I Did It - Completed Lipo and Bbl with Dr Baez - Soooooo Worth It - Dominican Republic, DO

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I went around and around and consulted with...

I went around and around and consulted with literally 10 doctors between my area (Washington dc) and florida. I was a doctor who was attentive, could do sculpting and would enhance my shape (fill in the side dents, get rid of my stomach - the worst problem area for me, enhance my hips) and make sure that I looked natural. I'm a professional in the healthcare field and as a manager, you have to have a "look of professionalism". Anyway after going back and forth between dr Wendell perry and dr baez as my final options...I just went with dr baez because I wanted it done by the end of the year and was interested in saving some dollars.

I went the day before and got all my blood work done and the other tests. It
took a couple hours for everything to come back but all was well. One of the
deciding factors for a doctor for me was that I wanted one who was honest and
not money hungry. I don't care how great they sculpt, if they put my life in
jeopardy or their practice in jeopardy I think its down right foolish. Having a
great body in a coffin in the ground aint worth it to me. Its dark language and
blunt, but damn ladies, when is ur life worth jeopardizing?!? Uhhh...never!
Anyway, everyone do the best for them. I just wanted a doctor who was very
detailed and if something came back wrong or off, she had no problems looking
you in the eye and saying "my baby, your health is more important" and tell you
what can/cant be done.

So back to the clinic, it was like four floors w/the cardiologist on the first
floor, the blood work clinic was next door and her office was on the 4th floor.
Knowing me, I didn't want to have to deal w/funky nurses (I've heard horror
stories) during the evening shift so I asked dr baez to provide me a dedicated
nurse that stayed w/me post surgery until I was discharged. Daisy came with me
for the surgery and translated and was w/me until they wheeled me back. Dr baez
took before pics the surgery, I spoke w/the cardiologist and daisy was right
there in the room making sure I understood everything. I'm allergic to white
surgical tape so there was a 10 min discussion between the entire surgical team
about the best tape to use. I had breast implants in sept 2013 and that's when I
found out my allergic reaction to the tape. I have scars on the sides of my
breast from when they taped me after the implants...I got nasty blisters that
had to be popped. Disgusting!!!! Anyway, dr baez and team wanted to make sure I
was ok w/the tape and they picked the best one. I was soooo glad that I didn't
have any problems w/the tape that they used. I chatted w/daisy and took that
pill after dr baez marked me up and I was out like a light.

Daisy stayed and was there until I woke up which was hours later. She stayed
until the nurse came for me in the room. The nurse made sure I was comfortable,
got me more blankets, changed the position of my bed, checked my vitals and
drain etc. She slept on the couch rt next to my bed. There was a bathroom in the
hospital room - I had a private room. I just don't like doing the sharing thing
or waiting for a response from staff when I'm ill or recovering...u can probably
tell by now. Lol Everytime I shifted, she woke up and checked on me. By the end
of the next morning, I was telling her she needed to go to sleep and I was fine.
She was telling me (in spanish) that she will be the judge of that and that I
needed to sleep. She was like a grandmother and we joked all night and she made
me so comfortable. It was an extra charge of $25 for the overnight nurse and
worth every penny for me!!! When she left she gave me kisses and I was all
smiles when dr baez came in. dr baez husband came in w/my discharge papers and
meds and daisy was there to pick me up. Dr baez was already in surgery but they
told me to come back in 3 days - that friday- for my first checkup and I was
off. Went to the hotel. I wore a black dress after the surgery and my behind looked huge! I wasn't in pain at all when I woke up, just very stiff.

