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Hello Dolls, I am trying to get a breast reduction...

Hello Dolls,
I am trying to get a breast reduction (36 H possibly to a C), Brazilian butt lift, liposculpture/liposuction, and anything to get me that flat stomach. My goal is to loose about 30-40 pounds before my surgery date goal. I am 5'2 and I recently went from 162 to 197 yikes!! 162 was already a lot for my height, but being African American I was considered " thick" and loved my size. Anyways I am turning 20 in November, and would plan my surgery for December. Now here's where I need some advice, I am looking at Dra. Medina, Robles, Baez , Almonte, and Duran. These are surgeons in the Dominican Republic the only place I would trust outside of the U.S. My original choice was dr. J but he has raised his prices drastically and with all the work I want woooh I can't get in contact with Duran, Baez and Almonte never emailed me back(although I called Dra Baez's office and was told she checks her emails on Friday nights usually), Medina and Robles emailed me back. Dra Medina has been very quick with her responses and inclusive quotes( she thinks I should get a tummy tuck, with my bbl, lipo, breast reduction), Robles has been fairly quick as well with all inclusive quotes(she thinks I should do 2 sessions a breast reduction then everything else minus a tummy tuck because my age but instead aggressive liposuction where I could loose a lot of blood). Now I looked up many surgeons answers about " aggressive liposuction" and to my conclusion there is no such thing, depends on surgeon. Sorry for this long review but I am young and new to this(although my mother will fly out with me for some liposuction as well????) and I just want to make the right choice. I've seen women on here who got implants, bbl, and tummy tuck at once, but do you think a breast reduction, bbl, (aggressive lipo or mini tt), liposuction/liposculpture can be done! I will keep you all updated with my journey. Subscribe !????

Finally a reply from Baez

Dolls guess what! Dra Baez and Duran finally emailed me back. I believe Duran is pregnant so she is an automatic no. Dra Baez does not include recovery house, medicine, or transportation, where as Dra Medina does. Dra Baez can snatch a waist to the gods!! I am not sure who I want right now, also my mother is going to come with me and get some work done as well. We are looking for a December date maybe 18/19. Any one head of good recovery houses?

Breast Reduction

Has anyone seen any Breast reduction pictures in the DR, every picture looks like a lift :/ hopefully my insurance covers it and I can get it done in the U.S. Before december. If not then I'll have to take my chances, I am a 36 H and would like to be reduced to a possible C. UPDATE: Baez is pregnant NOT DURAN SORRY FOR CONFUSION. Baez says she WILL BE OUT FROM SEPTEMBER TO december. Which sucks because I'm looking to go in December :( Duran and Diaz both have complaints about lipo burns but there work is amazing. CIPLA just creeps me out so I guess I'll go with my gut. They are always busy if you see the reviews, bedside manner sucks. Yily is unprofessional ( yelled at me over phone because I asked her if she would be in my surgery the whole time, I don't want any one else operating on me except her and a certified assistant. I told her I loved her work, but just because a person looks good a moment they could have complications later due to a malpractice. So if they aren't certified they can't be in my operation period! Judge me if you want! No shade to the future Yily dolls) Almonte never gave me a quote so I guess I'll text her on what's app and see. I never saw any of her reviews? I am looking at a December 18th date. Right now Medina looks like the golden ticket lmao No Shade just want to share some of my experience so far.

Duran Doll vs Medina doll

So Almonte got back to me she is very sweet. Her work reminds me of Robles, very quick to respond. Now for the results I am looking for Duran sculpts her dolls perfectly! I just don't know About her reductions. It's just so hard to get in contact with her, she reads my what's app but does not respond to them. I feel like it's because I am overweight. I plan to loose 40 pounds before I go however. Medina is a doll still, she is just newer from what I heard. Her dolls aren't snatched the way Duran does. Ladies I want my waist to be tiny!! Any help:)

Wish Pics

King of Barbies??

