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Hey ladies, I'm a 30 yr old mother of 3 from...

Hey ladies,

I'm a 30 yr old mother of 3 from Toronto, Canada. Like most on the site I've been just looking and reading. Now that I have made up my mind and have been in contact with my Dr I'm ready to start this journey. I have been so indecisive about which doctor to choose and I even put money down on consultations or company to get in contact with doctors on my behalf. Which have all proven to be a waste of my time amd money. I can't stop looking at Dr. Cabral patients and his IG, with that being said he is my choice hands down! He makes a woman's body look fantasic and natural.

I'm 5'4 155lbs I didn't check my measurements but I wear a size 9/10 in pants. For $5000 he is doing chin lipo, full body lipo, tummy tuck, bbl and fill in my hips. I wanted a reduction and a lift but he said it's too much. Can't get prices and results like his anywhere but in Dominican Republic.

I have pics but I cant figure out how to upload them from my phone so I'll try later from my pc.

I'll keep you all posted as so many of you have helped me make an informed decision.

Me b4 surgery

I really didn't want to post any pictures of myself but it's necessary to see the transformation.

RH and a travel buddy :)

I've been reading so many profile's but I'm so conflicted with where I want to stay. I want to say for 10+ days. Preferably a massage room on site so I don't have to travel for them. Good food and where they speak English. Any good ideas ladies? I'll be traveling alone so if someone is going to be in DR at the end of July 2016 regardless of your doctor maybe we can meet up or be travel buddy's. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Wish pics

Everyone has wish pictures up, in my mind I know how I want my body to look. I guess a part of me wants to be my own wish pic so the only wish pictures I will post will be of me post up. :) maybe I'll be someone's wish pic...


I read someone's review and they mentioned "My Home". I looked them up on Facebook and their website http://myhomerecovery.com. They sold me, sounds like a nice low key attentive rh. I'm gonna hold off on booking to see if they have any specials. I plan on staying in DR for approximately 16 days. A few days before to do all the labs plus I want to stay down there long enough to get a good peaceful recovery. So I can come back and resume my normal life... work and taking care of my children. My surgery seems so far away but I haven't done anything but book my surgery and look about a rh. I have to start some serious saving and buy my supplies and meds. Dr. Cabral gave me a short list of meds and vitamins I need, plus the bbl list I'm set just need to shop shop shop.

Buddy, date and recovery

I'm still far from my surgery date but things are starting to fall into place. I changed my surgery date by one day so I can go the same date as my surgery buddy @CaribbeanCaramel. She's mad cool. We agreed on our recovery house: My Home. Once the newyear hits I think I'm going to start feeling anxious. I still haven't purchased anything yet nor have I started to save. All in due time... I just want this experience to be as stress free as possible.

Big up yourself!

As mother's is rare that we get to do something on such a large scale like this for ourselves. I'm just now embracing this experience and it feels good! "Be careful of wolves in sheep clothing" not everyone who claims to have your best interest does. We are strong, resilient, beautiful and can do it all with or without help.

So to everyone who is reading this I say Big Up Yourself, pop your collar and be confident in your journey. There is strenght in numbers.

I added a few recent pics of myself with the help of 1 body slimmer and 2 corsets my body looks good. But I want to achieve that without the help of those under garments. Things always look different with clothes. But I want to look just as good naked!

New price!

I have been bothering Dr. Cabral for several months I finally go him to agree to do my boobs too. So I'll be getting a tt, bbl, full body lipo, a breast reduction and a lift for an additional $800! $5800!!! What a deal. He was very hesitant but I keep asking why he will do a ba and not a br at the same time and every other doctor will and is giving me quotes. So I'm very happy that I'm getting what I want cuz I don't see myself doing anything like this again. I heal well and quicky but I don't deal well with pain and I don't swallow pills so this is going to be very interesting.

I'm still confident in my RH choice. I just want to hurry up and save money and for anxious for 2016 to arrive. I can't believe I'm actually going to do this. This is by far one of the most random things I've ever done. I'm scared, anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time. I'm glad I'll be doing this with a surgery buddy. There is always strenght in numbers.

I'm single right now mostly by choice but I wonder if after my body is the way I envisioned it. If I'm going to find a man that can look past the physical... or is body going to feel more like a curse then a blessing? Guess time will tell.


Is it me or do you guys wonder if the post op pics are really the pre op girla they show and if they been photo shopped. I swear they look different... rest assured I will not be editing my pics cuz I don't know how lol. How ever I look when it's all said and done I will be documenting and posting pics. Food for thought, are the pics the doctor's posting really how you are going to look when you get off that operating table.

In my prayers

Praying for all those girls who are going to do surgery this year especially Queen34 my realself sister who is having her surgery tomorrow with Dr. Cabral. Girl I pray that you make it to the flat side safely and you get the banging body you deserve. I know you are in good hands cuz you are with the King! Can't wait to see your results. I am so anxious and nervous and it's not even my surgery. I'm sending good vibes and positive energy your way. Good luck girl you are in my prayers. You have made a life long friend in me. Get well soon.

I booked my recovery house a few weeks ago. Things are starting to feel real cuz money is invested. I have all my supplies selected between 3 websites their just sitting in the shopping carts. Closer to the day I just need to check them out. I am a planner, I don't want to have to rush to get everything done at the last minute. Everything cost a little under $400. I'll probably have to get a few things from Walmart or the flea market but that shouldn't be more then an additional $100. I ordered all my vitamins, I'm gonna take them early because I can't swallow pills so their all the gummy version lol. I also don't like ensure because it taste milky but I found Boost in juice form from Walmart it taste awesome when its freezing cold.

Anyways ladies keeping posting your journeys cuz several of us are still following your journey. Be safe

Mini updt

Whats up ladies? I have attached the addional fees that Cabral charges on top of your surgery. You don't have to get the additional things from him but you will need them. He sells them but I found everything that I needed at a cheaper price.

@Queen34 is officially on Cabral IG her pic is a b4 and after 4 days post op. She looks awesome, she is healing well no burns and she loves her results he gave her everything she asked for. I'm so anxious for my day with Cabral July 2016 can't come quick enough. I plan on staying for 3 weeks to take advantage of the cheap massages plus I don't want to sit on my new booty for 3 weeks so flying isn't an option. I been looking for flights twice a day as soon as I see one under $500 I'm buying it. I haven't started my vitamins yet but I do have them and plan on starting in the new year.

The count down begins!!!!

Hey ladies,

It's been a while but that's only because nothing has changed, I'm still busy trying to save money for this surgery. Haven't purchased anymore supplies but I have been looking at flights I'm so fustrated that the price is going up and never down. I'm going to buy soon so fingers crossed that it doesn't get cheaper after I buy. @queen34 is doing well I got her blessings to post some of her pics. She was my test girl to see if Cabral was really all that and if those girls edit their pics. None of hers are edited. Now that I'm on a serious grind to get things done I hope I'll be posting more. On IG @surgicalessence they have pre/post op packages some of you ladies may find them useful. Because I'm in Canada it isn't worth buying.

Pics of @queen34

Feeling optimistic

So I have finally started to purchase my supplies which is making this whole process feel so surreal. Thus far I purchased 96% of the things I'll need according to a bunch of list and vets who I've spoken too. I seen a cheap flight just have to run it by my surgery buddy so we can hopefully meet up and travel together. I plan on staying down there for 21 days the quote I got from my recovery room is $1275, not including the deposit I made or the day of surgery where I'll have to stay at Cipla. I'm on a serious grind to save money. If I get the I get the chance I'd love to do some dental work maybe even get my nose done. But I have a feeling they won't due it because it would be to close to the first surgery. Can't believe we are already halfway thru January before I know it I'll be in DR.

Flying high

Hi Ladies,

Bought my ticket for $435.72 US! I'm so happy because I wanted to be as close to $400US as possible. My surgery buddy will lost likely meet me down there its so hard to find a connecting flight thats cheap. But that's cool we will be doing everything else that matters together. I've managed to maintain my weight so fingers crossed that I keep it up. I'd like to stay the same weight I was when Cabral quoted me. These next 6 mths are going to fly by. The Canadian dollar is horrible so I have to save double what I expected. That's soft I'm doing this for me and it feels good to put my needs and wants first. Enjoy your day ladies, I'll keep you posted.

My purchases

Here is my list I got everything from amazon.ca, amazon.com and well.ca. I plan to get the last few things from Walmart and the flea market. I spent about approximately $200-$300. I'm going to get all my meds from right here in Canada so I can use my insurance.

Cabral's mini must haves.

I asked Cabral what vitamins I should be taking before and after and he sent me this via whatsapp: Vit c iron ensure acid folic augmenting 875 mlg percoceps neosporin ibuprofen. All I did was copy and paste it his words his spelling his suggestions. Very vague which is why I did my research and bought what I wanted. Don't forget you can get all the meds from down there as well. Ladies I have to share this with you. I don't really read reviews anymore unless the person sends me an email or comments on my page for the simple fact that I made my dr choice and I don't want to get confused when my mind is made up. Plus I like to get to know the ladies who take the time to reach out. But anyways you know how rs send emails so I was reading this one review can't remember the name but I was in tears laughing at the way she described the pain of the massages and just after all the pain meds wore off. I thought it was so funny cuz I don't deal with pain well so I know thats going to be me just worst. I'm gonna be crying, laughing and miserable but I'm going to love every part of it because that is part of the journey plus it took me too long to save this money not to like what has been done to my body. My surgery buddy @CaribbeanCaramel has already agreed that we will video record our first massages so we can look back and laugh at the crazy things we did for beauty. So what I'm trying to say is even though the journey can be rough find humor and be grateful for the journey. I may want some more work done but I'm no sucker for pain. If I can't handle the pain I promise you this will be my last surgery I ever do. I hope I'm in too much pain to try and get mean with the nice massage ladies lol yall pray for me. Pray for sanity, common sense, and manners. I'll be there for too long to be trying to be mad at ppl who are doing me the service that I ask for. Smh I'm a mess.

Nerves & Anxiety

I'm officially done buying supplies everything has arrived and I also almost have all the money saved but I figured because I'm down there maybe I can squeeze in a little dental work @Jose Alonso... he is awesome dental surgeon but damn I might have to save that for another trip this trip that was suppose to be cheap and affordable is getting pricey. I have champagne taste and a beer budget trying to do a one stop trip. There's always next yr ????. I am impressed with myself because I wasn't sure I could save this kind of money but I was determined to get this body. I still feel a little guilty cuz I could really put this money to good use. How do we let go of the guilt? I have booked a cruise for the kids and I at the end of the year just kind of a thank you for putting up with this tight budget mommy got everyone on. I'm still so confident in my Dr choice, Cabral I gives me life can't wait to be one of the ladies on his page. I feel like I have been killing myself to put in the hours to make this money but I miss seeing my kids. I don't get to put them to bed, rarely get to spend the time they are use to having and too tired to do anything besides stuff with them on the weekends. But I'm saving the money by myself so I don't have much of a choice. I read a lot of girls talking about all the material things their bodies will get them but for me it's more for me. Piece of mind to feel confident in my skin. What you put out is what you get I didn't spend all this money to be on a pole or to lie on my back or be someone arm candy. Before I'm anything I'm a mother so setting a good example is a priority. Kind of sad that some of us ladies do this to please other people, to keep up with what society considers beautiful. Ladies do this for yourself you are beautiful regardless of society approval.

I can't swallow pills so I got all chewable ewww they taste so disgusting lol I need some tips on how to swallow pills cuz this is ridiculous bout to be 31 and I've never swallowed a pill in my life. I looked up videos on YouTube kmt.

As the months get closers I feel my anxiety rising this is a serious surgery a big deal I still can't believe I'm going thru with this. I been working out sorta kinda not really lol. I'm gonna be honest I only do just Dance with the kids for 30-60min once a week and I do planks for one song. All in one day cuz after that one day I'm sore for the rest of the week lol. My body just isn't feeling the workout hopefully it will be easier to tone up once some of the fat is gone. It's frustrating when ur in pain but you see no results. I swear I have abs under the fat cuz when I'm done my workout I feel like the abs are about to burst thru the fat.. my kids laugh at me cuz I swear my 1 day a week workout is doing something. When I'm done I'm pumped I tell them to call me SheHULK lol. Man I'm going to miss them 21 days is a long time I can't remember being away longer than a week and I would come see them on the weekends. Their getting older 12, 5 & 4. I keep telling myself we got this they will be fine. I just hope they are feed and properly taken care of. No one loves them like their mommy. I have raised independent kids I just hope who ever they are with can manage them.

Take care ladies, all the best during ur surgery so your all in my prayers. Just know that you are loved and appreciated. Keep posting we're all reading and following!

How much is too much???

Ladies how many chux pads to you recommend we bring? Do they use them for the massages as well? Can they be used under the Faja if I run out of pads? I just want to make sure I only pack what I need. I want everything to get used up or get left there. I bought a lot of the maternity pads because I heard they use them under the Faja to prevent irritation and burns I also bought a bunch of mens undershirts for I'm not going to washing them they can go in the garbage. I'm probably only going to bring 2-3 dresses to wear all the other times I plan on just staying in my robe and my Faja. This will not be a trip where I get to see the island I just want to make sure I give my body enough time to heal so I can come back and deal with my kids. Their old enough to understand that I will be in pain and old enough that I don't have to life anyone up but they are very affectionate and rough so I'm just a little bit worried about them wanting to horse around with me.

Attention future Cabral dolls...

Cabral just posted this on IG. Hope this helps everyone get a quote.


