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Hi everyone in the Real Self world. I have been...

Hi everyone in the Real Self world. I have been reading alot of your reviews recently about BBL. I had a surgery date set with a local doctor for him to touch up the edges of an old TT scar and to use smart lipo on the backs of my thighs to remove my cellulite. With less than a week left I cancelled the appointment because after seeing all the pictures on BBL, I realized THAT is what I'm looking for. So I started my research.

I came across Jaime Perez out of Tampa and his work looks amazing! I wrote to him right away but I still have not heard back. I went through about 20 other doctors from the states, mexico, canada, and DR seemed to have the next best surgeons (for the price I'd like to pay).

Thank you to all the Duran Dolls. You showed me that Dr. Duran's work is beautiful. I contacted her twice on FB and both times she wrote me back the very next day. Out of boredom, I got back online and continued to research others. I noticed Dr. Yily's work was quite good as well. So now I'm torn. Both women have lovely results. Women of RealSelf please give me your feedback. I'm also looking to buddy up with someone who may be going in for surgery around the same time. I don't have a set date yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Talked to Yily's assistant

Hi ladies,

I was really excited when I heard back from Dr. Duran right away. Then the communication fizzled so I called Dr. Yily's assistant and she is supposed to email me a quote. I'm really excited and nervous all at once.

I had liposuction done about ten years ago and lucky me, I was one of the 0.01% that got a pulmonary embolism (multiple blood clots in both my lungs). So you can understand how I'm a little scared to go under the knife. But I see these amazing transformations and I can only feel giddy about a future of a tiny waist and a nice plump backside.

I'm not looking for huge hips or a huge bum. As you can see in my b4 pic, I'm very square with big broad shoulders. If you tilt me forward I look ok but I can't realistically see myself walking tilted forward for the rest of my life hahahah

Today, I'll post my wish pics and hopefully by next week I'll have a date set.

What do I need two weeks before surgery

Hi Ladies, So I heard back from Dr. Yily's office and she has a surgery date for me (not yet confirmed) for July 8th. Can you believe it..... that's only a little more than two weeks away. I better get started on everything. In her email she recommends getting started on:
vitamins (which i take daily anyway),
B complex,
ferrous sulfate,
folic acid,
vitamin C.

Do you suggest I take anything else????

omg omg omg

I got my quote! and I got a potential surgery date for July 8th. That's soooo soon. Does that give me enough time to start on all the pills and make sure my hemoglobin is above 12. So much to do.

In all seriousness, I'm so scared to not make it out. Is that normal? I can handle complications, those can be worked around but death, well that's permanent. Is a bbl and boob lift worth a life? I guess that's something we all think about at some point before going through with things..... right?

Well, tomorrow, I'm off to purchase the items from the list above. I should get started on those all anyway. I'll swing by the doctor's and ask for blood tests and rush the results. Wow, two weeks. I'd rather go through it now than wait for months. The anticipation would drive me bonkers.

How long do you have the drains in for and are they painful?

Holy geez, it's been seven months since I've been on here. I never stopped thinking about things, came back on here, and like one woman put it "it's like crack on here". I was online looking up reviews and pics until 2:30am. So I'm back! I went to get my blood taken today to see if I can even go ahead with the surgery (last time I got blood work my hemoglobin levels were too low).

I have a question for the woman who have already had their surgery.... how long did you have your drains in for and were they painful?

Here I go again!

Wow, how time flies. I fiddled with this site for months before I made a profile and started writing. Nothing came of it and here we are TWO years later. My shape remained shapeless so I contacted Dr. Duran, got a quote and got an appointment date to all happen within two weeks. I'm booked for November 3rd so if there is anyone else who will be there between then and November 18, it would be great to have someone to go through with this with, in person. To say I'm not nervous is a lie. I guess I'm trying not to think about it and imagine myself one month from now, back home and with a tiny waist. Tell me, is anyone else booked with Duran at that time?

Bumm Bumm here I come come!

Good morning, I thought I'd post some wish pics today. It makes me excited and calms my nerves a bit thinking past the surgery and one month from now when I'll have a nice new shape. I'm not looking for anything dramatic on the backside or huge in the hips. I'd like a subtle hourglass figure as opposed to the square shape I feel I currently have. I'm interested in a tiny waist and a perkier bum. I will ask for lipo to the arms and back of the legs and hope that that will minimize my cellulite. I'm only a little over a week away from the day I fly out and surgery will happen only two days later. If anyone else is going to the DR between November 2-19, I'll be there. Would love a little support team to help each other out

One week today

I have literally one week today until my surgery. I'm feeling pretty good about it all. I'm trying not to think about it too much to keep my nerves low. I've got pretty much everything on my list and the recovery house and flight all booked. Now it's just a matter of counting down the days
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