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I had a bbl done a few years ago but I lost it...

I had a bbl done a few years ago but I lost it after 6 months due to being too active.???? I got in contact with Surgical Sisters via IG because they had an 'All inclusive package for the BBL'. I contacted them, went panther website, paid my $3800. I was contacted by 'Loraine' & she pretty much draws up the paperworks. I soon found out that it wasn't necessarily all inclusive because I still had to pay $280 fee & then $500 for labs, X-rays & faja. So it's definitely not for people who've been saving up exact cash. I contact Surgical Sisters on 1 July 2016 & was approved & locked in on 6 July 2016 which I found was truly impressive as compared to Bellavita & Phenombeauty Consultants. I swear, Bellavita & Phenombeauty urked my last damn nerves moving all slow & shit like I'm begging for their services!

Day 1: I arrived in SDQ (Santo Domingo) at noon on 10 July 2016. I had to look hard before I saw a sign with the Surgical Sisters logo & of course 'Surgical Sisters'. It was our Driver, Pedro & our RN. They're both super nice! So walked over to them & they took me to a nearby table where we sat until the other 3 ladies came in...which was less than 10min. We then went to the SUV & drove to the recovery house 'Armonia'. They introduced us to the staff & the Surgical Sisters gave us our orientation. They were very informative & knowledge ...not to mention their bodies were they would run J Lo out of competition! After that, they gave us tour & showed us to our rooms! I swear, it looks just like the pictures on IG! There's mirrors, fans & AC everywhere! I love it! Then there's the's everything. They have a menu & you pretty much can pick whatever you want & they will make it. They were even able to accommodate my need for plantains! They truly go all out to make sure we are comfortable. Later on that day, we went out to a gathering for which a reservation was made. It was a beautiful scene, we just felt super under dressed because we had packed mostly leggings, robes, tang tops, flips etc. I'll attached some pics of the night out.

Labs & X-ray yesterday (11 July 2016)

So yesterday we got our labs & X-rays ($500) done. I swear, it was an all morning & afternoon process for 4 of us. First off, I like to state that their healthcare system is slightly different. We went to Dr Rodriguez office to do the pre-ops. The lab technician didn't use a glove when she drew up my blood, instead, she used the glove as a tourniquet. She has used the alcohol pad to glean the site then touched it again with her finger. Totally defeats the purpose! The cardiologist was no better. The leads that he used were previously used & after he used them on me, he put them back on the pads. We did meet a few ladies that had gotten work done by Dr Rodriguez. They were super nice & had no issues talking to us & flaunting their new curves. Soon after, we went to another location to get the X-rays. This was a quick process. We went in one by one, the X-ray tech took the pictures & that was that.

Later that day
Later in the day, we had to wait to get out surgery time. Unfortunately, I had a set back because my hemoglobin levels were a 11.6 & it need to be between 12 -16. I was slightly upset because it's so close.

Popping vitamins to raise my hemo (12 July 2016)

Now a whole day later, I'm downing iron pills, b12 & vitamin c while they're waiting on getting the approval from the cardiologist to go ahead with my surgery tomorrow. 2 of the girls left to go get their surgeries. I'm super excited for them! I'm ready for them to get 'snatched'! But it's slightly concerning that all the surgical sisters left. I'm happy that me & the other girl are naturally hyped because if we weren't, we'd be super anxious about being left alone. Oh, did I mention the food is everything! I swear, it's healthy but they spoiling me. They know how to make us comfortable at Armonia! Everything is so fresh! And my greedy ass ain't got no type! I'm happy I did my consultation through Surgical Sisters! I like being pampered esp with my job!

Today is the day! (13 July 2016)

Today, another girl & I have our surgeries schedule for noonish. We are both so excited. And we can't wait for the other 2 girls that had their procedures yesterday to come back. I guess my doctor got the approval from my cardiologist to go ahead with my procedure but I'll be the last one to get mine done.

I swear, yesterday, I spent half the day eating. Towards the end of the day, we went walking a few blocks looking for street food. We didn't find any in the area but we did find 2 men on carts selling coconut & mangoes. They were amazing! Then we came back to Armonia Recovery to order our food off the menu.

What am I doing now?...waiting to get snatched!