I'm so mad at myself my surgery is just around the corner and I really wish I started to save earlier smh. I'm close to the amount I wanted to bring but I still feel like I'm so far away. I didn't plan for extra stuff to happen while I was saving, which has seriously delayed my saving plan. I probably have enough but I'm those ppl who want to be overly prepared. I'd hate to go down there and have to beg my people to wire money, that's so embarrassing. Anyone have any suggestions in regards to how much to bring to tip everyone?


This website is so sensitive. I'm so annoyed that it just deleted everything I wrote. I accidently press something and it took me to a different site and when I came back to this site everything I wrote was gone! I'm so annoyed I'm not really typing it. I just wanted to vent but now my vent is about the site!

Yesterday's Today :)

Recap of my thoughts that got deleted yesterday...I'm feeling a whole bunch of emotions. I can't believe that everyone has a say in how I should spend my money that I saved by myself. Everyone feels this is a waste of my time who cares how I feel, my body looks fine. I but I want to feel as good as I feel on the inside on the outside when I'm naked. They think I should put the money down on a house (that I can't afford), a new car (that I don't need) and any other foolishness they feel I should buy. My money, my body! If I could give some advice to anybody looking to get surgery I'd say start saving asap so you can avoid the struggle of trying to get the money - ladies I'm struggling and my surgery is a few mths away. Develop your own opinions about your doctors, rh etc, learn to filter out negative opinions if they are hating you are doing something right. Good luck ladies, keep your head up, we got this.


Ladies I am really going through it... after all the saving I'm so worried I won't be close to the goal that I expected to have. my surgery is just around the corner and frankly I don't have all the money. As much as I don't want to I feel like I might have to push the date back a yr. I just feel like nothing is going my way but then I'll loose out on my plan ticket and my deposit for my rh. What if next year comes and something else comes up? I feel like pushing back the date is proving everyone right and again I put everything and everyone b4 myself. When is it ever going to be ok to take care of ourselves? All of a sudden no need wants to babysit my kids when everyone agreed to smh. I have to prove everyone wrong and prove to myself that I'm am worthy of all the saving and hard work. I got this, you got this, WE got this.

a few words of encouragement see attached quotes.

Solo Dolo...????

Hi ladies,

I'm feeling really good about my surgery decision. I'm very close to the amount of money I wanted to save. I'm so proud of myself for a second I didn't think I would be able to save up enough money but I been praying and it is happening.

I got sad news today my surgery buddy informed me that she has to postpone her surgery until next April. I'm a little disappointed because we been bonding and it would have been nice to share the experience with someone. But I totally understand life happens and things don't always go the way we planned. I wish her all the best and will continue to keep in contact with her. I feel like I'll be doing this journey alone again. Hopefully I meet some cool ladies in the RH, my next door neighbor wants to come. I'm going to see if she can come the same time as me plus she speaks Spanish.

My surgery is in 2 months and bit, I'm so excited I can't believe I'm actually going to do this. It's been a long time coming and despite everyone else's opinion it feels good to do something for myself. It has taken everything out of me to save, I been living from cheque to cheque without spending anything other then the things I really need. This experience has opened my eyes to a different side of me. The next goal is to save for something big like a down payment on a house. I would love to be able to leave my kids with something.

Summer hurry up and come!

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all doing well. I feel like the time is flying by so quickly. I'm so glad I'm not doing any last minute shopping, by the end of this mth I would have officially been at the goal for how much money I wanted to bring. I'm so excited I wish my surgery was in a few weeks, I'm so ready! I haven't really been taking my vitamins because they taste like crap. Honestly I been getting the nutrients thru food and only taking iron. I hope that doesn't affect me not getting my surgery but the last mth I plan on taking them again. I've attached a few recent pics that I taken today. Everyone thinks I don't need the surgery but they don't see me naked... after taking these pics it just reconfirmed my decision that this is what I really want for myself.

Excuse the background. I hate when ppl background looks a mess. Mine isn't messy just cluttered...

Let the record show...

Anyone who thinks Cabral does a shit load of surgerys a day is a lie I just asked him and his response is attached. Ppl need to stop lying about this man and stop hating and appreciate his work!

Safety first

Hi ladies!

Considering that I'm going to be travelling alone I decided it would be best not to have to worry about my person thingshould such as: money, ID, phone and keys. Let's face it anyone going to do surgery is going to be to weak to fight anyone off. I decided to buy a personal combination lock it can be purchased from anywhere. The brand I got is calledition Master Locker and it comes in 3 colours (canadian spelling). Hope everyone is doing well I leave in 37 days or 5 week 2 days and 20hrs...

Enjoy your day


...master lock. The lock is cute, I would even walk around with it as a purse in DR. It's not bulky but I was having problems changing the code to my own code. I read the instructions and was like, "aight I got this!". I ended up changing the code without even realizing, locked the damn instructions and the screw driver inside. I was so frustrated I brought it to work to see if one of the guys could figure it out. No one could get the damn lock open, online someone's review said grab a snack and try every combination until you figure it out. I was so pissed trying to think of excuses to bring it back to the store to get my money. Everyone at work was talking smack about me and the lock????. I decided to try every combination to open it and would you believe it opened on the first combination I tried! I still don't know how to change the combination but one of the guys at work changed it for me. I've been testing it out all day and it works????. This was a good buy, I'm glad I invested my money in it. I recommend this to anyone, I'm taking this on every trip I go on.


Hi ladies, I have been following a bunch of Cabral's ladies and I've noticed I'm not getting notifications anymore. Don't know if they have just stopped updating their accounts. Does anyone know if RS has an option where you can see who you are following, unfortunately I don't remember any of their names to look them up. Thanks in advance!

Almost there

Hi Ladies!

I have less then 30 days b4 my surgery, it's crunch time. I've mostly been eating food that are enriched with the required vitamins, I'm going to continue to do that as well as actual take my vitamins. Can't afford any set backs after I travelled that far. I'm not as anxious as b4 more curious about how I'm going to look when he's done with me. I been looking at his IG pics a lot lately trying not to have a "wish body" in mind only because I don't want to be disappointed. He can't make me look worst so that's a plus. I been had all my supplies but I probably won't start packing until the week that I'm leaving, got all my money in the bank just need to make an appointment to withdrawl it as Canadian banks don't keep that much US in the bank. Now that I look back at everything this is the way I originally planned my journey. I went into this under the impression that I would be doing it on my own, got on RS for a buddy/friend and now I'm back at it just being me. Honestly I'm ok with that, everyone's journey is different and this happens to be mine. I'm sure I will meet a couple of girls down there but the goal is to recovery so I can come back and be the super mom that I am. This is a journey you need to mentally, emotionally and physically prepare for. Expect the unexpected, hope for the best cuz tomorrow isn't promised for anyone. I will commit to keeping everyone updated until I am 1 year post op. I hope my journey will continue to encourage you ladies and keep you informed on all the details that some ppl may have left out.

Enjoy your Sunday ladies.

My sister's keeper

Hi Ladies,

3 weeks and 2 days or 23 days away. Time is flying as the days get closer everything feels so sureal. Just wanted to give a big thank you to all the ladies that have read, commented and have been inspired to start their own journey. This website truly is a sisterhood with like minded women. There is never a shortage of words of encouragement and wisdom. I was one of those people who never commented on anyone's review I just read them and silently took notes. Guess I had to make up my mind and really go forward with saving, contacting doctors for me to really see the importance of having the abundant support from women who don't even know you. It's so amazing how many times we take on this journey silently and are stressed and over whelmed. When all we had to do was just talk/vent/share to get the support that we couldn't get from the people who we thought should be supporting us. I found that more of the "negative Nancy's" have started to come around about the surgery (which really doesn't affect me). It's funny cuz people still say your so crazy for wanting the surgery but if your body looks good I want your doctors info. LOL I smile on the outside but in my head I'm like "go suck you muda!". I refuse to let anyone ruin this moment and all the hard work I put into this. I got this, you got this, we got this. This is the support group for mature women without the drama. Feel free to vent and ask questions, need a friend or just someone to talk to feel free to send me a private note or even post on my page. You may not be the only person going through what your going through.


Food for thought

My mom randomly sent this to me. I like it plus it's relevant to my previous post.

Have a blessed day

Ready set go...

Hi Ladies,

How's your weekend going? It's 15 days till my surgery. I am officially all packed up, I will be posting a list of what I packed vs what I actually used after I've return from DR. The good news is I got everything in one large suitcase, a jansport napsack and I will always bring a little purse or fanny pack. Other then that I'm ready to go. I feel good, I have no last minute shopping to do. I'm still taking my vitamins have to make sure I'm still in good health and my iron is up. I have been keeping track of my weight... I haven't worked out at all and I have been eating all the same things. I started this journey at 164lbs and currently I weight 166lbs. I'm not really worried about my weight I like my size just want everything to be proportionate. Still indecisive about if I'm going to do my boobs or get my teeth done. Guess we will all be surprised.

Enjoy your day!

Heads up

Hi Ladies,

I've noticed a bunch of responses to my posts for some reason I'm not getting the notifixations for all the messages. So if I don't response please don't be made. You can always send me a private message. My apologies ladies. Hopefully I can use my mind reading skills and I can answer everyone's questions and concerns. If you have to send me message a few times so u can get a response I don't mind.

Enjoy your day ladies. Thanks again to everyone who has commented, you are appreciated!

A little over a week to go...

Hi Ladies,

I just purchased my tourist card from http://www.dgii.gov.do/tarjetaTuristica/en/about/Paginas/default.aspx to avoid another line at the airport. 8 days before I fly out and 10 days before my surgery. I'm officially ready my boys are gone to their dad's for the rest of the summer and my daughter will be home with my parents. I'm trying to see if I can get some kind of meal service delivered to the house I just don't want to worry about if she's eating or if someone is eating the food I bought for her. I'm trying to tie up all loose ends this weekend and next weekend. I need to make sure I get an oil change. I'm putting single braids in on Sunday. Next weekend I want to do my nails and eye brows that's pretty much it.

Enjoy your weekend

Count down the hrs

Alright ladies I'm leaving to go to the airport in a few hrs and I can't even lie I'm excited. I'm not worried and flying or traveling alone, I can't wait to experience a different country, the culture, the smell, the taste and the people. This has been 2 long years of planning I never been this ready for anything. I don't know when I'll be having surgery I asked Cabral and he said 7pm and I should be at the clinic for 7 am . I hope that was a mistake cuz how the hell does he expect me to stop eating at midnight and probably not eat again till midnight the following day. 24 hrs of no food I will die b4 I even get the surgery. Man I like to eat, I told him we will talk in person cuz that don't make no sense to me. Why do I have to be there in the morning if my surgery isn't until the evening, I'm so confused. In any case I'm pumped got my bathing suit cuz I plan on taking advantage of the hot tub at my rh seeing is how I have 2 days b4 my surgery. This time tomorrow I will officially be in Dominican Republic!!!!!

I'm still having a hard time falling aslee, I been taking 3-4 hr cat naps, I'm not sleeping on the plans cuz I need to keep an eye on my money. My biggest fear is the pain afterwards because I will not be taking pain medication. I have a hard time swallowing pills plus I don't like to put medication in my system so I'm hoping my vitamins and the food I eat will help me recover.

stay blessed and please keep me in your prayers.

My flight and RH

What's up Ladies,

I set my alarm clock for 2 am... I woke up at 3 am. I knew that would happen cuz I couldn't fall asleep, I'm paying for it now cuz I'm exhausted. I still made it to the airport with more then enough time which was the plan cuz these airport lines are no joke. At my home airport I was "randomly" selected for either a full body search or scan through a body scanner I choose the body search. I was the only person I seen being checked in that manner. I almost shouted "black lives matter" I have a feeling it had to do with my suitcase being over weight those ppl probably though I was bringing drugs over. I bet they digging though my suitcase messing through all my stuff, everything better still be there. Anyways I'm just glad they didn't bring any drug dogs cuz I would have pissed myself. I don't play around when it comes to animals especially dogs. I wore these cheap slip on plastic shoes that I bought from Walmart. I regret wearing them cuz my feet are hurting but these are the only outside shoes I brought so that I could take off the shoes with ease and wear my socks with them. My only stop over will be in Miami I hope my luggage makes it their too. I ate a big breakfast so I wouldn't have to buy this over priced airport food.

I just arrived in Miami I was really hoping to stay awake for the whole flight here kmt that didn't happen I fell asleep b4 my ears could pop we were probably still on the ground. It was the best sleep I got in weeks. I walked to the counter just to make sure my bag was here come to find out I need a bag tag. I didn't get one but if I did get one I threw it away. The gentleman was so nice he printed me another one. I have yet to see any cute guys it must be too early for them. I took so many pics of the beach and the palm trees. It looks like a beautiful city wish I could leave the airline maybe that will be another trip. I have less then 30 min b4 my flight to Dominican Republic. I have a pet peeve about MIA airport they only offer 30 free minutes of wifi after that you have to pay. that's so stupid. I also wish my toothbrush and mouthwash wasn't in my checked luggage I plan on falling back asleep on the next flight I don't want to arrive in DR with jungle breath. I have my chapstick with me but my lotion is also checked I washed my hands to many times my ash is showing.