lodging - daisy's recovery house

Being in a comfortable environment was soooo important. I considered a few
recovery houses but I had a few requirements. I didn't want to be in a house w/a
thousand girls (that's a stretch but you know what I mean, I didn't want loads
of girls) because I wanted to be attended to quickly, kindly and efficiently. I
read reviews where people didn't get their medicines on time or had to holler
and wait for staff to come help, etc. Nope, homie don't play that...I know me
and I know my patience. So I wanted one that was also on the newer side because
I believe they usually put their best foot forward as they try to make a name
for themselves- that philosophy couldve backed fired on me but in my case it
didn't. I also wanted a recovery house w/an all inclusive packet, I didn't wanna
have to worry about money or being nickel and dime for every blessed thing. I
wanted laundry included, transportation to/from dr, food and anything else I
thought of that was w/in reason. Also, I wanted ENGLISH speaking staff! I know a
bit of spanish so I can do ok but I wanted a fluent english speaking person at
the recovery house. So I sent a few emails and got the best and fastest response
from...drum roll please...DAISY'S RECOVERY HOUSE. The house is actually a hotel
w/24/7 staff at the front desk, each room had a phone so u could call the front
or the recovery helper (lina) at anytime, a tv, air conditioner that you
controlled with a remote and a bathroom. I had a single room and paid 85 a
night. It was the best investment ever. Daisy, the owner was born in DR but
moved to New York as a little girl and recently moved back there w/her family.
You can tell she worked in the hotel industry in NY because she had the towels
set up like ducks on my bed, a flower and a handwritten note for my arrival. I
had beverages with me and so they immediately brought in a portable fridge for
me so my drinks could be handy. She was like a sister to me by the end of the
trip. She went to pharmacy for us, every appt w/us to translate and everything.
She didn't stay overnight but if I ever ran into an issue,I just texted her and
she always responded w/in mins...literally minutes. I've kept in touch w/her and
she has been open for suggestions on what I think would be good for the house. I
told her to add floor length mirrors so we could see what we look like full body
on a daily basis, etc. I have no major suggestions because she already provided
quality service and exceeded my expectations. I contacted her via email and
whatsapp...ping me if u need her info.

Its very important to eat healthy foods for recovery. I drank tons of water and
all of the juice that they served was fresh. I told them that I love pineapples
so Lina would juice pineapples for me daily. The oj, etc was all fresh and I
loved it. The food was delicious...Ill post a few pics of meals. I ate sometimes
in bed and sometimes in the dining area of the hotel and watched tv and mingled
w/hotel staff.

Mall/hair salon day:
So by the end of ur time there, u crave a shower. Like I wouldve gave a million
bucks for a nice hot shower - of course I would have to give an IOU for the
million because I aint got it but still you get the pt. So after I did my final
check up w/dr baez, I didn't want to just go back to the hotel. Daisy took me to
the mall and it was great. Its a nice mall w/victoria secrets, a target like
store, etc. We went there because I wanted to get my hair done and nails done.
So daisy, lina and I got our hair and nails done....I felt like a new woman. It
was a nice salon w/Moroccan oil products that I use at home so I was in heaven
and I got a blow out, manicure and polish change on my toes. I suggest trying to
do something daily as something to look forward to and to also get you
moving....it will help w/recovery. Laying in bed 24/7 aint the way of life. Get
ur life (in my best tamar voice). Have yall gotten ur new cd? I love it. Anyway,
I digress....yet again.

recovery house

photos of recovery house

food at recovery house

food - I love food...can you tell?!? lol

massages w/netty - the best

Love them/hate them! I got my first massage two days after surgery and I just
chatted all the way through it. It felt like a deep tissue massage and wasn't
painful at all. I was like oh this is a breeze. I got one everyday until the day
before I left so...five in total. I cut my trip short by 2 days because
of the expected crazy snow weather for thanksgiving...I wasn't about to be stuck
in the airport and away from family, no sir bob.