Hello dolls, quick update/rant. Dr Medina has been nothing but kind and responsive. Honey when I tell you she got a little greedy when I was ready to send my money she changed quotes up real fast. That sort of pissed me off. Her work is amazing, but her results are not what I'm looking for. I need my waist to be snatched! She is very responsive that's why she is still uno on my list. I'll post some of the quotes she sent me. So after some months before research I contacted dr Cabral. He finally reached out to me through what's app. The king himself and I know I know about his past. His results are just so damn good. He taught Duran and Yily from what I heard. He sent me a quote of 5300 only for lipo and breast reduction. I feel like these doctors quote people differently! Well I am going to send money every week to whoever I choose. I don't feel comfortable taking all that money down there. Duran still hasn't responded after two months. My mother will come with me, and come get some work after I'm healed so I can take care of her. Jose Leon is up and coming heArd he is good but he never responded to me, he didn't charge extra for lipo he takes everywhere he feels is necessary! Well that's all for now dolls.

My Before Pictures

Here are some before pictures of me. I am considering Molina as of now, or going to Cali, Colombia with Dr Villabos, Henao, or someone that way. I might push my date up to October, depends on what I need. I'm nineteen and either way I need a breast reduction and lift. Decisions decisions

Columbia !!

It's been awhile dolls! I am still undecided but I have narrowed it down to Henao, correa, Jimenez, or Molina in the dr. I want to go in December but due to not having my weight down to my goal I am thinking about February or March. Unfortunately I gained 10 pounds so now I need to loose 50 pounds by February or March. I hate how Columbia does not have a lot of real self reviews and the ones of Correa on here are not so good but he's like one of my tops. His breast are amazing , has an invisible scar technique as well. Told my mom, she says I am grown all she can do is pray for me. So I will be going alone, scary but need this upgrade, also I want some rhinoplasty. Any good doctors? That's another review though!! Any buddies possibly?

Update a year later

Hey dolls????
I have been doing my research, I am sorry to those who were looking forward to my surgery.. Hell I was too. I had to be honest with myself and see that I was not mentally and physically prepared for this. It's one thing to talk about it then to do it. I have been working on getting fit and healthy and then surgery in December 2016. I am still undecided as far as Dominican Republic and Colombia. I am still looking for buddies and will make a separate review as soon as I send my deposits. Finally applied for my passport which is a waiting game. Love you dolls and sorry I have been MIA????????

Hey dolls I am back and guess what I am 21...

Hey dolls I am back and guess what I am 21 now!!!!! I can't believe I started this journey two years ago and gained more weight WTF! I don't have any kids but mommy make over is something I am looking for. Due to my weight gain I have stretch marks on my stomach, waste and arms badly. I am so insecure about my body and stretch marks it ain't funny :( I went from 185 to 228, then from September to Early November I completed beach body's Insanity.. boy was that hard! I would love to say I lost 20-30 pounds but guess what I lost 10 pounds since I barely changed my eating habits. This month I started they Iaso Tea Detox and went from 223-215 and I am still struggling with a Low calorie diet :( Anyways baby I am ready to and get snatched honey Yes! I need a buddy, but not necessary I will go by myself dammit if I have too lol I am still rooting for Cabral or even Rodriguez Pena, in Colombia I am look g into Plaza, Liz Vincent, I would love to go to William Jimenez or His partner but my coin will need to be on point extreme saving! When I first started this journey I wanted the late the whole vixen look! Now 2 years later I could use a first round for a tummy tuck, full lipo, and bbl (slope hips no laterals). Round two would be breast (if I loose enough weight I would like a lift with possible implants for shape, or reduction and lift) liposculpture (sculpting/perfecting) my curves, and bbl (maybe, personally I am over the fat juicy booty, I want the slim thick look and abs). My current weight is 216-217 pounds. Dolls I am going hard with working out and meal prepping and maybe buying more of this Iaso Tea, I have to say I have seen a difference. When I first started I had a lot of negative things to say about it, but in reality I was struggling (and still struggling) with my eating habits! My only complaint is the NRG does not give me any boost and I never felt an effect from it, my life drops taste like alcohol and I don't know what they are helping with but I do as instructed. Depending on my savings and the coin I am sinking to be on the flat side by June, July no later than August! Round two will be for sure December no lie! It has to happen for me this year it has too! I am open to buddy suggestions as far as dates, as far as doctors I have my mad up on Rodriguez, Cabral or Plaza.

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