BBL and fat transfer to breast with James McAdoo - May 2016

Finally decided to follow through with getting a...

Finally decided to follow through with getting a brazilian butt lift after spending literally 2 years reading and stalking everyone else's reviews. I work out everyday. I don't want to be skinny or slim, honestly I just want to look nice in a pair of jeans and wear a thong bikini on the beach. Which I have NEVER been able to with my square butt and love handles. I'm hoping to go with Dr. Duran because she's clearly talented, has a great reputation and provides realistic results. Im excited to start this journey and look forward to meet some Duran dolls !

Switched to Dr. Baez - DR

Honestly, I don't have time to be harassing Dr. Duran. I don't need drastic results and she is not the only doctor who can make this happen for me. My email was sent on March 29th to Australia Fragoso Baez on March 29th and had a very details email response in less than 24 hours. This makes me feel extremely secure that I could contact someone in her office quickly if i needed to. Whereas, I sent Dra Duran 5 emails over the period of 65 days and I've called 10 times and have gotten absolutely nowhere with that. I had a email consultation with Baez, last week and she quoted me in USD which will convert to $4300 CND. I am waiting to pick a date and make my initial deposit. This is seriously exciting !!! My next step will be building up the hemoglobin in my blood and searching for a recovery home, the flight is an easy part. Please share any advice, it will be greatly appreciated.

My wish pics

Not look for projection. I would in the construction field and don't need all the attention on me, however I want to feel sexy and look good enough to keep my self confidence high.

My before picture

Hmm just counting down the days to having a snatched waist. No matter how much weight I lose or how much I workout, could never seem to love my love handles. My desire is to have an hour glass shape and 2:1 hip to waist ratio


Y'all, I need help. Im stuck between reviews and I keep changing my mind . . . I've got my heart set on having BA and BBL with Dra. Duran. However, I can't get ahold of her, just like everyone else, so i'm looking into Baez in DR. AND THEN, I see all this amazing work outta Miami from Dr. Mcadoo and I got a great quote from him... but they don't do double procedures and i'm not feeling to go under the knife twice. Next, I'll be looking into Dr. Cabral in DR and getting a quote from him this week. UGHHH, im all over the place. This is seriously driving me crazzzzy because it's a huge decision and I need to get it right the first time.

McAdoo it is !!

Waiting to book my date in late May and I'm ecstatic. Ive never felt more confident with my decision after seeing such great work from him.

More wish pics

Since I'm up all night anyways, figured I'd add these pics :)

McAdoo Raised the Price of my procedure

im so annoyed. Ughhhh. Why can't things just go smoothly for me. Im not paying and extra $1000, its bad enough the canadian conversion rate is HIGH. My procedure could end up costing $7500 canadian without recovery house and flight covered. This is baddddd.

Haven't second thoughts

I know this is something that I've wanted to do for a LONG time. Think I Joinned this site 3 years ago but was never in a financial situation that I could actually afford it. Now that I can, and I'm so close to securing a date, I start thinking ... Maybe I can lose this weight naturally and someone achieve my curves in the gym. Even though I know it's not happening for me, I've tried to years and I've just got this square figure no matter how fit I become. I have up this year and I've gainned a few pounds and maybe that's why I'm feeling down and confused. Anyways my question is ... Has anyone else had these feelings and thoughts that you don't need to do this even though it's something you've waned for years ?!! Or have a made myself bipolar from being so indecisive :( :(

Meant to say "HAVING" in my old post

This is a picture of my weight gain. I wanted to make sure there was inner thigh and stomach fat to choose from not just flanks and love handles If I don't follow through with the procedure I'm going to be depressed and spending the entire summer in the gym.

Weight gain ! Flanks and chunky butt

Good God, I'm all in on this y'all ! I need enough fat for a round heart shaped booty and transfer to breast! I'm gonna stop gaining now and work on weights so that after my sx I'll have a nice lean muscle mass.

This is scary.. Mcadoo rumoured to have lost a patient yesterday due to complications.

Surgery on hold due to expenses

so... im so sad but the Canadian dollar is SO LOW that my bbl $5000 would cost just under $7000. This is ridiculous. Im hoping this changes in the next few weeks, I really thought this summer was going to be my recovery time :(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Clearly has a great reputation, but very hard to get in touch with. Switched to McAdoo in Miami

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