Team Yily Barbie March 2016 - Dominican Republic

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I'm looking to have liposuction of my flanks, full...

I'm looking to have liposuction of my flanks, full back, upper and lower abdomen done. The doctor I'm planning to perform this procedure is Dr. Yily or Dr. Duran really unsure at this point because they both are great doctors and I have been following them both for a long time. I have been looking to get this procedure done for the last two years now but in 2013 I got pregnant which put a hold on my surgery, now my son is 1 yrs old and I ready to pick up where I left off. I have always wanted butt implants since I was 16 yrs old because I have always been on the small side even after having kids I could never pick up weight, when I learn about the Brazilian butt lift which is a procedure that use your own fat I thought that would be safer alternative.
A Little About Me: I'm 5'3 I weight about 130-145 lbs not sure cause my weight fluctuates a lot and I'm under a little stress. I have three children and I had a tubal ligation so I don't plan on having anymore.
Anywho I'm waiting on my quotes from both Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily Hopefully I will receive them by the end of this coming week because I'm ready to pay my deposit secure my date and start purchasing supplies, passport, deposit for RH, etc.


So I decided to use surgicoordinator since it's hard to contact Duran by myself. I contacted them via what's app got a response immediately was told to take questionnaire on the website but I could not get it to submit so I was told to send an email including certain info and picture to this took place on Friday September 2nd, shortly after I was told that my email was received and will be given to Dr. Duran for review and they would get back to me. Saturday September 3rd I received my quote which was $3900 for Brazilian Butt lift w/ liposuction and $200 if I decided to use surgicoordinator to book my date, etc.
I am still waiting for my quote from Dr. Yily cause I want to have options and I heard she offers quotes with RH. I also want to get my chin liposuctioned so I would like a quote for that separately, I am also looking to have dental work done with Dr. Jose Alonso while in the Dominican so I'm waiting on quote from him.

Quotes Are In!!!

So I got my quotes from Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily today I am so excited yay!!!
So Dr. Duran suggested that I needed to have abdominoplasty, so she quoted me $4,800 for liposuction, tummy tuck, and Brazilian Butt Lift which is a greatprice, but I don't think I need a tummy tuck at all because I'm small and I barely have enough fat for the bbl.
I also received my quote for Dr.Yily and her quote for just the Brazilian Butt Lift with liposuction is $3,500 which includes the basics; lab work, compress garment, clinic stay, etc. I also asked for a quote for chin lipo separately and that will be $200.00. She also offered quotes which included medication, 7 days RH stay, compression garment, labs, the basic stuff which is $4,500.
So I have decided that I will be going to Dr. Yily because I feel that she will give me results I want and she offers RH stay at Luxury Recovery Home which is include in her quotes. Dr. Duran is great at what she do and I love her work, but I don't think I need the things she suggested.
So now that I have decided on a doctor I will be making my deposit to secure my date hopefully by the end of this week, my bank do not do international transfers so I will have to use my mothers or my sisters account to make my deposit.


Weight loss & Weight gain

So I went to see my physician yesterday and learned that I have lost weight due to stress, I have been dealing with a lot lately which is affecting my health. Anyways, I have lost 15lbs which I am not happy about at all because I already small figured. So I am looking to put on about 20 or 30lbs and to do this I will need assistance so I have ordered meca root capsules as well as apetamin syrup to boost my appetite so that I can take in more calories. I also will add ensure plus to help gain and maintain a healthy weight as well as ensure active for energy and strength. So my goal weight is between 145lbs & 150lbs. Wish me luck and if anyone have any tips on how I can put on a couple pounds please share them and I will continue to update my progress and my journey to a new and healthier me.

Chin liposuction

I think I want to get chin liposuction as well not sure. Double chins runs in the family my mother has it her mother has it and me and my sister and so on. It will only cost me $200 extra with my procedure which is a great price. Undecided???
I'm posting chin wish pics that are close to my chin and the results I would like.

Quote from Dr. Hector Cabral

So I recently saw a couple of Cabral Barbies and I really love his work so I decided to contact him yesterday and received my quote today YaY. So I received my quote and it's only $100 more than what Dr. Yily quoted me for bbl, lipo, neck lipo, and lip augmentation. So I am really considering having my procedure done with Dr. Cabral his work is equal to Durans and I think he will give me the results that I want. I Will continue to do my research, yes I have heard of deaths of patients that were said to be caused Dr. Cabral so if I decide to go I will make sure to take measures to ensure that my body is well taken care of... I will make my decision soon. So Confused!!!

IT'S OFFICIAL Soon to be Cabral Barbie??

So as stated before I contact Cabral via what'sApp and he responded back the next day!!! I have been talking to him for a week or so now and finally it's official, me and my sister will be traveling to the Dominican Republic for surgery with Dr. Hector Cabral March 2016 so excited now I'm waiting on a response from real armonia recovery house to book our stay hopefully they have space available.
So now to start purchasing supplies, passport, make flight arrangements, medical testing, etc. Just hoping and praying everything goes as planned.
Dr. Yily De Los Santos

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