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Hey yall im 20 yrs young and trying walk into...

Hey yall im 20 yrs young and trying walk into twenty one the right way ..i want to enhance my shape so im taking my body to the d.r .. im a amazon standing six ft about 240 with hips, thighs and big ol tatas lol but my mama ,daddy and god decided i didnt need a ass (stale face) trying get my surgery done oct 2014 hopefully before halloween bc thts my cake first choice was yily bc she give hourglasses but havent been hearing good shit from team yily (her quote 3500) so of course like the bandwagon slut i am lol it was only natural i became team duran(her quote 4000) ;) ..but for some reason i dont know duran doesnt give the crazy hourglass shape i want which brings me to the man himself drum roll.....CABRAL he has magical little dominican hands its like he was born to create stallions and shit lol..but i felt some type of way when he quoted me 3900 plus about another 600 for exams, fajas, consult his quote includes nothing 0_o not even a coupoun ..damn..i got a quote from contreas for 2500 plus 500 as a deposit and for yo fajas and meds and tings but guess what i cant find none of his work i was following him on the gram and like what i saw but i dont no im like uhhh he also included rhino which brought the quote to 4000..i got a quote for fatima for 4100 it includes everything down to recovery house but cant find her work..last on the roster is baez i fux with baez its just some i like about her through are emails she quoted me honestly im kinda confused on who to go with what yall think.. i want the mean ass coke bottle shape wide hips and tiny waist with a nice to me the video vixen humongos ass is aight but everybody got that i want to be shaped like the figure 8 with nice thick legs and a nice natural upside tell me which drs in the d.r are good at sculpting. Im working to get down to 225..

decisions decisions decisions lol

So i got in touch with vanity in miami . Spoke with lia she was very prompt in responding to all my questions i would email and in return she would call wouldnt it be nice if the Dominican doctors did that!? Its ben over two weeks and i have been waiting on a updated quote from cabral for a bbl+rhinoplasty still no answer but anyhoo i got quotes from fisher and hasan and they offer an all exclusive recovery house for 7 days 6 nights for 2000 not bad and its in the states im not knocking the Dominican republic but since im going by myself its a game changer..lia said you pay a 1000 dollar deposit to secure your vanity is def a good contendar in my big booty contest..did i mention i want my nose done too? I guess thats why i wanted to go to the d.r to kill two birds with one stone i actually like the shape of my nose i just want a smaller version of it and a bridge so i even considered going to the d.r to contreras to do my nose and waiting next year to get my bbl but my confused ass thirsty and want it all at once lol the only good thing is in my confusion is my doc wrote me a referral for a breast reducion my insurance covers it yaaaay so them shits free in my *cheif keef voice* dont know when im going to get that ball rolling and stop walking around with the referral form but in the meantime in between time im going to keep dropping this weight i told the Dominican docs i weigh 230 when im 245 cuz if you a big girl you know how they try to play yo ass and be stingy with a till we meet a again im out


more noses i like

we broke up lol

Im from the chi i aint no thug but..damn.. who ever controlling cabral email rather its him or not come across as money hungry..So i broke up with cabral and he aint even know it i was quoted 3900 but wanted a additional quote for my nose and never got a response then i told them i wanted to set a date no response but shit soon as i said i wanted to send money to pay my surgery balance i got a response within minutes on where to send my money i asked for a updateded quote one l last time and that was three weeks ago..alls this ratchet wanted was to be able to twerk this long back on lil pookie and em at adriannas with no shoes on in the middle of the club with my new cabral ass but no bueno..fudgggge my life and to think i was gone give him my money and back fat to touch lol well im too good for him anyway humph!! But naw im just gone take it as a sign that i dont belong at cipla point blank peorid..duran and yily overworked too me they must be trying see who can make the must pesos ..or they want them jail muscles bc aint no way in hell i would be lipoing 4 plus females aday ..they gone be skrong yeah i said skrong not strong" is you gone eat yo cornbread" skrong ..Ok im done..but anyways i found my doc i wifed her and im sticking with her till the end ..realself meet baez lol we linking up on oct 12 but it goes dowwwwn on the divorce so if you see a tall chocolate giraffe marching thru the airport muffing niggas say heyyyy swayzee cuz that bees me .but anyway back to my doc .baez seems to be the doc with the more natural hand when it comes to her bbl which is cool im just focused on these hips and waist yall can keep the ass..i western unioned her what i call a deposit even though she dont accept them shits u just ask and she confirm but i dont like them type of deals so i just send a lil sum sum..i will take the rest with me..aint decided where im staying tbh aint looked..i lost a lil weight doe cant give u a # bc i dont do the scale once my waist start going down and my face slim some i no im on the right track..i been walking the track in the morn and stop eating after 5 try to eat fruit drink water and eat a salad for lunch just light work nothing major bc to me when u obsess over it u either dont lose it or keep it i just go with the flow..oh yeah and i saran wrap my stomach it really does work!! i will post some pics..but intill then im just working towards my goal of getting this thang done i remember when i first found out about this procedure i was like im gone get as many rounds as it take to reach perfection when you think about it its a fucked up way of thinking bc it wasnt really my perfection i wanted it was the worlds perfection i wanted when you dont love yourself you think that if you aint shaped like video model #3 u aint winning i dont want that for my life i just want good music, smiles, wild sex and tacos ..i dont want the thing called low self esteem..bc in the end it really dont matter what body u used to get thru life bc when the end is the end the end is the although im geeked for my surgery i want to enhance and with one round i feel like its enhancement i dont want to go down road of trying meet perfection..bc u can poke all u want low self is what it sound like self if yo mind dont change then u can poke all u want and shit still gone be the keeping my nose and mayb my tatas lol still might do tht next yr since its free but other than that my journey has started and i pray that i come back safe intact and enhanced ..till we meet again

