this helps ladies .

Ughhh!! Eres/Vanity changed sx date

So ladies I am still here and promise to be here through out my whole journey. So I went onto my Vanity/Eres portal and seen that my date was no longer on the calendar !!!! I immediately called and spoke to my surgery coordinator and she said my SX date needs to be changed because Hasan will be on vacation . First off, why TF wasn't I notified and had to call myself to find this out? Secondly I already had my massages booked so y'all are completely screwing me. Third , will there be any other dates IN MARCH for me and my friend as we are going together for surgery? This is the bullshit I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with with them but I guess everybody goes through it. Now I am waiting for Hasan to come back so she can verify he will be gone my SX date and I will have to reschedule . As soon as I hear back from them I will notify you ladies .

SX date False Alarm

So in my last post you could see I was pissed but it was a false alarm. My surgery coordinator called back and informed me that Hasan will be available on my date and everything is still ok. I just made sure that if there was any changes I would be informed ASAP but just to make sure I will be calling every 2 weeks to make sure myself. Sad to say you can't trust them and I do not have time to find something out the last minute. So for now I'm still on for my surgery . I will update again if anything changes. Starting January is when I will be buying my supplies.

70 days till SX

Omg ladies it's getting real. Today it's officially 70 days until surgery. I honestly kind of been away from real self but the closer it gets I will be updating a lot more. Until next time

Officially 60 days till SX!!

Yessss bitchhhh . I'm officially 60 days till my surgery !! It's unreal . Time has flew by literally and it's all starting to get real. I keep thinking about the surgery. What will I look like etc. watching YouTube videos. Out of all the videos and pictures of hasan'S patients, I need him to serve me the body of Chene Monique. Lawwwd her waist is super snatched and her booty is perfect !!

My weight is currently 148 and I am 5'3 which puts my bmi at a 26.2. I'll take it. I really wanted to gain weight but at this point I'm ok with that size as I know it's ALL stored fat.

So my friend and I are having SX the same day and luckily she has a job at a hotel which gives her a free week at any extended stay hotel every year and she's been kind enough to let us use that which I am so thankful for. It's so nice to have a supportive person going through the whole process with you as everyone else I've talked to either was low key hating or didn't seem to care. At this point I don't talk about it at all which anyone else. But anyways we are going to stay at an extended stay for free and just bring my sister or mom to help us through SX and getting is around. We definitely are saving so much from not paying for stay nor a nurse . Honestly we might get a nurse for the first few days because I'm a little scared of not having one. But we will see.

Massages are book and our stay is being processed through the hotel so we are good. I haven't bought any supplies yet as I am waiting a little closer to SX . Maybe a month before or start buying little things here and there. But I definitely will start updating more ladies since I am officially 60 day till being mf'n snatched !!!!

Supplies!! Must read!!

Ladies so I've kinda been on Amazon looking for the best deals on supplies and trying to figure out everything I need and I must say this is stressful. I wrote a mini list but I felt like i was missing things. And I definitely don't want to get unnecessary items that I won't use. A doll on real self mentioned Diamond Care and Recovery and after looking at their ig and website all of my worries are over. They have packages with everything you need and they aren't overpriced at all. I figured why not just save time and a headache and order everything from them. I hit them up on ig and they said they will be having a special later this week on packages. So my friend and I will both be buying or recovery boxes as soon as the sale drops. The original price is 189.99. I hope this helps.

Website: diamondcareandrecovery.com
Ig: diamondcareandrecovery
Bbl+Lipo Package : The Barbie Box



*it gives you the option to choose your size compression socks and t-shirt

Supplies coupon code!!!

Ladies in my last post I talked about buying from Diamondcareandrecovery.com for all of my supplies and they finally posted the coupon code : " Birthday " for 10% off your order. So I will definitely be buying my Barbie package this week . Their recovery boxes are the bomb.com and are filled with everything you need. Check them out on ig @diamondcareandrecovery

Now the only thing I have to buy is arm compressions since I am getting arm lipo, my faja which I'm getting from medical massage professionals,and arnica tea.