Flying to DR there is the automated voice that says there is an important message then the flight attendants say the message in SPANISH only...Damn guess the English speaking ppl don't matter. That annoyed me because if it is important I would like to know how to deal with the situation. There was almost a fight b4 the plan even left. I never heard so much Spanish cussing in my life I wish I understood the language. One lady kept sitting in everyone's seat so who ever seat she was in refused to sit anywhere else then the ppl who where waiting in the aisle to sit down start making up their noise. I fell asleep so fast on the first flight I forgot to put my chair back so I woke up with a pain in my neck. I tried to put my chair back on this flight but it's broken so I'm just going to stay up. we are flying over a body of water above the clouds it looks so beautiful, makes me want to reach out and try and grab a cloud. I'm starving last thing I ate was at 3am it's now 12:55pm. I'm anxious to see my room and unpack, meet my roommate, eat, go in the hot tub and sleep.

My flight got in at 1:30 my driver didn't come until 3:20. I'm so annoyed I don't know who to blame my rh or the damn driver. But I met some nice men in the airport who let me use their phones to keeping ringing off the rh #. I even got a business card just in case I need a back up driver, but that man is so rip off I Pais him $5US to use his phone so he called the RH a few times for me. I'm still hungry only ate pretzel from since morning. My drivers name is George he's very nice I'm not mad at him anymore lol. His car has wifi in it, it's small and beat up but it will do. I'm in a room with 2 other girls who are both leaving this week, everyone here had surgery with Medina. The bathroom is huge and so is the room. So far this rh meets all my requirments. Seeing them makes me feel better about my decision. They fed me a tasty sandwich when I came and some lemonade. The house is nice I'll take pics later. I got a chance to have dinner with the ladies I didn't like how it tasted. They served us fried ham (that looked like pork chop) or grilled chicken with mashed plantains and a side of veggies or a salad. The meats were over salty, needless to say I'm still hungry! I'm hopeful for tomorrow's food options.

Night b4 the big day.


The AC was so high in the room in the nights, I'm glad I packed a spare blanket. I feel weird asking the staff for stuff especially cuz I didn't have my surgery yet when all the other girls need them more. I did however notice that they are more attentive to DR. Medina's patients; that maybe because this is the RH she primarily sends her girls too. My home is very organized they know when everyone is suppose to have their meds, they know all the doctors special requests per patient, there's always a car waiting on them regardless of where they need to go. I'm going to be a little more vocal so I can get the treatment I'm paying for. My driver is suppose to come at 630am so I can be at Cipla for 7am.
George actually came on time I got to Cipla at 645am, Cabral office doesn't open until 7am, he's on the 5th floor. Let me tell you how there was a big drama about who got there first smh. The Spanish girls were ready to turn up!LOL I was just laughing with the American girls. You speak to his receptionist tell her what you there for she ask you a few questions then you pay $190US for the labs and you head down to do your blood work on the first floor. My blood work was painless and quick then you go to the second floor to the cardiologist room 205 they don't open until 8am. So now I'm playing the waiting game until they open. Yeah my cardiologist appointment went well I went back up to Cabral he looked me over told me what he can do and the cost. So I get everything except my boobs for 5500US which is fine with me. Then I went downstairs to do my xray, came back up paid my money and now I'm going to the first floor to check in so I don't have to do it tomorrow. It's 10:22am and they said I have to go back to Cabral office for 2 pm. I still haven't eaten anything since last night. I'm just going to hang out in the waiting room until 2 I think that's when I have to do the psychologist test. I paid $230US for my Faja, arm compression and neck compression. I refuse to spend any money on food, I feel like the RH could send you with a sandwich and a drink especially because they know you are going to be there all day. Surprisingly a lot of girls flew in did they test then we're scheduled for surgery. I bought 2 enpanada and a grape drink downstairs on the fist floor for $3US it taste great and I found a plug to charge my phone. They eat a lot of pork here, I actually like pork but I'm already tired of eating it. One of the girls that was doing all her testing with us because couldn't get surgery because she is sick with the flu or a cold. That sucks but damn if I didn't eat I would have asked to get my surgery done today but I didn't plan for that which is why I left all my supplies at the RH. Just met with the physchologist I appreciate all the test, I feel like ppl think because your not in the USA or Canada if you go to a foreign country you won't get the proper medical care but I feel so at ease dealing with everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting. Great bunch of people very friendly and helpful. I haven't had my surgery yet but based on the treatment thus far I would definitely recommend DR for a surgery vacation. I was at Cipla from 645-3pm it was an expensive long day. George couldn't pick me up so he sent another taxi I already paid George I'm not paying this guy.His name is Engel Taxi 264 I don't like him he's not attentive doesn't talk other then to ask if I'm the person he is suppose to pick up he is constantly on his phone talking or texting smiley faces. He was so busy texting he wasn't even driving when it was a green light kmt. I'm back at the RH all I want to do is lay down and relax all the girls are gone to their appointments. I also wish I brought a gym bag to carry all my stuff to Cipla I really thought I would need them for only the rh but u need all ur supplies for Cipla too. I'm carrying everything in a knapsack, a plastic bag that's about to break and my hands.

Dinner tonight was the business I cleaned my plate I don't know if it's because it's my last meal for a while or because I barely ate anything all day but it was GREAT. We had spaghetti with ground chicken, tomato sauce and garlic toast with any kind of fruit juice you want, I had fruit punch.

I did my shaving and the longest shower with luke warm water but it was great. I didn't apply lotion but I did put deodorant on its probably gonna wear off by the morning. Anyways ladies tomorrow is the big day. I'll see you on the flat side.



On a side note I'm so over all the ladies in my rh talking about Cabral. Bunch of haters it's like cool you didn't pick him so just shut the hell up. I know about his track record don't need them to continue to speak on what they don't know, I'll be glad when they all leave this week and new girls come in. Don't want no more advice or tips everyone's journey is different. I didn't realise how tired I was in was sleeping b4 830pm and I woke up well rested after 1130pm. Hope I can squeeze in some more sleep. I don't know if it's nerves but I had the runs last night we shall see how long time takes me to have a normal bowel movement. I'm already noticing from all the girls they barely used anything they brought. I felt like I over packed but I just wanted to make sure I had everything I need.

It's the day of my surgery I've been at Cipla since 630 George came to get me way to early. I have yet to be brought in a room I feel my mouth getting dry hopefully I can get in a room b4 I become dehydrated, regardless I'm probably still going to need an IV because my last meal or drink was at 8pm. I messaged everyone this morning to tell them that I love them and to ask them to pray for me. It's 8:00 and I'm in a pre-op room. I have on my compression socks, the blue robe they put on you, some blue shoe covers and a hair net. I'm naked other then those things. the room has a total of 3 beds and a bathroom but I'm the only one in here. Thus far I found out he is doing 5 girls (rolling me eyes) I hope no more get added. The blue pill is here but I was told not to take it and they give you a little more then a cap of water to drink it with. I can't swallow pills but I hope I can get this one down. I really do need something to calm me down, I look cool on the outside but I'm freaking out on thee inside. After 2yrs of saving and planning I finally get to go through with this. My throat is so dry I welcome the little bit of water when I am able to try and down the pill. I should turn off the lights so I can sleep to pass the time, actually I'm going to cuz I need to take my mind off of everything.

I took a little nap and I woke up Cabral in the room. He marked me up, I asked him about getting me some liquid meds he kept calling me baby. I'm feeling better the nap was a God send. I wondering if they will give me laughing gas so I won't have to take the blue pill but he said something about cutting it in half. Whatever he can come up with I'm cool with that God please let me just sleep during the surgery. I have so many pics to upload but the wifi is so slow I'm gonna have to wait until I'm in the taxi or back in Canada.


I had to chew the blue pill it worked cuz I was knocked out. I remember waking up once during surgery while they where Lipping my arms I didn't scream or talk it felt like an putter body experience. Next thing I know they were wheeling me into a post op room. I didn't feel any pain the IV meds worked really good. My room was boiling hot they forgot to give me the converter for the AC. I felt my body over heating thought it was going to damage my stitches. Cabral can't to check on me told me that I'm healing well and he only left 3 stretch marks. I had to do a blood transfusion cuz my hemo dropped. You have to stay for 4 to make it was enough blood to increase it. I got the clear by 3pm I finally left Cipla. My nurse came with me back to the RH to help me set up my room I moved from a 3rd floor triple to a 1st floor triple with no one in it. My body looks great in was able to get my meds in all liquids. The food at Cipla sucks they only survey nasty soup I didn't eat couldn't wait to eat dinner at my RH.

Pre op pics

More pics

I'll take better pics when I feel up to it I been laaying on butt for 24 hrs

Faja ain't no joke

My home has been draining me everything they clean but the pain is like nothing I ever felt. I'm in a lother if medso during to the transfusion thank goodness they were able to get them all in liquid form. I have my first check up with Cabral I'm hoping he says I can start getting massages, I can feel the limbs forming and they hurt so bad. Recovery has been a challenge you need patients and good support team all the nurses here are awesome. Since I been here I have yet to pee in the toilet the pee sucks and it's not easy. I was so embarrassed but the truth assured me that it's natural everyones journey is different. We been getting good food everyday and there's at least 3 options per meal. They have washed my Faja once which shank it. The drains against your skin while the Faja is on is a horrible burning sensation. I can't wait to take better pics even though everything is swollen I'm loving my results. I'm happy with every procedure I did however it scared me for life I will NEVER get plastic surgery again. I'm so miserable the pain hurts even on parts of my body they didn't touch. I want to cry cuz the pain hurts so much but then my stomach will start to contract. I've alternating with turning my phone off to allow myself time to rest.

Ttyl ladies

3 days post op pic

Hey Ladies,

I had a check up today they cleaned my cuts and made sure everything is healing properly. I have no burns thank God, the drains in my back should be out by Monday. Here is a pic I asked the guy to take. I'm starting to see the shape more and my waist is tiny. Thus far I live my results.

More pics

U can see my waist better and my butt. I still have the padding everywhere. But the more I look the more I love. Loving the new me...all the pain was worth it.

Stay positive... better days are ahead

Hi Ladies,

Today was a great day I woke up in soooo much pain due to the fact that last night I was so annoyed. They have a medicine schedule but now that I can sleep through the night I don't want to be woken up when it takes forever to fall asleep. Long story short I learned my lesson, the schedule has been modified. I'm back to my good mood. I had a bath today OMG it felt so good they bathed me so gently I felt so dirty the day of my surgery I started my period and today I took my first #2 so I bath was required. I was worried cuz I didn't pooh, one of the ladies her advise me to take my stool softener and like a magic a few days later the pooh came down with ease. I didn't have push it was great but I was so scared. Scared to wipe my big new booty, scared that I left some pooh in their but all is well now that I'm clean. My garments are getting washed again so right now I'm just relaxing butt ass naked. When I go to Cabral's office I have to buy new compression socks cuz I can't do anything to hinder my healing and I plan on getting my first massage. I really want one today but I'm hoping my period is over by Monday cuz you have to be butt naked. I found out I wasn't drinking enough water because I'm not draining as much as they want me, so now i have to drink at least 8 bottles a day. Normally it takes me a day to drink one bottle, so this is going to be a big challenge for me. The bath made a changed woman out of me I'm going to the bathroom regularly able to get up and move around a little more but I haven't been in my Faja all day and I feel good. My body isn't tight like everyone thinks it would have been, my legs aren't swollen anymore. I'm gonna put it back on after dinner and sleep with it. LOL this stool softener gave me the runs, I hope this stops b4 my appointment with Cabral on Monday. I just put my Faja on after it not being on all day and I have to it went on even better, the nurses said I didn't swell at all. Anyways I'm off to bed it does get better everyday day 5 is my best day so far. Happy healing, thanks to every for the support and words of encouragement it is so needed in times like this.


My body hurts so damn bad today, I'm angry at myself for listening to the Dr and waiting for a massage. All the ladies in my rh start massages the day after their surgery. It's to the point where it hurts to walk. I think I'm on 3 bottles of water so far and I been walking and standing but the pain meds have been my friends today I just want to eat dinner and sleep. I'm over it today the weather sucks and I'm feeling shitty. Another set of girls gonna leave this week and a new set coming in. I'm tired of all this Spanish tv that's why they can't speak good english... let me stop this is the pain talking for me. The weather sucks so the wifi been kicking in and out, there was a loud thunder and lightening it had the girls running I didn't want to laugh but it was so funny. They can barely walk so imagine them running. Shit I jumped so hard I thought I burst my stomach open lol. Even the staff was running. I better stop cuz my stomach can't handle more then one laugh for the day. I have to do a #2 again and I'm annoyed this morning I shit all over the bathroom floor,myself and everywhere else the stool softener is no joke. My butt doesn't hurt but it's raw from all the bm. I met one of the girls who follows and comments on my page she got burned because the area where her stretch marks are is too sensitive, but she is healing well. My prayers go out to her, ya'll know I have a lot of stretch marks but I guess everyone's body is different. I came by myself and I don't feel alone. I exchanged numbers with a few girls so we been keeping in contact, ppl who knew I was alone family members where checking up on me. I'm blessed. Tomorrow whether I get the go a head or not I'm doing a long massage and a shower. I'm not gonna ask anyone to record it but I know it's gonna hurt. I'm hearing and seeing grown women cry out in pain. It's to the point where I leave the room or put my head phones on tears come to my eyes watching other ppl get massages
Lord give me strength.

Loosing track of my days


Just got back from my checkup everything is healing fine. They took out the drain in my back and changed the tape on my tummy tuck. I asked about massages they said absolutely not (I'm pissed), my body is in so much pain I go back on Thursday I was so mad I forgot to ask them to take a pic kmt. So I took these ones just now in the bathroom. I'm still loving my shape I'm so glad my butt isn't too big. It goes with my body. Also attached a pic of my arm it's so much smaller but u can't really tell in this pic. I have bruises all over my body, I bruise easily there's no fat under my chin and u can't see the the scars. My jam is still a little swollen I'm gonna start wearing the sleeves and the neck thing in the night. Oh I also bought new compression socks from Cabral's office, the ones that I bought from amazon were gonna give me a bloodclots they were way too tight.