hasan vs fisher

Look whos back ...its me lol...wasnt going to update but i need some help from all yall in realself land ..well lets start off with some good news had my consultation for a breast reduction the doc said i would mostly benfit from the lift more then anything which i agree i lost alot of weight when i was younger and it left my girls hella sagggy so waiting to hear from my insurance..i had some labs done and everything came back good i have a vitamin k deficency lol the doc was like u a vampire im like no she gave me some vitamin k tablets to increase my levels ..and i lost.............................two hole pounds lmao yup im still big im 242 i no i have to get down to atleast 225 im not going no smaller bc then i start to look sickly..and last but not least im going back to school yayaaay im going to be a police officer ready to start this degree im gone be like denzel washington from tranning day drug bust at all the traphouses lol jp..well lets get to what i need help with so i finally came across vanity cosmetics i was all on the choo choo train to the D.R but i had the hardest time with communication and its like idk its just something saying stay here in the states little black girl ..bc one im asthmatic two im not telling no one in my fam which i still dont even know how im gone dip out without anyone noticing im gone lol my family small and we all close its only 11 of us i love them and if shit go down which its not bc i pray to god it dont ..i want to no that somebody can get on a plane to come rescue me..and my mama doesnt have a passport and i know that would break her heart to no her baby all the way in another country and she cant get to me idk i wanna do this once and im not asking for perfection just close to what i i callled vanity and got in touch with lia they talk fast ass hell and will take ur money quick lol i asked her if hasan did hips bc hips are my biggest thing even tho i always had some i want some more she said yes so i gave her 800 to hold my price of 4000 she said im lucky i called bc i got a discount lol i was so happy i was over here clap my feet together singing jesus songs all holy like then i get on realself and see everybody with my same discount ..shit got real lol so ...u mean to tell me im not that special it likes when u go the mall and the arabs be selling those phones cases and they be like for u my friend 15$ and u think u winning but u not u just another peanut in the gallery..but honestly i think i wanna rock with fisher bc he does hips ..i talked to a couple ppl who said dr hasan gives the illusion of hips..who do u think i should go with fisher or hasan? Im going to make another payment wensday i want to be book in the middel of nov not knocking oct but dont think it will happen.. and im going to take full body pics soon also whats vanity bmi requirement. .good luck to everybody starting their journey


But what about the campos dolls is mexico a lil bit more safer than the d.r just wondering??

the matrix

im scressed "in my gucci mane voice"..Im just sitting back like a regular ol creep. Reading reviews huffing and puffing with the occasional outloud. Dammmmn lol . Yall all bogus on here and yes i have my angry eyes on lol y didnt nobody tell me picking a surgeon would be like being stuck in a never ending matrix? i mean its like a full time job. Or maybe im just really bipolar. Bc i put my deposit for dr hasan then switched to fisher back to hasan now im like naaaah im good on both docs ..reason being is bc my heart from the jump has always ben set on the d.r docs..thts bc they give out the wonder woman bodys and all in one rd which is what i want this here surgery is a one time thing for offense to the ladies who want mutiple rounds more power to docs that i hold dear to my heart r cabral and yily i messaged cabral on whatsapp its so cool to have a line of commuincation to him directly he responded the same day..duran is dope to but lol she is so hard to reach ..but im scared and i dont know y its when it comes time to go to the airport to go to miami i can see myself hoping on the plane no problem..but going to the d.r i see myself turning my long back ass around and getting straight back in the car..i honestly cant pinpoint y i have anxiety about it. Idk if its bc im missing emotional support ,the fact that i speak ratchet and not spanish lol or bc its just another country ..bc lets b real when shit happens it happens rather u decide to have surgery in the d.r or miami..god forbid..i know what i want but not sure if im woman enough to get it..*sighs*any advice?



December 5th!! Im gone be laying butt naked on the operating table lmfao...IT GOES DONE JUST WAIT ON IT

realself booty illuminati

Well well back guess who it is lol.. im gone keep it short ..i pushed my date back y u ask well bc my fat ass (no pun intened) loves food i almost died yesterday trying eat some taco bell..i stay smashing food in the parking lot of restaurants..its my addiction..buyt its has to go bc i gotta lose 20 before hasan touches my buns like damn hw did i get to this point of being too fat to get lipo? I gotta lose weight to get it sucked out? Health first tho..i got my surgery mommy i told her finally and my sisters everybody reaction was diff my ma said im not allowed to go by myself im gone book r flights nxt new date is FEB 17TH 2015 Next time u hear from me im gone be in the realsef booty illuminati hasanified ass cheeks gone be on fleeeek lmao

vanity refund

I must admit *raises hand* i am surgery bipolar so quick question is it really that hard to get a full refund from vanity or should i leave it alone and not give my self a heart attack?

my mama is crazy lmao

So yall i changed my date again i know know yall like is she serious but no more changing it bcuz my flight is booked march 17 th ..which brings me to y i say my mama craxy i told her about it my ass mission a while bak and she seemed calm and was like when are flight leave i told her on my 21st bday which was halloween now fast fwd to now and i said ma i need your help booking the flight so i make sure i do it we get to the library and she start spazing hard as shit in the car lmao (funny not funny cus she love me) she said she hope god cancel my surgery im scared cuz god really like my mama lol she got some strong voodoo type prayers ttook me a while to get her out the car then when we got in the library she act like she aint no me like we aint been riding for 21 yrs together lmao .i booked r tickets and i guess its safe to say my mama no im fr now i think she thought i was playing but im not...any advice on tje supply list i just need the bare necessitie . We only staying for 4 days .also moni recovery house info?.do u have to get a ekg before u get there? .yall know stefany dont work for vanity no moe thts crazy how coordinaters leave without notie.

big booties are a fad?