Eres/Vanity f***ing sucks

Y'all I'm so pissed right now at Eres. Their whole payment process sucks. So yesterday I called to make a payment and they still didn't put it through and its now been 24 hours and they are closing in a hour and a half. All this money I'm sending in and they don't have a better payment process?!?! Wtf. My coordinator does not call back nor does she make it a priority to put my payment through. After you pay your suppose to get an invoice which she never sends and you have to call over and over again to get it. They seriously need to fucking change this. If it wasn't for me wanting Hasan as my surgeon I would go elsewhere because they are very bad with calling back and processing payments. I know Hasan only uses Eres for booking and payments but he needs to find someone else because the pre op part of your journey is already stressful enough and they just add on to it with this bullshit. Plus I called and asked for a manager twice and no one has called me back nor did they transfer me to one, they just transferred me to my fucking coordinator. Boy I'm not trying to get ratchet but I'm about to snap on Eres. I don't like my money being fucked with and I feel like they are trying me . It's not just me, my friend has the same problem every single time she pays.

Arm lipo???

So I added arm lipo for $500 and now I'm debating if I should actually get it. I hate how big my arms are and on top of that I have muscles from being involved in sports which just add on to how big they are. I want my arms as small as possible but I also know the arm fat counts in the amount of cc's they are going to take from my total body fat and my first priority is my stomach and waist. Ughh decisions decisions


Arm lipo: I decided to keep arm lipo because everywhere else is saying it's like 1500 and up for arm lipo so I mine as well keep it for $500 at vanity and get it all over with at once . I know I'm going to catch hell because I know you need arm strength after a bbl and I won't have any because of the arm lipo .I also need to buy arm compressions but I don't know which are the best to get. Any suggestions?

Supplies: I bought my supplies from diamondcareandrecovery.com so I'm waiting for my bbl package to come in so comment if you would like me to do YouTube reviews on the supplies package as well as my surgery journey. Now I only have to buy my arm compressions, my faja, and urinal.

Prescription: My friend requested both of our prescriptions for lab work and Eres emailed them to us. I booked our appointment at lab Corp on the date that is exactly 30 days from SX because that is the Max time it can be to take blood work for them to accept it. So if anything is wrong we have time to take vitamins and get out hemo or whatever else up.

Welp I am exactly 42 days till SX and its flying by. I'll do another update once I reach 30 days pre op. Ttyl

YouTube Reviews??

Ladies please comment if you would like to see an Unboxing review of my supplies from diamondcareandrecovery as well as a YouTube journey for SX. I see that their are not many ladies finishing their review on here, being detailed enough, nor making YouTube reviews so I thought I should. Especially for Hasan, I only seen one lady (chene Monique )make a review for Hasan and she was so helpful to me and I guarantee many other ladies. She kept it real and I respect that. From showing her results, to the process, etc. Part of me wants to just stay on realself and be as detailed as possible to help as many ladies out from being as clueless as I was when I first started my journey , but then another part says be visual and make a YouTube review to help even more. 80% of the reviews on here are not finished and it's aggravating af for the ppl that really need insight on trying to choose the right doctor or just getting detailed information about the whole process.I am a very private person and don't like many in my business but I'm willing to share MY journey. Comment on if you would like youtube tutorials for my Hasan journey.

Eres BBL Special

Eres has a special for $3500 for a bbl if any ladies are interested and haven't booked yet . It's only for 8 areas of lipo instead of the 12 areas but to me it's still worth it. I paid $4000 for 12areas of lipo and $500 for arm lipo. Hope this helps ladies.

Bought arm compression. Coupon code inside

Www.leonisa.com is where I bought my arm compression. Another girl on here recommended it and said it was made from Columbia and great quality. I bought a size s/m and got black. It was $25.00 and I got 10% off which made it $22.50 plus free shipping.
**coupon code : CANDY10

