I Have Only One Chance at Lipo and BBL - Dominican Republic

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Like most people on here, I've stalked this site...

Like most people on here, I've stalked this site for awhile now. My mind was made up to have sx in DR cause the results are fab. However I'm getting 3nd tots. Ladies I need to get this right cause my Hubby isn't a 100% on board and I may not get an opportunity for a revision. So my most pertinent question is which docs are the best with giving the heart shaped butt, nice wide hips with results having a natural look.
I had penciled Almonte, YILY and Salama... Need help to decide (anyway Almonte is out cause Lesley stated i needed a tt). Not up for that. I have added my current pics and some wish pics. Will updated onmy journey thus far in getting a quote. Looking at Aug for SX.
Oops Teal self not letting me upload pics...

Finally my current pics

Yesterday I was unable to upload my pics. Done so with this review.
A little about me.. I'm 33yrs, 2 lovely gals both by C-section. Fitness enthusiasts. But it's never gotten me that small waist. (Added a pic of me at my very best fitness regime).

Current stats are:

Waist :31
Lower waist:34

I'm looking at aggressive back lipo, arm, armpit area, inner thighs, waist , flanks and abdomen... Need to get all that fat out... Lol. And of courses bbl.

Coming from west Africa, I've always been fascinated with hips.. The ladies here do pack them.

So grateful I found realself.. Now I'm on my way to achieving the body I've always dreamed about.

Thanks to all the Dolls posting on their experience, pics etc. your information makes the work half easy.. Lol.

Will try to update as much as I can. Shall be back with my review on the journey thus far.

Journey thus far

Sorry dolls for being silent for a while... Work has been hectic...

Anyways, I finally managed to contact all the Drs I desired, Duran, Fatima, Salama and Yily. I will list out my experience as follows:

Duran: reading other dolls frustrations and taking on experience of those who seamlessly got a quote. I signed up with Bella Vista consultants and paid $350 for premium service. Jasmine is quick to respond (I believe her service is essential for all RS Sisters who don't live in the States). Filled forms and sent my pics.. Duran responded next day with a quote of $3,800. This price is for BBL, Lipo to arms, flanks, inner thighs, abdomen and armpit area. The quote however does not include :
Labs & Exams: $250-$300 USD
Medications: $150-$200 USD
Insurance: $150 USD
Massages: $30 USD (Each)
Second Stage Garment (Faja): $150 USD
Blood Transfusion*: $250 USD

Fatima: from reviews here on realself I reckoned she will be easiest to reach... I was so wrong.. it took Lesley 1 month to respond to my enquire via realself. I decided to add her number to wats app, I waited for 2 weeks to get a response. Finally, she asked me to send pics wats app and my stats. Once I told her I had kids via C-section her response was you need a TT. Honestly, I was shocked, Lesley isn't a surgeon how does she make such an immediate assessment . Well dolls, Fatima is the only Dr who has insisted I require a TT. I'm Not up for that, so she's totally ruled out. By the way she quoted $4,300 for all the procedures listed above and a TT. Lesley / Fatima were also gracious enough to answer my questions below;
1. How many surgeries do you perform a daily? 3-4 limit,
2. Can I have a massage day after. Or how quickly can I have a massage. You can start massages upon your first post op visit
3. Will compression garment have negative effect on the hip and buttocks graft. What compression garment do You use. No, the compression garments does not effect the fat transfer, we use VOE brand for the first few days , and then the patient is to get a second stage garment which you can get here.
4. What is the maximum fat you will remove? 8lts. is the legal limit
5. What is the maximum fat to inject in my hips and butt? that all depends on how much fat the patient has available during the liposculpture procedure to be transferred
6. How many post op check ups will you give. based on a 10 day stay 3-4, or depends on your own personal need, some patients have to be seen more than others based on their evolution after sx
7. Do you use drains for lipo? How much will i need to drain and how long will it be for. Also will I drain after 15 days. Yes, We use drains for the liposculpture procedure, the length of time will depend on your own body, range is 10-18 days depending on how much you drain
8. Do you provide pass for wheel chair at the airport? yes,
9. Do you provide all the post surgery meds in the quote and if so what are they? Yes, we provide antibiotic, pain meds, higher dosege Iron, Omeprazol

Good info for you dolls still in the decision making process.

Salama: although DR is my 1st choice... I havnt been able to get a buddy to come with me and i'm scared s@*% about the horror stories about the sanitary conditions of CIPLA and nasty nurses to be there by myself.
To get my SX done in the states Salama is my only choice...

Nancy is very professional, responds quickly as well. Salama quoted $9,299 for all the areas listed. This quote includes lipo to all of the areas listed above. additional areas will cost $500/ area.
It includes two postoperative massages, two custom compression garments, boppy pillow, cosmetic surgery insurance, lipo foam & board.

Yily: thanks to all you sisters on RS being truthful about your experiences and posting your journey. I contacted Yily via watsapp on Sunday... First in Spanish, then in English.. It took her a few hours to respond with her email address. she asked for my details and pics... Sent that and got a quote the next day. Yily quoted $4,400 inclusive of :
One compression garment
Post-op medication
Pre-operative blood work (TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Although her offer looks good i'm not strung out on Yily, cause of her schedule... Operating 10 gals or more a day seems a tad bit much.

Anyway RS Dolls.... now I'm caught between Duran and Salama. Will weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. Will keep y'all updated..

Finally Decided to be a Duran Doll

After thorough consideration of results ( searched Salama and Duran post ops pics) and after care service. I've decided to go with Duran. Contacted Jazmine of Bellavista and I got confirmed for 11th Aug. like I said I only have 1 chance at this. Lol. Need perfection to the heart shaped booty I want.

I've had my hemo checked and I'm not doing badly at 12.7..woah!!! Now working to get it up to 14... Hope this isn't too high.

Will be traveling from Atl to DR on the 10th Aug. anyone flying or scheduled for the same time let me know..

Thanks to you all posting your journey. It's very encouraging especially following the sisters in West Africa.. Now I know I'm not alone...

DR here I come!!

Recovery house dilemma... Need help

My date with Duran is around the corner (11th Aug) .. In prep mode...
But Yet to choose a recovery house. Need help Dolls. Which is the best to stay at?

Hemo down..

Just had my blood checked again my Hemo is down from 12.7 a month ago to 12.1.. I'm bother line now. Sx is in 2 weeks.

Trying not to get anxious. Was doing everything right taking my supplements etc. But I'm Off to buy me some carrot and beets...

Gonna boost this hemo. Will not give in. Shall boost this hemo.

Back on the bbl train

Missed my appointment with Duran last year cause I couldn't get off work. It's been all work no play.

Now it's Me time. Nothing's stopping me this year. My date is confirmed with Duran for the 11th August . Got my confirmation through Bellavista. Jazmine is just so sweet.

It's time to get serious and put this body in optimum health before surgery. 3 months to go not a lot of time but I've got you guys.

Recovery house tips and Surgery recovery tips all welcome.

Surgery done

Finally had my surgery with Salama 2nd August .

Post OPS day 4

Today's day 4 since the surgery , recovery is going well.

Advice to you all, start drinking Arnica and Pineapple 5 days prior to surgery. Continue to drink through recovery first week.

Keep your diet low salt.

Had my first massage today.. Wasn't bad. Make sure you take your pain meds 1 hour prior to the massage. I was able to suck it up and have my back drained properly. Massage 2 is on Monday with an ultra sound machine.


Real self there's no way to edit my doctor . Please put this feature. Don't want to start a new thread.
Dr Duran

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