1 Day Post Op

Yasss!!! Lastnight, I got snatched! Let me start from for beginning:

Yesterday morning
It was the other girl & my turn to go in. She left to go to the hospital at 11am and I left to go there at 1pm. To my disbelief, when I got there, she was still waiting for her surgery. She didn't get in until after 3pm. It was ok though, the Surgical Sister kept my company. Now, I'm an honest person so I have to give credit where it is due. Yesterday, I finally saw the biggest picture. Now I understand why they went M.I.A the day of the other girls' surgeries. At the point, I felt nothing but appreciation for them. One of the 3 surgical sisters is a nurse & she has been working around the clock to make sure everything at the hospital is going right. I know she was tired but she was running off adrenaline...she just kept it moving! Before surgeries, prayers were said for us by the Surgical Sisters & Dr Rodriguez & his staff. I'm not religious one bit but that surely made me feel more safe. I swear, Surgical Sisters are a God-send. I could have gone with Bellavita or Phenombeauty but I stumbled across their post by chance. Anyways, the other girl didn't leave surgery until around 8pm. I went in about 8:40pm. I remember taking the blue pill which I assume is like Valium but I guess it worked after the gave me the anesthesia. I only remember waking back up in my really nice room because I loud woman was demanding that the night nurse find her phone for her the. She proceeded to have a loud conversation outside my door. I damn near ripped out my IV trying to get up to cuss her out. I think it was around 5am, the nurse came in & gave me some medication in my IV. It burned my hand so bad I almost cried but whatever she gave me worked! When the sun finally came up, they brought my breakfast which consisted of toast sandwich with a thin slice of ham & cheese, coffee , tea, & milk & papaya as the fruit.

Getting up
I ate then I manage to get myself up to see what state I was in. I quickly noticed that there was blood all over the chux I was on, my thighs, the mid to lower back & crotch area. I noticed 2 tubes in my crotch area. 1 was a catheter & the other was my drainage which had been transferring fluids to the reservoir that they had attached to the end of the tube. The nurse came & took out the catheter. Let me tell you... That is a very unpleasant feeling! I hobbled my way to the toilet after the nurse left. My first 2 pees burnt a lil then it was back to normal. Let me just say, I was standing up peeing. No she-wee or go-girl needed with the first faja garment. There's a big opening from above your vagina to your butt area. I love it! Oh, also, they put a cotton layer inside the faja for your comfort. I watching tv for a few hours , I started worrying about the other girl that had her surgery first, so I got dressed in my robe, grabbed my IV & snuck to her room which was 2 doors down. We were so excited to see each other although I've only known her for 4 days! But of course, the nurse found me & took me to my room.

This afternoon
Dr Rodriguez's assistant came & spoke to me about discharge information. Then about 40min later, our driver came & he clearly been doing this for a while. He & the nurse helped me in a wheelchair & took me in the elevator to the parking. I 'gracefully' got out the wheelchair & hopped in the SUV. They were both shocked lol they went back up for the other girl. As soon as we were both in the car, she buckled us down & drove us home. We have the best drivers ever!!!
I'll be uploading more body pics later to show my bruisings & healing progress.

Snatched but pissed

Ok, so like I've mentioned before, I pride myself on being honest. There's 4 ladies including myself here that had surgery. Meaning, we are the patients...we are the clients...meaning it's our time to be taken care of. Now, as soon as I got here. I informed Surgical Sisters that this is round 2 for me & that I came prepared because last time I had it done, I was in so much pain I wanted to die & the pain sent me into a crazy depressive state. The day of my surgery , they insisted that I give medication the surgical Sister nurse. Had I known she wouldn't be back at the hospital to administer my medication I round have never agreed to give up my meds in the first place. Now I'm back at the recover house pissed as fk because I'm in pain & I literally have to beg for my medication just so that I can be on schedule. I was in so much pain earlier, I passed out twice & woke up to our very nice Dominican nurse fanning me & wiping off my sweat although the AC was full blast. Now mind you, we all paid $500 for labs, X-rays, fajas & medication. I have yet to see the medication that the doctor is supposed to prescribe do me. They gave me a sheet of antibiotics that I'm pretty sure belongs to one of the other girls. I should be sleeping right now but I'm in so much pain...I'm teary eyed typing this mess up because I'm to the point now where I'm pissed. Now all day Surgical Sisters ( 2 of the 3) have been missing...we got word that their both getting lipo'd. Now why did they have this trip if they can't even take of us, they'll be patients just like us. The other girls & I thought it was extremely selfish of them to do that. They could have planned a trip for themselves when they didn't have clients / patients of their own. I'm beyond pissed & frustrated because they took away MY medication that they did not prescribe to me. And now I literally have to crawl out if bed in pain & go outside to BEG for MY medication just so that I'm comfortable. Again, I pride myself in being honest & as nice as they are...I'm beginning to regret doing business with them. And I'm not just saying that because I'm upset & in pain but I'm saying that because they are crossing the line. At no point did I sign any form agreeing to them taking my medications & me begging for a pill just to keep me going. Ok so no shit, the night shift Dominican nurse walked in as I was typing this &PSGs saw me teary eyed & shaking in less than 5min she brought down my Percocet & insisted that I take it now. & like clock work , the surgical sister that stayed back came down to collect the Percocet bottle from her. The remaining surgical sister informed me that the other 2 surgical sisters are doing fine from their lipo & will be back later on tomorrow. Now, I'm happy for anyone to get 'snatched' ..ill be the first to say 'Yasss honey! Work it' but not this time...not at the expense of our comfort. Anyways, good night y'all!