Dr Hasan License being Revoked is True!!!Please read Ladies

Ladies when I tell you I am furious right now!!!I woke up this morning and something told me to call Eres and confirm my surgery date March 10th after hearing all the rumors. First when I called I asked to speak directly to a manager but the lady Amanda said ok and transferred me to my damn coordinator Yohania. That's pissed me off for one. Secondly I told yohania I am tired of the rumors and asked her to be honest. She CONFIRMED THAT HASAN WILL HAVE 30 DAYS to finish surgeries which will be until FEBUARY 28th and all his surgeries in MARCH,APRIL,AND MAY WILL ALL (yes all) BE CANCELLED!!! AND RESCHEDULED JUNE. Y'all got me, my homegirl and everyone else fucked up!!! I asked Yohania how long did she know this as I should have been one of the First Ladies called as my surgery is in the beginning of March. She proceeded to say she knew since last week then when I said "are you serious you, knew for two weeks and didn't call anyone?l" she then changed it to "ohhh we only knew since this week(5 days ago)"..... STILL!! WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOU CALL AND LET PPL KNOW?!?! I was beyond livid. She then tried to say I can go to doctor fisher for an extra 1,000 (5,000 total) or switch to Dr Calva (3,500 plus 5 free massages) . I said hell no!!! I then asked what does she have in FEBUARY and she said she has one opening for Feb. 13th. Mind your my friend and I are both going together. After discussing the bullshit with my friend she decided to wait till June which Yohania said the first date open was the end of June and I told yohania I will take the spot in FEBUARY. Once confirming everything she changed my date to feb 16th( ohh o only thought feb 13th was available) I guess she made a mistake. I took my arm lipo off and will still go get it in June with my friend when she gets for Bbl done. My head hurts so bad right now from dealing with This today I had to leave work early. I had to make sure Yohania sent over all of the info for me to document my surgery in 11days. I feel so sorry for all the ladies , especially my friend that has been working her ass off to get this shit paid for. and I can't believe Eres would be so slow into letting ladies know the truth. Ladies please call your coordinator and reschedule your surgeries. As of now I would not recommend Eres to anyone at all . This has been a terrible experience so far. I am now 11 days pre-op which I don't even know how to feel about right now because I am so mad about this whole situation. Ohh my YouTube channel is Msbeautyboss so please subscribe and I will keep you updated with videos etc.

Hasan doll told me Hasan will be gone in feb. wtf

So I saw a doll on here that was scheduled feb. 28th and she said Eres called her to reschedule her surgery because Hasan will not be doing surgery in FEBUARY. What is the fucking truth!?! Because I was told FEBUARY is Hasan's last 30 days to do surgeries before his license is revoked. They rescheduled me and all. Trust and believe I will be calling Eres at 9:01 am in the morning and demanding a manager to give me the correct information. I will keep you ladies updated

10days pre op

So if Eres didn't fuck up my surgery date I am officially 10 days pre op. I can't even say I'm excited because I'm really not sure if I am getting surgery or not. I will be getting lab work done tomorrow at Labcorp. Yohania my coordinator sent my prescription via email to take to Labcorp for bloodwork. Since my SX date had been changed I hope my hemo is good. Every other day I have been taking iron pills so I hope I am cleared. I will literally be calling Eres everyday until my scheduled SX date to make sure I am still on. This by far has been the worse possible experience I have ever had. Thanks to Eres . My bag is packed. Will be back hopefully tomorrow with my lab results .

9days pre op

So today I went to Labcorp and got my blood work done. I went early because they prefer you to fast before getting it done. They took 4 tubes of blood . Omgggg I do not like needles!!! I hope I get cleared for SX. They say lab work takes 24/48 hours to receive results and they will send them to the office. I will be calling my coordinator tomorrow to see if she got it back yet.

I also called and had to demand to speak to a manager. I was transferred 3 times before getting one. I spoke to Claudia which was very nice. I explained how concerned and how pissed I was about the lack of communication and she apologized. One thing I do appreciate because no one else has been apologetic at all at Eres. She confirmed my SX date with me which is 9 days away and also confirmed Hasan cannot do surgeries until June. She said it usually takes 1-2 months for him to get his license back but they have told all patients 3 months (June) to be sure.

8days Pre op

So my bag is packed (uploaded pic) . Just waiting on my urinal and boppy pillow to come in. I found a yoga pillow that seems to be perfect as a boppy pillow (uploaded pic). I purchased it off amazon and it's buy one get one half off. I'm still waiting on my lab work to come back . I think this is the most nerve recking part because I hope my hemo comes back 12.0 or higher. I've never checked it before so I hope the iron pills I've been taking helped. Umm . Medical massage professionals gladly changed my massage dates with no problem . I love how professional they are , she also sent an email of my new massage times for confirmation. Ohhh I sent in my medical questionnaire to my coordinator Yohania . I have never had any health problems so I should be ok . I'm waiting for my lab work to come back before I book my stay at a hotel suite so I have no problems with Eres cancelling my surgery and not being able to get my money back for my stay . Sad isn't it . Smh. So Fingers and toes crossed lol . But I think that's it for today. Be back tomorrow for another update . Tyyl

Labs are Cleared!!!