I was talking to someone and they basically said big asses are a fad and its gone go out of style so y waste money on surgery wat yall think?

almost but not yet

this journey has been long lol ya smell me ..yall let me tell u the money was a cakewalk i busted my ass but this darn weight is ugh ..u ladies who have to consume food to gain weight yall the real winners trying tho im not giving up on seeing my booty daddy hasan ..i got to be 220 for surgery i uploaded pics of me now

Swap dates my dr is hasan april 23rd for a late day in may

Anyone wanna swap dates for dr hasan im scheduled april 23rd

Me..future..Saran wrap..a treadmill and cinnamon and honey

I'm back lol as you all no I lurk on everybody page so I decided I should probably update and let my progress journey be known well I'm 4 pounds away from my weight loss goal two snaps a flip and a twirl ..FINALLY!!! Crazy part is it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be once I got over that first week hurdle it became apart of everyday life I workout twice a day for an hour I don't eat after seven and I replace one meal with a fruit smoothie I use nothing but ice no added sugar..and let me tell yall advocados and Saran Wrap are my besties lol ..I have a taco obsession so instead of the pound of sour cream I put on my tacos I use advocados or mash them to make guacamole to replace the sour cream I stopped eating cheese and I had a few cheat days but if I knew I was gone cheat I wouldn't eat nothing prior and I wouldn't eat after 5 I ate Chinese food and on those the days I got depressed bc the scale would go up like three pounds but then I did a lil research and found that weight fluctuates all the time and meals high in sodium makes u retain water or like those five pounds I gained a week prior to my Peorid was all water weight and went away on the last day of my cycle I'm saying all this to say not to get discouraged on those days the scale may read something totally diff especially if u have been doing everything right and even with a cheat day u have to eat at least 3500 calories to gain a pound so if u didn't eat that then it's safe to say u r fine..I also do all cardio and wrap my stomach with Saran Wrap I lost 4 inches on my waist its between and 29 and 30 it's arkward lol that 25 inch was would be dope but if I don't get it it's whatever I drink Ceylon cinnamon and raw organic honey once in the morning and once at night it helped me lose u guys can look up exactly how it works and last but not least futures mixtape helped me get through those workouts lmao good ol trap music

Possibly scammed

So straight to the point I paid a deposit of 166.00 to stay at new body recovery home..moni is the owner I paid back in January of this year as u all know I kept cancelled my dates though and in me doing so I always notified her atleast two weeks prior to the day I was expected to come it just so happened that the days I need she didn't have available I went back and forth on the idea of just changing my date again just to be able to book with her but I didn't want to so I asked for a refund and I've yet to receive a response when usually she responds back within a day so I took it with a grain of salt and said maybe she's busy that was a week ago ..I'm beyond aggravated

Pics want upload

One more lol

I received my refund

She refunded me my money it was all just amisunderstanding I still definitely recommend her on the strength of never having read one bad review on her and her patience dealing with my crazy ass lol but still yall be careful with sending these recovery houses money or anybody bc u never do truly no if it's a scam that's why I panicked but God looked out for me

SURGERY next thursday..battle of the doctors

SURGERY next tHUarSDAY...Ugh lost the weight(check)..recovery house(check)..labs good.(check)...ready for that ass(hell yeah)...I'm this close but here's my problem MY ASTHMA CLERANCE!!! So I saw the asthma doc he basically wrote me clearance and said I should do fine as long as I take the steroid he prescribed me one week prior to surgery so I'm like okay I'm cleared!! ...but pump the brakes I get a call from doctor hasan assistant saying that doctor hasan needs another letter saying that I followed all my asthma docs instructions so I was like what the hell!! Y would u need another letter for I called my asthma doc and he basically blew the whistle on his ass saying why would I need another clearance is that to cover dr hasan if I have any complications and that's something that should be done doing my consultation with the anestgoloist to see what's best for me he said he said he doesn't feel comfortable with writing anymore letters which I agree with him bc I feel as though his letter basically said what it needed to say I'm waiting now to hear back from vanity bc my asthma doc said he wants to speak with doc hasan I'm not sure if that's gone happen sooo I'm like at I want to give up point again

Flight pending

Oh and I haven't booked my flight bc of the asthma clearance and I refuse to throw that money away if I don't fly next Wednesday..and I'm like a week away and the flights are high bc i been waiting so long I want to cry !!


Surgery tomorrow at 5:30

Please keep me in ur prayers lol I was naive to the fact that I'm really having surgery ..ish just got real wish me luck

I made it lol I'm part of the big booty club

Hey yall finally mission complete this whole process has been smooth and wonderful I'm in zero pain just mostly discomfort I'm up walking around and I adore Rosemary's staff at A&R recovery..I will post pics tomorrow thanks all for the kind words support well wishes and prayers

Swell fluid hellll

So I'm about six days post op pain here and there (thank god it's tolerable) my garment is too big and my insicions closed and my lower stomach is swollen fat and lumpy and just ...ugh so here's the plan of attAck I will go to my primary doc and see about this fluid asap and I'm having my garment brought in ..a size I need to compress compress...I flew a day after surgery set on my boppy pillow and it was such a horbile flight got home ..Friday received a call that my job let me go it's not funny but it's amazing how ppl truly try to make your life miserable if there's is I got lied on and it saddens me to know that someone would stoop so low to stop someone's finances but it's ok I'm blessed bc it's crazy that after getting that call I woke up a day later to find my mama talking in broken sentences due to low insulin I was so scared me and my sis called 911 I sat without nothing for the ambulance ride but she's just fine and that's all I cared about.. Life is interesting right now lol I feel fat not to sure how to feel about my results cuz I feel so bloated ..Some days my butt really does look big and other days is whatever I try to stay out the mirror so I don't drive myself insane...I'm jobless and I look a mess lmao but that's life for ya..I will go into a more detailed review later on the recovery house, a&r recovery, dr hasan and stuff so stick around

Altering my garment

Do I alter the butt part to of the garment? and anybody else experience jiggles so early it's so weird it's not soft but it jiggles

