Soon to Be Cabral Barbie JUNE 2016 - Dominican Republic

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Hello past and future dolls! I am from Atlanta...

Hello past and future dolls! I am from Atlanta Georgia and I am finally in a comfortable space to have my BBL done this year. As most of you have done yourself, I've been lurking on this site for a while (like three years lol). My problem is I have NO HIPS! I realized this tragedy after I started to have my munchkins, see when my waist was smaller I wasn't shaped like spongebob but that quickly changed three kids later. My goal is to finally back to the place I was once in, just being 100% comfortable in my skin. It took a while to get hubby on board but the more I got serious about it and the more I began talking about it he began to come around; to be honest it wouldn't make a difference no way, that's how dead set I am on getting this procedure. I'll do my best to document my journey as many of the helpful ladies have done before me. Until next time !

How I chose Dr. Cabral

Starting this journey I fell in LOVE with Dr. Yily, Dr. Duran and Dr. Cabral's work. I first had my heart set on Dr. Yily but as I began to get deeper in my research about attitudes, people getting slapped, deaths and cover ups. . . I decided it was a hell no for me. (I still sent an email with my medical history and body pics and she quoted me $3500 for lip to my full abdomen, back fat, and flanks.) So I began to stalk Dr. Duran and for the most part she has excellent reviews but she is so hard to get in touch with! She read my countless messages on What's app but never responded, never responded to my emails, and I was never able to get in touch with anyone over the phone. I called her office two days ago and FINALLY got through, only to be told she's booked up until July -_- Good thing I had already inquired about a quote from Doctor Cabral who is very easy to get a hold of. I simply called his cell phone and he answered. And that is how I got my date of June 8th! His assistant is outstanding, so sweet and very attentive. It's getting to the point that she knows me by name because I'm always calling with questions and to still confirm that I'm down for June 8th. He quoted me $3800 for the same thing Yily quoted me for. Yes I have done extensive research on him also, yes I am very nervous but I am going to pray it through and believe that I am covered by the blood of Jesus and that I'll come out on the flat side alive and well. I speak that into existence! The reason I chose him over Yily based on reviews, is the difference in attitude and bedside manner. Also if I have any concerns, I believe he'll take the time to deal with me. So now that I have my surgeon, date and quote, I'll be choosing my recovery house soon. I've already began reaching out and receiving quotes but I'll go deeper into that next update. See ya!

Recovery House

Back to my last post real quick, as soon as I clicked 'post update' Dr. Duran emailed me my quote and instructions. She quoted 4900 for a tummy tuck plus bbl and 4000 for just bbl. First of all, wth ? But I'm going to stick with Cabral instead of letting her late quote confuse me. Anyway, now on to recovery houses! I have been researching High Class, Armonia Recovery, Serenity, Daisy's, and Maria's. To be completely honest it's looking like I may go with Maria due to all of the wonderful things that I have heard about her and her staff. But due to not being 100% decided yet, I am open to suggestions and would not mind a buddy to room with and split costs with. I'll do more reasearch in that area and will definetley have my answer in the next couple of days. Once I have confirmed and booked with the recovery house, my next thing to do will be to get Dr. Cabral to fill out my FMLA. Elizabeth was supposed to ask him and call me back but the call never came, so I'll be calling her first thing Monday morning. Once he has filled out my paperwork, I will book my flight. This is really happening!
Dr. Hector Cabral

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