DollValley 3.0 Make-over: BBL and TT with Dra. Robles Sep 2014 - Dominican Republic

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Haven't been here long but am already committed,...

Haven't been here long but am already committed, scheduled, and deposited with Dra. Walkiris Robles in DR for September 2014. This will be my birthday present to myself. Never had any hips or a butt and had NO idea that this miracle of fat grafting was an option until I met someone that performs the procedures. AHHHMAZING!

Looking forward to feeling and being curvier.

If anyone will be in DR the week of Sep 8th for surgery, inbox me. Maybe we can be roomies. :)

So far I've gotten 2 Faja's (, the standing urinal cup, 100 pack of chux, 100 babywipes, flip flops, 2 pairs of compression socks, pads, bathcloths, robe, nightgowns, foam boards, ab boards, vitamins, arnica gel, and am still collecting the rest of my care items.

Journeying Ahead

Shopping is almost done. I have a box in my living room where I am tossing in the supplies that I need for my "journey of beauty". That's what I'm calling it.

I've posted some before pics here and getting ready for my transformation. I've been working on my inner life transformation for years. Now it's time to deal with the outer world transforming too.

So far I've registered with STEP to let the U.S. know where I'll be in case something happens and they need to rescue me. LOL! I have yet to purchase trip insurance but I'll be doing that shortly.

Yesterday had my blood work drawn and am just now waiting for the results. I've been feeling like I might be a little anemic so I reached out to Dra. Robles and she got right back to me about what steps I need to take. That got me so excited. Have you seen her facebook page?? WOW!

I'll be staying for 10 days far, the supplies/things I've gotten:
Plane Tickets
2 Faja
Rose Hips Oil (Rosa Mosqueta) for scarring
Extra Strength Tylenol
3 packs Baby Wipes
100 Pack of Chux
Foam Boards
TT Lip Board
2 pair Compression socks
1 Robe with pockets
1 night gown (button up)
Dial Soap
3 Loose Summer Dresses
4 small cotton tshirts to wear under faja
4 light cotton tank shirts
1 very loose sweat suit w/ zip-up jacket - on plane.
Slip on Shoes
A stack of new face towels
Electric Compression (air massager) device for the legs
Water proof Bandages and tape for gauze
Fem Pads
Arnicare Gel
MegaFood Blood Builder (contains b-12, iron, C, Folate)
Lavendar Aromatherapy candle to help me relax

Things I still have Left to get:
Boppy Pillow....still not sure if this would work
Replace iPad (stolen by some unscrupulous thievery...)
In-Country Insurance
Visitor card (will get at the airport)
Snacks (crackers, protein bars, protein shots)

It's way early but I'm almost ready. 10 weeks and counting....

Supplies Supplies Supplies!

I found it helpful when other people posted up pictures of their supplies. It gave me some good ideas about what I needed to bring so I'm doing that here.

I hope this stuff is helpful to others. I got most of my stuff from

The lipo boards came from which I saw on some other doll's blog.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Everything is going well so far. I reached out to Laura (Dra. Robles' surgical coordinator) and she responded fairly quickly. I submitted my photos on-line for consultation and quote - received those in short order. Then submitted my deposit and waited for my date. Laura has reserved the Recovery House and I'm on to collecting my "care kit".

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