Infection and just depressed made 1 month post op

Long story short I got an infection called cellulitis i went to the e.r four days after feeling discomfort in my left butt cheek it was so bad they had to slice open one of my incisions and drain it ..I stayed in the hospital for four days I had seizures and fevers and it just sucked..I can't fault dr hasan because they said it's just one of those unfortunate occurances after surgery..and after finally finding the strength to get up out the bed to see how I looked after the fact my projection is gone and it's like I would of never paid for this ass was Huge after surgery and was like damn without the garment it's like just a regular ass and here's my fear I'm dating this dude who I like but what happens when he reaches to touch it or the garment comes off I never been the pretty girl and pretty sure half the niggas I attracted would of never looked my way if I didn't have a ass..the shit fucks u up mentally and I feel like it was all for nothing

Rd 2

Guess I will be that girl on the table again I feel heart broken because I saw what my body could of been and it just disappeared...I want to go to the d.r now but it's like the mental stress again of saving money and just surgery period it's exhausting

Rd 2 in April

Either going back to dr hasan or fisher

Lovely projection with garment

I no yall probably like look at her background lmao cut me some slack I'm moving I will post more pics without garment

Quotes already lol

So I got a quote for Hassan 4,000 what I originally paid :/ ummm yeah wth..I got a quote from Cabral 3200 and salama was 8200 I think I want one from dr o and fisher..not even gone try to hit up Duran I want one from dr Miami...but it's just some about Hassan I always liked so more than like I will be back to see my booty daddy

Swell hell

Even at one month post op I still swell maybe it's because I eat salty food or I need more compression how many times were u ladies able to take in ur comments before u bought a new one

All black everything

Garment and leggings lol shouts out to my mama for the thunda thighs I love em make me look like yeah bish I eat my rice and cabbage lol...this is all garment ladies will post comparison pics without garment

All black everything

All black everything

All black everything

When does fluffing happening

When does this so called fluffing happen did anyone get projection later on?

It's about to go down

I coming for youuuuuuu Papi lol

It's going down

Frontal pics...lordt this man can snatch a waist

So I reliazed I never posted frontal pics I asked hasan to add fat to my hips but he said no because I had naturally big the man does no what he's talking about lol..I'm pretty pleased with the front even though I still have hip greed..he also stated I may have a lot of loose skin because I lost a lot of weight quick but I'm happy to say it retracted nicely..we also agreed he wouldn't lipo my upper back because wasn't to much fat there and he didn't want to reach his max lol he said your a big girl but your Still a baby ur a big baby lmao the price of Having a long body..I also got a in contact with candise to get a quote for dr o at spectrum...300 to hold the price and 4,000 for surgery not bad..still not sure who I will choose I'm hella wishy washy..and this swelling and itching a mf I didn't itch before

2months over it :( I didn't pay to pose

So I made 2 months post op and this is defentiley not the results I dreamed of there mediocre in my opinion so I'm gone chAlk it up as he gave me a nice foundation for the next doc to hook me up..when I went in to see dr hasan he said I had a lot of fat so we basically agreed that he wouldn't lipo my bra roll and upper back which then bother me none but what bothers me is the lack of projection my shit is non existent without a garment in my opinion my butt is just wide it's not lifted what so ever I had projection after surgery not sure if me being out my garment for so long after my hospital stay had anything to do with the lack of lift..the man sculpt tho but I would like more projection I didn't pay to pose that's when I feel like I look my best also I want a lil hip added and also in these pics I was bloated and I still stomach is still dis colored from the brusing I'm using coca butter to hopefully make it fade and I was told I would have loose skin which I did get a lil bit of in my back area but I'm not tripping ...ROUND 2 it is lol and please excuse the stock in the back that's my sis walking stick lol

Team fisher April 22nd

So I paid my deposit for fisher i am scheduled for a April 22nd I love the shape Hassan gave me but my butt is not what I had in mind it's like saggy not sure why I didn't get the projection but when I put on a lifter that thang be crazy fat lol so if fisher can lift it I would be happy it's not necessarily that I feel as tho I need more volume but hey why waste fat so I want a full out round 2 with hips added I want them rounded real nicely so in the meantime I will be trying to figure out how to gain weight any suggestions and I'm at a lost on recovery houses?

Anybody going to the d.r may 26(Cabral)

Vanity seems over crowded no that hasan is m.i.a I asked God for signs if I should go to the Dominican rebuilding he sent me two lol and I would feel even more secure if I had a surgery buddy

Asked vanity for a refund

Yup so I took the plunge I asked vanity for a refund I have it in my head I want to be a Cabral doll... Now let the torture begin lol a part of me like yyyyy did I even make a deposit in the first place but my Dominican Republic fear set in ..but not anymore though I want it over and done with this will be my last time doing this shit more ass shots for me..i have a gained a little weight dr Cabral recommended I gain 8 pounds so my fat ass just been eatting I will post new pics since I haven't in a while still no buddy but I have a feeling I may be going solo

Received refund form

So I finally received my refund form after my coordinator continually kept sending me the wrong email now the fear of filling it out based solely on the fact that have y'all read that ish it's like protecting them in a sense from not having the bank go after them plus I've been seeing some ppl who never receive there refund or only received partial a 1,000 inst pocket money FML lol lets see what happens though with good ol vanity

Refund update

So I emailed vanity asking when I should receive my refund they said it will be processed on April 3 I am staying hopeful...its been 4 weeks also I received my passport so it's starting to feel real I plan to book my flight next ...