Fat new gone!

Ladies leave your man at home...,

Don't mind me I'm bored and destiny's child is in my head. I had 2 bm today they weren't runny but their still soft, I can finally pass gas without poohing. I feel like I've finally pass that weird pooh phase. I'm boycotting all this damn pork for breakfast and lunch they served pork. If I don't see pork anything again it will be too soon. I seen something on Cabral IG about a upscale rh, it looks great for a vacation but they don't have hospital beds. These beds have been a life saver cuz with a tt you can't lie flat,it hurts to get in and out of the bed and that with a bed that can adjust. So make sure when your picking a rh is going to be comfortable for you to RECOVER. If you don't speak Spanish a few English speaking staff goes a long way. Half of the stuff that I packed I didn't need. I plan on leaving most of the stuff here. My butt is starting to hurt now it feels so hard like concrete. Although it's boring I'm glad I'm staying the amount of days I'm staying because I'm definitely not going home with any drains it's too much work if you don't know what your doing. A lot of the ladies have gone to the mall or ordered food, did their hair and nails; some even left to go to a hotel. I am recovering I'm not going anywhere you still have to walk around carrying your brains full of blood ewww that's so disgusting. Don't get a cheap boppy pillow cuz they get flat too quickly, I don't walk with mine cuz everywhere you go there are pillows so I sit on everyone couch pillows. I still on sit on my butt, I'm not worried about it getting smaller cuz my waist is getting smaller so regardless that booty gonna look good. Got one of the nurses to take pics of me, ladies I'm flat but I'm so swollen she said it will take about 6 mths for the swelling to go down. But I'm loving what I see, Big Up King Cabral cuz I never thought I could get rid of my big ol' Belly and all that back rolls.

My list

What I packed for DR vs what I actually used...

travel card
phone and charger
lip gloss
lysol wipes DIDN'T USE
glasses cleaner DIDN'T USE
retainer case DIDN'T USE
bathing suit DIDN'T USE
paper,pens,writing book DIDN'T USE
head tie
hair scrunchies
female urinal USED BUT IT SUCKS DIDN'T USE you can just squat over the toilet
1 bar of dial soap
polysporin DIDN'T USE
Maxi dresses X5
Big panties DIDN'T USE
men's tank tops
house slippers
easy slip on shoes
big panties DIDN'T USE
boppy pillow
Lipo board DIDN'T USE
arnica cream
stool softener
bathrobe with pockets
maternity pads THEY CAN BE PURCHASED HER 10/ $6
menstral pads BUY ALOT
alcohol pads DIDN'T USE
gauze pads BUY A LOT 4X4+
gold bond lotion
travel size hair products
soap dish
personal safe
regular socks X1
vitamins only need C,D and IRON
laundry pods 3 in 1 DIDN'T USE
I bought garments from Cabral and meds from DR

Hope this helps any q's just ask

Bye bye drains!

"Ladies night"....

LOL I'm gonna see how many songs I can think of that have the word lady/ladies in it to spice up my reviews.

Just came back from the clinic all my drains are officially out. Cabral was actually there he said "beautiful Mami, healing great". They told me I can start my massages on Monday I'm excited for that at least I can squeeze a few in b4 I leave. I also found a few places near me that do the massages too so I'm going to make sure I book b4 I come home. It's very humid down here hot with no breeze but I'm soaking up as much vitamin D as possible. Unlike most Caribbean islands I haven't seen any stray animals which is good cuz me and animals are not friends. Cabral's office is freezing bring a sweater and don't sit near the front door that's the coldest part. Today I'm feeling excellent so good that if I brought makeup (I was going too) I'd put some on today. I'm feeling sexy, let me just slow my ass down. Just waiting around his office got me so tired I came to the rh at lunch and have been laid up in bed, I feel a nap coming on. Tonight we having karaoke I LOVE KARAOKE! I need rest cuz that's the most turnt I'm gonna be for the whole trip. I been video messaging my kids they all good not really worried about me or bothering with me. I'm physically here but I'm mentally getting into back to school shopping mode. School in Canada is back on the day after labor day so I have to prepare myself to buy 3 of everything plus do that big back to school food shop at Costco. I can't even lie I love this stage cuz all the kids are at a good age but I'll be glad when everyone grows up. I get a few more weeks b4 my boys come home. When the drains came out it hurt so much I had to hold my breath it was a burning sensation and the drains are long. I wouldn't be able to do that myself at home so I'm glad mine are out, now I don't have to walk with the blood bag. I told my rh the food sucks they asked me what they should cook. I told them Canadian/American food cuz they cook so much and all we do is waste it. The food here taste like shit. I'm still in the 1st Faja that's how tight mine was I can't even get a Lipo board under there. I try and wear the Faja everyday but there have been a few nights where I got frustrated and slept without it. The arm and neck compressions I don't have to wear everyday had they told me that I probably wouldn't have bought them. If they change anything I'm gonna get them to take pics now that the drains are out.

Castle for a Queen

"Sweet lady..." oh you guys remember that Tyrese joint??? Oh God that just had me I a time warp when the little boys who had a crush on us use to sing to you. Damn where are all the boys now?

I forgot to mention that today at the dr office they had to cut my back to drain out the files cuz the whole closed up. It didn't hurt cuz I was focused on the pain from the front drains. I don't know the process but they do physically cut your back and use a syringe to get all the fluids out. There was a lot they showed me. They also told me I can sleep on my side now which is what I plan on doing cuz I want my butt to get some protection. I don't know if it's the Faja but everyone but looks flat, I hope the shape changes in 6 mths. I never asked exactly how long we are suppose to wear the Faja I hear 3, 6 mths- a yr. I will not be wearing mine that long cuz I am having problems with it for a day.

I want to talk about my rh real quick. I am all over the place with how things are here but one thing I would say is i would recommend My Home RH. Hands down it has all the modern luxurys that your use to from home. All of the staff care so much. There are no nurses here all the staff are DOCTORS! Qualified to help with whatever you need. Tonight someone was in distress they were calm quick and efficient if you weren't on two same floor as the lady you qouldnt even know. Every single day 7 days a week the house is cleaned, sheets changed,laundry done every Tuesday and Thursday. These women really do take pride in their jobs. Some of the staff speak good english and the ones that don't try. Today I was speaking with the house manager about the food how we don't like it this was at lunch do you know by dinner they changed the menu we normally get too options per meal this is the first time everyone choose both options. Dinner turn up. I'm so greedy I ate like the little fat kid that I am. I'm still full which is why I'm up and can't sleep my belly is hurting me lol. They are open to suggestions and the staff is fun and personable. They offer to entertain you, we played games and we are gonna have karaoke night tomorrow. I'm having a lot of fun. I forgot that I travelled here alone. Feels like I came here with family, feels like I'm gonna leave my family. Everyone here tips really well cuz the staff is that a amazing. I'm glad that I choose to stay here. I'm at peace, I'm safe it's gated. Staff is very personable, I know their stories and the sisterhood is growing. I know if I come back here for a vacation I have connections! Pick your recovery house wisely, there is no drama here. There are some ppl who just stay in their rooms and their are others who mix and mingle. I'm mingling with this crowd everyone here came same day as me or after me. I'm gonna attach a few pics from my first room and the house. My current room looks the same just no bath tube there's only a hover which is really all you need. Oh yeah my current room we have large cabinets to put our stuff in the other room didn't have space for that. So under our TV are some large white on white built ins and the bathroom is a little smaller. But we always have hot water, power and hot meals. The power goes out often but it's only for a few seconds I think it's a dominican republic thing.

Have a good night ladies

Blues and I'm not talking movies...

Hi Pretty Ladies,

Like sex all good things must to an end. Trying to come up with songs to spice up my reviews is like being the only partner putting in all the work- your girl is tired. Back to what's been working.

This morning I sponge bathed myself that was big. I did it in the sink but I did it and now I know I don't have to do it on other ppl's time. It felt so good to wash my own ass. Speaking of asses I'm having issues. I'm having a hard time poohing it's hard little turds I think it's the food here cuz I been drinking the stool softener my ass is on fire for a few days I can't pooh and then when I can I have to try and pull that shit out cuz I feel like I'm gonna die. No lie today I reached in there with a wipe pulled that bad boy out, I almost passed out. I don't think the stool softener works anymore, maybe I'm drinking it too often. I'm gonna give it a few days but I want to be regular again.

I'm at the phase where I don't know if I'm happy with my results. In pics I love everything I see, but when I pass a mirror I hate my lack of ass. Where's the booty? I went to Cabral for the vixen look, I'm so swollen I don't see it. My mind is playing tricks on me. I know it's too soon to see results but I'm a little sad. Everyone at the RH is like you look so good, there's a big difference but all I see is big and not in a good way. I feel fat, I'm waddling when I walk and my butt isn't even big. Booty where you at? I spent good money I expect to see it when I look back. And the shape looks deformed. It's the Faja it's the devil. I'm gonna keep posting and updating with pics. They say everyone feels this way after surgery, I got the surgery blues.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, I feel like after I get my massages I'll feel better. I got faith in the Kings hands and his ability to give me the body I want in 1 round I just have to be patient.

My suitcase is so empty I can even pull it around myself. It was a good decision to give all my stuff to the rh. I didn't request a wheeled chair when I booked my tickets but apparently Cabral gives you a letter saying no hard pat downs and a wheelchair is required.

Can't think of anything else for today, half of the house left so it's quiet today was such a boring day. I wanted to go home to my own bed and eat my own food. We had tacos for dinner it tasted like shit, I was still hungry so I asked for toast and I'm still hungry! I hate being hungry that's why I can't be homeless I'm not nice when I'm HANGRY. I want food, an alcoholic beverage and some D.

I only bought 5 dresses plus the jeans I wore down here so excuse the repeat outfits. I took some selfies cuz they make me happy and I was feeling down. My face says I feel slim, I look cute and I'm up to no good. Hi ladies from the DR where it's humid as hell.

Starving like a mofo

KMT... I couldn't do it! Today was a fed up food day I was starving for the whole damn day so by dinner time a bunch of ladies and I decided we gonna eat some real food. We bought KFC and girl let me tell you it was the best thing I ate in the 2 weeks that I been here. I hate KFC in Canada and the USA but this was on a different level. We got a 15 piece meal deal for only $33USA now if that isn't a deal I don't know what is. We all ate enough for dinner and to have some for snack tonight. I feel great full, satisfied. My ass is still hurting, I still haven't done a #2 I'm scared. I can feel it it's gonna be hard again so I'm gonna wait till everyone is a sleep so I can take my time in the bathroom. One of Medina girls was rushed to the ER 2 nights ago, she's back now. It didn't have nothing to do with surgical complications. The Faja gave her an anxiety attack; I told you that shit was evil. Got ppl thinking their crazy. A few ladies have to use some breathing machine cuz the Faja is that tight they are experiencing shortness of breath. Please ladies take care of yourselves when your here. Anot her lady here kept fainting everything she stood up that shit was so scarey. Man I can't wait to go home these ladies are so sick they make you start to feel like your sick.

I'm walking better, still trying to drink as much water as possible. Tomorrow I'm gonna bath myself cuz one of my best friends is flying down for my last week so I definitely want to do a couple of things this week. It was another rainy day glad this wasn't a real vacation it would have been rained out.

Have a goodnight ladies, your all in my prayers.

Eating right is a must!


The sponge baths just aren't doing it for me or the wipe. I did some research on rs and according to what I found I can actually take a real shower. I just need to pay dry the tape when I'm done. Most doctors where saying the day after or day 3 they let their patients shower. I know the water down here isn't the best but I have to wash my ass I'm starting to smell myself and it smells gross. All I smell is medicine. I plan to scrub my skin get all the tape marks and residue off. I'll keep you posted.

So I woke up with my belly expanded I think it was the junk food. Needless to say I learned my lesson. This has to be a life style change otherwise it's very easy to gain back the weight. I'd be so depressed if after all the money I spent I went back to my old body. I finished my shower and my Faja is getting washed. Once it's clean I will be putting it on with my Lipo board. The said it's not from the food she said it's because I need to pooh, thank God. They just inserted a stool softner up my butt. I hope it works quickly.
5 minutes later... I shit and it was soooo good. Yo that stuff works so good. The hurt a little but it was soft enough my butt cheeks relaxed enough to let the shit come out. My belly is still swollen but the more I shit the more it will go down. Thank God. I'm finally back in my Faja with the lipo board and let me tell you I feel good. This is the first time in a while that I can wear the Faja without pads. The pain of the Faja still hurts but it hurts my heart even more to think that my belly will not go back down so I'm going to help it go down.

Stage 2 garment!

Wasup ppl,

I'm not gonna say ladies anymore cuz a man commented on my page and I felt silly for calling him a girl. Had a doctor appointment to it turns out the reason why my stomach was big was because of the fluid. I feel like they may have taken the drains out too quickly but anyways they drained me with a needle and this time I watched. So they put this needle in my stomach and it had a fat end that they attach that to a syringe and just suck out all the fluids, it was nasty but I felt so much better they also did my back. I was able to purchase a stage 2 Faja in a S because my stage 1 was a M. They told me not to do start my massages yet but I'm starting today, my body needs them!

