Future duran Doll -Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm planning on going to the DR for a bbl &...

I'm planning on going to the DR for a bbl & possibly a BA but idk about that yet bc I'm already a 34D I just like that fake perky look & while mine aren't saggy their not that va va voom . You know ? Lol anywho, I'm still collecting my research bc I can't decide which doctor.Duran , Baez or cabral!?

got some quotes !

Okay so i recieved two quotes . One from dr. Diaz from Cipla & Dra. duran which is my first pick ! Duran said 3,800 for bbl with lipo from thighs & arms also & 5,800 if I wanted my boobs done too ! Diaz said 3500 bbl with lipo from arms & thighs . Duran is shittin on him though I'm not even gonna lie. Her work is A1 !! I think I'll just go with duran . Still haven't heard back from yily & Baez email didn't work , I guess she changed it idk . If anyone has Baez email let me know ! I'll be posting before pics soon .

Contreras ???

So now im hearing about this doc named contreras ?! But can't find any pics , I hear he's great though & famous in the DR . But idk I want to see more real stories from real people first & yes I heard about the deaths with him & cabral too but cabral goes hard so I'm hoping to see some of cardenas to make up my mind . If not I'm just sticking with duran . Oh & here are some before pics !

Too good to be true

So I emailed contreras despite the fact that he's had deaths & whatever . Idc I heard he was the shit but only on girls who are already slim so i thought maybe I could drop 10-15 lbs before going to him & I'll come out looking gooooood lol I found some girl name shillary and she looking right !! But anyway now I'm just rambling lol his quote was 2500 for a bbl with lipo to arms & thighs & 3500 for all that & a pair of titties ! Crazy right ?! That's a steal , I'm gonna do more research on him bc that price looking good , I might throw in a nose job too shit lol

Stalking contreras

Lol okay ladies , so I stalked the hell out of this man , found his Facebook page looked for patients in his friends , stumbled onto a group called " operadas por contreras " I screenshotted some pics of girls that confirmed to have had surgery .Also what I noticed is that most of his patients are local . Only saw one girl from NY in the group . That should explain the lack of reviews on realself . Realself girls are all from the US , none local anywho his results are good but it's hard to indicate how good he is with out before pics .

I'm stressing over this so much lol

I've been I love with Durans work since day one but I am just not patient enough . I hate waiting around for a response and I am no buggaboo , I don't even text people I know first let email some one over and over so I've been leaning toward contreras bc he responds quick , only problem is that I have my doubts bc I haven't seen a big booty pic from him yet and I don't want to pay all this money and risk my life (since he has had deaths in the past ) to just to look ehhh ok . I want a noticeable fake booty that can be sticks out from the rest lol I just hope I find some pics to convince me bc I don't want to kiss Durans ass that's not my thing ! Lol

Sorry for the typos lol

It's 3:49 am and ya girl is tired lol

Minor set backs

So I kinda put off the surgery because I'm in the middle of moving . I move in 10 days and I knew I was facing lots of expenses such as furniture and things like that so I didn't want to be tight on money . Lol but I think everything will work out so I'm hoping to get it done no later than July .

Contreras dolls ?!

Still looking up on him . Can anyone tell me how I can get in the fb group ?
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