Day 3 Post Op - itchiness and massage

she used icy hot for the hand massage.

Explicit - Click to view

I was gonna blog yesterday but I was so tired...not sleepy just tired! I spoke to the surgical sister nurse, Ms N. She gave me my medication & she explained to me why she didn't want me to hold it. I think it's just the nurse in her, she worries too much. She doesn't want anyone to overdose or mix a wrong med combo but she also saw where I was coming from. Again, I pride myself on being honest & although I was upset yesterday, she's a God Send.

I was so damn itchy yesterday , I took off my faja/ garment (didn't pass out this time) & rubbed myself down. I did my own lymphatic massage with the Arnicare, hydrocortisone & dibucaine cream. It helped so much! I mean, it didn't stop the itch immediately but after a few felt amazing. As long as your not moving around it'll keep the itchiness under control. This morning, I went for a little walk around the house & the itchiness came back with a vengeance!

Speaking of butts, I tried to poop this morning & I had to ask Jesus to take the damn wheels! I'm so damn constipated. I swear, I felt them veins protruding out my damn forehead! But I've been taking my vitamins & stool softener religiously.

Sponge baths
Both yesterday & today, the nurses gave me a sponge bath. For that, they take off your faja for you. They fill up a basin with warm bottled water, hibacleans & use your wash cloth. Then they ask you to stand up & give you the wash cloth to wipe your vagina twice. These nurses know what they're doing & they are so professional! The first 2 times they took off my faja, I almost passed out. Nurse Wizea gently laid me back in bed & fan me back to consciousness. How do I know I was about to pass out? It's an immediate nauseous feeling & light-headedness & both sides of your visual focus starts getting black until it meets at the middle. When I started gaining consciousness back, it was a blur! Please understand that this is normal. The faja is very constricting. When it's taken off, all that blood redistributes elsewhere really quick!

Swollen feet
I took off my compression socks & within 20min my feet were so swollen. But I refused to put them back on until it was washed. It's back on now but it's still sensitive from being swollen all day yesterday & this morning.

Surgical Sisters
So remember the 2 surgical sisters that got lipo'd? We'll one has been mia since her procedure. The other one, the surgical sister nurse has been walking around trying her best to show her face although we all know she's in pain. I still cannot express how disappointed I am in them. I mean, one had expressed to us that she wanted to get another lipo but I had assumed that she was going to get it after we left...after all we are the patients / clients. Nope. I was talking to one of the other patients tonight. She informed me that her hibacleans is missing & suspects that one of the surgical sisters took it after all, they weren't suppose to have any surgeries & now they don't have any supplies. I also shared that it was curious she took what I assumed to be a sponge bath in my room. She received the royalty treatment as all the nurses were right on her heels. When she came out, she was wearing her faja & the nurses were carrying the basin with wash cloths in it. Please understand that I'm in no way trying to attack or talk bad about Surgical Sisters. I'm simply telling the facts of what's happening as its happening. I'm telling the good, bad & the ugly.