Just finished my first massage and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think that's because so much of me was still numb. The parts that weren't numb hurt like a bitch. I couldn't keep still I was squirming or laughing. I didn't cry or scream, I was just very tense. The whole massage took about an hour it was firm but good. I'd say don't listen to your doctor do the massages. I wouldn't have so much fluid, my body wouldn't be so stiff. I swear I wish I started it like everyone else the day after surgery. My stage 2 Faja is not for the faint at heart. It took 2 ppl to get me into it and that took about 30 min, I was screaming while they were trying to get me in. But my body, damn I look small and I feel good. Look at the pics I can finally see my shape but I still want my butt to be bigger. They said this Faja doesn't help with making the butt look bigger but it helps shape it, which might be why my butt looks so little. But it does work wonders on the waist cuz mine looks so tiny. I feel the way I look. I'm happy with what I see thus far.

Bad idea...

Just came back from the mall, after the first 5 minutes I was ready to go we stayed for an hour. It only cost $5 each way our driver was so sexy mmmmm Anthony. Im attracted to white boys but Anthony can get it! I tipped him wanted to leave him a piece of me. He was using that stupid translator app nothing made sense but we managed.

My whole body hurt I wanted to vomit and faint all at the same time. I couldn't walk or sit. I felt like shit. The worst I felt since I started to feel good. We went there to get food cuz dinner sucks today. Of course they don't accept American money which piss me off cuz I'm not changing my money these ppl are so thief. We end up leaving the mall with NO food. As soon as I get home I take off this damn stage 2 Faja. It's so tight it hurts to come off and when it's off my body is still stuck in the same shape. I'm putting back on my stage 1 so I can sleep. Fuck that Faja it's gonna kill me. I'll try again tomorrow with that Faja. I wish I never went to the mall I'd probably still be in the faja. I'm gonna sleep good tonight knowing I can breath, I did buy some snacks from a store that's like walmart they don't know how to exchange the money their all rip off too

...you bout to have a stalker

Anthony... it must have been the pain but my girl sent me the pic she took in the car ya'll he's mix and he's even cuter. It's almost 3 am I woke to pooh and I'm day dreaming about sexy ass Anthony. Damn don't you all think he's fine. The men here are all fine, I'm considering taking a few back home to Canada. In the back seat is one of my housemates and my best in and Anthony in the front. On the way back home you know my fast ass had to slide in the front despite the pain I can get in and out the car myself. Hmmm last night I didn't I just wanted Mr.Anthony to touch. I almost fell over when his soft hands touched my skin. The bottom is fine but he need to speak English in order for this imaginary relationship to work. His face is so attractive u just want to sit on it.

Oh God, good morning and goodnight people.

Ass on fiyah

OMG I feel like I'm dying. Last night I bought prune jelly so I been eating that out the jar by the spoonful, plus they also gave me the thing they shoved up my butt the other day. Let me tell you how my belly hurts so much I'm able to pooh but every time I pooh I clog the toilet. I feel like I'm shitting my insides out. The Faja wasn't positioned good so a large piece got suck in my butt and in the faja nastiest feeling ever. I really feel like I'm gonna die I sent all my baby father's a message to take good care of my kids otherwise I'll haunt her asses for the rest of their lives. I don't know how to describe the pain it feels like really bad cramps then I go to the bathroom and pooh and now I have no organs or insides. Pray for me I don't know how much more my butt can handle cuz it's feeling raw or my belly. I have an appointment with Cabral office so they can drain my belly and back smh. Everything that I'm experiencing no one wrote about they made it seem like their surgery was perfect; fucking liars! You need to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for this. Last night tears were coming out my eyes, silent cry I just wanted to pooh. Now I'm poohing and I just want to stop. I'm know I'm exaggerating about dying but it really. I never know pooh would be such a big problems and now I think I have internal hemorrhoids...fml. Walk with anything to help you pooh the medicine here is different.

99 problems and a b#+%$ ain't one

So embarrassing why did I just shit up Cabral office. They had to call a cleaning lady they sprayed the whole office with air freshner several times. I'm so embarrassed but on the bright side my pooh was soft and I feel way better belly stop hurting I'm not gonna die. They drained my back and stomach again it felt so good now you can see the S curve in my back my stomach has much less fluid but I'm hoping I have to come everyday so I don't have to do this when I go home just the massages... My butt is still very sore. Prunes are the way to go if your having pooh issues.

Church...and a booty

Hey Ladies and gentlemen,

I am whatever amount of days post op and I'm ok well earlier on I was feeling good now this stage 2 garment knocked me down a few notches.

I'm gonna try and keep this short cuz I am not in the mood. I have to eat standing up I can't sit and I took a pain med just to take a nap. I've attached pics that were taken today after my 3rd massage with Satan sister aka Carman. I don't like her! Ok that's a lie I don't like how she handles my body. She bathed me yesterday and I learned my lesson today I got them to put a chair in the shower so I can bath myself cuz Carman is trying to rub the blk off of me. I wish she understood english so she could understand when I'm cussing her ass off. The massages hurt more each day but today they drained me at the clinic plus Carman got a lot of fluid to come out. You can see the curve in my back, it's smooth not a roll or love handle in sight. My stomach still has lots of fluid so it's not as flat as it should be but it's getting there.

On Sunday something happen and since then I been trying to make sense of the nonsense... I went in my room to lay down cuz I was having #2 problems. My back is facing the room door, all of a sudden I hear this commotion. I see girls bringing chairs in my room and I'm like what's going on? The the ring leader ask me if I want to hear the word... I'm like what word???? Then she says the word of God! So many things were going through my head like why my room and wtf. I don't have a problem with religion I just don't want to feel like ppl are trying to impose theirs on me. My mom raise me right so I'm like talking to God, I said God it's Sunday I will not curse these inconsiderate bitches out but you better hurry their asses up. While I'm still in the room they start 2 services one in English and one in spanish. Their praying and singing and I'm like fuck I have to go pooh so I try to leave they blocked the whole walk way so I'm playing musical chairs kmft. Finally get out and someone in the hallway bathroom. I go back to my room and try to get to the bathroom their holding hands and I'm so annoyed at this point I'm bout to shit myself, I'm tired and I'm over them. I get in the bathroom and all I'm doing is cursing bad words. I leave the room again and I'm the only person sitting in one of the 2 living rooms and I'm saying why the hell didn't they have church out here! Church is over within the hour and the first thing I do is tell them off! They better find somewhere else next time besides my room, they should have asked and how I was sick and not in the mood. I was good cuz I didn't use any bad words but I bet you they will ask next time. Who the fuck does that rude inconsiderate asses! I'm done venting I'm in too much pain. I love my pics I can see my shape now but I'm still swollen so imagine me in 6 mths I'm gonna be fine. Bout to turn up!!! Oh I found listening to my music helped a little with my massages. I also attached a pic of how far they have to stretch the stage to garment just to first hook so you guys can see that it's almost impossible that's the Dr knees on the bed.

Drivah don't stop at all...

Hey Everyone,

I just finished at Cabral office everything went as expected they drained me I just want to go to the rh shower and wait for Satan sister. I did meet a Duran doll and her shape was the bomb and she was only 8 days post op. She was a big girl so she had a lot of fat to give for that booty. She looked amazing I couldn't stop telling her how great she looked. I was a little jealous but we had 2 different body types she is much bigger then me with more usable fat. Her arms are the size of my legs which should give you an idea of how big she is. She had to pay for 3rd party just to get in contact with Duran. In Cabral office there were a few girls who claimed they never sat on their butts their butts are a little bigger but the girls who actually sat on their butts still have big bums. All of his girls were being manually drained that made me fell good cuz I thought I was the only one. Guess it's common practice for Cabral office. The ones that sat on thwir butts are more jiggly they look very ... fake. I don't like that much attention on an already big ass. I don't want that kind of attention and it actually makes their bodies look trashy. My opinion if you want a big jiggly booty don't sit on it. After seeing and hearing what extreme measures ppl went through for the booty, how they sat and slept frigging ridiculous. I don't have time for all of that extra stuff. I'm happy with mine I'm actually a little worried how it's gonna look when it fluffs cuz I don't want to look crazy like these celebrities.

George had some nerve today bout why are you going to the Dr everyday... becuz I have too stupid (that's what I said in my head), I'm like cuz I need them to drain me. Then he says the price is $100 for 2 times a week appointments but becuz it's me he won't charge you. (Negro is you stupid - in my head again), I'm like actually I paid $100 for all doctor appointments to and from my clinic and to and from the airport I wasn't told there was a limit as to how often I can see my doctor. He replies no worry Mami for you know charge. (That's another reason why your not getting no damn tip from me fuck off, you cheap bastard- in my head again). I been here too long I want to go home to my kids, my food and anything else that's mine

Just had another massage with Carman I was the last person she massaged so she was tired my massaged was good, my arms hurt and my stomach but my back was so good I caught myself trying to fall asleep. Getting into my stage 2 garment was a little easier I didn't use the ab board this time so I'm actually going to try and sleep with it. I'm able to sit down and walk a little better. Yeah it actually gets better.

I ate a little bit of prunes cuz I want to have a bowl movement hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I'm not trying to have any accidents so I'm not even sure if I took enough. I have my arm sleeves and my chin sleeves on today I haven't worn them in days and it feels good to have them on. I'm going home in 2 days I'm so happy I miss my kids, this trip has made me realize that if I ever do a vacation I just need two weeks after that I start to feel home sick. Tonight dinner sucks as usual that's my only issue with this rh I wish the food was better everything else is top notch. Everyone else loves the food it's just me, I'm just not use to this kind of food.

Going home!!!

Today was awesome, probably the best day yet. I had my last Dr appointment, still didn't see Cabral but they drained me gave me my letter for a wheeled chair then I had to pay $16US for that shot so you don't get blood clots when you fly.

So the driver who has a crush on me took me and a housemate on a tour around DR, we went to China Town and ordered some food then he invited me out to party tonight. I had to remind him I just had surgery so he asked me what are we doing tomorrow I told him I'm going home. He looked so disappointed. An hour after getting home my gf from Toronto who flew down said she wanted to go to the beach so I called him and he came back to get me then we picked her up. The beach we went to was called Boca Chica it was beautiful. Lots of people have a good time. I didn't go in the water but she put her feet in she said the water was warm. Like the rest of the city the beach is full of hustlers I admire them cuz I can't sell shit but it get annoying real quick 3 ppl offer to massaged my feet for $80US! One lady wouldn't take no for answer so she said free sample. I kept saying no and she kept massaging my feet it sucked definitely not worth $80. I wish I could have went in the water it looked like so much fun. I'm going back in a bikini. We didn't stay long cuz I was bored we went home and we were jammin' in the car to my music. The driver wanted all my songs. All in all it was a great end to a 3 week trip. Can't wait to go home.

To everyone who keeps taking the time to write on my page with their negativity and displeasure about my choice of Dr. and location to you I say FUCK OFF!!!! It bothers you so much that you have to leave a comment, real talk to play with yourself and stop killing the vibe on my page. You can read something and disagree but for you to have to comment is a little extra. If you are so against it why even bother come on pages like mine?! Cuz your nosey and you want to see how we look. You can not discourage my followers. We are a united front. Don't you watch "Botched" things happen in developed countries as well.


The flights were ok when I was asleep but when I'm awake omg the pain hurts so bad. You feel every bump and some weird stuff was happening to my stomach, it may have been becuz I didn't eat anything since breakfast and it's a other day so I'm starving. I almost missed my connecting flight thank goodness for the wheelchair cuz that got me passed every line. I bought my dad liquor in DR airport duty free and when I got to Miami I had to leave it because the ppl in DR didn't seal the bag. I don't care that he couldn't get the bottle I'm annoyed that I wasted my money. All they care about at the airport is money not that the customers can take their things back home. FYI anything you buy duty free make sure they seal it. I flew with my stage one and my body is in so much pain smh. I'm glad I didn't leave sooner I could handle taking care of myself but the flying part had tears coming out my eyes. My body hurts after sitting for so long. Can't wait to go home.

Mommy's boys

Hey everyone,

My body is still sore and stuff but I'm getting a lot of help from everyone at home. My son's are so concerned, their like mommy why are you walking like that(hunched over and slow), why did the Dr cut you? They keep asking if I need any help. They helped me do laundry and carry stuff, unpack my suitcase and have really been on their best behavior. I'm glad their going back to their dad's because they been asking me to do all kinds of things. I've also decided to take at least another month off of work. I had a great shower I have a shower seat from when I broke my ankle so it was such an easy shower. My stage one was feeling very loose last night so I'm washing it but I decided to get in my stage 2 tonight, hopefully it will loosen up cuz my mother is the only one here to help me. So the stage 2 is a no go. We couldn't get me in, my mom was scared to pull it tight. Back to stage 1 for me. I weighted myself I lost 10 lbs it may have been because of the crappy food or it may be because it was cut off or lipoed . I tried on a dress that I was saving for when I got skinny... The dress is a large from China so it'd made small it was too tight for me now it's so big and I have pads on underneath plus I'm still swollen. I also took a pic of the jeans I wore down to DR, thought my butt would have been bigger but we shall see once the swelling goes down and the butt fluffs. My mother officially hates helping with the Faja said she can't stand to see me in pain and I need to find someone else to help me. Since I been back home I'm having normal bm with no help not even pruns which is great I just needed to leave DR and eat my food. Last night I slept sitting up in the love seat sitting upright it was so uncomfortable tonight I'm gonna sleep in my bed. I tried laying on my stomach my body isn't ready for that so I'm laying on my side with a bunch have of pillows to elevate me I'm actually very comfortable I took a pain med I'm gonna eat dinner and sleep. Hopefully when I wake up all the kids will be gone. I'm over all the noise, whinning and yelling. My boys wanted to see my tummy so I showed them a pic they said their mad at the doctor for cutting me- so sweet boys love their mother. My daughter still isn't bothering with me all she's worried about it when she can go back to school shopping. KMT


What's up ppl,

I am over the Faja! I'm tired of peeing it, through opening for pooh and pee isn't big enough, tired of smelling myself I still can't make it to the bathroom fast enough I'm so frustrated. I'm not wearing it for a while I been wearing my corset. I have a schedule doctor appointment for Wednesday and I start my massages on Thursday it's $110 for anow hour! My insurance from work will cover a portion but it's mainly going to be me paying for it. With that price I don't know how many I can afford. I feel defeated because I want to do as much as you can to help speed up the process and the healing but I need to do it comfortably. I'm getting head aches, feeling tired the Faja just sucks.