Teeth whitening dr nova

If interested y'all should hit up dr nova for teeth whitening or dental work why not right he requires a 50$ deposit which goes towards ur cost and its 195 for the whitening plus 95 for the trays for home his whatsapp is 1809-981-4901

Vanity gave me my money back

So yalllllllll I received my 1,000 dollars back in the form of a check today from vanity so dr Cabral here I come yaaaay

Flight booked..recovery house booked..we outchea bruh lol

Well I'm a officially about 3 weeks away from seeing my 2nd booty daddy..Cabral here I come.. lol boy my ass getting been around out here I was just team hasan 6 months ago..any word on him?..but anyhoo flight paid for and I'm booked with kindness recovery house..I've been taking iron and vitamn c so fingers crossed I'm at 13 or higher I'm nervous bc usually I'm at a 11.9 hopefully this constipation been worth it lmao lord fix using my garment from last round and compression socks and hoping my doc writes me a prescription for my meds that's 240 I can save..I've gained about 8 pounds which is what Cabral recommended but I'm not sure where it went my waist is still lil not as small but still tiny enough so I I guess I should gain more eh?.. Also I know I don't post updated pics of my rd 1 but I plan to prior to my 2nd rd I can honestly say as time went on I actually think my body is banging I love my waist he def made my shape pop.. the booty in the right pair of pants can hurt a couple of feelings but I def lack projection and the fullness I desire so that's y I'm back at again with my build thot hopes and dream money lol this ish ain't cheap ..I'm bout thirsty for summer lol I plan to wear a crop top even tho raise hands I got stretch marks but hey who cares they gone see this waist ..toddles(who says too does lmao)ladies...BYE YALL

Hemo 11.9 surgery in 2 weeks!!!! Hellppp

Any suggestions my level is low I've been taking iron pills and vitamin c packs and its still low I don't want to go and be turned around ????????????????

9 days preop

So I asked my doc for my scripts ..this how the conversation went
Me: can u fill my script I'm having a cosmetic procedure done
Doc: ok let me see
What is this? I've never seen this medicine before?
Me: idk it's what he gave me
Doc: no doc writes like this? Is this a Spanish speaking country
Me: yes
Doc: you know ppl die over there right
Me: yes
Doc: well I don't know if they will fill it but if they don't...don't come back and don't have them call me
Me:ok thank u
Doc: yeah ummm hmmm ok
Lol I'm like my doc on his savage ish ???????? but on a serious note I'm scared now like yo what if I don't make it home or some go wrong then what? I always ask God to block if it ain't for me but I've also learned the devil allow things to happen to u also it's days where I'm like yo ass fat enough just take the money and use it for some else but then I'm like naw I want this I leave in 9 days ????

6 days post op

So I'm six days away and anxious ..more so nervous about my hemo level not being high enough last I checked I was at a 11.9 I've been drinking beet root juicie it's so nasty y'all I hate the smell of it but I mix it with orange juice and liquid iron... I'm packing light I'm bringing my Faja from round 1, baby wipes, antibacterial soap, my asthma pump and meds, 4 dresses, 3 moo moos, sandals, tooth brush, tooth paste, compression socks, and god that's it ...I've managed to gain about 16 pounds I went in rd 1 at 220 dropped to 214 after surgery so that goes to show we must maintain r bodies after surgery cuz I did that type of damage in only 6 months ...but here's some point you to re op pics don't mind my big ass thighswirq

2 days away and my cycle started ...????????may need iron treatment

So yup Saturday night my Period came and to make matters worst my hemo was already low so I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst I want it over I hope I can get surgery next Wednesday

Missed my flight ...trapping it out till the next flighy

Hanging out until the next flight I should still arrive in d.r at 2:50pm yoooooo I'm really doing this my anxiety at a trillion

Surgery tomorrow

So I made it had labs done missed flights met Cabral it's been an eventful day but all in all I'm at ease word on the block is my 13.2 but I haven't seen it with my own eyes yet but that's.. amazing bc I'm on my period so yeah that nasty ass beet juice did its thing I see...also Cabral wanna Lipo my thighs not to excited about that bc I'm scared of blood loss but he said I'm to small up top for the results I want and told him I want hippppppps and asssssssssss assssss lol it's funny cuz everyone I done met today been like y u want more nice size I met this lil New York dude in the airport he like u basically already got ass ... I don't see it but I no once Cabral do his thing I'm gone be outchea pop thotin and dropping it lol cuz I saw a couple his barbies in real life and all I can say is damn them hips and ass was on savage...but I'm gone give a real full review on my recovery house and updates cuz I seem to not give enough info but I'm one step closer to my build a Thot body *evil laugh*

Surgery complete

THanks for the well wishes just chilling on my home this try to get home not in pain just discomfort no complications no transfusions thanking god he did all I prayed for him to do...I'm so wide lol don't know how I'm gone sit in them lil airplane seats but until next time I'll see yall

Ok so this why they call him King

So I was able to snap a lil some some while my faja dry and im shocked in a good way he really defined my waist , thighs look weird though I will ask about them at my post op appointment and I will be back to give you ladies a more in depth review

One more

One more pic

Arrival at Cilpa and surgery day

Since I am bored I will write a review on my first two days... Grab a chair squirrels and boys lol.. I arrived in the Dominican Republic on May 24th at around 2:40. I missed my flight leaving from Chicago but still was able to catch another flight that arrived at the same time. At the airport I paid 10 dollars for my tourist card and went through security they require the address to where ever your staying and require u to hold on to a form you must show once your leaving the country I filled mines out on the airplane I don't know if all airlines do it especially since this my first time traveling out the country..upon my arrival I was greeted by my recovery house driver Conrad (really nice) then I was off to cilpa.. When other girls on here say Cilpa is crowded it's crowded it kinda felt like vanity all over again but to my surprise they were way better organized the receptionist took my passport asked when I was scheduled for surgery and sent me to have my labs, and X-ray done. I paid 190$.. The X-ray technician was funny ass hell he like I seen you before I said no he said yes we went back in forth for about a good ten minutes then he pulled my bra strap and popped me in the back and basically in so many words told me release the tata's lol .. After that I went back up to sit and wait for my consult with Cabral bc at that point I was too late to see the cardiologist.. in the lobby I met girls from all over from New York, London to Alabama even a Chicagoan(hey girl Adrianna's finna be lit lol).. I waited maybe a hour in some change until I got called back to meet the man they call king .. He's cute very well mannered kinda soft spoken not what I expected .. He asked me what I wanted and I said as big as u can go with hips I dropped my forever 21 skirt cuz I did not come to play I came to slay lol and basically he like naw that 16 pounds u thought u gained ain't go to yo stomach so we gone Lipo them big ass thighs (insert sad face)..NOT THE THIGHS..but I agreed to the change and them shits costed me 300 more it's cool tho...he told me to come for surgery the next day i also told him my concerns regarding my asthma he said I have to see his asthma specialist to be cleared (100$) please let any health problems be known..(to be continued cuz my hands cramping)

8 days post op

I made it home after damn near 8 hours of traveling I was so exhausted I snatched my wig off at went to sleep in the car lol after I smashed some white castles of course ...I feel great I got up showered put on my stage 2 garment and I'm kinda disappointed on how much fat Cabral left behind he didn't Lipo my upper back or my stomach like wth he gave me hips and he took away my lil love handles but he did nothing to my midsection but I'm going to just not even let it bother me it's over and done with I'm gone get the rest of my desired body in the gym ...

