No DR, FL for my BBL

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Hi everyone! My name is Rajeana and I reside in...

hi everyone! My name is Rajeana and I reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am a 26 year old Jamaican woman who has been dying to have a Brazilian butt lift and tummy tucks for the last 5 years! I have been on this website for some time reviewing people and their experiences and now I'm about to start my journey into the new territory of having the body that I've always dreamed of!

I've gained weight over the years especially in the stomach area. It has been seen that I've gotten more round, but it's like I've gotten wider with love handles. My son doesn't really hang but it's definitely not flattering in clothing. I don't really have a butt, well I have a little meat at the bottom lol! But I have no hips and I think that puts the icing on the cake of not having any shape. I've always dreamed of a body like Khloe Kardashian, K Michelle, and other women who have a nice Coca Cola bottle shape. Their waist to hip and butt circumference just seem to come out so nicely. So that's kind of my ideal look that I'm aiming for in the end. I'm currently 200 pounds even and I'm 5'3. I'll post pics of my body soon. I'll also post some pictures of the women that I'm interested in having a defined body like. Well the reason for me joining this website is to find out more about people who have went to the Dominican Republic and had either a Brazilian butt lift or a tummy tuck or maybe both. I've read about a few doctors over there and I want to hear what other people have to say about those doctors. I'm going to start off by getting in touch with some tomorrow. I think they offer some of the good work over there, there are some board certified doctors over there as well. In interested in a april (end of month day). Let me know if you ladies have any ideas in the right direction.

Undecided on my Doctor and what areas to get Lipo'd

So I have been reading reviews for months and I keep seeing Duran, Almonte, Yily, and Robles. I like most of their work but Dr. Duran and Almonte stand out to me the most. Yily I have read takes forever to send back a quote and if you are too big then she just ignore you (like wtf?? Thats petty) and I heard that someone died while in care of Dr. Robles? Chile I aint here to start no rumors but a big booty aint worth death. DEAD ASS!

So what I am looking for is some people who have gotten quotes and are closer to the date to provide some opinion. Also I am wondering will I have to lose some weight to get my surgery done. That's the hardest part for me, Dieting and working out.. That's the reason for me to have this surgery right? I mean really! So I also have some big arms and a big back so I want to lipo my back, arms, stomach, flanks, and also my chubby chin.. LAAAAWWDDD I CANT Wait! Im going to be up here looking like a diva!

pre body pics and quotes!

So I got two quotes when I woke up this morning. Dr. Baez quoted 3800 and Dr. Almonte quoted 5200 with recovery house for 10 days! Since the beginning I've been wanting to go with her, meaning Dr.A but idk if that's too high of a quote. None the less searching for a recovery house is hard as hell!! So I have my pre surgery pics. I'm putting them up Because I'm serious about this thing here! I decided on full back, flanks, and arms. What y'all think? Plus now I'm learning I need to be under 200 so it's definitely time to work out.

Decided to make BBl and TT happen in state.. Know good FL Drs?

So its been over a year since I been on this site. In this year and some I have lost 3 family members, went through depression, but also gain a living fiance who has accepted my body and me for who I am and I love him for that. But since then we have had some serious talks about me having this surgery because I want it. Not for no one else, Me... he supports me and is going to be by my side wiping ass and all. Lol! So my 1st 2 questions of many are do any of your know any reasonably costing Dra in FL that also do GREAT WORK? Also should i get a TT and BBL at the same time. I want to lipo my flanks, back, stomach, inner thighs, armpit, and arms. Dont know if thats too much to handle at one time or not. I weigh about 208 ans Im 5'3.. let me know what you ladies think. Heres a recent pic of me.

Ortega, salzhauer, and all these DRs with the special prices

So since i got a few inboxes from women saying that you cant get a TT and BBL at the same time, im def going with the BBL ans do the tummy tuck later. Lawd knows i need the tummy tuck bc i was a teen mom and my son tore that stomach up before I knew was a belly ring was chiille! Lol! But im a lil worried. I wanna make my down payment to a DR soon to lock in a date of mid march, but all these DRs in FL with specials like its a BOGO sale got me scared. Any reccomendation ladies!!!?? Wish pic is how I picture this peach after surgery
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