Randomly my right hand started to spasm, it was doing some crazy thing kind of like a charlie horse in my hand. I was so scared I started freaking out my mom came running in my room and freaked out on me. She was like just relax, stop trying to do everything, your doing too much. This is your recovery time you need to relax! Between yesterday and today I was doing too much. Dealing with the kids, back to school shopping, laundry, cleaning. Lesson learned tomorrow I'm not doing anything. It's so hard for me to do nothing when I'm home. I'm getting anxiety seeing mess and not being able to do things for myself. Ppl don't do it right and I hate waiting on ppl's time. This is one of my biggest challenges, to let ppl do for me and help me.

I added all the things I spent in the DR not including my flight or supplies I spent a little under 8g's US.

I wanted to updated my supply list cuz I didn't use a lot of things.

New supply list:

travel card
phone and charger
lip gloss
lysol wipes DIDN'T USE
glasses cleaner DIDN'T USE
retainer case DIDN'T USE
bathing suit DIDN'T USE
paper,pens,writing book DIDN'T USE
head tie
hair scrunchies
female urinal USED BUT IT SUCKS DIDN'T USE you can just squat over the toilet
1 bar of dial soap
polysporin DIDN'T USE
Maxi dresses X5
Big panties DIDN'T USE
men's tank tops ONLY NEED A WEEK WORTH
house slippers
easy slip on shoes
boppy pillow
Lipo board DIDN'T USE
arnica cream
stool softener
bathrobe with pockets
maternity pads THEY CAN BE PURCHASED THERE 10/ $6
alcohol pads DIDN'T USE
gauze pads BUY A LOT 4X4+
gold bond lotion DIDN'T USE
travel size hair products
soap dish
personal safe
regular socks X1
vitamins only need C,D and IRON
laundry pods 3 in 1 DIDN'T USE
I bought garments from Cabral and meds from DR

I'm still using the antibacterial soap to bath at home.

Baby steps


Today was a decent day. I was feeling horrible for the whole day stiff, sore but I convinced myself to eat and walk. Got a little pep in my step took a shower and got into my stage 1 Faja all by myself! I was so happy I almost called my mom just to tell her. But I didn't cuz I don't want her to feel like I don't need her. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor I'm curious what she has to say I have so much fluid built up my pussy is fatter then it normally it. It's not so big that I look pregnant but their is a lot of fluid. I'm thinking of investing in a lymphatic machine if I can find one at a good price. I won't be able to afford to many massages but if I can massage myself in between the ones I'm paying for I'm assuming I should be better off.

I'm already bored and tired of being home alone but on the other hand it's nice to get some peace and quiet and we'll needed rest.

I feel really good in the faja maybe the fact that I can put it on myself is a sign that I need to be in my stage 2 but I got a suggestions from a rh sister to get the massage lady to help me put it on so I'm gonna do that and hopefully I can keep it on for a day or two. Now that I'm showering I don't know if I can handle going back to not bathing everyday. There are no pads in my stage 1 so I hope it doesn't irritate my skin. My body still smells like medicine especially my pee... I need to drink more water. I'm not taking anymore meds, I have a few pain meds left but I'm not gonna take them unless I need them.


Went to visit my family doctor she was so surprised I did it. I didn't get undressed cuz I didn't want to bother with putting the Faja back on but I did show her all my pics and she was so amazed couldn't stop saying how great I look. She almost sounded like she wanted to go down and do some work herself, she was very curious. Asked me if I want meds I turned her down. I did a blood test and urine test so hopefully I don't hear back from her cuz no news is good news. I decided I won't take pain meds so I took a teaspoon of prunes cuz I have hemmorids it worked I had a bunch of controlled bm. I tried to take my own pics but it was hard due to the stiffness. I also got my letter for a medical leave of absence. I decided I would go back to work the 2nd week in September, I would have taken more time but I really can't afford for money to not be coming in for longer then that.

Massage was a success

Hey all,

I heard from my family doctor the blood they gave me was actually good. My iron is low so she advised to start taking my iron meds. I'm just glad they actually did things by the books.

I had my first canadian lymphatic drainage massage it was so good. The lady was very knowledgeable and gentle. She explained what they are doing in the DR isn't the correct way. She said no one will ever drain me with a syringe, the way she massages the fluids will automatically drain them selves from my urine. Which is why we are going to the bathroom so often cuz the body is doing what it's suppose to do. After it was done in felt so good I was walking in the mall slowly but I felt so much better. My insurance covered 80% so I only had to pay $22 out of $110. That alone had me excited thank goodness for insurance. All in all today was a great day she also told me to start trying to walk straight up and start to sleep with less pillows so my body can start to get use to lying flat. She also said I can do light arm stretches so my arms don't feel so stiff. I agree to get massages 3 times a week hopefully it maximizes my results.

Body is poppin'

Hey Everyone,

My days have been so uneventful I'm tired of being home. I'm bored all I do is drink water, walk around and catch up on my shows. I miss ppl cooking for me @ the rh even if it did taste like shit. I was bored so while my Faja is being washed I thought I would update you with a few pics. You can see how big my stomach is with all that fluid, I'm still not standing up straight but I love the shape of my butt. Even without the Faja on and all the swelling my waist looks smaller. I'm still happy with my results can not wait for all the swelling to go down so my waist can be more defined. It hurts to try on clothes but I'm gonna start doing it more often. That was one of my after surgery outfits still got all the tags on it it's a size large but it's stretchy. It could probably be a size smaller but I'm scared to trying on anything tighter, really don't want anything rubbing up against the nasty cut on my stomach that is taking forever to heal. I've managed to maintain my new weight 161lbs.

Normalcy is just around the corner!

Had another awesome massage today she encouraged me to try and lay or sleep on my stomach which should also help me stand straight. So I went home took a nap on my stomach across 4 pillows doubled up and at first I was scared but then it felt so good I was also stretching my arms their tight becuz of the incisions. I also drove for the first time since having surgery everything is just starting to feel normal. I'm confident in 3 weeks when I go back to work I'll be ready. I definitely have to do more arm stretches. The more you move the better you feel. I took a pic after my massage to see if the swelling has gone down more. I can't really tell maybe you guys can tell me if you see it.

3rd time is a charm

Hey Ladies,

Today is the first day I wore tights. I look great. Had another massage it felt great she said a lot of fluid has gone down. My massage lady and my sister helped me into my stage two. I am dying I was going to try and keep it on for 2 days but I don't even think I can last the night. We forgot to put an undershirt underneath do my skin is burning. I can't sit or stand but when I do stand I'm forced to stand up straight. I want to go pee but I'm so jammed up in here I'm scared to go. I just have to get use to it. Omg pray for me. Oh every time but this time it was a struggle to get my legs into it, this time it was so easy :). I'm having a hard time catching my breath... this was happening last time. The goal is to get to the 3rd hook b4 I go back to work in 3 weeks.

F#@$ Dat !

So I lasted a couple of hrs the Faja is off my skin was burning without an undershirt was a definite no no. Kmft I'm not spending anymore money to buy another one, I very spent more then enough money on this whole process. I'm frustrated, tired and annoyed that it was so damn tight. I think I'm gonna have to put it on for a few minutes everyday to get my body use to it. I'm going to find a solution to my problems with this damn Faja...


Hey All,

I have decided that I am happy with the size of my waist and will not focus on getting tired smaller cuz I like the shape of my body. My focus will be on doing whatever I can to get rid of all the fluid so I can be flat and to get all the swelling down. If my waist gets any smaller it's not going to look natural and I dislike that weird look. I want ppl to think I've worked out naturally not that I've had surgery. I've been online shopping although I think it's a little premature becuz I really don't know what my size will be once all the swelling and fluid is gone. My weight went from 176 to 159lbs! I lost 17 lbs I'm ecstatic. My goal weight was 150 if I get there great if I don't I'm still good. I been walking straight all day I also slept flat on my back last night I'm going to try and take a nap flat on my stomach. My massage lady has been encouraging me to stretch my hands straight over my head and being able to lay flat on my back and stomach so the scar doesn't heal with me hunched over. By the end of this week I will achieve all of the above.


I'm a little worried about this ugly cut from them draining me. I'm almost 30 days post op and it's taking forever to heal. Any tips on how to dry this cut up?

Day 30!

What's up Ladies,

30 days post op and I'm actually feeling good. I had a massage today took a few pictures. Thus far I love my tt, my hips and my back. I like the shape of my butt from the back BUT I feel like my butt needs a lot more volume. I'm all hips and no ass, my bum looks sad and droopy... I am anxiously waiting for the fluff cuz in 2 months I'm expecting a different outcome. If my butt stays the way it is now I would definitely consider a round 2. my butt looks great in dresses but I hate it naked. The point of this was to feel confident naked right now I don't. I pray I start to like my body like I did in the beginning. My scar had healed some in just one day so applying polysporin 3 times a day works. I still have marks on my body from the medical tape, I tried rubbing alcohol to get the marks off but all that does is dry up my butt. So I been using Castrol oil on my butt. Stomach is still full of fluids and back but it's coming along nicely.

Cut it...

Ladies... sorry gentlemen you don't comment enough for me to switch it up!

This is not surgery related but I wanted to share this with you. I was friends with this girl for 12-13 yrs and it's been one of those friendships where we good one minute then we have a fall out and we don't talk for months or yrs. Over the years I notice our paths in life have also changed. I would classify her as those ppl who are content in life but she's not in a good place in life , she doesn't want better for herself or her kids. She's very selfish. So a few months ago I decided I had enough, I can't continue to keep those kind of ppl in my life, it's so draining. Misery likes company and I'll be damned if I'm her company. So I cut her off and like any other bad relationship since I cut ties with her it has opened the door to new ppl, new experiences and I feel good. It might be hard initially but it's worth it in the end. My mind and my soul are at peace. We may want the best for ppl but if they don't want the best for themselves there's only so much you can do. Don't feel guilty if you have to cut ppl off who aren't going where you going in life!

I met up with the custome fitter for garments lady today. She actually used a measuring tape measured me look at a chart and told me what size is should be wearing and what style of garment to get the look that I want. I felt so good about the appointment so she ordered 2 sizes for everything the size she measured me to be and a size smaller to see which one I feel most comfortable in. The garments should be in in a few days, I'm happy that it will be in Canadian dollars and it's from a website that I wanted to order from but they don't ship to Canada. They have a few Canadian retailers and she happened to be one of them. The garments are expensive but I wasted so much money on other surgery related stuff I feel like this will be a good investment. I'll keep you guys posted when they come in and how they feel. If anyone needs any surgery stuff send memail a note if I have it and I'm not using it you can have it.

Had another massage today I'm down to 2 massages a week now which is good, hopefully with the new garment I'll get to 1 a week even sooner. Still feeling good, walking straight and with a little speed now. I can bend, roll over with ease, get up with ease. I'm just happy that it's finally at a stage where I can say I'm better and mean it.

Horny as a mofo


For the month of August I never got my period of hope no one impregnated me while I was on the operating table...

Ya'll your girl been backed up, I haven't had no action in far too long. So today one of my guy friends came over and we were just chillin, he wanted to fuck but I told him my body is in too much pain so he asked me if I can even cum I told him I doubt it cuz my stomach will have to contract. So he was curious about how much I could actually handle, I'm not one to back down from a challenge especially if it's a win win for me. I let him eat me out and eat my ass (smiling). Let me tell you guys how it was so good I felt like I died and went to heaven. We had to stop a few times cuz my stomach was really contracting everything I tried to hold in the cum. I probably won't be able to have sex for a few months which is fine but if he plans on servicing my pipes once a week I won't complain. Overall it wasn't painful unless my body was trying to cum which is when we had to take breaks. Best 2 hrs of tlc I ever got. My senses were heightened I had to pay attention to make sure I wasn't over doing it. I highly recommend oral sex after surgery I took a nap after and woke up feeling great. He was loving all the booty action shit so was I LOL !

Stage 2

It took some time but I am finally in a stage 2 garment that I feel comfortable in. It's from Morena it's a size M, it has the open butt to help shape your bum and even though it took me long to put a stage 2 on a feel like this will help with the compression, the fluids. I never cover my face but my hair is a mess lol you have all already seen my face it's this damn hair of mine. I still have the tape bruises on my bum smh they won't go away and I'm annoyed cuz it has my butt looking discoloured. Overall I'm still just ok with my butt shape but I love my waist!

What's going on?!

