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Hey so I've decided to go Cabral. I need a tummy...

Hey so I've decided to go Cabral. I need a tummy tuck, Lipo, fat transfer, Brazilian butt lift and maybe breast augmentation. I've had the gastric sleeve procedure May 20th 2014. I've already started eating healthy and working on my Hemoglobin levels. I'm currently at a 12.8. I'm hoping to be at 14 once I get there.


I need advice on getting my iron levels up!!!! Please help!!! I just got my sss tonic in the mail today, and I can't get this beet juice right.

Changed Doctors

Dr. Osak Miami

Vanity in Miami was a joke

Omg... So my initial plan was to fly to dr to see Cabral. Listening to family and friends I decided to find a doctor in the states. So I chose Dr. Osak and wired 4K to Jessie immediately. 3 weeks later, thanks to real self I find out his licensed was revoked!!! Omg. This blew my mind Bc one of my associates were having surgery with him a week later at spectrum. I called and called back for my deposit. They told N my $$ was non refundable at first. They denied Dr. Osak being pulled from working. They tried to reschedule me with someone else. I shut that down. So Vanity sent me a refund form... I filled it out. I also explained that they received money in full from me 1 day after I called to see Dr. Osak!!!!

So I gave up. Since I was meeting my associate in Miami, I decided I'll pop up on they asses. I pull up, the place is in the middle of a shopping center, next door to a meat market... I walk in and I assumed that's what a welfare center would look like. Ppl bad ass kids everywhere, about 13 ppl looking to be seen. So I'm next in line and a bitch next to me had the nerve to look at me dirty not knowing she was coming to put down a $50 deposit!!! Lol

So I'm up. I'm like I want to speak to a manager. She responds for what? I'm like bitch fuck all that where's my 4K!!!!! A manger comes out with the worst but implant I ever seen!!!! I'm like I'm not leaving until my monies in back into my account!!! Long story short.. After I gripped her wrist.. I had my 4K back 20 minutes later.

Ready for King Cabral

Started my list... Arnica pills, cream, suitcase, liquid iron, safe, water pills, sleeping pills, pez, dresses, hemaplex, bio oil, ab board,what else do I need ladies? I decided to get my faja, compression socks out in dr. I rather not purchase the wrong size and waste money

Surgery Date 3.21.16

Staying at Silouhette Recovery also known as Angie!! I love her. I'm a diva and I'm very needy. She answered all my questions and even gave me pre surgery tips. I found her on here. I also here's she is a great cook. I told her I was considering a nurse, she said no problem, good choice. I'm getting a triple room Bc my friend will be staying with me. I'm excited can't wait to meet her. She from the states and speakers perfect English!!!

6 more days

Cabral March 21 2016
Almost done packing!!! I now I'm trying to figure out how to do my hair smh
Dr. Hector Cabral

I've been chatting with him Via whatsapp

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