First things first. The massage is US$20 each & is NOT included in the all inclusive package. Apparently, the massage therapist was suppose to do the surgical sister's massage first then everyone else. Again, it's stuff like that that pisses me off! It's the same as with the food. It doesn't matter how early we (the patients) order our food, if the surgical sisters order 2 hour after us, they'll still get their food before us, the patients. Anyways, back to the massage. So at first, i took off my faja while she got set up. She then instructed me (in very little English) to lay on the bed face up. She used a wand that got hot for 5min intervals on the lipo'd areas. She unclogged my drainage & I felt a slight release on fluids. She pulled out clotted blood about 6- 8 inches long (see video). She instructed me to sit up with my back facing her & she repeated to process on my back & pushed the fluids towards my hip where the drainage was...I saw the fluids leaving my body going into the tube! It was a great feeling. The massage in a whole wasn't painful. Some parts were uncomfortable but it's necessary if I want to heal right.

Anyways, that's it for today! Xoxo

Day 4: Recovery House Staff under fire due to Surgical Sisters lies

One thing I do not appreciate is when hard working people's livelihood and their kids' livelihood are put at stake due to lies. Allow me to me explain.

This morning, we (4 patients / clients) got up in time for breakfast. It took us some time to get it together because there was just one nurse on call for 4 patients / clients. I don't even remember our nurse's name but she's so nice. This morning, she was beyond overwhelmed with work as her routine includes giving us our medications throughout the night and day, breakfast order, taking off our fajas and then washing it, giving all 4 of us sponge baths, cleaning our wounds, emptying our drainage reservoir. Just taking off the faja and giving me a sponge bath takes about 30min..and if i start blacking out...thats another 10min. Now, Surgical Sisters are quite aware of what the nurses do in the mornings. They have bells downstairs in our rooms incase we need assistance. If the bell get rong, a nurse will come to your aid. Well, the ONE nurse we had this morning was helping a REAL patient. One of the surgical sisters kept on ringing the bell non-stop. It was getting to the point where I felt the need to address it. She even sent the older Surgical Sister downstairs to retrieve the nurse and stop her from what she was doing. Said patient had just received an unwanted tummy tuck ( thats a story for another day) and was actively in pain and crying while the nurse was attending to her wounds. The other patient and I sat around the table in dismay. We could not believe what we were witnessing. While waiting for our meal, a Surgical Sister, Ms. S, joined us. Now mind you, we haven't seen her since her surgery (lipo and bbl). Like clock work, the food helper walks out of the kitchen with the tray to take it up stairs to her because they didn't notice her sitting downstairs at the table with us. So we, the actual clients / patients, gave each other the look while the poor kitchen helper re-routes and put the food on the table in front of her. Of course, we had to wait almost 30min before we even saw our plate. One of the workers, came out the kitchen with the frills of her bra showing because she had just spilled oil all over her top and had to wash it. Because they are short staffed, she doesn't have the luxury to sit and stare at the washer so of course she keeps on working. Ms S, made a comment saying something to the effect of "oh look at her bra, she's showing out, where's Mr X" (the camera man, who has a little crush on her). One of the clients quickly added that she's married and has no problem saying it in a heart beat but Ms. S wasn't trying to hear that. Now all this sounds like one long irrelevant story right? Keep on reading!

Now, the afternoon is when we are fully awake, pain managed and functional. We sit and talk about everything. I think it was in the afternoon when we spoke to the other surgical sister, the older one. She is really nice..but really sneaky and doesn't lie very well. All she does is provide an excuse for everything. I had made a comment about the massage. I stated that I don't think I'll get a massage today because I felt cheated out of my times yesterday. I was in there for about 15min while surgical sisters got there full time. Couple hours passed, and the surgical sister nurse came down with a note pad and pen. She asked what were our concerns, gripes and complaints. Now, the problem we (patients) actually have is with surgical sisters but ok sure, lets play this game. I repeated to her the massage situation and she said that she has a hard time believing that I was only in there for 15min after I told her that I recorded the entire thing even the part where she (surgical sister Nurse) was told the recovery house owner that I wasn't suppose to be in there and that I taken Ms S' slot. I realized that I wasn't going to get anywhere explaining this mess but before I could go on, one of the patients interrupted the tenseness with a complaint.

The Meeting
So after that, surgical sisters held a meeting with the recovery house staff. The complaints that were mentioned were nothing but ridiculous. Allow me to break this shit down & address each as such:
The food is cold. - First of all, surgical sister staff receive breakfast, lunch and dinner before we, the patients, do. I only found out tonight that the Armonia Staff was instructed that 'upstairs' (surgical sisters) WILL receive everything first.
Code of Conduct was addressed. - Because the Armonia staff bra frills was showing, it was addressed. Since I've been here, Ive seen that lady cook, wash clothes, clean the entire house and everything else. Now to see her scared to lose her job and have the livelihood of her kids jeopardize because the Surgical Sisters want to treated like some sort of Bougy Royalty... Jesus. Please. Take. The. Wheels. If any code of conduct should be addressed it is with themselves. Surgical sister Ms S and nurse N be walking around Armonia with their ass cheeks hanging out their shorts in the mornings or braless half the day.

