Dr. Hasan 2017 bbl and lipo

Hey RS Sistas, I'm Brittani and I will be sharing...

Hey RS Sistas, I'm Brittani and I will be sharing my SX journey with you. I'm not able to get into my old account so I just made a new one. Ughh... But...

I will be having surgery March 2017 with Dr. Duran in the Dominican Republic!! I just received my quote on Friday September 16th and I am ready to pay my deposit. I'm just waiting on my friend to get her quote so we can book our surgery on the same day. Ladies stay positive on who you want to go to and if your mind is stuck on a surgeon, go with your gut.

Bbl & liposculture = $3900
Surgicoordinator fee= $200 (no way around it)
Total= $4100.00
Deposit is $250 + $200(surgicoordinator fee)=$450.00 to hold SX date

I was so undecided between a few different doctors like Fisher, Yily, Medina, & Duran and I already paid my deposit for Yily :-( but fuck it I'm going to Duran. She is the Queen!! Check out my list of expenses in my pictures. I tried to think of everything so I can know an estimated total.

Until next time ...

Switching to Dr.Hasan in Miami

Ok Sistas, this has been a hell of a journey for me already. As you know I have been in between a few doctors and Its crazy how stressful and important it is to choose the right Doctor for you. I have been so fortunate and lucky to receive quotes from all of my top doctors (especially Duran) but I got a deal that I could not pass up. I got a special for Dr.Hasan in Miami that just completely changed my mind about all other doctors . Dr Hasan is known for sculpting the body and gives you a Coca-Cola bottle shape . As everyone says they have been "Hasanafied" after he sculpts them . Lol. Well I got a special for 12 areas of lipo for $4000.00 !!! Yasss hunty !! And I added arm lipo for $500.00 extra. So $4,500.00!! Y'all I'm so excited!! Even though my top pick was originally Dr.Fisher because one of his clients are a client of mines and her body is the bomb.com, Fisher's prices jumped up so I decided to go to the D.R. But now after getting that special I'm super happy and ready to become Hasanafied .

I paid my deposit yesterday and I secured my date for surgery. I am going in March and I'm so fucking excited!! Now everything is going to be more affordable. I don't have to buy a $300 plane ticket, $145 passport, pay Duran's $200 for medicine, and all other fees. And I'm only 3 hours away from home. :-)

If anyone knows of a good apartment or hotel to stay in near vanity and maybe a nurse or a caregiver please let me know as I am not paying the high ass prices of Miami recovery houses. 

Well ladies it's been real and any question or advice I would love to hear. Until next time ...

Dr. Hasan March 2017!!

So my deposit is PAID for Dr. Hasan and my date is set for March 2017!!!im officially 5 months pre op!!!My friend and I both paid our deposits so we just need to find a place to stay and get our massages situated. We only plan to stay in Miami for 5 days 4 nights because we live 4 hours away and we don't think it's necessary to stay in Miami for a long time. I already found a good masseuse for our lymphatic massages in our area and I hear Marian from massage professionals in Miami is good so that's who we are using.

As far as my experience with vanity, lawwd help me. My coordinator acts like she has no clue of anything so I am about to switch. I heard good things about Leo and Margret but if you know of a good one please let me know ladies. As well if you know of an affordable hotel/apartment/condo that's close to vanity please let me know as well. I'm so ready for this surgery and I hope time flys by.

Oh yea. It's nice that you will receive a portal that will have your surgery countdown as well as your medical assistant for SX . It will have your surgery on the calendar which is good for reassurance that your date is secure !!

Massages Booked!!

So my friend and I just paid the $50 deposit for our lymphatic drainage massages . Surgery on March 10th and massages on March 11th and March 13th. We couldn't go on Sunday March 12th because they are closed. Sighh. But anyways I'm so excited ! We are going to @medicalmassageprofessionals and getting massages done by Marian which everyone talks about on here. She's the bomb.com and I only want the best results. Deposit was $50 and for two massages is $140 so we still owe $90 at the time of the first appointment. She does not travel so we would have to go to their office . To contact her you have to email her at miamimedicalmassage@gmail.com but it's best to just pay your deposit first then email to set your date. Hope this helps ladies .

Ughhh!! Eres/Vanity changed sx date

So ladies I am still here and promise to be here through out my whole journey. So I went onto my Vanity/Eres portal and seen that my date was no longer on the calendar !!!! I immediately called and spoke to my surgery coordinator and she said my SX date needs to be changed because Hasan will be on vacation . First off, why TF wasn't I notified and had to call myself to find this out? Secondly I already had my massages booked so y'all are completely screwing me. Third , will there be any other dates IN MARCH for me and my friend as we are going together for surgery? This is the bullshit I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with with them but I guess everybody goes through it. Now I am waiting for Hasan to come back so she can verify he will be gone my SX date and I will have to reschedule . As soon as I hear back from them I will notify you ladies .

SX date False Alarm

So in my last post you could see I was pissed but it was a false alarm. My surgery coordinator called back and informed me that Hasan will be available on my date and everything is still ok. I just made sure that if there was any changes I would be informed ASAP but just to make sure I will be calling every 2 weeks to make sure myself. Sad to say you can't trust them and I do not have time to find something out the last minute. So for now I'm still on for my surgery . I will update again if anything changes. Starting January is when I will be buying my supplies.
Miami Physician

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