You all know I keep it real, my stomach was feeling really tight so I opened my garment and look what I found... My stomach is super swollen it looks like all the fluids shifted down. I've attached pics and I also attached a pic of my butt too with the garment down. My butt looks ok but I'm noticing dimples and or dents. I need some honest opinions, am I worrying for nothing? It has only been a little over a month but I'm worried, where did all the fat that he sucked out go?!


I really don't think this garment is too loose, unlike my stage one there is no room for anything the hooks look like they are about to burst. I'm going to ask my massage therapist about it but this morning it still feels hard but after a shower I can feel my stomach feel a little spongy so I'm assuming it's fluid. I never thought this experience would be so unpredictable, I thought it was as simple as reading ppl's reviews and I would experience everything they did. I feel like everything that could go wrong did, all the fine print side effects was me.

My massage lady is the business so I just finished my massage and she said it's definitely fluid the Faja isn't too tight it's actually doing what it's suppose to do but it's pushing the fluid the wrong which is why my stomach looked so big but she fixed me. I've attached pics of how it looks after the massage, I'm also going to start to wear my ab board to see if that will help direct the fluid. wish me luck. I hate thongs so I wrapped a pad around the thong part of the Faja cuz it's cutting up my butt. I feel like my stomach already looks better, there's a smaller pouch but it's getting closer to being flat.
I never really talked about my arm lipo. After the surgery my arms where very lumpy and full of bumps underneath my skin and extremely pain full. To this day it is still the most painful part of my body and the lumps and bumps are still there but with this new compression sleeve they are finally starting to smooth out.

42 days post op

Hi Ladies,

I've tried something that actually works to reduce my fluid this weekend and will continue to do. I been wearing my stage 2 in the day with my ab board and at night I been wearing my stage 1 with the ad board while sleeping on my stomach. My stomach is looking great it's almost flat. I'm anxious to see what my massage lady is going to say today after she see me. I've attached pics of me staying and sitting to show you how close it is to being flat. My butt looks like it's coming along...

More pics

Hey Ladies,

I'm bored can't wait to go back to work next week, I'm over being home especially with the kids all day. As of tomorrow all my kids will be in school full time I so happy! LOL. Just came from taking pics every so often I find myself taking sneak peaks just to make sure it's healing and still looks good. So far so good I'm still happy with the belly! I wanted to take pics of my but but it too much work to squeeze my butt in and out of this Faja, I'm not even changing into my stage tonight.

Who's butt is that?

OMG ladies my 5yr old son took these pics this morning and scared of what I see. Ewww my butt looks so big with clothes on I think it looks weird. I been complaining that it's not big enough when I'm naked now with clothes I almost want to cry. And my butt still has to fluff smh. I hope this is the in between stage and it turns out to be perfect cuz right now I look cray cray with those skinny legs. Be careful what you wish for... it might just be me but I find I'm my hardest critic so maybe to everyone else it doesn't look as bad. She'd some light and share your opinions pls ladies.



I been getting a lot of questions about my Lipo on my arms so here are some b4 and after pics. I will label them, keep in mind my arms are still bruised; have lumps and bumps and the skin isn't tight. There is fluid so the skin in very loose where as b4 my arms where just big, so I'm hoping it tightens up. My arms were and are still in a lot of pain I have to wear the sleeves as all times as it helps smooth out my arms. My arms hurt so much if someone looks at them I feel pain, if someone lightly brushes against them I feel pain and when I bump into stuff which has been happening a lot it hurts a lot. So far it seems worth it cuz I don't have to squeeze into the arms of my tops which was always a big problem for me but as for it being worth it it's still too soon to tell. Hopefully I didn't forget to answer all the arm questions but if I did just ask!

Hand massager

So late night I tried something new, I didn't use my ab board but I did use my hand massager. My stomach doesn't look worst so maybe the fluid is just going away or maybe it worked. Every day I'm going to use the electric hand massager and the ab board. Ideally the goal is to not have to use anything and be flat even without the garment so let's see how long it takes.

Back to work finally

Hi Ladies,

I'm 15 days shy of 2 mths post op...

It's my first day back at work since my surgery and I feel so anxious. I'm indecisive about what to wear becuz I don't want to draw too much attention to my butt. So I decided not to wear a dress cuz that's way too much attention and I still feel very self conscious about the size of my butt. I ended up wearing jeans which really didn't help hide my butt cuz it's officially that big! I'm not mad just surprised. This will take some time to get use to. I know everyone gonna try and be in my business about where I been for almost 2 mths, I'm gonna try and bite my tongue and suppress the rude responses. I just hope no one tries to hug me or touch me my body still really hurts.

So I was able to stop everyone from hugging me but they still kept touching my arms and back... I think I bit my tongue so hard so I wouldn't scream out loud. I was very uncomfortable with the attention I was getting I just wanted to crawl under my desk. I have a sit down job so it was very relaxing but I kept getting this stabbing pain in my sides probably from the Faja, I couldn't wait to go home and change into my stage 1 cuz I was so jammed up today with the Faja; the ab board. I wore a size 12 jeans and there was so much room I feel like I might be a size 6/7. I ordered some clothes from fashion nova so hopefully they fit me. It's still very hard to gage my size with all this fluid and the swelling.

Faja problems...

This Faja never stops getting in the way, it has been a pain in the ass literally and figuratively. So I finally got my period which is great (cuz that means they didn't get me pregnant on the operating table) but I'm having technical difficulties. I tried using a tampon but the flow was really heavy and looked like blood clots so I used a pad; my issue with the pads are how do you wear it with the Faja on. At first I wore the outside which wasn't very successful cuz even though the hole was big enough not enough pad was catching the blood. Today I wore 2 pads over lapping each other on the inside I'm just worried about how I'm going to pee.
The struggle is real in the bathroom at work I spent 15 taking off all my clothes just to check my pad or change it. On the bright side I'm getting faster at taking the Faja off but by the end of the day I was exhausted. My body was in so much pain I just wanted to cry. I don't think I can do an 8 hr shift but I can't afford to work less then 8 hrs. My whole body hurts I can't even think straight.
On the bright side I in love with my booty today

Self Love is the best kind of love!

Hi Ladies,

Today is a much better day, I find that when it's too hot my body swells so I've been running a fan or ac everywhere I go even when I sleep. I was in very little pain ,I woke up feeling so good I treated myself to a new wig and decided to wear it today. Today I got a lot of compliments and a lady at work even stopped me to ask me why I look so good. God forgive me but if ppl r not from rs they don't need to know that I had surgery so I told her my shape was from my Faja (smh) now she going to go out and buy one expecting to look like me. I love how I looked today I was feeling myself I tried to take those pics you see on Cabral IG where their sitting the waist look small and the hips big but my breast are so big you can't see anything lol. I'm wearing a size 9 pants and it's still roomy in the waist and the legs but in the butt it's snug I have to use my hands just to push all my butt in. I'm a size 6/7 waist but a size 9 butt so I'm just going to have to wear a belt which I hate. It's just one more thing I have to put on and take off. But I'm finally loving the new me I just want to not be in pain so I can enjoy this body.


I don't have nothing to say just wanted to share my pic, I officially have the body that I wanted!!!! I'm so f%$×&*g happy, all the pain and complaining was worth it!

60 days post op!!!!

Hi Ladies,

Today I'm officially 60 days post op and I'm sure rs is gonna say I'm 3 mths post op (rolling my eyes). My body is feeling much better. My arms still hurt and they are only a little bumpy. I'll attach pics but the arm pain is moderate and my arms only hurt if the underneath of my arm is touched. I haven't been wearing ab board my stomach looks the same when I wake up throughout the whole day and even at night. There is still fluid but it's not as noticeable. I haven't had a massage in almost 2 weeks I think I'm going to stop with the massages soon especially if the fluid is going away on its own and my stomach stays this flat. I still wear my ab board depending on what outfit wear if it isn't as noticeable. My butt hasn't really changed much I love it with clothes on still not crazy about it naked but on the other hand it's way bigger then my original flat ass. The side profile looks good it's just the head on pic but I'm hoping it will all work out its self once I start to workout. My scar and bruises are fading which is great and they healed really nice. I'm in love with my tt scar it's straight, neat, thin and it's low. It's everything I knew Cabral would deliver can't wait for next summer cuz I'm showing my stomach even with my stretch marks!

On a different note I don't mind answering questions and giving advice but some questions I get I'm really over answering so if you ask me a question and I don't answer it's because I'm not going to. I've written posted pics and mentioned Cabral # and email a million times, don't ask me no more cuz I deleted his info so you can either read my review or ask someone else. Every other q's I'll answer. I took the time to write this review the least you can do is take the time and read it.

I've shared my number with anyone who ask, met a lot of like minded women who are brave enough to do the surgery. Don't be offend if we don't talk much on the phone I'm busy with life but I will most definitely whatsapp and send voice notes and keep up with your process and help any step of the way. I'm located in Ontario, Canada so if your in my city let me know maybe we can meet up and grab a bite to eat.

Have a blessed day ladies, it does get better!

Faja off permanently

Hi everyone,

So I have been without my Faja for 24 hrs cuz I wanted to see if my body will be swollen when I'm not in it. I went all day yesterday without it and slept without it to me to my body looks the same. I have very minimal fluid so I plan on doing a couple more massages but I don't think I need to wear my Faja anymore. I'm going to just let my body transform naturally. My body doesn't feel any different without it on, still very firm and tight.

Small Faja...again

Hi Dolls (I hate when ppl call me doll but you all keep calling me doll so I'm going to start calling you doll too),

I had a massage today it's been 2 weeks since my last massage and it felt so good. My body was so tight and tense, my massage lady was so shocked at how flat my stomach is. It's very flat there is no fluid in my stomach there is fluid in the flanks but most if not all the fluid has moved down to my pussy. She didn't massage my pussy but the areas where it helps to release fluid in my pussy. I was really feeling myself so I decided I was going to try on the stage 2 Faja from Cabral that I hate. I was able to get the first few hooks by myself standing up but the rest I had to lay on my back. It took a little over an hour to get myself into the Faja but surprisingly I feel good. It took me 2 mths to get into it but I feel like this was such a big mile stone for me. I've attached a few pics with the first hook looking like it's about to burst. The goal is to get to the third hook, BTW I'm back to wearing my Faja keeping it off didn't last long. My body feels weird when it's not in the faja so depending on my outfit determines how long I wear it. I've agreed to have massages once a mth. My waist is so tiny in this size S Faja and I love the way it makes my butt look, got that Apple bottom booty some man need to come get a bite.


Hi Ladies, how are you all doing?

I been slacking on wearing my Faja. At least once a week I haven't been wearing it. I just finished my period and I didn't wear my Faja for 5 days! I wanted to take pics so you guys can see that my body didn't get more or less swollen, I feel like the Faja have done everything it needs to do. My measurements are H34 so my back got smaller cuz I was wearing 36. In shirts I'm wearing a M sometimes a small, I was always a L and in pants I'm wearing 6/7 I was wearing 11/12. And I weight 158lbs, I gained 4lbs but that's becuz I'm still eating whatever. As soon as my body stops hurting I'm going to work out. Hopefully starting in Dec or Jan but I'm still going to take the kids on the cruise at the end of November so that's exciting. For the most part I'm still very happy with my results Cabral brought me from flat to a little something something. It looks natural when I'm naked which I appreciate and not so natural when I'm clothed. I get a lot of play with this new body. My next goal is to eat healthy and workout like crazy to continue to maintain this body. Still don't regret getting my surgery done but I do think about doing a round 2 and I would go to Columbia to do that. Oh my arms are almost feeling better on a scale from 1-10 the pain in my arms are 2/3. I think I covered everything, if not ask me.

Enjoy your day ladies

90 days post op


What's up ya'll? I'm officially 3 mths post op and I have to admit I'm loving results. I was and still am my biggest critic but when I look at my pre op pics I truly have come a long way. I'm going to try and keep this short.

My stomach doesn't hurt and I'm still wearing my Faja sometimes but when I don't have it on my body expand. My arms and back still hurt but on a scale from 1-10, their a 2/3. It took 3 mths but I am finally able to cum which is why I know my stomach is good to go. I'm going to start working out this week, my body needs it. I'm back to 154/153 lbs I'm still eating the same but I'm definitely more active. I'm still getting smaller becuz size 6 is now loose but I'm in denial cuz I don't want to buy smaller then that cuz you all know I only wanted to be a size 8. I would consider myself skinny thick. But overall I love my results I get compliments everywhere I go and way too much attention. It was worth every dollar and all the pain. I'm still not crazy about my but shape but it's fine I'm not doing a round 2! Anyways ladies enjoy your day an if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Side by side

Hi Ladies!

What's up,

I needed to do side by side photos to remind myself how far I have come. The pre is hours b4 my surgery and the post is me currently at 3 mths post op. I look and feel like a different woman. Despite all the bloat and swelling I LOVE my results and wouldn't have been able to achieve this on my own with working out. It was worth every dollar. If anyone had any doubts I'm a real person none of my pics have been edited.

Loving My New Pics!

Hi Ladies, what's up???