White Elephant in the Room
Lets talk about how they failed to addressed the fact that of the patients/ client, hibiclens went missing after surgical Sisters, Ms S and Nurse N tried collecting all the hibiclens. We brought those with us. They did NOT provide us with hibiclens. When said patient asked the older surgical sister for her hibiclens, she pretended that she has no knowledge of it and said it must have been the cleaning staff that took it. But said patient quickly clapped back informing her that she needs to check with surgical sisters, Ms S and Nurse N. Later, Nurse N, went to the said patient's room and was like 'oh by the way, here is your hibiclens'. Upon inspection of the bottle, said patient quickly realized that 1/3 of the bottle was gone. If you have not put 2 and 2 together by now...We were the Surgical Sister's clients / patient's. The whole trip was based on them traveling to Dominican Republic and taking care of us. They managed the take advance of the ENTIRE situation and got their surgeries done at the same time. These were surgeries were unplanned as they did not bring supplies for it so they rat fucked our supplies. This is the reason why our nurses are so behind because they were only suppose to have 4 patients...the Now they have to cater the Surgical Sisters. What does that mean for us, the patients? Our resources and help are stretched thin. I feel like staff are overworked, overwhelmed and scared. Now, instead of the nurses focusing on us 4, they are completely focusing on the 2 surgical sisters and on their breaks, they can focus on us.

My Conclusion?
Well, just this surgical sister thing is an experience of its own. Surgical Sisters is a sisterhood, at least thats what they told us when we got here. But the sisterhood is between those 3 surgical sisters upstairs. Just the fact that they got their surgeries on our time, thats all I need to know to figure out their full intentions. Armonia Recovery House has a good team. Ms Myra and her team does an awesome job! I love the food, I love the way they treat us, I love the fact they meet all of our needs and they go overboard to make us feel comfortable. You can tell that they do what they do because they actually enjoyed (yes, past tense) it.

How's my recovery going?
Im itchy as fk! I was so constipated earlier I broke the damn toilet. The bruising and swelling are getting better. The massage really helps. I can now take off my faja by myself and don't even pass out. I took a shower this morning although I wasn't suppose to but I was so itchy last night I literally could not sleep. Hydrocortisone helps and Benadryl helps a lot! I had another massage today and it was better. It was longer. She even unclogged my drainage tube for me. Tomorrow, we (4 patients) are suppose to go see the doctor for our first check up. Im not anxious or anything but either way, he better know that there damn drains will come out before I leave. *side eye*

Goodnight world xoxo

Day 5 : first check up & drama

well today was an interesting day. We went to the wrong office & then got taken to the right one where we proceeded to do the hurry up & wait thing. So blog might be slightly different because I want y'all to see that I didn't make any changes or edits to my quick notes. I mean, y'all see how I write. My blog is filled with interruptions. If a nurse walks in, I stop what I'm talking about to blog about that & the full conversation as its happening. It's a bad habit that saved my ass today.
Long story short (see pics of notes & time stamp), we went to the doctors office & it started to feel like an all day affair. I shared with our lil group that I didn't like the idea , when Natali, the doctors assistant, came out, I shared that with her too. I just wanted to skip the massage, see him & then leave. She said that's ok & that was that.

Fast forwards to the restaurant
After the doctors appointment, we headed to a restaurant to get some food. As soon as I entered the restaurant, I felt an all too familiar feeling. I was immediately taken back by the nausea & lightheadedness. I literally ran out the door to the vehicle & asked them to take me home. As I was doing this, my vision was going in & out. It was a scary feeling. I came back to the Recovery House & got some rest.

I did end up getting the massage & it was absolutely painful! She was rough! It felt like a deep tissue massage. I'm good with pain but I left that joint feeling nauseous! Sorry if I'm all over the place!