More pics


It's kinda a lil too big lol never thought I would utter those words

I feel like one big ass lmfao

Here's some 11 days post op mines well call it my 2 wk update bc I'm pretty sure want much change my legs are hella bruised and swell like crazy as well as the part where he lipoed my waist I need a better garment but don't even know where to begin because ordering offline is tricky

Surgery day

Here's my continued post.. So after meeting Cabral he told me to come back the next day for surgery... At that point I was like naw I'm probably not going to have surgery the next day because I was on my Peorid and only started really trying to raise my hemoglobin levels maybe 2 weeks prior I took 2 iron pills a day, drank liquid iron and beet juice, ate shredded wheat cereal, drank those green smoothies with kale and spinach, and ate liver it's disgusting I fried it... After all that torture lol I went from a 11.9 to a 13.2 not to bad... My reality set in like I'm really about to do this I went back to kindness recovery house tried to sleep but didn't I will do a separate review on the recovery house... The next day I woke up @ 6 to go to Cilpa and in the car I met a real self girl bambi( heyyyy lol) she was off to the airport with her banging body...and I was on my way to get mine..Cilpa was yet crowded again a lot of girls there for surgery I believe maybe 9 in total.. I finished up my pre op testing with the cardiologist he said everything looked great then I saw the asthma Doctor she said I looked great and then they sent me to the emergency room to fill out my paper work and to be weighed they make you sign a form stating your ok with reviving a blood transfusion I believe it's 200 dollars... In the middle of me signing papers the lights went off and I heard the genetaor kick on I'm like yo what if that shit happen during surgery lol not cool not cool that's 3rd word country for ya... It took maybe 2 hours to finish preop testing I was so hungry your last meal has to be at 9 the night before.. It wasn't so bad though I chilled with a few girls to pass time and enjoyed the weird ass smell Cilpa has its kinda like a fishy ordor I don't know it's stronger in certain areas... I waited maybe 3 hours until finally my name was called..they took me to a room to get undressed and into my gown my overnight nurse from my recovery house was there waiting I loved her she was sweet as can be they tell you to bring baby wipes a tank top, compression socks and your garment with u I didn't get to use my garment because apparently Cabral doesn't like black garments lmao like are u serious what differece does it make but I guess the one he give is lighter compression so it doesn't cause burns I spent 120 for it around 7 I got my blue pill at 7:30 Cabral came to mark me up he said I'm going to give u cuffs I was all smiles I knew the wait shouldn't be much longer I sat prayed and tried to relax then I forgot about all the money I had on me with no where to lock it fucccccck my life lol I got the bright idea to hide it in my wig but the nurse like naw u got to take that big ass wig off to get the surgery cap on so I'm like ok I'm gone hide the money in my meek mill braids lol nope didn't work I ended up wrapping in my clothes prayed that nobody moved it and blessed to say all of it was still there... But anyway I believe I was the last surgery of the night at 8 I went in I woke up twice in surgery it's the weirdest experience I wasn't in pain just confused I felt him injecting the fat in my hip it's kinda traumatizing but not painful..I woke up and thanked God that I was woke my hemo dropped too 12 no transfusions no complications no infections God did what I asked so thank you again big man...they give you soup and tea when you first wake up I drank it so quick I was so hungry it was good lol..I expected the worst waking up like I was gone be freezing I wasn't wake up in blood I was dry the only painful thing was the father oh my god I was so scared to pee because it hurt so bad.. I'm saving my self for marriage so I think my virginty may have played a major part in my discomfort the nurse cleaned me up got me in my garment and a few moments after my driver was there to get me and my nurse I got up and walked lol they were tickled by me like no wheel Miami Im like no i wasn't in pain.. And I felt like my legs were cramped the movement felt good...I got to the recovery house ate and be continued

