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Im excited to say im looking forward to becoming a...

Im excited to say im looking forward to becoming a baez doll. If anyone Is going the end November or the beginning of December please let me know please. Feel free to tell me your experiences with baez and good recovery houses I heard haven house was good place to stay at I will post before pictures very soon

Recovery house in Dominican Republic

Does anyone know any really good recovery houses besides yasmins, shes all booked up!!! Or any safe & affordable hotels and names of a nurse willing to come in santo domingo ?

Torn Between The twi

Lately I've become overly obsessed with real self. I had to reschedule with baez and shes booked for January. Yily just had a baby and will return january. Duran has a hard time responding as we all know. But in thr meantime ivv searched. dr asimo Aquino (spell check) who speaks FLUENT ENGLISH and his assistant too ladies!!! She answers a local # frim 8am-6pm And thats a plus in my book, just havent seen much of his work and what I did see I wasnt really impressed. I will post pre pics of myself , I already started getting most of my supplies and hope to have a new date confirmed within a few days.

Pre op photos

I honestly think im going with dr salas in miami florida for now lol. I know im messy . But it equals out the same minus the traveling fot hours & language barriers & honestly being that i have an excellent insurance company if any medical situations arise im fully covered . I heard that if person receive medical procefures outside the u.s. some doctors arent fond of providing care

On the plane to a new booty

Im on the planr scaref as hell righy now ....I think im more afraid of flying then surgery lol. But im so ready to transform I can not bring this body into the new yr looking like this lol ! Pray for me


I didnt mention ill be going to vanity cosmetics and consulting with dr salas in miami.

surgery today

Well its reallu happening. I havent been nervous the entire time until now. I will update you guys as soon as I can . Omw to the dr office now!!!

day 3 post op

I was going to update sooner but I couldn't figure our how to change the doctors name. Anyway the first day our of surgery was easy I slept the entire night away, now the second day was hell!! He didnt use drains so I believe this is why the soreness and swelling is extreme. I wouldn't exactly say im in pain ...its more so a soreness. Today has beeb the third day and I barely took any pain medication mibd you the first two hours I was popping them every four hours on the dot sometimes sooner. The only pill I took was aroubd 4 because im so bored in this room I just want to sleep lol

almost back to 100% 3Days post opp

Im still sore and stiff of course. I had a very small bowel movement smh im trying to go now lol. But I feel so much better. I had surgery thurs and when I was in the table last time I looked at clock it was 7:28am got recovery around 1pm and was on the beach today enjoying south beach weather . It felt good to get out of the bed !!!!!!! It was draining nd a good exercise I hope tobsleep well tonight and here's a pic some swelling went down but not much !


I just had bm & I feel so much better omg!!! Im gona take a nap! I haven't been taking my pain meds since day before beside the one pill I took because I was bored out my mind & I just wanted to sleep! Lol

day 5 post

Just wanted to post a pic

pictures dont do justice

I would like to say that my ass looks mucg bigger in person and when I went to my doctor I mainly told him to get rid of my waist and add alot of projection. He knew I was from ny at that point lol. But he did exactly what I asked for money well spent.I was very comfortable with him and the nurse anesthesist madr me feel at ease I knew these men weren't going to take my trying to give me wat I wanted to keep a good name & image as the doctors n DR have all done. As the swelling decreases my ass increases!


Take my life ** meant to write.

Dr salas bootaaayy

I just want ti post a pic . Ive been waist cinching and my wAist is disappearing like every day and im loving it I have to focus more on my eating habits still have some swelling but not much . I was wondering if those " it work" body wraps will help with swelling & also take more inches off waist .


Wow I heard vanity fucking people up!!NOW , I honestly could have been updated this review and let everyone know that place was horrible ... I could of sworn I write that the recovery house was bullshit and that I learned from another girl that went there that I met down there. OH AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I FORGOT TO UPDATE THAT I DID NOT GO TO VANITY COSMETICS , It's not funny because people actually went there because they "heard" I went there through the grape vine! Once I figured they was all about the money I knew that shit wasn't for me. And honestly this surgery like this in my opinion you need to be at your healthiest because you do in fact lose so much blood. Ladies make sure your iron & blood levels are A1. I wish I would have updated this for all the people that come and view without in boxing me. But I am truly blessed and in love with my body my waist is a 26 my hips are a 44 and I need to repeat my breast measurements because I had a breast reduction 90 days after my bbl wich in fact I LOVE ????IM BIG BOOTY TINY WAIST WITH BOOBS THAT SIT UP I will try to make a second brief review about my breast. But I'm in the process of a round two for another BBL GOD BLESS US ALL WHO successfully had this surgery without any complications and any question please inbox me

Ready to begin my second journey ????

Hey everybody, I'm gona start a new link with a new journey and I'm excited. Anyway I'm in love with my new body naked and clothes off. My waist is so tiny it looks fake to me sometime I'm in disbelief but my waist was always small my entire life I think. That was mainly my goal to decrease the waist and increase the butt.im not into the big thick plus size look it's 2014 I'm more of a slim thick lover I'm going a 2nd round by choice , because I want my waist smaller if it can get any smaller lol. I may just lipo my waist I'm undecided right now. But I'm post a pic of 6month result and this is without the gym ladies. I didn't step foot in a gym this entire time and everything is still bomb ???? I didn't feel it was necessary because it was on point from the start & plus gaining weight n those areas the fat removed isnt easy

This my girl right here & goal right chea

Slim and thick . I wonder who she went too all the time . my girl nya lee,her body is bomb as well and she's the one that convince us to go another round lol her body is bomb but still big & thick kinda.

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