Fast Forward to tonight
2 of the 3 Surgical Sisters spoke to me & asked me what happened today. I briefly told them which I now know was a mistake. I should hv pulled out my quick notes. Basically I was accused of kinds giving the company (surgical sisters) a bad name because I used foul language ONCE. After one of the patients noticed s kid was in there, she nudged me & was like 'eek'. And pretty much acting up with the staff. Now mind you, I had no interactions with the staff, only Natali. I'm not a loud person but if something bothers me, I will address it with the right person. Hence the reason why I asked Natali if the massage was mandatory to see the doctor. Apparently, me asking questions about my decisions & wallets are a problem. While I admit to being upset, I never once took it out on the staff because I'm in the medical field & I have to remind my workers everyday to not take what people say personal. But I felt like Shar already came to a conclusion even before she got to my room. She just gave me the opportunity to say my part because they were recording it. Yes. You heard me. The entire conversation was recorded. Without my consent. Anyways, I agreed, nodded & smiled. I told her that I would write an apology letter to Dr Rodriguez's staff. I think I even apologized the the other surgical sister, she was standing next to Shar with her computer opened up. The entire time, they were telling me that if I have a problem, just speak up but then I got in trouble for doing as such. Now, please see screenshots of my notes I wrote while I was in the doctors waiting area & see the time stamp. Note, that I even included what I said to everyone I had an encounter with while I was in the office.
Ughhh, now my nurses are in here. I like them! I need to pee!

That's all for now. Xoxo

I'm finally back home (23 July 2016)

More useful dates to come. I know I hvnt given any updates in a few days but I was trying to avoid blogging when I'm upset. Give me a day or 2 do I can adjust & get my stuff together & I will give y'all the tea of his it went down. The other 3 ladies that I was with...2 of the 3 are highly considering blogging about their experiences with Surgical Sisters. Until then, feel free to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever.

Surgical Sisters got our Hemoglobin levels mixed up

Just as the title says. So I had only decided to stay 10 days in the DR so naturally they front loaded me. The day prior to my surgery, they switched me saying that my hemoglobin level was low which was entirely confusing being that I had just gotten my levels checked before flying out. So I ended up getting my surgery a day later after being switch with another girl.

Fast forward to day 8:
I found out from one of the patients that the doctor's assistant had told her that it was HER hemoglobin that was low & that she has no knowledge of what surgical sisters were talking about. I later confirmed this on day 9 when I went to get my drainage taken out. The assistant told me that she told surgical sisters that we were all ok except the one girl who's hemoglobin was low. It still bothers me because at no point did surgical sisters admit this.

My healing:
I'm gertubg my massages done 3x per week. Still wearing my compression garment & avoiding sitting & sleeping on my butt. I'm still not happy with my results. And it's almost amazing that Dr Rodriguez had all those lovely patients on his IG that looks so perfect but they're hand picked. The ones that he did not do such a good job....we kinda don't exists.

Negative energy because I'm honest?

Ok first of all, I don't need anyone to collaborate on my experience. I wrote my experience in Dominican Republic with Surgical Sisters. Take what you want from it but I'm not going to sugar coat anything. Y'all so fking caught up in y'alls bullshit y'all can't even handle realness.

Surgical sisters were busy kissing 1 of the 4 of our asses because they probably thought she had more influence. One, the walls were thin so I literally could hear everything said about me and the other girls. I'm just being nice because I'm writing about the experience about the BBL.

I'll write the good and the bad. And not feed you some bullshit about positive energy & what's not. E.g. When I woke up, I was alone. No one was in my room. The other lady paid the surgical sister $99 to be by her side the entire time. Yes, it was a paid service. They offered it to me too but shit...I was like but y'all call yourselves Surgical we, clients , don't have to be alone.

So no honey, I'm not giving negative energy & judging from my damn occupation, I'd say I'm honest.

Update about my BBL:
My stomach is still flat. It's still sensitive. My ass is 'sticking out' as most ppl have pointed out lol Even my mew bf asked if it was real! The scar above my butt & bra band are very much visible so if I'm doing the grown up stuff, I try to cover it up with makeup. My thighs are still discolored pretty bad and makeup doesn't rly cover it much. My hips are completely gone. :( but my butt is still there so I'm taking care of the booty.

Although Dr Rodriquez didn't give me what I wanted , he gave me something that wasn't there.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He's in and then he's out. You don't exactly talk to talk to his assistant 'Natalie'. She's sweet. He doesn't give you what you want so don't go hoping for a J Lo booty. I gained 16lbs for this bbl & he only gave me 400cc in my butt. He ended up giving my friend an unwanted TT although she made it very clear that's not she wanted. I do not recommend.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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