Two days shy of a month post op...clothes...reactions

So I'm two days from being a month post op and glad to say I have a huge jiggly ass my hips have dropped I like em but I still have hip dents( side eye) a girl can't have it all. Cabral lipoed under my butt cheeks to create cuffs and It makes a hugggge difference especially if your a girl with thick legs it helps seperate your thighs from your butt I'm team booty cuffs all day all day lol...on another note my healing is coming along nicely no real pain or even soreness ..I have swelling and brusing still on my thighs.. One side I think dr Cabral was more aggressive with than the other that's why one has softened signfically more than the other..I will.just be happy when my brusing subsides..I don't know if I mentioned this or not but I took nothing for pain through this whole ordeal it's funny because hasan in my opinion Lipod me like he was mad at me anD I. felt it but with Cabral not so much...hmmmm makes me wonder if I had to weigh the Kings against each other hasan lipo skills..Cabral ass hands down and word on the street my first booty daddy has made his return heyyyyyy hasan lol still love me some him....I haven't weighed myself I believe I was 228 prior to surgery I gained 16 pounds and regret it bc a lot of fat was left behind but that's something the gym will have to fix along with diet.. At three months I'm also experiencing extreme gas and bloating not sure why I no yuck right...clothes are hell to find I went into a botique in sweat pants and a big Shirt and let's just say it made me look shapeless so I pull a few items to try on a lot of smalls and mediums and the sales girl In so many words looked at me and said we have bigger sizes like hmmmm ok don't u think I no what size I need so I made it a point to try the dresses on a come out the fitting room and twirl my ass in the big mirror she shut up real quick..I still left the store empty handed because if it fits my butt it doesn't fit my waist I'm still team thunder thighs and the extra hip action doesn't help neither ..I still have nice size breast so a small top squish my breast and my lovely back fat Cabral left behind and it may or may not still fit my waist...I'm also 6 ft tall so let's add that on the struggle list of me not being proportionate ..I like leggings but sometimes it's a lil much my jiggle is mad real my guy friend was like u do that on purpose when u walk I was like nope it really jiggles just that crazy like I'm horse back riding lol..even in black leggings I attempted to hide it nope there she was loud and proud lol damn near got me into a fight because I guess I looked in somebody direction for to long while she was with her man like no girl I'm watching the game going on behind his ass because I'm bored I'm at a 30 yr and older up club my sisters snuck me in lol older ppl be chilling and here I am 22 yrs old and ratchet ...and it didn't help the dj shouted my body out over annoucements and made a lot of women a lil upset then came the whispers and giggles like it's fake ...the funny part about it all is im hella shy and very introverted and arkward I never been the type to carry myself like I'm better than a lot of times u catch me in the cut by myself a lot of times people forget I'm even there..I went from not liking my body(before), saying its aight(hasan) but needs more. Now it's like wow lol( Cabral) I will never forget the convo I had with my mama like why u doing this u already don't like attention and here I am with a shit load of attention and uncomfortable ready to hide.. But I learned gots to start loving my self lift my head even ..Cabral peeped it when I walked in his office he said Mami would u stop walking like this he hunched his shoulders and bowed his head ..he said your beautiful(I'm like nigga u tell everybody that) lol I'm like damn even in another country my lack of confidence shows someone telling me to lift my head hasn't Been the first time I heard that ..I have held back so much in life in relationships, friendships opportunities and that's bc fear of ur not good enough surgery ain't fix shit internally and some people don't know that but take it from someone who knows you can't put a bandaide on your self esteem.. It's things I would still love to fix lol like my back fat or this or that but this is me damnit and I only get one chance at life and God decided I needed to be swayzee( not my real name lol but u get it) I got along way to go but I had amazing experiences with my road to a better body met some ppl caught some flights even cried like yo what's wrong with you girl who you doing it for and its opened my eyes ..OPERATION HEALTHIER OUTLOOK IN EFEECT ... No need to be aggroant..But just no you the shit because you are no one else can be you that's your super power ..I'm ready to use mine...stay blessed ladies!

Kindness recovery house

If your looking for a friendly astomsphere with attentive nurses than you have found the right recovery house... Lol I sound like a info commercial but seriously hands down a great recovery house with amazing staff I loved them and if I ever travel back to the d.r I'm staying with them... The food was sooooo good nice portions ...the snacks were good also fresh fruits and crackers the ice tea and I hate tea but I would of bought it by the gallons if they were selling it... The driver was nice he speaks English and his wife also cece... it was one English speaking nurse, the rest understood lil English but tried there best to help u out as best I downloaded the translator so it wasn't such a bad language barrier..they have wifi, air conditioning they clean your garments and room daily they set u on a schedule to take ur meds and check to see if u took them ..everyone always kept a smile on there face I bought baby wipes from my nurse for 4$ a pack I wish I could remember her name but I don't think I ever caught her name but I loved her she was my overnight nurse ... I believe the recovery house is maybe 20 mins from Cilpa traffic in d.r is horrible though so it may be even closer..cece has a connect to the pharmacy so meds run about 120$ for all the medications dr Cabral prescribes if u buy from her if u buy at Cilpa expect to pay about 240 also they have a in house masseuse who charges 25$ for a massage I didn't get one but heard she's good.. The house is gorgeous and gated.. I was there at a time where they didn't have too many girls so I stayed in a triple room by myself lol I was lonely ass hell I watched a lot of movies lol.. But around my 4th day I was moved to another room where I got a roommate she was nice and we got along... I guess I was moved so that they could clean the room for the busy week they had coming up I didn't trip because I paid to have roommates Anyway so privacy was a non factor for me...the only complaint I have is I wish I was taken on outings my roommate said last ur when she stayed they went to the beach and salon and other not a real complainer tho so I chalked it up as hey I paid to recover not to sight see...other than that I would recommend them to anyone traveling to have surgery I paid 480 for a 8 day stay the 8th day was free and 100$ for round trip travel to and from airport ....Give them a call you want regret it ...what's app number 1829-986-8736

Some blah pics

Will post better ones

These didn't load

Here's two more

Meet milly ...and my triple bypass

So I wanted to share lol because she looked so juicy today lmao I found myself in the bathroom mirror smacking my own ass lol (gently of course) she's soft jiggly and bouncy I adore twerking tho I suck at it lol I haven't measured her and don't plan on it neither I don't want to get hooked on numbers but her first booty daddy had her sitting at 47 so I'm guessing she may be at a 49 ..50 maybe my hips went down a lot it's natural looking I wanted the Wonder Woman look lol but hey we're not here to talk bout them we are here to discuss Mildred(lol I have no idea where that name came from and I promise I don't smoke weed lol but I have moments like I do lmao) my sis calls my surgery my triple bypass bc she says I have enough ass for three ppl lmao I can't stand her..I'm excited because I found some cute jeans for the Fourth of July can't wait to rock em and show u ladies be safe and have a good holiday

2months post op

I'll be back to update y'all lol

3 months post op...rd 3 coming soon

I know.. no pics.. lol but I promise to flood y'all timeline it want let me the butt has significantly dropped in to a nice heart shape I love it the fullness I want nothing added to it anything else would be overkill hips in my opinion lack luster I guess I should of asked for laterals to have created a higher hip because they sit so low..I love kyra chaos hips..hip goals lol..but you probably like why rd 3? well I want the girls done lol I told myself wait but why wait? These things saggy ain't nobody got time for that..not sure where I'm going to Miami or the d.r but I want a breast lift with implants and lipo on my back and the fat added to hips only..if I end up in d.r I hope to maybe get veneers to..after that I'm done my ass is big enough if anybody got any get breast docs in mind please drop them below

4 months post op.