Omg thank you god my labs are cleared and normal. My hemo was a 12.4 !! Thank god!! I went through hell this morning with the results. I called lab Corp customer service to see if they got my labs and they said yes they sent it to Eres . When I called yohania she said she never received it . Tf! Then I had Labcorp fax it again. Yohania still didn't receive it. So I called Eres 4 times to get in touch with yohania and she was busy every time plus she never called me back. Finally she answered and said she would call Labcorp , she did, got my results, called me back and said I'm cleared!!! Whoop whoop. I also had her email my results which I don't understand at all but the hemo part. Ughhh such a relief. So now I can book my hotel and I hope all runs smoothly. Also a lady called from Eres who does the massages today to make sure I had some arranged and I let her know I did with medical massage professionals and she said "ok great because those are important" . I wish I had been getting calls like this throughout the whole process. I've been doing all the damn work this whole time seems like.

Wish Pic

Here's a few wish pictures . I want a tiny tiny waist and a big ol bubble butt. I love the heart shape. I'm going to tell Hasan so transfer as much fat as possible to my butt and hips/laterals .

Before pics

Ugh I hate my shape now.

YouTube name is Msbeautyboss . Subscribe to my channel!!

So I have two videos up in my channel. My name is msbeautyboss so please subscribe. I'm trying to be as detailed as possible . If you have any questions please leave them below and I will make sure to talk about everything in my next video which should be next wed feb 15 (the day I go to Miami) .

4 days until SX !!!

So I have pretty much everything set in stone. I finally booked my hotel at Extended Stay America (the Miami springs location) it is 20 mins away from Hasan, has a full kitchen and also serves breakfast which I thought would be perfect. I emailed my coordinator and made sure there wasn't anything else I needed to do before surgery and also made sure my date is for sure on Thursday Feb 16th. She emailed back and said yes my date is secured and she will see me on the 15th for pre ops and to sign paperwork . Happy about that. I will say as the days get closer im starting to get a little nervous Just because this is a major surgery. I'm not too worried on Hasan because I know for sure he will deliver the results I am looking for. Just make sure you choose your doctor wisely because right before surgery you kind of start thinking a lot more then you did before. Will be back on the day I head to Miami!! Untill then sistahs

2 days until SX !!!

So excited and nervous at the same time . Here are my current measurements
Bust: 30"
Waist: 29.5"
Hips/butt: 36.5"

My goal waist is like a 25-26 and I want my hips/butt to be like a 42-44. I know Hasan can make it happen:-)
I will be leaving Wednesday morning at 5am to head straight to Eres . I am 4 hours away so I'm hoping to get there between 9am and 10am to do paper work and to do my drug test (50$).

Miami!! I'm HERE!!!!

So I got to Miami at 10am this morning. I am in Eres right now. I checked in and they asked for my I.d. ,gave me my receipt for my overall surgery, and I had to pay 25$ for my drug test which I do tomorrow before SX. I was immediately called back to a room and had to get naked and the lady took pictures of me. Now I am waiting to sign my life away lol. It's so many ppl in here it's crazy. I see like 3 dolls (only one from Hasan) that had surgery yesterday and she was walking around just fine. I wish they would hurry up so I can go to medical massage professionals to get my faja then I have to go buy food and check in to my hotel. Ohh yea I told my coordinator that I would be here between 9-10 and right at 10am she called me asking where I was. I let her know I was stuck in traffic by the airport area and she said ok just making sure .I really appreciate that... Will be updated later today so stay tuned . And I am also blogging for you ladies so I will have that video up tomorrow afternoon after SX.

The night before SX

Today has been hectic. Lawwd did I end my day with a majorrrr headache... But to continue the last post..... After leaving Eres I went to get my faja. Unfortunately medical massage professionals didn't have any fajas so they sent me to another place. They tried selling me a faja for $128 and I said if that's the case I could have bought one from Eres for 120$. They finally found a Diane Potiere 2393 that's I liked for only 77$ plus tax . I left with a medium and had to end up coming back and exchanging it for a large one after an Eres coordinator called me saying my medium will be to small due to the swelling. I was told that Eres would call with my SX time for tomorrow no later than 6pm, but after 4:30pm I decided to call myself. My surgery is 6:30am tomorrow and I am Hasan'S only Patient for the dayyy!!!! Yay so happy. The coordinator said there was two of us but the other girl ended up canceling for some reason idk....ohh I also went to Walmart and picked up pineapple juice which is good for inflammation and a shower curtain to cover the hotel bed from getting bloody. I also got chicken noodle soup. It's now 8:37pm and I think I'm about to take it in. I can eat or sleep 8 hours before SX so I know I'll be starving if I don't go to sleep like now. Lol. I tried getting my prescription for pain meds today but I was told Hasan doesn't allow that. I will be prescribed them the day of SX. Alright ladies I will talk to u tomorrow :-)

I've been Hasanified!!!

