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Hi guys ???????????????????????? I'm 21 years old and disgusted wit...

Hi guys ????????????????????????

I'm 21 years old and disgusted with my body. Now I love myself I just can't get with the thick life chile. I have tried working out but I became shaped abnormally. I gained muscle definition and went from being shaped like a bean bag to shaped like a linebacker. ???????????? Its a struggle out here . Anywho, my body is slacking and to achieve the body I want I feel like I have a long road ahead. I want to get a Bbl but, I'm also considering a TT and a BA. (Yasss bitch I slung that terminology lol). I haven't decided about the BA because I've been researching surgeons & in the DR some of the best have slipped up and had some poor girls tits uneven and cone shaped. So the doctors I have considered are....Cabral, Duran and Robles!!! I'm super excited because it took me along time to even decide on these wonderful 3. Anywho the problem now lies on getting in contacting with them. Dra Duran was my first choose (until I seen Cabrals work) and for the life of me I can't get in touch with this woman!!! I have tried 3 different email addresses, 2 confusing phone calls and I won't even start about Instagram! I've tried for a year to get in touch with this woman and because of this I had to look for other options. Which lead me to Dr. Cabral! Yes, I know it's been some deaths which is why, I don't think I'll get more than a bbl with him. All I have is a international number on him, anyone have a email address or a whatsapp number? Please list it below!! Lets see I was a smoker, I quit!! & I'm scheduling an appointment with my primary for blood work and a physical. Also did anyone get surgery outside of the recommended BMI?? Cause I know with Dr. Yily I heard she didn't play that but with "other doctors" they were lenient. But for now that's pretty much it. Tomorrow I'll try to call Cabral or find an email and I'll keep you gals updated !! Sidenote, anyone had surgery and had stretch marks all over like me? If so what happened to them because I'm afraid I'll pay all this money for a bomb ass new body that would be scarred up. If anyone has a product list that helped them, a procedure done or advice PLEASE HELP!!
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