Here go some pics yall..not sure why my thighs look so thick lol

4 month


A little frontal action

I don't really care for my front... but thought I would showcase it last night on a date instead of my ass..and surprisingly I thought I looked cute lol. Men are crazy ass shit don't believe me go outside lol the extent they would go to to talk to you is beyond creepy..I had one chase the side of my car I'm talking about this nigga was in full spring to talk to me..I ran him over..............just kidding lol but you will have to beat em off still no man *sighs* a lot of them think you stuck up because of your body so they scared to approach you never had them problems with hasan body lol .not sure of my measurements..I get bloated a lot and still swell on my side crazy right..I hate my thigh lipo and wouldn't recommend it..Cabral lipoed it so uneven like he scooped one side more than the other..and my first garment was so I'll fitting it left a permanent indentation on my thigh..he also lipoed one side of my waist more than the other..overall I'm still happy with my outcome.


Hey y'all it's meeeeee lol but yall already knew that. Hope all is well with all you big booty gals. life's been pretty good to me. Minus some fuckery but what's life without. I've been just experimenting cutting all my hair off tattoos and ish random trips out of the state y u ask it's simple I'm slightly crazy and still trying find me..but anyhoo Yo girl made 23 on Halloween so I'm one year cooler and closer to the discount seniors get at Denny's but ok ok down to business men are dumb lol. Mines well get that off my chest first .No cuffing season for me bitch ????????.I think IM imitimdating now cuz I ain't been on a date in damn near four months I mean damn I no I'm ugly but ugly ppl need love to lol(sarcasm)sighs.its like they think u stuck up cuz u got a build a Thot body lol. So moving along I still hate my thighs word of advice don't lipo em I borderline look like a fighter ant ???? at times so ladies maintain your thigh to ass ratio accordingly. Any ladies perusing round 2s don't go overboard with weight gain you'll hate yo self for it after hasan I weighed 214 and I went in weighing 220 beforehand. With Cabral I was like 223 beforehand now I'm like 230 and I ain't feeling these shits..operation slim down in effect so with the approaching holidays I plan to eat healthy and feast come thanksgiving pass me that damn macaroni mama lol ..I still get bloated here and there..I wear my cherry Ann garment it's a thong and compresses me nicely...loose skin is something we as women all deal with so please dolls don't sweat the small imperfections..i plan to have my boobies and more hips before next summer no more ass shots for me..that's about it..I had someone say my posts wasn't helpful so I'll just end it here..since I bother her lol toodles..

Realself gangbanging must end lol

youve read it right realself gangbanging has become a epidemic these trolls have a tendency to use there thumbs to attack you when you quote on quote withhold valuable information...I thought it was pretty cut in dry though my body inst yours so therefore my results and journey can never be duplicated..this post isn't to talk down to anyone but the purpose of realself is to gain helpful insight into to others jounery..some people have the natural gift of blogging I could name a few..while some people like myself don't care much for all the detail..I remembered starting my journey asking dolls who were popular on realself for help some respond some didn't and that's ok because I knew ultimately at the end it was my money and life on the line so I HAD TO RESEARCH FOR MYSELF..the only person who owes you advice on your journey is your doctor cuz u cutting that mf a check excuse my's cool to want help but not when you expect to try to mimic ones journey down to the color panties she wore before surgery lol..also both of my doctors seem to be controversial on here I see some people defending there past hard and discrediting anyone who claims they were burned, or mistreated under there care..if you ask me about anyone of them I will simply tell you my honest opinion with hasan I only saw him once for preop and once I got home shit the fan it's unfortunate but it happens..with Cabral I prayed things went well I'm happy..a lot of girls bash the Dominican Republic ???????? way of doing when your a vistior in there country..I don't know y'all I'm a easy going person I hate confrontation and I'm patient..I want to see everyone on here happy y not life hard as it is why make someone else's life difficult so with that being said please help yourself first and ignore the gangbangers and if you are gangbanger stop it bruh its 2016 lol we got bigger worries trump in office

7months post op..3rd round 2gain or to not 2gain

Hey y'all hope all is you read it right I'm 7 months post op...after toting this big ol thang around for months erthang has settled and dropped no more bloating no swelling my thighs suck I was left with loose skin so I'm just gone say lesson learned I'm a 100% tho gearing up to retire lmao cuz this my last fight I've paid my dues, so once yily slap some hips and tittys on me I'm giving my farewell speech lol cuz I'm too poor for this and my big booty buddy (time2pamperme hey gurrrl)plan to make that journey in April 2017 if not then may...I'm going for boobs that scream I'm a preschool teacher but I like trap music so u no some natural lol happy medium although it would be dope to get casting couch boobs so when I turn 80 I'll be the baddest at sunny side nursing home with my pornstar tittys lmao jk jk(or am I?)..excited to be apporaching 2017 lost two loved ones this year but one step in front of the other one to get to better is great, landed a new job, no man all I want is someone to love me and take me to chiplote but that's ok cuz my edges ain't on weak so I'm still winning lol can't have to many struggles outchea bruh..and the creeps keep on creeping..lately I've been sought out for threesums by couples in nightclubs guess I got that fifty shades of grey look to me lmao far from a freak tho lol or my favorite question are u a stripper naw nigga I'm a janitor lol and I walk away ever so politely it comes with the build a thot territory so I like to keep things funny life to short just go with it so as we step in 2017 reaching my arms from Chicago to hug all u beautiful women may this yr be filled with clothes that fit all your curves, an ass jiggle that make u look like u horse back riding and a men that look like booby gibson(maybe that's my dream)...but anyway matted hair flip lol toodles but before I go special shoutout to azzfor2015 (realself best friend in my head) she's a dope woman with a wish pic body

To gain or not to gain continued

How much weight y'all think I should gain I weigh 6ft 214 crazy I'm back to Hasan post op weight? Or do y'all think I'm tripping on hips should I just get boobs

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