I'm 10 days shy of being 4 mths post op. I haven't had any problems maintaining my weight but I do notice my stomach isn't as flat as it should be without the board. I'm still swollen and very sore depending on the day. In December I plan to work this stomach out, I tried to workout the other day but it hurt my stomach too much.
I finally was all the way intimate and it hurt so much well parts of it hurt. Anytime he touched my back or arms I would scream out in pain. It was a challenge to say the least, we talked about it being gentle and code words kmft. I wasted my breath cuz as soon as it was getting good nice slow pace I was begging for it to be hard and as soon as it got hard I was crying like a little bitch about him touching the parts of your body that hurt. He was frustrated and I was I pain but we both still came so I'd say it was still a success. The pain turned me off, my back and arms were on fire from the bed and him trying to touch yhem. The only place I'd let him grab was my ass and my hair. I'm going to hold off on sex, cuz in that moment all your thinking about is the D until the pain creeps up and kicks you in the ass. I'm going to stick with oral sex BTW it doesn't hurt to cum anymore.
I'm still wearing my FAJA and my sleeves all the time my body feels weird without them on. I have noticed that my body is getting smaller I'm wearing a size 6/5 still medium tops due to my boobs. I have the cruise coming up so I'll have a tone more pics.
I'm feeling sexy in these pics, must be the sex I had LMFAO. I took these pics the day I had sex but it was b4 I had sex. Maybe that's why we did it cuz I was feeling the way I looked.

Enjoy your day Ladies

4 & change

Hi Ladies!

So I'm 4 mths and a bit post op. Just got back from my cruise. I stopped wearing my faja almost a month ago. I love the proportions of my body, love the way I look in clothes. I do wear this velcro waist cincher that I sometimes wear when I'm sleeping or if i feel bloated along with my ab board. I still feel minor pain my arms are starting to look normal and feel normal. My stomach hurts when I try move to quickly from laying down to getting up, it's still sensetive when I sneeze. I don't notice my back pain. Still haven't worked out but I plan on it in the new yr. I've been able to maintain the weight-loss I currently weight 150lbs. I eat whatever I want but I need to change that. Don't have much to say but if you have any questions please ask.
My IG name is @Lyric_Sparks there are more pics on there but its NOT a surgery page, it's my personal page.

Enjoy your day and happy healing!

5mths post op

Hi Ladies!

I'm still loving my body, lately my stomach has been feeling so tight. It still hurts when I sneeze, cought or laugh. My weight fluctuates from 145-150, I'm still eating everything in sight????. Keeping it short and sweet.
Enjoy your holidays and season greetings


Hi Ladies,

I'm 6 mths post op already wow time really is moving quickly. It feels like just yesterday I started to blog about a surgery that I was considering getting done and look at me now! LMAO I feel like those episodes of Maury where the person was fat or a hot mess and then there's this big reveal. I've definitely been embracing all of my new assets. I shop a lot because I needed all new clothes and I'm still dressing sexy cuz I got it so I'm going to flaunt it. I've dated a lot, testing out the waters and been on this mission to find a man and just basically start my yr right. I left my job and decided this is my time to finally do what I want to do. I plan on doing as much travelling as possible and check things off my bucket list. I'm on a natural high so there's no sense coming off of this high. I know what I want and what I deserve. It's been so much fun these last few months I'm just loving every moment of this process. I still get bloated so I'm going to eat a little better but I'm still not going to diet, I'm still around 150lbs so maintaining the weight hasn't been an issue. Most times after I eat my stomach feels so tight like if I eat another thing I'm going to be sick... I wonder if Cabral threw in a free gastric. I tried to work out (like do some actual cardio and not just dance) but it hurts so bad. I have another cruise coming up in 2018 so the goal is to work out a little bit everyday.

I'm still my biggest critic I can still look in the mirror and see things I want to change. I'm learning to love every bit of me but I still see this big belly when I look in the mirror. I don't see that but my mind plays tricks on me and I find myself being very self conscious. Don't get me wrong I know my body is banging but it's a bad habit to not nit pick at the little things. I can see how surgery can be addictive, I hate the way the scar tissue feels I want another tummy tuck just so I can get the invisible stitching, same goes for my belly button and all the areas where I now have scares but never did before. I especially hate the scars on my pussy, wtf do they have to put the holes there? I never want to shave or wax cuz it looks infected, I posted a pic so you guys can see... I have entry holes underneath each boob, the sides of my back, the top of my butt crack, near both elbows and in my pussy... was all of that necessary? My arms still look unnatural to me but only I notice, when I ask other ppl they don't know what I'm talking about. My arms still hurt if there touched aggressively same with my back. My stomach is still numb can't feel a touch or kiss.

I'm trying to think of everything cuz my last few posts were brief. A big thank you to everyone who comments and sends me private messages, that was one of my fears when I started this will ppl be like me and read and not comment?!

All my pics are normally nude or fully clothed so this time around I'm also going to attach some with undergarments. I still want my butt to be just a little bigger hopefully that can be achieved with round 2. I love how I look with and without clothes. The hardest part has probably been the dating. I always been cute but now I'm sexy. There isn't a shortage of men trying to get my attention,take me out on dates, trips or even men who want to get married. Who would have thought this would have been an issue??? I joined a dating website to see what kind of play I could get and let me tell you after 2 days I had to hide my profile, I couldn't keep up with the emails. Each day I was getting at least 500 messages, I'd respond to one and 20 more would appear men where cussing me out for taking a week to respond smh. After 2 weeks I closed the account I was over all these Internet guys. I stopped reading their notes I would just log on to delete the messages. I been going on 2-3 dates a week, I'm tired of dating but I did find some really good men (fingers crossed something good comes out of one of them).

Anyways thanks for reading and have a great morning, day or night.


Hi Ladies!
I'm a day or two past my 7 mths update, I am now officially 8mths post op and I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BODY! During my 7 mth I started to workout, the only part of my body that still kinda hurts are my arms. On a scale from 1-10 the pain in 2 on a bad day. My arms still look deformed if I flex them and believe it or not their still bruised! My weight is still 143 lbs, I do have days were my stomach looks very bloated depending on what I eat. When the bloat happens I normally wear my stomach band for an hour other then that I never wear anything on my stomach. Anyone who follows me knows I've had the hardest time with any of the compression garments. I guess I'm kind of a rebel because I really did want to see what would happen because I stopped wearing my garments early. Ladies nothing will happen! I might have been a little flatter or smaller but I don't mind my size it looks so natural. I'm trying to think if I missed anything.... no pain besides my arms every so often and it's not even all that painful. I'm still surprised that I was the person who hated their results, for anyone who feels the way I felt just give it time. Don't expect instant results. Here are a few pics I just took, enjoy your day.
Happy surgery!

Feeling myself

In spirit of my bday mth I decided to add a few pics for the ppl who aren't on my IG plus I really liked my outfit so I wanted to show it off LOL. There hasn't been any major changes however my arms are almost completely normal with no lumps. I have been using the hand massager on them. The rest of my body looks the same BUT I'm noticing I'm finally starting to gain weight. I've gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks so right now I'm 145lbs, I'm also noticing my backroll is more noticeable I doubt that is from my 2 lbs it might be the way I'm posing. My stomach isn't as flat anymore, I find I have to wear my band more religiously instead of only a couple hrs b4 I go out now I wear it 2/3 times a week still only for a couple hrs regardless of if I'm going out or not. I'm hoping it's just bloat or something I ate and not a pregnancy. Lord knows I'd be pissed if I was pregnant not even a year post op, didn't get to enjoy my first summer with my body healed. Ladies pray it isn't he later, I spent too much money to be this careless. Trust me I'm taking the right precautions I've had my ID in for 4 yrs the last couple times my bf and I were intimate something felt offish. I'm going to try not to stress until I know for sure but my period is 12 days late and I'm NEVER late unless I'm pregnant.
You will all be in my prayers, happy surgery, happy healing and safe travels.

Jumping for JOY

Hi Ladies,

I've never been so happy to see blood in my life! Thank you Jesus!!!! I'm not pregnant and I'm bleeding. I'd add a picture but that would be nasty lol. This one is short and sweet rap it up if or you'll be those ladies who have to push back their surgeries due to unplanned pregnancies or ruined a perfectly good body.

Boys boys boys

Hi Ladies,

How have you all been doing. I'm writing to keep you all posted. No significant changes in my body I haven't even been taking pics. My body feels 90% normal I'm looking into hiring a personal trainer to firm up my body. My weight went back down to 143lbs I will upload some pics later on this week.

On a different note 2 of my guy friends from Seattle, Washington are looking for some company. Their trying to get married and settle down. If any of you are interested shot me an email and I'll give you their contact information.



Hello everyone!

Wow I can't believe I'm almost a yr post op, time really does fly. So much has changed within these 10 mths and for the most part I'm still loving my results. I did the big chop and cut off all my hair, I'm going natural ya'll. I don't like how the bald head looks on me I'm just glad I have a small head. I can't wait for my hair to grow back. On the bright side my head will be cool this summer. I haven't worn a wig since I cut it but I have been wearing hats. I've never felt so naked and vulnerable, shoot I rather be naked then have no hair.
I've attached a bunch of pics so you guys can really see what 10 mths post op no garments, no exercise, no diet looks like. It looks ok but it looks better in clothes. I see a roll in my back but I think that's because of the position of my arms. My stomach is still flat enough for me. My arms are NORMAL finally. I notice more cellulite on my upper thighs, I'm wondering if it's because the fat has no where to go??! Would still love to do my boobs and my scars are flatter. I still wish my butt had a little more fat at the top. Guess we can't have it all, I'm still being greedy. This morning I weighted 141 down 2 lbs from my normal but I'm sure once I eat I'll get them back.
Talk to you guys next mth.
Take care

11 mths post op

Hi Ladies,

So I decided to try on a dress I bought for my surgery, it's so big! This pic was taken today after I ate plus I'm on my period. My stomach is a little swollen but my booty is looking lovely. My hair is growing back slowly but surely, But these edges better catch up!

June pics

Hi Ladies,

It's almost that time, I've attached a few pics from the mth of June. It's the long weekend and I don't feel like doing any big writing. I promise at the end of the mth for my 1 yr post op I'll post some nude pics so you guys can really see how I'm healing. Any questions you have post them and I'll answer them all in my final post.
TTYL, enjoy your long weekend.


Hi Ladies,

It's been 365 days since I had my surgery. Everyone heals differently and you all know I always keep it real with you. Here is the nitty gritty of my 1 yr on this roller coaster.
As promised here are my nudes... I knew I was never a shy person but damn this journey has really brought out the exhibitionist in me LOL. I paid so much for this body I don't see why I should keep it all to myself.
I've started a travel business which I'm super excited about RS doesn't want me to talk about it but if anyone is curious you can email me at Dejavugetaways@gmail.com I was in a relationship but that was going no where quickly so I ended that real quick, right now I'm single and just doing me and I'm loving it. My hair is growing quickly I'm almost 2 months post big chop and that's all thanks to this hair growth oil I been using from some YouTube girl I think her name is Curly Proverbs, that oil is the truth is has even brought life to my edges I went from no edges to now having edges. I can share the link if anyone wants it.
As for my body it's finally starting to feel normal. I rarely have any pain, I'm just now able to start working out however it hurts to do any ab workout. My arms are still a little lumpy but it's not noticeable unless I'm flexing my arms. My scars are black but healed and flat , I haven't used anything on them however I do want to look into things that can lighten the scars if it's not too late. I do still get bloated very easily depending on what I eat or if I'm on my menstrual. I still don't workout enough to call it a workout so I haven't noticed any definition in my body, my weight is still 143lbs. I have noticed that my legs are bigger and are collecting cellulite it might becuz I didn't do any lipo on them. 2 weeks ago I started bike riding with the kids, we probably went 2/3 times, I'm going to keep it up the rest of the summer and hope my legs get some muscle/definition. I was wearing M and size 6/7 now I wear S and 4/5 which should be a good thing but I'm annoyed cuz I bought all these clothes and now none of them fit SMH. I still don't wear any FAJA but I do wear my velcro Amazon waist cincher only if I have to wear a dress an hour b4 I go out then I'm good all night. I love my shape and my size, still want more booty... I'm not thinking about a round 2 anytime soon but if I gain weight or I have another baby I would definitely consider it. Even though the scale still says the same weight sometimes my stomach looks big and I don't think it's bloat but then I go to sleep and I wake up and it's flat again . Weird huh, guess it was just a bad food day for me. I still eat whatever I want but I get full quickly, I don't even eat half as much of the food portions I use to eat.
Can you believe my stomach muscles are so tight it doesn't hurt during intimacy but it's HARD to cum even from head. Most times I'm so drained trying not to focus on my stomach muscles and the pain that I'm over it (rolling my eyes). These nuts are rare so I can't waste them on Joe Blow. The right man better come with an empty stomach cuz he's going to leave full, I bet you he will swallow every drop! This new body has brought a lot of challenges in regards to the men, I lost count of how many men I've had to curse out for trying to bring talks or be bold enough to touch on me! My block and delete game is STRONG, I been running F#%* boys left and right. The hype about my body has died down and thx to my pretend uncle/big brother Derrick Jaxn I been on point and haven't had any issues that I can't deal with.
Well Ladies, it has been real thank you all for following my journey I did as I said I kept you updated until 1 yr post op. I won't be posting monthly anymore but if I remember I will post annually. I do post pics on my IG @lyric_sparks and if ppl comment or have questions I will answer those. For some reason I don't get the email notifications so it's best to send me a personal email Dejeuneea@hotmail.com.

Be blessed, happy surgery, safe travels, keep the positive environment and continue to encourage each other!

P.s. My apologies for the pics I got a new phone and I can't figure out how to find the self timer... These pics were taken this morning b4 I jumped in the shower.

Take Care,
BootyNV (Envy)
Dr. Hector Cabral

He is very professional, I haven't had any issues getting in contact with him via email or what'sapp. He is very honest and realistic, if what your asking for is too much he won't say yes just to take your money or put your life in danger.

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