Anyway, so everyday the massages got progressively worse for me! It was totally
opposite from everyone I know. Everyone was like the massages are awful from the
beginning and then they get used to them so they aren't so bad by the end. Nope
I was totally opposite, even w/pain med (a percaet - sp?!?) by the 5th massage I was
moaning and tears were rt there at my lids ready to pour- they didn't but lawd
have mercy it was close. My massage lady was AMAZING though. Dr baez said she did a better job w/my massages then other people she has seen. She really got
that fluid out of me and made the experience ok. Even on that last day she
started singing w/me gospel songs because we both said we missed church that
wkend and I was missing home. She starts the massage off w/rubbing oil on your
body and then using the ultrasound machine followed by her hands. If I had to do
more massages there I would certainly do it w/her. She is contracted out to
daisy's recovery house and would come there to give us the massage. Daisy had a
november special where she gave 3 massages free to her guests. It was excellent!
The pics show me all oiled up like I'm a piece of chicken about to be fried
right after my massages. I had so much fluid and swelling rt after surgery. The
massages really help w/getting that fluid to the drain. Lina (the helper at
daisys recovery house) and my massage lady cleaned the drain for me daily.

pics day after surgery

returned from clinic...took lots of energy just getting from car to bed...stayed there and lina just took care of me.

4 days post sx pics

7 days post sx pics

just returned home. used wheelchair service at airport...it was a MUST!!!

12 days post sx

tried on a dress and undies. I was a small/medium in undies before but now need a large...depending on the brand a XL in undies. thongs are most comfortable because the waistband on undies rubs right on the drain site

2nd faja

4 weeks post sx...I finally got 2nd faja. In the Pink Room is the company I ordered from...Maria is wonderful, she's the owner. She knows all about BBL and helped me figure out rt size for 2nd faja.

before pics

i lost like 10 lbs before having surgery...losing weight and being in a healthy state REALLY helps recovery go smoother

4 wks post sx in black dress

me at Christmas party - no faja or bra on...loved the shape and freedom


dr baez contracts out to jose brito...he picked me up from airport but daisy from the recovery house was my transportation everywhere else throughout my stay.

Flight - Airport

So I flew from Washington DC to DR but had a layover in Boston...both ways. It was my first time flying JetBlue but they had the cheapest flight and the most flights on those days that I needed so it was very convenient. On the way back, it was an early flight so there were rows empty so I had three seats available and laid on my stomach with my feet bent and leaning on the window the whole way back. I slept like a baby because I took my pain med and a sleeping tablet from Natures Valley. I will say that customs knows all about surgeries so theres no need to be coy. When you are using wheelchair service its a dead giveaway but they don't treat ya any differently. When I got back to Boston,the police at customs was like you had surgery while in DR? I said yes I had a little lipo but didn't plan on announcing it to the world. he was talking so loudly, but he got my point lol. anyway, it was a breeze going thru customs and security as long as you have wheelchair service.

4 weeks post sx

trip preparation - insurance and regisration with embassay

I’ve registered my trip and my details with the Embassy and bought trip insurance - strongly suggest it for everyone but especially those traveling alone www.step.state.gov 202.501.4444 (8-8pm est) www.travel.state.gov for updates http://santodomingo.usembassy.gov/809.221.2171/ SDOAmericans@state.gov Press 0 and say "emergency" Embassy is located in "la esperilla"; Corner of Cesar Nicolas Penson Street and Maximo Gomez Ave Office hrs 4-4:30pm m-th/ 7:30-11:30 am on Friday; After hours 809.221.2171 ask to speak to duty officer Travel insurance www.insuremytrip.com - plan cost less than $20 dollars Insurance Company: HCC Medical Insurance Services Atlast Travel International Plan customercare@insurancemytrip.com 800.487.4722/ open mon-fri 7 am to midnight; weekends 9-9 pm est


Hi Ladies!!! I hope the Holidays were great for everyone. Between the holidays, my workload, a new school semester starting and I'm taking 4 classes while working full time, I totally neglected updating my review and/or responding to msgs. I've gotten things back in order so I'll get back to updating regularly. I had a request to provide a list of supplies, so I'll provide that and pictures at the 3 month mark. Let me know if there's anything else that anyone needs. Ttyl!
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