Ladies I have to start off by saying Hasan is the BEST!!! Omg I'm so in love with my results! I didn't have to tell him anything. He basically told me what he was going to do and delivered . So I arrived to Palmetto Surgical Center at 6:10am. My mom and I walked to the front door at 6:20am and nobody was there!! Ughh so I started to get worried. I closed my eyes and prayed and 15 mins later a nurse came. Asked if I had surgery, I said yes, and she called a man that was inside to let us in. He came out in 5 mins and let us in. I waited for like 5 mins then he called me to the back to do my Drug test and to sign the rest of my paperwork. He stated the drug test/pregnancy test came back negative then he gave me my gown, hat, compression socks, slippers, and a bad to put my belonging in. He said Hasan had an appointment at at 6 so he will be there shortly. Literally about 20 mins later Hasan walked in! My mom came back there with me and Hasan took before pictures then he started to mark me up. He explained that he would take my waist in, give me hips, and give me a perfect shape. He said I have the perfect body for this procedure( I am 5"3,144llbs). I didn't have to show him pictures nor did I tell him what I wanted. I trusted everything he said. He is in super good shape, funny as hell, and even made jokes. I had a full back tat and he said he like it lol. He was so informative and you could just trust he knew exactly what he was doing. After marking me up the nurse said lets go and I walked to the Operation Room. She put that brown cleaning stuff all over my back and butt and told me to lay on the table. The anesthesia man asked a few questions, inserted my I.v. (Painless) and said I'll start the medication off slow.. Lol I was out in like 30 seconds lol. My mom said surgery took 3 1/2 hours and I woke up 1 1/2 after surgery. Now this is the worst part. As soon as I woke up I was cold as Fuck omg and I was shaking so bad. All I did was pray like thank you God I am ALIVE. A nurse was right there and asked if I wanted water . I said yes!! She gave me that then I said I have to go to the bathroom lol. She put me in the wheel chair and took me to the bathroom. I got in the bathroom and didn't have to pee anymore lol. So she took me back by my bed(still in the wheelchair) and called my mom which was already there. She got her car and drove around the side of the building. The helped me in the car and we were off. The ride back to the hotel was hell!! Omfg I was in so much pain. Luckily the hotel was 16 mins away. Arriving at the hotel my mom helped me out and I had to have her walk in front of me and I was holding her shoulders. I got to the hotel room and unmediated layed down. My mom fed me crackers, Gatorade , and pineapples. I ate it ALL. The first 3 hours was hell but I kept getting up and walking around. I did not take my medication at all. I took 3 Advil because I hear Percocet constipated you and I do not like that feeling. Now I am fine. I haven't taken anymore Advil . I've been walking around . Peeing every hour and draining my drain. Yes Hasan used a drain and I'm so happy he did ! I feel so much better after that fluid being drained out. Now I've drank arnica tea, I had strawberries and even a little bit of my hibachi from last night. I am supper soar and swollen tho.... Now after those 3 hours I have been good . My mom even said Hasan came out after finishing my surgery in the waiting room and showed her my before and after pictures and they had a 20 min convo. Lol she said he is such a good and honest Doctor . His team was so nice and caring . I really felt at home. After dealing my the bs from my Eres coordinator it was such a relief being at Hasan office with his staff. I honestly would recommend him to all you ladies and my experience there was an A++! I go to my pre-op appointment tomorrow . I have to be to Eres between 10am-12pm so I will get there early because I have a massage with medical massage professionals at 1pm. I will have them take more pictures after my first massage so stay tuned!! Ttyl ladies

4days post op video is up!!

Ladies I just downloaded my video of 4 days post op on YouTube. My name is msbeautyboss . I hope you enjoy !

Update. 2 weeks post op

Ladies I am now a day from being two weeks post op. Recovery has been harder than I thought. I hated my drain and ended up taking it out early(5days instead of 7 ). That hurts like hell!!!! It's so annoying wearing your faja 24/7 because it gets so hot, plus dr Hasan said I needed to keep checking underneath to make sure my skin doesn't fold . I went out one day without wearing my faja to dinner with family and to the movies and I must say the attention is REAL. No one said anything to me but EVERYONE was staring lol so be ready!! My butt is still hard which I hate but it's softening up each day. I use bio oil all the time on my skin for stretch marks and I also use medihoney for my scars which seems to be working so far.
Miami Physician

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